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we know them but they're in a bit of a pickle so they spontaneously said yes for. the farmer thing to say. on behalf of his cows to. have actual cows don't have a tap you can turn on and off they have to be milked choice a day morning and night and you have to do something with the milk. campaign has hit a nerve with cheese lovers in recent weeks consumption has risen in france and the stockpiles of cheese are getting smaller all the time. she's makers like batons are pleased the french are proving so patriotic. and the more of this patriotism will be needed not just from the french but from all of us as governments introduced stricter measures to combat the pandemic
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live in a village far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city that's the ideal for a lot of people in germany actually many refuse to move to other places because their families have owned the land for generations but the villages in our next report may soon disappear one of germany's largest energy firms has been allowed to relocate all of the people living in the village of kind back in western germany the company wants to expand its coal mining activities in the brown coal mine of god but many villages are not ready to give up their homes. for closer to the village the greater the threat to norbert and it's far. from. here and the digger is already right there in front. it's about 3 or 400 metres away it's come a lot closer in the last few. only 3 more years than this whole
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undesigned would have disappeared to guts for the europe's largest open karslake night mind germany has pledged to phase out coal of by 2038 but that's too late for the vid since. they live as an extended family on this historic farm with 8000 square meters of land mine because what i see my grandfather was resettled here because of that same mine more than 60 years ago when he was that he was told that there was an old farm here that he could take over and he said if you're you know now we're the 4th generation on and it seems we'll have to leave again because of the mine. vic we sell seed. the vincents want to defend themselves but most of the neighbors have given up even though it's difficult for them. but if they tell us that we have to leave then there's nothing we can do about it. they're being relocated from their
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traditional centuries old farming villages to unfinished new settlements the lignite mining company or w e tells us that 80 percent of the villagers agreed to the compensation while many are struggling others think that resettlement is a good thing. there are people who work for our. relatives who do and of course they are in favor because they're concerned about their job. so there are other people besides them to see the benefits and. what you're in terms of money the relocation deal isn't unfair i have to admit. but illness is old village with the orchards the words and the well being is much more to him than a new development that's what he supports the ones who want to stay and fight like marie to address my parents keep saying they don't want to go through it again
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having to leave my mother says that often and then she starts to cry she says she would rather die than see a coal digger destroy everything here and take her home on. that is why she and her song co-founded the initiative all villages remain to take a stand against a political decision to excavate 6 more villages in the rhineland coal mining area for me just as far as a question of justice it is not fear that people have to leave their home and us because of a 19th century form of energy. initiatives attracted support from climate activists and this has caused a stir in the otherwise quiet and long forgotten villages that surround the mind for some the protests are a cause for concern but others like the drug isn't see the support from the climate protection movement as a chance to stop the diggers for good. it's given us
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a lot of strength there's a feeling that we might actually. i think it's a great sign. for villagers it's about loss and destruction they don't understand why they have to lose their homes. they say lignite is not compatible with the parts agreement on climate change the resettlement measure is excessive and that residents rights are equal to human rights. trying to keep all of the villages and we won't back down one bit. this weekend around 1000 people came together from the villages and beyond to form a human chain. protective wall for the villages which are stone losing ground to the mines. what do you say no to this job offer like robinson crusoe you get to live all alone on a beautiful island located between corsica and sardinia you're surrounded by nature
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and you're only task it's a protect the famous think talian island well the man in our next report took on the dream island the guardian for over 30 years but now he's been ordered to leave although his job is still important. very. well you can't come in here because you see the red boys. around he is able to drive these 2 would be intruders the way. you think if i wear and tear they'd already be lying on the beach. would follow their lead and soon the whole place was full of people who used to be. morandi is defending this. on the island of delhi one of the most famous speeches on the mediterranean it's paying sand is unique. and around he has been caring for this natural wonder for over 3 decades he got stranded here back in 1909 while heading for the atlantic in his catamaran. marandi
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happened upon the little islands between course the cancer denia quite by accident . he's living here on his own and watched over delhi ever since at 81 he's still almost comically self-sufficient 'd. when it came to the island i couldn't even change a lightbulb. but here i was forced to acquire all sorts of important survival skills. like a modern day robinson crusoe he uses everything the island's rugged terrain has to offer like prickly pears and aloe vera. i also use the ilo as a medicinal plant to treat cuts and scrapes and above all. because the only shady spot on by his house miranda is only companions are his 2 hands who
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keep him hopping. they jump over the brush and lay their eggs elsewhere. so he can't count on eggs for breakfast. that's a dead person is the friend did with supply him with food morandi was once a teacher and lives from his pension. i used to go shopping myself but then i was forbidden from using the motor boat. so now i have to rely on others his days in paradise look to be numbered soon there could be no more rubber boat on the beach and no more mowle marandi and. that's it the administration of the national park on the main island madalena has its way the whole model an archipelago is run from here to delhi included. to build a research station rusian there in place of my was so future visitors to the think beach can better consciously enjoy the natural beauty before their eyes.
