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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin german chancellor all aback all says new pandemic lockdown measures are necessary and appropriate addressing the bundestag the child sort of warns tracing the source of all new infections is currently impossible and appeals to citizens to play their part in bringing case numbers down also on our show.
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7 months after the shooting of a black woman in her home by police in kentucky we need people there pushing for reforms in law enforcement. thomas good to have you with us today german chancellor all america has defended the decision to impose a partial lockdown starting on monday addressing parliament just moments ago machall said the situation in the country is dramatic amidst a surge in new infections. she also said that preparations for a vaccine are underway in germany. also warned conspiracy theories and this information or hindering the fight against cold. welsh elser stressed the need to unite in the fight against the coronavirus let's
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listen in to what you have to say to the poem the mirror looked a little bit if it is going to make throws the spotlight on a word which is part of our most essential vocabulary freedom to do this most of the meaning of this word is not very concrete because the measures agreed by the government and federal state in the spring and yesterday restrict our freedom. actually the same time we can understand that freedom does not mean everybody does what they want especially now with freedom it means responsibility i'm called to duty to. responsibility for ourselves our families our colleagues and for all of us who go north who. our political correspondent hans brandt is with me here in the studio hans great to see you to talk about this the chancellor there discussing very strict measures what did she say about the threat level that she says makes them necessary both chancellor marco
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has been in the warning voice in germany for weeks now and she has said that she's saying that the number of cases that are being recorded are so high that is impossible to trace back where they came from to find out where people infected themselves and by finding that out to interrupt the chain of infection to prevent other people from further infections from from causing further infections and that means that the virus is spreading in an uncontrolled manner throughout the german society and the effect of that in turn is that more and more people are landing up in hospital and in intensive care and that is really the point where things get critical she feels that within 3 or 4 weeks the intensive care capacities in germany which are substantial would be exhausted and then we would be in a critical situation of health care where people would die without the possibility of actually helping them she was pointing to the exponential increase in the infection rate and that's what's driving this correct the exponential increase she
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talks about the doubling times how quickly things double and that is the reason why we call this an exponential increase and that is not controllable at the moment her dress was designed of course to win over both opponents of the measures themselves and also those in parliament who say the parliament to put aside has not been involved enough that needs to be brought into the process do you think she succeeded in winning over these critics with this address well the major critics are on the right of the political spectrum they are the populist d. and also to some extent the freedom across who are business friendly grouping they are not. on side but one has to say there are also critics within my own party and within the coalition party the social democrats debate is taking place she has taken the step to go into parliament but i think parliament and parliaments in the
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regional parliaments are going to insist that they be more respect of the parliamentary process be more respected and that some of the decisions that need to be taken should in future be taken in parliament there is concern from within the coalition itself that some of these measures will be challenged in court and will not stand up to legal tests is that a concern right now yes indeed that is a concern cultural challenges have already been announced by the hospitality industry for instance and in the past such measures have been thrown out in courts in various courts so there is a strong possibility that some of these measures will be counselled by the courts which again points to the road of parliament if laws need to be changed measures can be defended in court then parliaments need to change those rules you mentioned some of the protests that will be driving the legal challenges are related to the real legal challenges do you see the protests continuing after the announcement of these new measures yes indeed protests will continue obviously there are parliamentary forces especially on the right especially the
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a of the populace that we saw them interrupting disrupting rare each delay which doesn't happen all that often although they are known for disrupting parliament they are also part of the drivers of demonstrations against corona measures and demonstrations to some extent that deny the existence of the virus in german streets but there's pushback also on all sorts of other levels as as we were saying in the courts and so on there is some opposition to all of this but one has to say generally speaking the polls show that the germans support these measures and a very very substantial majority on sever going to see is that so much for coming in on the. we have some breaking news coming in french media are reporting that at least 2 people have been killed in a knife attack near a church in the city of nice in southern france several other people have been injured the mare of me says an attack looks like this attack rather looks like a terrorist incident and that the suspect has been arrested the country's interior
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minister says a police operation is now under way. let's get some more details now with do you have user manual shards here in the studio a manual hello to you do we have any more details we do actually so they were thought that the attack happened near a church in fact it happened inside a church and the asylum attacker was apparently a disguise we don't know at the moment if he was wearing a mask or a full costume but he attacked several persons there's several people injured there is no 2 people dead a man and woman days has been confirmed by interior minister. he say that's a crisis talks would they have today in paris a police operation is still underway area around the church a nice in the city center is still cordoned off and there's already been
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a minute of silence for the victims of that attack in the french parliament this minute of silence follows the burial just days ago of summer will be a man who was killed by a chechen islamist bedded a teacher who was teaching about free speech and the country has been very tense since this killing this is a country this is my country our friend show which has been really traumatized by a string of violent attacks over the last year is nice it's sad the city of nice was the target of a terrorist attack 4 years ago on the 14th of july when 86 people died and more done 45450 persons were injured when a truck drove into a crowd during the day festivities and of course you have say did see the history teacher who was beheaded 2 weeks ago has just been buried at the moment where when france where the address is the question of. a city of freedom of speech about
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also there's a very tense situation right now in france with renewing threats against. france against for example cartoons by a very controversial circumferential satire magazine shall be everywhere so there's a very tense situation right now crisis talks happening again terry a ministry today in light of that new attack emmanuel thanks very much for bring us up today look for does more details as they come in montreal shows for us there. let's get you up to date now on some of the other stories making the news at this hour thousands of people in poland have been demonstrating for a 7th day gun stricter abortion laws many also walked off their jobs in a nationwide women strike to protest the supreme court ruling the tougher restrictions mean that women can only get an abortion legally in cases of rape or incest but not if the fetus has fetal birth defects.
