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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CET

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the 1st beethoven is for her plato is for the. beethoven is for costs plato for his foreleg beethoven 2020 for 250th anniversary here on display at.
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time to kick off the map state by germany the queues at stake in turnstiles a shorter than those for corona virus tests new cases across germany sadly among record highs this weekend. most stadiums were empty and maybe those that would should have been. despite the lin being a hot spot for doll 1000 fans were allowed into on your own screw around. the virus took its toll on the page 29 players were ruled out this weekend almost all of them involved in the recent international break coincidence 8 of these players were turned positive tests just one was in quarantine as a precaution. but still the games must go on the mice went into the weekend with 0 points but hoping for a miracle against machine. erica hill is what teams need to get
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a result of baiame levin dustin coat was superhuman themselves this time out both as was by and steve sensation. but the big events of the match day was in don't mean. they were ready to rumble as ever in the bundesliga is an ultimate zombie it was a game that shall to might want to forget in a season that threatens to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. we start the show. in don't mind. here we go. to spread fear darby time at the best falling study on a fixture traditionally kept with passion. with a cold but. this time of course missing one major traditional element the noise from the crowd. but those in attendance did their best
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the. 300 are allowed inside not quite a capacity crowd. but those fans did make themselves heard a shot at trotted out not exactly a morale boost for a side who hadn't won in 20 outings but their boss tried to instil some inspiration . we have to imagine that we can take something away from the game as if i can imagine something being possible argument generally make it happen. for his team however the notion of winning at dortmund was evidently just a fantasy from the off shock ahead of their backs against the wall i think. if home burkey didn't look troubled that's because he wasn't not even once. although the hosts wanted their scintillating best either plenty of midfield tussles broke out in a fairly ugly 1st half still dortmund were superior on all fronts the only stat or
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sholto were on top on saturday night were fouls this yellow card for oman mascherano was arguably the most exciting moment of a desolate 1st half. but 10 minutes after the break the home fans finally had something to cheer. that he will look happy with the opening goal. and i was just standing there and reacted fessenden a defender and i could hit it in somehow i don't know if i hit it how i hated but. it went in and it was i was lucky but i'm happy that i could finally score a goal. this was defender delighted with his 2nd ever goal in the bundesliga especially coming after a full week off due to illness. you know he's been out. with corona and i know he came came strong back and that's how it is you know it's fun for him and important for us to to get the goal today. documents now press to
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their advantage as elling holland himself started a move for midfield and completed it. i have clinical finish from a young norwegian this time with his right foot after taking jayden sanchez to paul in his stride. thank you to 20 he's still picking up new tricks as he goes. it's a good 2 to get to go with my right the 1st time a scene like achievement good a quick half an hour to play lucien father had the luxury of taking off union pants and sunshine for marco boys and talking us up meanwhile mats hummels also fancied making his mark. and in swinging corner from a file get it all and the federal defender made it $35.00 it was his 1st with their darby goal of the 19th attack his teammates shared in the celebrations including perfect the most active he's been all evening. at the home in
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we failed to make him make one single saves there were a few situations that we could have done more with. we were poor in our build up and there's no 2 ways about it. examination rather than a darby i mean how does but the same old story for shock. but now we go from pain to gain and a bye and sign. looking better and better. by in munich all being tested safe in playing 2 games per week this season with practically no less are off to the champions league success defending their european and domestic titles will be the ultimate test of the team's insurance especially when covert 19 this side lining their play is so japery missed this game although his test result later turned out to be
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a false positive. his absence meant the return of litter on sunday was perfect timing although the wing i had to settle for a place on the bench after recovering from injury. beyond started off the champions league campaign with a bang against athletico madrid but it was time for domestic duty on the visit of frankfurt. prior to kick off their coach abi who had hailed by him as the best team in the welsh even frankfurt hadn't won in munich for 20 years he could hardly have been relishing this task history was firmly on buying side. as the game started alfonso davies was looking to impress off to have the flick commented on his lackluster form but after just one minute his gas was over but. he tripped with no other player anywhere near him damaging ankle ligaments that was pure agony on the defenders face he now faces 6 to 8 weeks out with buy ins ma'am
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a schedule absences like that will put a huge pressure on this walk. but hey they had an $80000000.00 euro man in lucas ananda's ready to come off the bench. despite the setback by and pushed forward and with less than 10 minutes on the clock their superman robert let off he made it one. kingsley kamaal found the polar star in space and his phenomenal goal scoring form continued that was his 8th goal in just 5 games one short of the record himself cept last season. frank were undefeated going into the game but the eagles were more like sitting ducks here in the 26th minute added his 2nd and equal to his own record.
