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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2020 5:00am-5:31am CET

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2 best clothes for. you to have fired or who should do so with both girls would really go to the club. we're just learning this is good news brutal. this is d.w. news on these are our top stories french president among them a call a visit at the church where 3 people were killed in the suspected islamist knife attack in the french city of nice the president promised to deploy more soldiers to protect places of worship and schools france's anti-terrorism prosecutor says the suspect is a 2000000 man he's in hospital in critical condition. german chancellor angela merkel has defended new restrictions aimed at curbing the spread
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of the coronavirus speaking to parliament machall settle floridians have no choice but to reduce social contacts as 3 quarters of infections now could not be traced and the far right alternative for germany party condemned the measures as excessive and inappropriate. israelis have marked the 25th anniversary of the assassination of prime minister yitzhak rabin 25000 candles were lit in the central tel aviv square that bears his name and where he was shot by a jewish extremist further attempts to pursue peace with the palestinians. this is d w news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at d w news or visit our website w dot com. for . the little. today a man with a knife entered a church in nice france he killed 3 people almost decapitating one of the police
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say this is the 3rd attack in 2 months carried out by muslim extremists france's security alert is now at its highest level and it comes as the country enters its 2nd coronavirus lockdown tonight france is on guard against 2 threats one that can't be seen the other that can't i'm bored off in berlin this is the day. that the 1st. one. i only saw the panic the police stopped me from entering the challenge. that we've just seen on t.v. that our church warden was killed it's such a shock to. the beat once again our country is being struck by an islam it's time to talk to them so we can keep up the
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i want to say strong link from deeply pained how much we had this many hundreds haunted by contests that kind of suppressed should you think let me say this very clearly once again we will never keep it. also coming up if u.s. president trump loses the election will there be a peaceful transfer of power anx anger and anything but united tonight an in-depth look at the radical states of america. reporter ali 1st sign that talks to the people what are they so angry about. but to our viewers watching on p.b.s.
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in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day in france in a deadly deja vu early on thursday in the french city of nice 3 people were murdered inside the church the killer used a knife and almost decapitated one of his victims police say the suspect shell that god is great in arabic when they apprehended him now this comes less than 2 weeks after the beheading of a schoolteacher in france police have described that murder in today's killings as islamist terrorism today france increased its security alert to its maximum level french president jacques wrong saying very clearly it is france that is being attacked but there is more beginning tomorrow the french will be reminded for an entire month of another danger the country's 2nd nationwide coronavirus lockdown begins on friday the number of new infections and hospitalizations are at record highs threatening to overwhelm the country's health care system tonight the french
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see their nation at battle against 2 enemies a virus and hate. police domingue nice is not true dumbass in account with too late to stop the bloodshed and by the time they saw an inch of the attack and 3 people had been fatally wounded one of them wasn't such official. you know one we've just learned from the television that hasa kristen has been assassinated it's a huge shock. give me a financial relief he was that all day long he wasn't somebody who choppin and go again he was always there. the church is just a kilometer from the scene of a deadly truck attack which killed dozens in 2016 and he says mayor says the assailant shouted. god is great is as he was detained. president my call was at the scene within hours calling for national unity.
