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security question mark nice you should. not have to cheat the so much more you do john and i think people would have to be a solution the money was on the side and the book could you tell you. this is due to weigh in news and these are our top stories german chancellor angela merkel is said to be considering a pared down nationwide lockdown in the battle against record coronavirus infections german media are talking of a lockdown lite enabling schools and workplaces to stay open bars and restaurants would have to close according to the reports. french made products are being pulled from supermarket shelves in several muslim majority
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countries after calls for a boycott french president has angered many muslims by describing is long as a religion in crisis the dispute has strained already tense relations between france and turkey. in belarus anti-government protests have continued with many workers heeding the call for a nationwide strike the walkout came after hardline leader alexander lukashenko ignored a deadline set by the opposition for him to step down the strike action targeted state run factories this is due to you news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram d w news or visit our website w dot com. or . with just a week to go before the u.s. presidential election america's coronavirus crisis is getting worse and according
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to the polls that is giving joe by the edge over donald trump the message from the president don't trust the polls in this pandemic the question from joe biden do you trust the president in this pandemic golf in berlin this is the day. every opportunity i had i suppose every opportunity to get people to our right to voice our opinion we want to make sure we're here to turn the ball of the over to me strong words this really easy to cast a vote and get my love sticker and come out and say this we are still living doing probably one thing i love to face 1st to get. a picture in there for you now in everything. also coming up as he man of the hopes
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and waits for a vaccine to snuff out the pandemic man's best friend is learning how to sniff out the virus as coded 1000 began to spread to see was asked as an experiment to try to detect it it took its 7 minutes to figure out that ok this is what they want me to look for so that totally blew our minds. and to our viewers watching on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day as the u.s. presidential election campaign begins its final crescendo tried. nationally this final week of the campaign is when the pressure of the political race for the white house rises and rises and then election day arrives followed by the climax on election night when one of the 2 candidates is declared the winner well our present does not promise to repeat that past record high numbers of early voters means that
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this presidential election could have the highest turnout in more than a century and when you add to the record number of mail in ballots to be counted on and after election day election night could be rather anti-climactic it may take days or even longer before we know will it be president joe biden or 4 more years of president donald trump what has not changed in 2020 is the final push to convince the undecided voters here are some of the last minute messages in this last week of the campaign is wave the white flag and life is the lead bass is going to leave the base. is. that a. complication covered will become the next preexisting conditions allowing insurance coverage or jack up your coverage and never going to be charged a hell of
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a lot more for their health care just because they're women. well dollar of care down tropics health care is a privilege i think it's our right the only person waving a white flag along with his white mask is joe biden i mean when we look at this we're going to defeat the virus they are if anything 50 and i've been saying that in fact this is thing that's at the beginning this is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of america and for more i'm joined tonight by the professor of perfect presidential predictions that is the title that we have given professor allan lichtman because he has correctly predicted the winner of every u.s. presidential election since 1804 mr lippman is also a history professor at american university in washington d.c. the president is going to have you on the show when we spoke last in early august you predicted that joe biden would defeat donald trump in november now it's almost of imber and you have not changed your mind do you mean to tell me that nothing has
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changed about this race this campaign about the u.s. in the last 3 months. absolutely not i made my prediction which as you point out my predictions have been successful since 1984 based on my 13 keys to the white house which gauge the fundamentals of a presidential election that is incumbents are judged by their record and the keys gauge the strength and performance of the party holding 'd the white house and nothing that has happened since early august has caused any keys to flip in favor of donald trump the way my system works is if the party holding the white house loses 60 more their predicted losers donald trump was down 7 he's still down 7 yet we want to get really going through those keys you base your predictions on these 13 topics or questions regarding the political party of the of the sitting