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the operators of the national park want marandi to leave 6 years ago the italian government purchased new delhi which had been privately owned they say miranda's contract as the island's caretaker is now normal and void. in public administration positions are publicly advertised candidates must be suitable. and several need to apply sort of. but mallo marandi won't be pushed out of paradise without putting up a fight using instagram as his weapon he's won close 260000 followers they have launched a petition demanding he be allowed to stay and continue posting photos of rule breakers. i need this life here it's my mission and i hope the folks from the national park finally get that. many day trippers who
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visit here legally in the summer and keep to the prescribed paths think that this rosa or pink beach needs protection from the tourist hordes. and those who've met. agree that he and his way of life are worth protecting to. morrow should stay not just because of the island he makes reflect what are our needs where do we come from. as long as he lives and who knows how long that will be he should be allowed to continue. tomorrow marandi can't imagine being banished from his island paradise he plans to stay live in his hut and continue his work protecting the deli and its pink beach. and we'll be sure it's a follow up on that story to find out if more andy will be allowed to stay on his
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beloved island of delhi well that's it for today thanks for watching and goodbye. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah.
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my limits is try. to president. the german economy has no option closely. there's a market. one exactly. made in germany. 30 minutes on d w. 2 the point. opinions clear positions of
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international perspectives. cortines priority along seem to be restoring russia as a global player but despite mounting tensions in the neighborhood he's showing surprising inertia as he lost his touch russia's explosive from tears are topic on to the point up to. point. economics on t w. this presidential election is a crucial wide not just for the united states but for the world who's leading the race in america school rise politics will be right here for you and we'll tell you everything you need to know as america decides who bring you the numbers issues the background as it happens and until the last vote is counted join us for special live coverage from early in the u.s. election november 4th on the job.
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the state of the news live from berlin we will not give up our values as france suffers another apparent islamist terror attack president obama called vows to not let his nation be intimidated by hate you sums it that if we fight the new tactic and it's because it involves values of belief in freedom to believe freely sit and not give in to target those who do call them and let me say this very clearly we will never give you that france is on maximum terror alert after
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a nice man kills 3 people inside a church in the city of nice also coming up. german chancellor i'm going back to old defends the decision to start and nationwide pandemic lock down but the opposition in parliament says the restrictions go too far. on a call for a wish thanks for joining us french president emmanuel mccaw issues a call for unity after another deadly attack that is being treated as an act of islamist terror a man armed with a knife killed 3 people and not tread on basilica and the southern city of nice the suspect is a 21 year old to knees and men who entered france from italy as the 3rd attack and france in 2 months blamed on muslim extremists mccrone says the country will not
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give any ground to terrorists. the end of a tragic day in nice one which has left this mediterranean city in shock. nightfall has broad with it only a measure of calm forensics team still engrossed in the investigation into the outrage which set at the calm within the basilica if. police who stormed the charts earlier were too late to stop the bloodshed and by the time they shot and injured the attacker 3 people had been fatally wounded one of them was a church official believe though one we've just learned from the television that hasek wriston has been assassinated it's a huge shock. good enough not to leave he was there all day long he wasn't somebody who drop in and go again he was always there. the church is just
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a kilometer from the scene of a deadly truck attack which killed dozens in 2016 and he says mayor says the assailant shouted. god is great is as he was detained. president my call was at the scene within hours calling for national unity. sums that the king if an attack to get in it's because of our values our belief in freedom to believe freely and not give in to terror with the quad. let me say this very clearly we will never give in the book we cut in fall because of the uni said i am the french president has angered many in the muslim world by refusing to condemn cut tunes of the prophet muhammad. it's a long standing debate in france where you can knighted by the murder of schoolteachers
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somewhere earlier this month he was beheaded after showing the tunes of muhammad in a class on free speech now france has 3 more reasons to mourn the national assembly held a minute's silence for the victims those in power faced some uncomfortable questions in the days ahead many in this strictly secular country may ask if the official approach is the right one and whether they should fear more lone wolf attacks. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world israelis have marked the 25th anniversary of the assassination of prime minister yitzhak rabin 25000 candles were lit in the central tel aviv square that bears his name and where he was shot by a jewish extremist for his attempts to pursue peace with the palestinians. in thailand thousands of anti-government protesters gathered and bangkok at an outdoor art exhibition to call for prime minister prayuth to resign they also want to
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reform of the monarchy but probably huge has dismissed calls to step down anti-establishment demonstrations began back in july. german chancellor angela merkel has defended the latest round of coronavirus restrictions as the country prepares to go back into a limited lockdown addressing parliament machall said it was currently impossible to trace the origin of all new infections hampering efforts to contain the virus she faced frequent interruptions in the opposition and have called the measures excessive and inappropriate. to restaurants and museums no theaters these images are actually from the 1st wave of the pandemic but in november germans will have to get used to them again as coronavirus cases rise chancellor angela merkel announced sweeping new restrictions the main difference
