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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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that's dangerous for our. passion for china starts november 6th on the w. . this is day to believe news live from berlin spain declares a nationwide state of emergency to curb soaring corona virus infections prime minister pedro sanchez says new rules will impose not time curfews and could ban travel between different regions also coming up chill a shapes its future voters are deciding whether to keep the constitution created
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during the decades of dictatorship or to start over again after a wave of protests demanding change. and lewis hamilton knights formula one history and the city's driver wins the portuguese crown prix to make it $92.00 career wins over taking it right michael schumacher. a math and held welcome spying has declared a state of emergency to battle a major resurgence of coronavirus cases prime minister pedro sanchez says the country is facing an extreme situation the new restrictions will include a not time nationwide curfew and spades regions will have the power to impose even tajik song movement and to close regional borders now the $35000.00 people have died there so far. it is caught in a 2nd wave of the current. virus leaders are desperate to stop the pandemic spread
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and to save lives at least 9 regions have called for a national response plan until then some implemented their own mr kitchens curfews clothes restaurants and bars early and christina and leno forcing residents off the streets from 10 leaving until 6 in the morning. you are going to get i mean every word to you is good for those who are my age who are drinking a lot in the streets because they can get out of control and then what happens happens. but. i'm a doctor and i think the curfew was a good idea but we must take more personal responsibility so that our economy doesn't suffer so i agree with the measure. more measures are on the way spanish prime minister pietro sanchez issued a state of emergency on sunday. is the situation we're living in is extreme this is the worst medical emergency that we've lived through since our constitution was approved the worst in the last century. that's why we're approving
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a state of emergency again because this is the best tool to keep the virus at bay nationwide the country is under curfew from 11 at night until 6 in the morning and now local authorities have the power to ban travel between regions only the canary island is exempt the prime minister is asking the parliament for an extension of the new rules so that they can remain in place until may spain became the 1st european nation to record a 1000000 cuban american cases last week when the pandemic 1st hit spain imposed tough restrictions the prime minister doesn't want to go back to that he hopes these new measures will be enough to keep people safe. well earlier we asked journalist for qatar perez celera in madrid what is behind spine's latest spike in coronavirus crisis. really numbers down in spring. we thought restrictions fairly quickly and we were trying to track
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the interest and to reveal how they could be of those areas more dependent on tourism but it backfired very quickly and that is this really has been seen in. paris celera in madrid ok let's have a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic and francaise reported a record of more than 52000 new coronavirus cases in the most recent 24 hour period italy's prime minister says new restrictions should help bring the soaring national case load under control in coming weeks there are measures include early closing for restaurants and bars and ball garion prime minister boyko borisov has tested positive he and 3 cabinet ministers have begun isolating. german president frank has opened the annual world health summit which is being held online this is the gathering is co-hosted by germany france the european commission and the world
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health organization because big 19 pandemic is of course putting tremendous pressure on health care systems especially in 4 hotspots there will have now been cases in the united states 9000000 across latin america 4000000 in europe and more than 7000000 in india who profess that the president of the health summit here in berlin joins us now professor thanks so much for your time professor what do you hope this summit will achieve. crisis as soon as possible of course we will not be able to do that in 2 days but collaboration is the name of the game we have to bring the people together and see what can be done and what can be done jointly and if you look at newspapers and what's going on nations closing their borders and it's not that word is not at its best at the present time so meetings like this i think are very important what do you feel and
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there are many but what do you feel the biggest challenges right now in managing. if you would biggest challenges for the devotee. people have different opinions their phone own ideas how to get out of it. as institutional investors. and that doesn't help you know we have to see that only to get a get out of the crisis there should be very simple measures it's physically distancing sand washing it's wearing the mask and the new german word and all people would do that and to reduce their contacts then we would make major steps forward but this ad fortunately is not being done. right from the coronavirus can you give us a sense of what other areas of global health the summit is helping to discuss and tonight progress on. the various steps of course we have to get stronger out of this crisis and already you know we have to think why did this crisis come about i
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mean this is not the 1st pandemic and there are. possibilities to to avoid that if people would have worked together according to schemes where we had disaster endemic we had other pandemics and the the papers the desk and the dross but it's very difficult to convince people and politicians and others to say to to invest in prevention rather than invest in what the day i asked for so prevention is the name of the game and that's what we need to push forward now the point is we had the speech of president was an offender 9. we need a european health union. but this could be next serve an example for other areas of the board and my feeling is this is on the brain know everybody sees that we have