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president we've listed them for our viewers put those up there and here we can see the points that you say are true about the republicans and president trump for example there was no contest during the nominations the incumbent president seeking reelection there's the 3rd party contesting the elections with the other one scandals there have been lots of scandals correctly the scandal there is a scandal and you say also that charisma of the president you say that falls are you're saying that president trump does not have charisma correct. not according to the definition of my keys you can have your own opinion but to evaluate the keys you've got to stick to the definition which is it can't be someone like trump who appeals only to a small but fervent base to set the definition you have to be broadly appealing to
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the electorate like franklin roosevelt in the democratic side or ronald reagan on the republican side over 60 percent of the american people don't think trump is honest and don't like him there have been candidates like him in the past like barry goldwater feel to a fervent conservative base or george mcgovern who appealed to a fervent democratic base i did not give them the give them the charisma keys either and if we put the points for example that you would say would be faults for example mid term gains for the republicans we did not see for example short term economic strong performance long term performance also no social unrest that's false there has been social unrest in america and then you say you bet charisma of the challenger joe biden now i want to talk about that as well but before we do i want to take a look at
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a clip from last night's edition of 60 minutes in which the u.s. president was interviewed and then he walked out of that interview here's a clip of that. i'm happy for him. because it is not as big as they used to be and i'm telling you they're much better. managed to have a very diverse and. we tell them where they're since. no i don't stay here. i have no problem. next question. all right so we. you see their professor list these supporters of donald trump would see that and say that is exactly the behavior that makes him charismatic supporters of biden would say that is exactly the most uncharismatic behavior
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i don't go with either the supporters or the supporters of biden one of the critical elements of mikey's is they're totally non partisan over going into 2020 out called for republicans and 5 democrats therefore i disregard what partisans say and just look at the definition of the keys which is you asked of the role adly appealing not just appealing to a narrow base and you know professor that the u.s. the the world everyone is burned because of what the polls lead us to believe in 2016 would you say that your keys this system you've developed is the one we should maybe apply when we're talking about presidential elections and maybe we should forget about the polls. sigint the polls to get the pundits forget who's up and down on a day to day basis to get the ads the speeches the dirty tricks the soundbites the
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attack strategies look at the big picture of incumbent strength and performance as i've explained to you through the keys that's why in 2016 i defied all the conventional wisdom in predicting a trump win which by the way did not make me very popular in 90 percent democratic washington d.c. where i teach at american university i can i can imagine that is the case there and i but i'm sure this year you're a very popular man with your prediction you're not going to be very popular though with the polling companies like gallup for example or or you go of what is going to happen in the future when you've got a political system in america where it really is 1st past the post it's like a horse race you're always giving an update you can't do that with your 12 keys can you but you can do that with polls that's right that's why that's why the polls are so deceptive because polls will snapshots and those snapshots change and how do you
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know the snapshot has changed if you take another poll and so on and so on until you reach the election itself plus the polls a fall less an accurate than they would have you believe they tell you the error margin is plus and minus 3 percent but that's just pure statistical error it doesn't take into account the era from estimating likely voters which is just an educated guess and it doesn't take into account any error from voters who aren't telling you the truth or just telling you something and they really haven't made up their mind that's why i always tell everyone keep your eye on the big picture and don't be deceived by the day to day like we were 4 years ago well we're going to follow that advice we're going to keep our eye on you we'd like for you to come back on the program the day after the election to win let's see if your prediction held true this year professor allan lichtman professor of history at american university joining us from washington d.c. professors always going to talk with you thank you. same here you know where to
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find thing. a fresh attempt to end the fighting between armenia and azerbaijan has collapsed just minutes after a new cease fire came into effect monday morning both sides accused each other of violating it the truce which was brokered by the united states was the 3rd attempt to end the conflict over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region fighting broke out in the mountain song 4 weeks ago. our correspondent julie ahana has more tonight on the civilian toll of this talking flick she sent us this report from the telling of barbara in eyes or by john it's about 20 kilometers from the front wall . fires the live shows us where he used to live until very recently.