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sums that they came if the not attacked again it's because of our values our belief in freedom to believe freely and not to give in to terror the chua. let me say this very clearly that we will never give in to the big book with cutting phone calls or the uni said i am the french president has angered many in the muslim world by refusing to condemn cut tunes of the prophet muhammad and. it's a long standing debate and franz freaking knighted by the murder of school teachers somewhere earlier this month he was beheaded after showing cut tunes of muhammad in a class on free speech now france has 3 more reasons to mourn the national assembly held a minute's silence for the victims those in power face some uncomfortable questions
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in the days ahead many in this strictly secular country may ask if the official approach is the right one and by that they should fame or lone wolf attacks are right you want to go now to our very own lisa lewis she is in the french city of nice tonight good evening to you lisa what more do we know tonight about the 3 people who were killed and what more do we know about the suspect. well we know that the victims were all between 40 and 60 years old apparently one woman was decapitated in the church another man was caught at his trade and a 3rd woman a 3rd person a woman fled to a nearby bar and then she died of her wounds about the attacker we understand that he was apparently 21 years old of. the newseum man who had come to france recently france's top anti terror prosecutor has said tonight in
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a press conference that the police found a koran and 3 nights with him one of the nice was the weapon of assault really we don't know yet if he had been in touch with any international. terror network or anything we don't know why he did this but we do know that the police are looking into this and we are certainly going to be hearing more about this in the coming days you know you begin the day in paris you travel to nice what do people. tell you regarding what police say is a series of islamist terror attacks in the country. this is stopped a lot of people here in france obviously the my friends who have been talking to but also people i met here in nice i talked to a muslim couple earlier tonight and they were telling me we're really you know i think we think that france is a tipping point it's getting worse and worse and we are moderate muslims we don't
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identify with such a mad person who's done this is perpetrate this horrible chap today but we feel that we are being targeted by some people in france who believe that all muslims are the same but we aren't and then a bit later on hundreds of people were marching down the street here towards just to the front of the cathedral and those people were from far right groups it seemed they were singing the national and. them they were doing the hitler salute and yelling the higher thing seems like france is really a divided and very polarized country now. this recent spate of attacks it comes at a time when so-called islamic state is expanding its influence despite having no territory to claim as its own any longer if there is since that france is europe's most fertile ground for radicalisation. but it's certainly a fur chill ground to proudly you know france has the biggest muslim community in
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the western world and police told me not long ago that they were not going now rather expecting not big terror attacks like the attacks in 2015 where more than 100 people died for example number november 25th teen in paris but rather lone wolf attacks they are really afraid that some people who get radicalized in their room at home that they then go on and saw people and kill people because they think that they have to fight back against the the image of secularism that france has been defending more and more especially over the coming of the past few months if you look back just a few weeks back there was the beheading of a 47 year old history teacher who had shown a cartoon of the prophet muhammad in class and was then be headed by a radical islamists and after that the government said that they really needed to preserve secularism what they said secularism here and france and that they would
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clamp down and crackdown on radical islam is certainly looks like this has further divided the spirit spirits and police seems to be really afraid more snacks might be coming the government has now ramped up its police forces in the streets by several thousands of police forces and soldiers to more of these nationwide grew bolder by wristwatch begins to free and she could last the entire month of november you've got 2 major threats now here are in the virus in france talk to me about this double danger in free. well it's causing a lot of concern here obviously people are afraid of the virus of obviously they were thinking that this might have gone the way over the summer because the figures were going down and even when the figures of infection were rising. the figures of daily deaths weren't going up right away but now it's come to
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a point where the government has said we need to lock down the country again know else we might face another 400000 additional deaths over the next few months so people are afraid of losing and then this terror attack and the current climate here in france which is really you know very anxious very you know furthering all this fear that people can have a further 4 terror attacks and certainly not good times and very concerning times here in france you know we hear a lot about threats to french values which is secularism now they're just a threat to public health what's the condition tonight of french resume amid these crises. well that's a good question i mean people from now on will have to stay at home for 4 weeks so probably that gives them also the occasion to hide away from this and just you know dive into whatever they like music or good movies but people are really here on the
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edge because of the terror threat and they're also war not because of this virus they don't want to go back into isolation but obviously they don't have another choice and they just have to you know get through this and the president has been saying you know we need to stand together and we will get through this but i think many people here in france doubt that really yeah well we will find out because she walked down begins tomorrow lisa who was forced in these france tonight lisa think . that acoustic. where militias want to take the long. view recorder oliver psalmist talks to them what are they so angry about. what to expect the upcoming election to really prepare to. recall. on the ground.