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there's time is that schools and many shops will remain open on thursday medical defended the new policy in a key speech before the german parliament. because the media good to see if it is going to make throws the spotlight on a word which is part of our most essential vocabulary freedom is the meaning of this word is not very concrete because the measures agreed by the government and federal states in the spring and yesterday restrict freedom. actually the same time we can understand that freedom does not mean everybody does what they want especially now with freedom means responsibility that i'm called to. talk and responsibility for ourselves our families our colleagues and for all of us who go north. merkel was constantly interrupted. and the parliament speaker saw him so forced to call for order the biggest
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a position party in the bundestag the far right and he was quick to slam the measures given we consider the paralysis of the cultural industry the hospitality industry and practically the entire social life as announced by mrs merkel to be excessive and you know appropriate. now one of the big questions is the financial impact of these restrictions the german government has promised economic support for businesses that are particularly hard hit the companies concerned we would be entitled to some refund. of. course and this is an important step to make it possible for most for the overwhelming majority of the companies concerned to survive. and there's also the issue with the citizens will actually comply with these new measures. i know it's on the one hand certain i almost have tears in my eyes but on
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the other hand i think the measures are correct i can only support it with you know here i don't think it's going to be that i do think it's necessary and i have no problem with it unfortunate but i guess the role of our government is to protect our lives before we're people. i think so i think i agree yeah. so far the german government has enjoyed high levels of support during the pandemic but now the question is whether coronavirus 50 will set in with a partial meltdown. the pandemic has affected all walks of life in almost every country on the globe for young people it's changing the meaning of well youth parties are mainly out meetings with friends are strictly regulated sports tournaments and class trips cancelled here's a closer look at how the pandemic is reshaping life for europe's you. lucienne is 16 years old and lives in cynthia spain her life has changed dramatically after
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school in person learning only takes place in small groups the rest is all mine. we used to meet more people now i just go around in a small group of friends we used to go to the movies but we don't do it now because of the risk we used to go everywhere by bus now i only walk everything has changed everything's harder now still she says she understands why the rules are in place we do have grandparents and older people in the family that's why i don't think the measures go too far there for something good that lives in the polish capital warsaw the pandemics constant stress and worry as well as social isolation have taken a toll. i suddenly had symptoms of anxiety disorders and developed tanks and quaint uses have told me that they have psychological problems and anxiety from the constant uncertainty. fish thank you peeking out of. politics are
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a big interest last summer's presidential race saw him not get involved in l. g.b.t. activism that helped. just convenient my sense of activism was reawaken because of the pandemic and that's a great thing there were presidential elections during the pandemic and there was so much hatred directed at the people. tara is 18 and lives in london and is also finishing school she wants to go to a highly selective theater academy she's driving the fall and winter months. you can't just meet each other outside anymore because it's so much colder. to those houses and i think i really miss seeing my friends. and i know like. i'm not going to be able to see my granny at christmas and my family are going to be able to go visit she's going to be on her own and so it's just all these different things that just make it such a rubbish thing to do. she says the government doesn't have young people's mental
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health in mind when it makes decisions. you know if the government just the right let's just shut everything off that makes young people happy and gives them like things to enjoy things to escape from their lives for all parties and just have a bit of fun which is what makes i think a young person so fun. parties and ventures simply sitting in a full classroom its own out of reach during this time of isolation with no end in sight yet for young people. to the us now where over the summer the public outcry over the killing of black people by police turned into a powerful national movement one of the focal points for black lives matter activists was and is the death of briana taylor the black medical worker was killed in a botched raid on her apartment and march all over south it visited briana taylor's hometown of louisville kentucky meeting those pushing for
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a wide reaching police reform. october in louisville kentucky a city scarred by the pen demick and protests reeling from the death of black medical workers briana taylor who died while police were searching her home in march. black lives matter activists and wants justice briana she is her hero and the symbol of a movement that will no longer be silenced. personally and emotionally briana taylor's name for me is it gives me strength she gives me hope and she gives me a reason to wake up every day and fight for justice i mean. i'm 40 years old in we have seen the injustices of black people in this nation briana taylor lived here on the outskirts of move over in march police entered her apartment using
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a no knock warrant an exchange of gunfire ensued and she died in a hail of bullets you can see from out here that when police officers started shooting that they shot from outside the home and so here's one still bullet hole in the police evidence tape over 20 bullets shot. inside the home. a policy strategist drafted briana's law which bans the use of no knock warrants and. she says the roots of police brutality lie in the judicial system and with the police themselves no one is really holding the police accountable and it's almost like police officers have been able to just do whatever they've been wanting to do . i 7 months after briana taylor's death the protest movement is still alive in late september kentucky's attorney general
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revealed that the police officers who shot her would not face murder. chargers i mean the decision came as a shock for couture of her and many others now she's pinning all her hopes on a new president. we have to protect folks in the united states and i don't think that the current owner ministration has done that i think that they have have nots feel like they've been misused and of these in their power and so this this this election is is the most important that i've ever seen oh offering room oh. sure heron is especially concerned that donald trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election. in louisville protesters are singing for peace and for an end to the escalation of
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violence. you're watching to tell a good news life from for a lame special is up next to make certain states and for that i'm called fairly for me and the entire team thanks for tuning in. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. 19 special next on d w. climate change.


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