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to see a rocket hit his house in early october he says. so. far they don't quite off base sure that. his home for 35 years burnt down to the walls. there walked over to the whole family was sitting here watching t.v. and suddenly there was an explosion in the backyard everything started burning we ran outside and called the fire fighters but when they arrived it was already too late for me. and memories. to go for as early as is convinced that our 1000000 is responsible for the attack the neighboring country deliberately bombed many civilian targets in the area he says. we can't independently verify this we are not allowed to
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move freely near the front line we are only allowed to film with the as of a johnny thora tease let us film. this school and barred out for example even if it looks like it the children here are not students . they are refugees this has been an emergency shelters since the fighting started a month ago i. was right at the entrance a memorial for. rafal an azerbaijani soldier everyone here is convinced that their army is fighting for a just cause the school's vice principal doesn't believe that their votes have been attacks on armenian surveillance. and then left that off and then. i don't know much about what's happening on the armenian side i only know what i see on t.v. here but i can say that the armenians are losing and must retreat so they don't
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have any other options we are not trying to take armenian territory we are fighting for what belongs to us tended. to. be has been at the school for a few weeks now with his wife and 3 granddaughters they are from tatto are right on the border with no go no car about lately the clashes there have intensified. that. i am worried about the girls they are just kids they were so scared of the fighting how are they supposed to know what explosions off they should go to school and study but they shouldn't have to learn what bombs and missiles sound like all of do that women that are. at the moment the children seem safe. is about 20 kilometers from the frontline but nobody knows when they will be able to
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return home or whether it will soon become too dangerous here too and. he filed that report is in. another cease fire has bitten the dust we asked her what went wrong this time. the news ceasefire quickly collapsed in the morning and what we're seeing once again is azerbaijan and armenia blaming each other for violating the deal now as you mentioned this has happened 2 times already so many of us here on the ground covering this conflict didn't really expect that this new agreement would turn things into a more peaceful direction we've been hearing the sound of artillery shelling since the early morning and we had quite a distance away from the frontline about an hour's drive now it's impossible to understand and verify who fired 1st but as we speak the clashes continue and as
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a johns president has made no secret in recent days and weeks about what he wants he wants to retake no no and he has insisted that his country has the right to reclaim its territory by force he also claims that his army has made significant military gains in recent days so for him it seems there are not too many incentives to stop. what reasons the armenians are giving for another cease fire that didn't stick. well the perspective here and yet of on is that the armenians actually continue to support the ceasefire efforts we've seen statements that effect both from the armenian government and also from the ministry of defense there actually as you he was saying they're accusing azerbaijan of actually breaking this ceasefire 1st and saying that some of the claims to the contrary are part of a broader dissin from a nation campaign on the part of azerbaijani authorities at the same time they also
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admit that there is fighting going on we've heard media reports of soldiers reporting widespread small scale skirmishes throughout the front lines and there has also been reports that. the minister of defense and managed to shoot down an israeli main azerbaijani drone so while publicly they continue to support the cease fire efforts they do admit that fighting is going on in that the current cease fire really does look like it's crumbling. french maid products are being pulled from supermarket shelves in several muslim majority countries after calls for a boycott fridge president has entered many muslims by describing is long as a religion in crisis turkey's president richard try to bear to one has called on his citizens to back the boy call it such good photos i call on my nation to hear and now do not pay attention to french legal goods do not buy so it's all over there the big table with me now is my colleague nicole richie she's been following
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this story it's good to see you know goals are bring us up to speed here but what sparked this outrage well recently we have seen that there are a lot of tensions in france also because there has been a gruesome killing off a teacher who had shown cartoons of the prophet mohammed and one of his classes to discuss the freedom of expression and then there were also some of the incidents and so president mccormick decided that his going to clamp down on what he defines as radical islam so he has closed a mosque for example he has also had associations linked to these incidents and raided and dissolved and well he also is proposing a law to take more control over mosques and france and also the training on certification of moms that are also sometimes trained outside france so that see there's a lot of action going on right now france has had a problem with radical islam for decades now let's remember 2015 a huge attack on the offices of the newspaper sharlee have also about
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a kind of club which saw dozens of people dying and francis also entering pre-election face campaigning is on the table again and the right wing parties are pressuring with issues like internal security and social issues so he's trying to show that he's really getting a grip on issues and. of course that doesn't go down well with the muslim communities around the globe they feel that the being made responsible for actions that have happened that have been made by minorities and also some of them feel it's against their beliefs that pictures off of the prophet mohammed drawings are being shown. one point and we've seen reaction we've seen the turkish president say that the fridge president maybe has mental problems needs done to help him there's been backlash in social media too has been there a lot of that on twitter as this hash tag boycott france and boycott french
