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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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i'm going. to subscribe to. this is the w. news live from berlin germany calls the emergency brakes to slow the pandemic chancellor merkel says bars cinemas gyms all will be closing and urges people to reduce their personal contacts and travel restrictions come as daily carona infection rates climax will address the german parliament on this in just
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a few hours. and even stricter measures in france president mccraw also owns the country they're back into lockdown people need written permission just leave their homes also on the show. 7 months after the shooting of a black woman in her home by police in kentucky will meet people pushing for a change in policing there. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today germany closes down at least partially the german chancellor angela merkel has announced a limited national lockdown for most of november the goal is to stop an alarming rise in new corona virus infections they've now hit a new one day record of about 16000 beginning monday restaurants health clubs
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gyms bars theaters will all be shutting down schools shops and places of worship though will remain open. the deserted streets of the spring are about to become all too familiar again in germany for 4 weeks from november 2nd the entire country will be under a partial lockdown faced with another record high of daily coronavirus cases on wednesday chancellor angela merkel in the country 16 state premiers quickly found consensus. there's a. lot of today is a difficult day for policymakers i have to emphasise that because i know how much we're asking of people but we have to find a way to ensure that we don't fall into a national health emergency but at the same time to the greatest extent possible ensure that the economy stays upright. with 3 courses of
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new cases now untraceable the measures of far reaching cultural and leisure facilities as well as bars and restaurants will close with the exception of take out social contact in public will also be limited to just 2 households with a maximum of 10 people schools and daycare however will remain open with new hygiene protocols ahead of wednesday's announcement concerns about the economic effects of a 2nd shutdown were on everyone's minds not least of all the thousands of protesters from germany's hospitality industry who demonstrated against the closures in central berlin. event bans would be dramatic for us because then we'd have nothing already the cancellations are rolling in if even small events like birthdays aren't allowed then we really have nothing imagine and say to you there are hardly any artists left because they've had to find another job that will have an emergency in the culture sector. we need help we're not
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allowed to work we're hoping for some positive talks with the government. finance minister orloff scholtz however has prepared a 10000000000 euro coronavirus aid package to compensate businesses hit by the stricter measures the hope now is to flatten the curve before the holiday season but it will be a costly feat both for the economy and society. did obvious political correspondent joins us now for more in the studio good morning to you aunts the german government says it is extremely concerned about the current rise in infections arms and that they could overload the health system how threatening is the situation right now well these measures were decided in a meeting between under merkel and the 16 regional leaders in germany and we had a similar meeting 2 weeks ago after that meeting until america went public with her criticism saying that she felt the measures decided then were not strong enough
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would not be effective enough and she's been proven right 2 weeks after after that we have almost every day new records in the number of infections in other words the measures decided to weeks ago did not stop the infection from continuing in an exponential manner doubling every few days in the number of cases and michael is saying this doubling of cases is having an effect on hospitals if we have another 23 maybe 4 weeks this kind of development then the hospitals who overloaded and the health system will be in crisis there is though nonetheless a concern today and a lot of criticism across the board in the german press when you look at the german press this morning there's a lot of criticism because the criticism focuses obviously on the effects on the economy that this is going to have there's no question about it there is going to be an effect on the economy and there's a question of how targeted these measures are whether you can actually justify them in scientific terms can you say that closing down restaurants will prevent
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infections the answer of the government all of that is that it is trying to do this in a man in a very focused way it's trying to keep the economy going as far as possible no factories being shut down work continues and also they are saying there are so many cases at the moment they are not traceable anymore you cannot find out where the infections happened so you cannot say in fact exactly what measures who stop in. actions but what they're doing is trying to shut down recreational activities fun. entertainment those parts of our daily activity that are not as critical to the survival of the economy. they're trying to be measured in the way that they're doing this still driven he has seen us a massive street protests against exactly these kind of measures do you anticipate those kind of protests continuing well the problem is that the demonstrations continue to be allowed but the size of such demonstrations is going to be very
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restricted so there will be protests there will be pushback on all sorts of levels there are protests among political parties in the opposition there's even criticism within the governing party especially concerning the fact that parliaments have not been consulted on this part of the criticism is coming from within the coalition and there's a very big concern right now that these measures can very well face court challenges and possibly be overturned yes there is the there is a very good chance that there will be court challenges in fact there's a certainty that there will be court challenges a good chance that the courts will throw out some of these measures they do obviously contravene some of the basic rights guaranteed in the constitution so yes a call challenges will happen and it's quite possible that some of this will be turned of overturned and in about 2 hours will see the chancellor addressing parliament as a correct yes i'm going to knuckle take this kind of criticism seriously she's going to go to parliament to explain herself and face questions which still doesn't