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at the other end model neuer was barely troubled in the 1st time off and off the break live in dusky picked up where he left off a hat trick and a new record there's just no stopping him. i feel very good already on 10 goals in the bundesliga how many more records could he break. with the result in the bag by him brought on sonny and he channeled all your problems to make you feel . it was the perfect way for buy ins big money summer signing to celebrate his comeback i'm just coach was pleased about it. either leroy had a 3 or 4 break into the injury he's trained and you saw he had the runs he's doing it was a very good performance and the goal he scored was excellent to get the goal would have taught his performance this was a. good sized. buy and completed the route when 17 year old jamal made it 5 frankfurt's well and truly beat. bush on day to say it's
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a disgrace would be over the top of that we lost 5 nil and the result is frustrating and disappointing by and very good condition still we thought the game would play out differently as i was for perhaps not a disgrace but it was a humbling experience for frankfurt by and were perfect in spite of their fixture pile up nothing finished it was a number of games that we've already played and i'm really impressed especially defensively but. often civil. if it's ends. and we're too good for frankfurt thanks impossible to how much do you hero. of the much day is by ends babyface. 17 year old. not only boy it's youngest debutant
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i'm going to school but now the youngest ever to score 2 goals leroy son age and on offside yeah it's a fabulous movie but it could have been a good rescue goal but it was moose eola who does the job and he does it oh so well . has featured in every match for the defending champion so far it's the next step in a journey that saw his family moved to england so he could join chelsea's academy when he was just 8 now he's a firm fixture in finance is a talented squat and a star in the making i remember the name. we start off summery in berlin where delphi's here was a fox something on was memorable for all the wrong reasons one misjudged tackle and
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an elbow in the back later he was sent off just 4 and a half minutes after coming on leaving the house of a man down for most of the 2nd home. and changed everything otherwise i reckon we might have won. that started promisingly in the it's minutes they launched a lightning fast counterattack from their own penalty area less than 10 seconds later. took the ball away to make it. one no. but that lead was not one they were able to hold on to for a long 3 minutes later like 6 di over mcconnell made the best of a 2nd invitation to draw all the sides level. until say folks dismissal it was then a pretty even game but after this trial by court about really obama i'm not a sub made the difference. with the game winning penalty 13 minutes from sun.
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hard but mark felt when the peeps like to top of the table well have to have now lost 4 in a row. stuttgart were evidently in a hurry to impress and needed just 24 seconds to take the lead. off l. mangala as opener was the fastest in the league so far this season with the added bonus that cologne still hasn't touched the ball. just because it's annoying that we need this wake up call during a game shows. and cologne did wake up following this foul by at a conference or on sebastian and the song this week stepped up to convert the spot kick himself for the equaliser midway through the 1st half. comes 2nd half elvis wretched size shot against the stuttgart keeper's water bottle was the closest we
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came to a golf cologne now have been one for 15 matches while newly promoted stood guard climbed further up the table. leg musing had never lost against outspoken and weren't planning on starting and then 19 meetings. after a quarter of an hour rafael fromberg is handball gave leverkusen a penalty lucas a lower rio stepped up and made it one nil from the spot. off to the break outs bug level the scores went down you'll caligiuri down the nets bought late because unrestored that lead when a lorry i grabbed his 2nd to get out but through everyone forwards and that's allowed most of the rb to break away and run up the victory $31.00 the final school out but just can't wait to get slave accusing. me on faithful are known for their creativity restrictions meant the crowd afforded
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a half 1000 were not allowed to sing so with pots pans and spins they gave it their best. didn't help in the 34th minute as 5 were counted on their 1st chance to go in front of a significant chance of freefall. but only on his back a 111 seconds later and the shot taking an unstoppable deflection for the full lines or the berlin solider undefeated in 4 top flight matches another new club record they've drummed up. 5 points to stanch twice seems happy with the result and to see his former charge next places a. braman living the dream of possibly making the leap into the top. has got off to a dream start taking the lead after 5 minutes but they're very close to time but i
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see a good time frame and squishes goal in this campaign today. but that dreams was short lived thanks to this gorgeous finish by denis sky go. on the hosts couldn't complain about the result given the surplus of chances for hoffenheim. unfortunate point for braman but them that builds on best selling stocks of the season. maximillian arnaud's had every reason to be happy this weekend a 2nd child on the way and spawning his side's victory against being left out of his smart pre-k. converted by the alphabet cause they all sparked the lead in the 19th minute. just 82 seconds later arnold himself doubled the hosts leave.
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thanks also to slapstick defending from the below fell back line. 10 minutes from time the wolves got the jitters when spend ship lock pulled one back. but with bill if else best effort after that only having the post bone spurs celebrate their 1st time when in 8 months the nuggets won it also includes our best move of the weekend. our best move of the weekend is both spokes sneaky set piece routine instead of a shot across much of me and almost slid the pass through each of our very 1st leaving the armenian beautiful defenders dazed and confused as over in there that was about the 100th time we've tried that for a good. group that practice makes perfect when it comes to set pieces.