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to work together. and you know the classical way of dealing with each other is not stepping in such a situation and we have to get ready for the future we must profess against and president of the world health summit in the in thanks so much thank you. well to latin america now and voters in chile they are deciding whether to keep the existing constitution or bring in a new one drafted by a specially elected group of citizens the current framework was adopted during the military dictatorship of augusta pinochet and it became the focus of mass protests of inequality and the latest. it is a referendum that could change the course of this nation chileans know their votes could more fully distance the country from a dark past and many say balance inequality in one of the region's richest
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economies. that this is not just any sunday it's a historic sunday today is the day that she literally writes that it has awakened. with little trouble tonight when we learn the results whatever the outcome may be let's respect the people's choice and make a firm and clear stand for democracy and not anarchy for peace and not violence for unity and not division. the road to chile's referendum went through this subway station a year ago an impromptu protest over a rise in fares that led to huge demonstrations for social and economic change. their main success a vote on whether to throw out the old constitution supported again by massive street demonstrations like this one last sunday in favor of change to chile's approach to governance. but thousands have also come out against change no they
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said to a rewrite of the constitution. will keep the same constitution and make the necessary reforms. at the polls on sunday those voting no insist the government working within the present constitution will help those left behind those who want a new version of what she calls its magna carta say it's time just. from scratch with the participation of the people. we asked our correspondent here hand ramirez in santiago where the voting in favor of a new constitution would put an end to the protests that have rocked the country over the past year. i think this is a 1st step but protest could come back at any moment i mean the main problems of this country cannot be sold because. because of our referendum this is even deeper so today very important step by democratic party for the whole
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country and we see now we are in one of the main polling station of the capital in something i go the national stadium so there are thousands of people voting right now in the splendid place and all around the country so it's very important but the solutions to social problems need. public policies we need more time months on i think that today well the party a democratic party but tomorrow chileans are going to see that their problems are still there and this referendum cannot solve these problems social problems like anomic problems from one day to another 100 mira's in santiago force their ok now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a many and azerbaijan have agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire in the disputed region of not going to cut back the truce is to take effect on monday morning at 8 am local time according to
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a joint statement by the u.s. state department and the 2 governments are still these broke out in the mountains on clay 4 weeks ago. security forces in belarus to be stun grenades against demonstrators as tens of thousands took to the streets of the capital minsk and other cities to protest against hardline leader alexander lukashenko the opposition is threatening a nationwide strike on monday unless he resigns accused of rigging these reelection . women's rights activists angered by a tightening of poland's already restrictive abortion law have demonstrated at churches across the country some scuffles with far right nationalists the constitutional court ruled last week that aborting fetuses with congenital defects is unconstitutional. turkish president. has again criticized his french candle counterpart emanuel. saying he has lost his way and renewed
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a call for him to undergo a mental evaluation relations between the 2 countries have become strained over libya and syria as well as maritime rights in the eastern mediterranean. to support a lewis hamilton has made a formula one history the british drivers victory in the portuguese grand prix was the 92nd of his career taking michael schumacher is all time record. lewis hamilton's historic drive begun hesitantly the pole sitter dropping back to 3rd in the 1st lap as rain began to pepper the poor to mow track. the britain had to wait until the 28th luck to retake the lead from mercedes to make valtteri bottas but after that there was no catching him not even a boat of cramp in his right calf 7 laps from the end could slow hamilton don't see clinched a momentous victory. noise to. much
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it. takes. to work i think. level tim's car was next on the thank you list. followed by his mercedes kohli. and finally by his father and to me. i could only ever dreamed of being where i am today and. i didn't have a magic ball when i when i. chose to come to this team and partner with these great people and i got my dad here which is amazing i found it was anthony hamilton who led the applause for his son as he celebrated formula one immortality in the traditional manner. and sticking with point let's take a look at this weekend's results in the bundesliga and we'll say the bremen and hoffenheim shared the spoils while spec'd big bill a failed dortmund took a travel shall bind demolish frankfurt lot sit down had to bed then on yonge berlin
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drew with freiburg minds last glad back on friday stuttgart held cologne and on monday leverkusen take on to wrap up the action. you're watching the deadly news from berlin coming up next the sports life looking at how immigrant football clubs are shaping german society remember you can always get the latest news and information around the clock and i web site that's at the w dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well as at any news the head of finalmente how to see a 45 minutes. in the us right of climate change. africa's may see. what's in store. for the future. e.w. dot com we're going to go city to the multimedia insight. enter.