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mean that parliament is making decisions on this but at least in some sense it's being consulted ok and we will be carrying the chancellor's government's statement on the new measures here live on the w. hands will be in the studio to talk about that from now on thanks very much. well france will be seeing a much stricter law down president has been laying out new guidelines for germany's neighbor shops bars and restaurants there also will be clothes that's starting tomorrow friday and travel between french reasons regions rather will no longer be possible announcing restrictions a day after france reported 501000 deaths in just 24 hours. the anxious wait for president mccollum speech to the nation. can hardly believe his ears he's going to have to close his bar again. we can't understand it and
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we're having to make a huge sacrifice the economic consequences are definitely worse than the virus itself you said you could need another lock down from friday people will be allowed to leave their homes within a one kilometer radius to buy essential supplies or in emergencies but this time there are exceptions. schools will remain open people can work and people can visit care homes. infection rates in france are exploding more than half the 6010 of care beds in the country are occupied by covert patients the government is responding with the same tough measures it had wanted to avoid predict will not be serving wine again until december at the earliest. let's get you briefed on some of the other stories making the news at this hour the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in india is now past 8000000 but data from the country's health
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ministry shows the average number of new delhi infections is beginning to decline india has the 2nd highest registered coronavirus caseload in the world after the united states. in hong kong a teenage activist has become the 1st political figure to be prosecuted under a sweeping new national security law imposed by big beijing 19 year old tony chung is a former member of student localism a small group that advocated hong kong's independence from china. working zeta has made landfall in louisiana hammering the u.s. state with high winds and heavy rains authorities have been warning residents to take shelter and of confirmed one death so far moving storm is expected to sweep across the u.s. east. democratic presidential nominee joe biden has
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voted in his home state of delaware he joined more than 74000000 other americans including his rival donald trump who have cast their ballots ahead of election day next tuesday that's more than half of the entire turnout in the 2016 election. and staying in the u.s. in the city of philadelphia now that location as opposed to a nighttime curfew to quell unrest following the police shooting of a black man on monday 2 nights of looting in clashes between police and protesters called the death of walter wallace jr at least 172 people have been arrested 53 officers have been injured in the rest. or protests against the killing of black people by police became a nationwide movement across the u.s. over the summer one of the focal points of the campaigns by black lives matter activists was the death of briana taylor who was killed when police carried out a so-called no knock warrant on her home w.'s oversell it has been in louisville
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kentucky meeting the campaigners pushing for a change in the law following her death. october in louisville kentucky a city's scarred by the pen demick and protests reeling from the death of black medical worker briana taylor who died while police were searching her home in march . black lives matter activist couture a heroine wants justice for briana she is her hero and the symbol of a movement that will no longer be silenced. personally and emotionally briana taylor's name for me it gives me strength she gives me hope and she gives me a reason to wake up every day and fight for justice i mean. i'm 40 years old in all we have seen. the injustices of black people in this nation briana taylor lived here on the outskirts of louisville in march police
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entered her apartment using a no knock warrant an exchange of gunfire ensued and she died in a hail of bullets you can see from out here that when police officers started shooting that they shot from outside the home and so here's one still bullet hole in police evidence tape i'm over 20 bullets shot. inside the home it's. a policy strategist drafted briana's law which bans the use of no knock warrants in lieu of. she says the roots of police brutality lie in the judicial system and with the police themselves no one is really holding the police accountable and it's almost like police officers have been able to just do whatever they've been wanting to do. 7 months after briana
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taylor's death the protest movement is still alive in late september kentucky's attorney general revealed that the police officers who shot her would not face murder charges i made the decision came as a shock for her tour of karen and many others now she's pinning all her hopes on a new president. we have to protect folks in the united states and i don't think that the current owner ministration has done that i think that they have have not feel like they've been misused and of these in their power and so this this this election is is the most important that i've ever seen. heroin is especially concerned that donald trump has refused to commit to a peaceful. transfer of power should he lose the election.
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in louisville protesters are singing for peace and for an end to the escalation of violence. coming up chris stover will be with you he'll be talking about the expected economic impact of germany's looming 2nd pandemic lock down i'm brian thomas for now from the entire news team thanks for being. upset for spectacular pictures. it's the passion for nature.
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it's their complete devotion that makes them the best wildlife photographer.


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