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sometimes crazy and the 1st was a set piece practice in yesterday many times and while to sink 6 or 7 times he didn't score in the same situation. tomorrow it will happen. a lot of hard hours on the training pitch and a little face in the strike a great results for boastful that's why it's our move the match day. it has been a shocking start to the season for minds they have no points from their 1st 4 games sitting bottom of the table things can only get better right. that being said they faced a champions league team in the form of mission got in terms of ability minds look to be clear underdogs. you have to stand tolling we have to show that we can
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withstand that quality for 90 minutes and do some stuff for our own. kind of stuff he meant was unclear minds have shown little promise just by already changing their coach since young marmots lista took over if they hadn't have a single shot on target. early on mine already looked shaky goalkeepers all been sent down making a hash of this pass really on. the other hand were on their game a perfect pass from christophe palmer found stefan liner on the wing his prospect outplay all mbogo in the box a knock down felt perfectly for l'arche then don't know. what mail to block off in the 15 minutes. my eyes could only watch as gladbach car through the their defending left much to be admired. but after that something changed
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a few minutes later minds finally have a shot on goal something almost unheard of. law passed defense has also been leaky this season and that meant despite their offensive struggles mines had a chance. with robin cries sons shot in the post johnson tucked in the rebound. why someone. for the 1st time on the list is watch finally might have the ball in the back at the. club after almost 3 stored their lead one catch the cam and hit the crossbar but in fact it was mine he forged ahead. that's how found the same corner again to make it 21 and a shot looked on the cards. perfect control and an excellent finish from the french
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striker. but bloodbath had fresh legs to come off the bench and 2 substitutes got them back in the game. marcus to not won a penalty for the 3rd game in a row. the onus hofman stepped up. and made it to to the substitutes coming to the rescue for gladbach coach mark over was a. and once the scores have been levelled a victory for gladbach felt inevitable with mines being particularly lethal and set pieces t.s.k. into took advantage to make it through to. the start and i was over that's exactly what we wanted to do it's not off the 1st goal from a set piece this season it's something where we've made huge progress explained by the under tom it was already the 5th headed goal minds had conceded this season.
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and who had 0 when you're down the bottom games are just a little bit harder to win on a central europe and. despite putting in their best performance of the season minds put a claim up point so how do they turn things around go about us very we have to get to the point where we're not just disappointed but really angry. right now they certainly looked disappointed. club though it was the perfect preparation for their clash with ray only 3. that's all the weekend action so let's see how the world reacted. day 5 and one small binds polish fans were proud of this guy living doll sleeves executed his hat trick with 3 different body parts. but alfonzo davies is hurting with some fans eager to look after him the canadian was at least
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able to assure fans that his comeback will come sooner rather than later. that was praising spain for erling holland's contribution to the doldrums when. france founds reckons told them to have rediscovered that it's nothing d.n.a. . although back home there were complaints that this wasn't a top deserving the main. shock of fans claimed it would have been a different story with them in the ground with not so sure and now to the real facts. it was a perfect weekend germany's champions league sides very old won a head of the midweek european games mice on the other hand lost yet again at least played a little better now let's check out our top 3 goals of the much day. in
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3rd place leroy sonny you listen to the cries of left foot from the bench and happily a large pool. in 2nd place it's holding all those dog between the 2 women. a little. dog going over the weekend just in terms of repose perfectly placed finish against when you'll. play. in the table there's a familiar look to the top 4 but not many people expected to see stuttgart just below them meanwhile frame and will be happy to be sitting in the top half after
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flirting with relegation last season. the ball somehow the berlin wall floundering down in 15th despite spending big and 2020 below them things look pretty bad number cologne shall come to mind have won again yet in this campaign time to wake up boys. get back to champions league action now a european midweek games mean one thing travelling in the very week where the german government essentially declared only bring nations high risk areas. but this league teams are set to jet across europe. liberties and travel to problems like cases are on the rise. the same is true of belgium where pubs and time are playing on thursday. that's also the case in manchester where i'd like to
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play a play by themselves are based in a hot spot but moscow might pose a threat on and off the pitch for that claim. does it about once or not they'll be just a short breather until the upcoming auction on the domestic front. after hosting real madrid train bombing case logic in the big march of next week and let's hope everyone stays safe see that. the by. the by. the by.
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the be. close tabs of the. relish just want to take the law in the book order oliver summit talks to the people what are they so angry about above what do they expect from the upcoming election really prepared.
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a report from a ground. close up. 30 minutes on d w. economy struggling. health care system the bowl while the buying more indefinably. the dance along the bar americans are suffering the situation. what did they hope to gain from yelling. from america. in 75 minutes on d w. it's their obsession for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. instead
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a complete devotion that makes them the best wildlife photographers in the world. this amazing. and having. come from take. and starring. 5 adventures. one goal. in the preservation of our planet. is not a sinister apartment trees and certain kind is a form. that's dangerous around us my. life starts november 6th on g.w. .
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place. blame. this is good of you news live from berlin in the u.s. a new supreme court judge promises to defend the rule of law do my job without any fears perfect. and that i love to independently both the political branches and out of my contacts friends. amy coney bad.


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