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it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime were endangered by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. our 2 part series right in the dog starts nov 12th on d. w. .
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for those of us who follow the world's game there's no question germany is a football town shri germans are well known for being football sest and not just about the big leagues like. byron we're doing. what many might not realize is that germany is also a country of immigrants 12000000 people nearly 15 percent of the population are immigrants or children of immigrants and many of them one football 2. even founded some of their own football clubs which raises some questions how are football and identity intertwined and how does the sport we love fit into integration and society join me in immigrant from the people's republic of new jersey as i travel germany to see how the immigrant identity shapes these clubs on and off the pitch.
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and what better place to start talking about immigrant clubs than the most stereotypically german city there is most of what the world associates with germany is actually bavaria october fest beer gardens and a worryingly large variety of true shaped meats. and munich is right in the center of it all but much like the rest of germany there is plenty more to this city than major oh isn't it mighty munich is diverse and big and has much more going on that over 40 percent of munich residents are immigrants or their descendants really mixes things up. that's especially true in football or trickier to mention had made history with their promotion to the 3rd division for kids who are just one of hundreds of clubs founded by immigrants throughout germany these teams serve as backbones and community centers for my current and minority groups throughout the country for q.q. means turkish power and the club's identity is super thin and hockey basically
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personifies the club having 1st gone to a match at just 5 he's also got a wonderfully thick unique x. this is a. good. so the right of the turkish it's not just an important touchstone for fans the club's identity also with the players there's been so much change lately midfielder not too since their longest serving player at just 2 seasons. and he's coming so i know. it's possible not to be in the fall so if you find it in 1975 tickets you are rooted in unix turkish community players used to be almost exclusively turkish or turkish german in recent years the squad is becoming
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much more international signifying a shift in club culture so i have to queue to traded their identity for success. this. year. it's a moment harm. it's a moment harm. player acquisitions in building the squad success comes before everything. immigrant clubs tend to start looking different on the field the higher up the leagues they climb to try to stick to their roots when possible.
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from the quality. of. movement from nearly took to choose promotion to be one pretty history books. making them the 1st german immigrant club to be promoted to the national fully professional level though it has been fueled purely by football romance there are 3 straight promotions were bankrolled by former player and current investor in president haasan keep. the fans don't seem to mind we had the pleasure of accompanying hockey and his crew as they took on their 1st ever match against hometown rivals byron 2nd team. at the bar after a brief horrifying moment of technical difficulties we were set up their fans have high expectations. despite that much i mean see it was. good you will hear us is going to see this. in the champions league because it is.