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and hong kong a teenage activist has become the 1st political figure to be prosecuted under a sweeping new national security law imposed by beijing 1000 year old tony chung is a former member of student localism a small group that advocates hong kong's independence from china. in mars' de facto leader aung san suu kyi has voted early in that country's elections scheduled for november 8th her party the national league for democracy is widely expected to win she remains popular at home where her image is undented by his ations of complicity in atrocities against the country's we gore muslim minority. arcane zeta has made landfall 'd in louisiana hammering that us state with high winds and heavy rains authorities have been warning residents to take shelter and have confirmed one death as far the
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fast moving storm is expected to sweep across the u.s. southeast. and staying in the u.s. philadelphia as opposed to nighttime curfew to quell unrest following the police shooting of a black man on monday 2 nights of looting and clashes between police and protesters fall the death of walter wallace jr at least 172 people have been arrested 53 officers have been injured during the course of the unrest protests against the killing of black americans by police became a national movement of course over the summer one of the focal points of the campaign by black lives matters was the death of briana taylor who was killed when police carried out a so-called no knock warrant on her home did obvious all over south has been in louisville kentucky meeting those pushing for reforms to policing their. october in louisville kentucky a city scarred by the pen demick and protests reeling from the death of black
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medical worker briana taylor who died while police were searching her home in march . black lives matter activist. justice briana she is her hero and the symbol of a movement that will no longer be silenced. personally and emotionally briana taylor's name for me it gives me strength she gives me hope and she gives me a reason to wake up every day and fight for justice i mean. i'm 40 years old in we have seen the injustices of black people in this nation briana taylor lived here on the outskirts of move in march police entered her apartment using a no knock warrant an exchange of gunfire ensued and she died in a hail of bullets you can see from out here that when police officers started
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shooting that they shot from outside the home and so here's one still bullet hole in police evidence tape over 20 bullets shot. inside the home. a policy strategist drafted briana's law which bans the use of no knock warrants and. she says the roots of police brutality lie in the judicial system and with the police themselves no one is really holding the police accountable and it's almost like police officers have been able to just do whatever they've been wanting to do . i 7 months after briana taylor's death the protest movement is still alive in late september kentucky's attorney general revealed that the police officers who shot her would not face murder. chargers i made the decision came as a shock for the couture of haran and many others now she's pinning all her hopes on
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a new president. we have to protect folks in the united states and i don't think that the current owner ministration has done that i think that they have have not feel like they've been misused and of these in their power and so this this this election is is the most important that i've ever seen oh offering room. heroin is especially concerned that donald trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election. in louisville protesters are singing for peace and for an end to the escalation of violence. he didn't.
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get your mind or our top story this hour addressing the german parliament on the announcement of new coronavirus restrictions chancellor machall says that the new measures were necessary and appropriate she warned it was currently impossible to trace the source of 3 quarters of new covert infractions. this is live from berlin i'm brian thomas from the entire team thanks so much for being here. and you hear me no no yes we need you and kind of stance gemstones that we bring you i'm going to back off and you've never tried to surprise 2 cells with what is supposed to is medical really what moves and want. to talk to people. the way maurice.


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