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products many claim across has been pandering to the riot 1000 of the muslims to not buy these products so we have one tweet from quite that says quote start it who is next we see these empty shelves which usually show a french products there's also advice on what brands of from france not to buy pictures circulating off that so people know which brands not to buy or even advise on how to see through a barcode where the product is coming from and which one is france in this one we've got about 30 seconds i mean how big is this impact going to be used or is there going to be a big impact well we can't con tell how much of an impact this will be from for french sales but we see several arab countries muslim majority countries already taking part in this and obviously turkish president iran has joined the debate which will not lead to a less debate it's going to be between europe and turkey i know this right is not
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known for the nice words leagues has to say about the french president that's for sure the whole thing. we know that one of the symptoms of a corona virus infection is the waltz of the sense of smell ironically it is this sharper so we're canine friends that can protect us by sniffing out the virus this next report takes us to finland for a treat preferably kathy this snout can be programmed to find just about anything more bed bugs cancer now it could change the course of corona virus detection need to see rescued from being euthanized as a puppy in spain he's returned that favor for years sniffing out deadly disease for the wise new smell detection association and then wind as coated in $1000.00 began to spread to sea was asked as an experiment to try to detect it took it but 7
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minutes to figure out that this is what they want it to look for so that totally blew our minds you know dog be able to change training sense in 7 minutes you know . it. the team quickly learned canines can detect a coded $1000.00 infection even 5 days before symptoms appear with almost 100 percent accuracy helsinki airport is hosting a pilot project through december that will include cross referencing canine results with those for medical devices if you talk to the skin so here it just takes a simple swab from a restore neck. and this is terrible yes vendor for a couple of seconds a dog can tell immediately if a person has contract it coronavirus and. so a receiver that gets you is on the voluntary tests are proving popular but no
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positive signal yet from the finnish government about scaling up the program so since dogs are incredibly war effective much less expensive and far less intrusive than other ways of detecting the virus why aren't public authorities everywhere rushing to use their noses instead of ours we found one who is. is deputy mayor of vaughan the site of the airport i pods he did it in 2 minutes took me 2 minutes out and get this budget covers the free tests offered to all arriving passengers he allocated 330000 euros total to the 4 month dog study meanwhile he expects it will cost up to $300000000.00 euros per month for the medical option the nasal swab it's quite expensive operation of course but the docs are like $75000.00 know a month. to says the data from this study should help bring in federal funds for expansion of canine testing as well as legal adjustments to upgrade the virus
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sniffing dogs authority to that of their counterparts working in customs going to relight about idle speech like they can. assist and they go to many people beat both on a human bjorkman is thinking far beyond. airports we could train dogs with the same samples with the same training areas to open up. you know the concert halls or or share is or go to big working places hospitals or elderly homes football matches whatever those york men and bobby line and mourn if dylan doesn't harness the potential of the dawn program itself they'll unleash it elsewhere we can and will because a lot of warmth that. she says health authorities from all over the world want to learn what these noses know. and finally tonight we cannot say
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that we were not warned about the pandemic exactly one year ago that warning came in a tweet but not from the twitter or in chief on october 25th 2019 joe biden wrote we are not prepared for a pandemic trump has rolled back progress president obama and i made to strengthen global health security we need leadership and he goes on to says that mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before they reach our work. now on that very same day u.s. president double trump was tweeting about an apple not a virus he wrote to the c.e.o. of apple tim cook the button on the i phone was far better then this one. thanks for watching we'll see them off.
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the email see enjoyment my pal shall pass. after the revered army to my old loser now my months without him when. i'm in the uk f.c. byron steamroll i trust transferred am i live in dusty ships a mutual this legal recreational take on.
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how much is a human life for a. man meat special treatment in order to survive. 430-0000 euro. fight begin with the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry the race against time how will it end. or life. in 45 minutes on d w. session for spectacular pictures. it's a passion for nature. it's their complete devotion that makes them the best wildlife photographer there's a lot. of aiding and abetting confrontational and
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story. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. for the planet starts nov 6th on t.w. . time to kick off map state by germany the queues at stadium turnstiles are shorter than those for corona virus tests with new cases across job.


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