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and as crazy as that sounds the club investor and fans are all extremely ambitious . to choose 1st day in the 3rd division was a good one they came away with the well earned draw against the reigning champions that's a solid start. with such a prominent population throughout germany to see their unique identity as a selling point everyone in the whole country with turkish roots is a potential family. because they always shown. still many of these clubs immigrant histories are more trivia fodder than current
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realities germany has an abundance of active immigrant clubs throughout the country to disdain nearly 400 in the top 9 leagues with countless more in the. even lower neighborhood tears. while munich might have the most successful of these sides multicultural berlin both clubs founded by immigrants from all over the world including groups that arrived more recently into germany nearly 1500000 immigrants or their children live in the capital. here in berlin f.c. polonia are holding their pre-season tournaments way down in the chrysler got there like hundreds of clubs dotting germany's lower leagues that service anchors to immigrant communities polonia president rafal clark has been with the club since their founding in 2012 at this level it's all about private business mostly from you live you should be influenced by the spirit through and through. it is at the
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end of quote. it's good someone is representing poland because germany's polish community has huge. holes make up germany's 2nd largest immigrant community after church here in berlin alone and there are nearly 200000 polish immigrants and germans of polish descent which has probably helped polonia grow so quickly we haven't given it might seem i'm going to i'm. going to outspend but i think the lighter. fare for them. though open to everyone nearly all of polonius players are polish unlike a tribute to the identity on the pitch is just as important as the one off according to the tick it's still not just about the soccer as big. as it's being. it's all sponsors and been has been said and can. be a special special punishment and i skins i just want to know and it was because of
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all the disputes polonia turned big matches into a full on party giving the whole city a chance to experience polish hospitality. into. fans come via physical force and so there is even consciousness must be goes on that as an orange. and. across town another club offers a glimpse into life around many of germany. lower league teams plenty of historic clubs have evolved to reflect immigrant neighborhoods and communities. that's found northern nordic best 90 had a unique progression unlike churchy were polonia they weren't founded by immigrants instead they're one of berlin's most traditional clubs with over 120 years of history and sadly their glory days are nearly
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a century behind located in berlin's diverse neighborhood of vetting their players i mean we have from africa predominantly ethiopia and eritrea there serving as a kind of defacto migrant club that performs a lot of the same roles that an explicit one like her can choose with that's clear the 2nd you talk to a player like mickey is he's been in germany about 4 years as we speak with the committee here. at this. bar with the tourists over this incident. 2 years ago nor did know it best were looking to bring in a host of new players. since they successfully filled out the squad by connecting with an ethiopian cultural organisation because you are being. pushed by the. image of course you are just issued in fire and you can't have. many of nordic
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north best players are refugees while a number of them were gruelling night shift schedules all of that melts away at least momentarily on the pitch. and training. from. the connections the players aren't just among teammates their monkey. different clubs and communities throughout the city. not to mention that from polonia to northern north best and up to to get you the players and fans are rarely ever exclusively from one immigrant or ethnic group at 1st glance i mean are in clubs men seem at cross purposes with integration but they serve an important role helping new immigrants into germany settle down which can be an often very
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difficult process i know that all too well i've been through the horrors of collecting every pair of credit stamps we need and finding an apartment in berlin and i wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy as we are you know. and they have. some i feel too angst again was a. few to be my. and the want of. clubs like northern north best give players and fans a taste of home no matter how far it may be from germany. while immigrant sides like polonia also ensure newcomers to the country have the connections and support they need. and future champions league winners like turkey to bring recognition and acceptance for supporters soccer brings people together. players and clubs might be focused on the football but talking to them has made it
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clear that it's about much more than just what's happening on the pitch especially for the many immigrant clubs up and down germany. the. move they are making our calls rain. come turning bread into beer and selling some unusual carrots for a bargain. one for going out and about with the food c.v.r. . activists who fought but a lot of food is too good for the garbage and became innovative entrepreneurs in the process. on. the squad is simple as it seeks. to understand the world.
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we need to take a closer. experience not supposed. to be totally. i'm not laughing at the germans well i guess somebody found a place and laughing with me but i don't think into the german culture of. new jersey will take this ground long day on the east coast if sold out. no time rachel join me for me the japanese of course. in germany millions of tons of quality food ends up on the rubbish dump as opposed
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to on our clients. that i'm missing all my good very angry about how much through this right away and especially home.


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