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they ran a cool states of america a new documentary that sheds light on a nation of polarized politics and people just days before a presidential election unlike any in american history for the 1st time in living memory there is fear that if the sitting president loses the election he will not leave the white house in peace what has happened to these united states let's take this question tonight to washington my colleague gulliver's alan t. joins me now the radical states of america is his new documentary oliver congratulations on this work i watched it today and i have to say kudos to you for how you weave so many of these different american voices together what's your verdict all of her with just what 6 days before the election what is more truthful about the u.s. is it more united or is it more radical. well thank you
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brant 1st of all i really appreciate that look we are looking at a very polarized nation even more so than 4 years ago when we covered presidents president trumps election now to an extent where people are not talking to each other anymore and even shooting at each other in extreme cases and at the heart of this are very. groups that are very important also relevant to understand the scope of this conflict also the contradictions that we're experiencing here in the united states and we have the black live matter movement who is rallying against police violence and for police reform on the one hand then on the other hand we have these right wing also militia kind of groups that are fighting full on all or so if you look at it in the 1st glance you might think that's a good thing both groups are fighting for but with the amount of guns that are circulating in the united states and they're protected by the constitution as you know we are looking at a potentially dangerous situation potentially i have to say extremism experts that
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we've interviewed in recent weeks for that documentary told us that spontaneous violence is what one of the biggest dangers that we might experience after the election depending on the outcome of the election of course but that said we are also talking about rather small groups all the scenario of civil wars is rather unlikely but we might see calles we might see scuffles and with that also being said the rest of the americans and that's a large part among them there's a big longing for peace and of normalcy also after those 4 very noisy years in one of these people brant is a black les matter activist in louisville kentucky that we have met for this documentation and let's take a look together. october in louisville kentucky a cities scarred by the penn demick and protests reeling from the death of black medical workers briana taylor who died while police were searching her home in march. black lives matter. activist karen wants justice for briana she
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is her hero and the symbol of a movement that will no longer be silenced. personally and emotionally briana taylor's name for me it gives me strength she gives me hope and she gives me a reason to wake up every day and fight for justice i mean. i'm 40 years old in we have seen the injustices of black people in this nation briana taylor lived here on the outskirts of louisville in march police entered her apartment using a no knock warrant an exchange of gunfire ensued and she died in a hail of bullets you can see from out here that when police officers started shooting that they shot from outside the home and so here's one still bullet hole in police evidence tape over 20 bullets shot. inside the home.
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a policy strategist drafted briana's law which bans the use of no knock warrants in lieu of. she says the roots of police brutality lie in the judicial system and with the police themselves no one is really holding the police accountable and it's almost like police officers have been able to just do whatever they've been wanting to do. i 7 months after briana taylor's death the protest movement is still alive in late september kentucky's attorney general revealed that the police officers who shot her would not face murder charges i mean the decision came as a shock for the kids who are a heroine and many others now she's pinning all her hopes on a new president. we have to protect folks in the united states and i don't think that the current on the me. it's done that i think that they have not to like it
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they've been misuse it and of these in their power and so this this this election is is the most important that i've ever seen. heroin is especially concerned that donald trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election. in louisville protesters are singing for peace and for an end to the escalation of violence. or you know we've talked many times about the black lines matter movement how much does this movement matter now when people go to the ballot box.
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it's an extremely important group of people brand especially because there is not this one typical black voter so there are even trump supporters among black voters and again this is very typical in the united states we're talking about a polarized country now back in 2016 hillary clinton had the problem that there was a very low turnout among especially among young black voters and the hopes these year this year of the black lives matter movement is that because of the protests and because of their claims and because of the fact that president trump is not actually helping them in contrast even speaking out against police reform that this year will be different and we've seen that especially with the young protesters then louisville kentucky. there is a segment in your documentary where a member of a militia tells you why he feels the need to have guns and to be armed let's take a look at that clip peter diaz founded american wolf not long ago he's financed the
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militia using more than $100000.00 of his own money earned by renting out office furniture he feels it's his mission to protect america with arms if necessary and i think it should be important for everybody to be familiar with it because especially right now you just don't really know what's going to happen next the place that we're in that this country and the world really is in right now if i would have told you 6 months or a year ago that we were going to be locked down told where you could travel told what you can and can't do who you can and can hang out with where you can eat where you can eat the amount of control that's being pushed on us right now nobody would have ever believed me. when i watched that clip i immediately asked myself does he realize that the pandemic in the lockdowns that's not a uniquely american crisis i mean we are about to go into a partial lockdown here in germany for example how do you explain his thinking.
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and that's a very special phenomenon that we've been witnessing all across the united states and it really seems like it does depend on your political views if you will polls those mitigation efforts are not in the republicans or conservatives and i would count the militias in large part into that group they believe in traditional american values like liberty and freedom and they believe that those values are under threat and that's exactly what peter dia's of the of the group american wolf here says and that they have to defend those values and they believe that's an act of patriotism and they only feel as good americans if they step up against that what they believe is an attack on their freedoms and sensually they believe for instance that wearing a mask is an individual decision and we've seen that very often in our road trip where we just came back from our team was traveling the whole united states from the west to the east and hardly in especially in the republican led states hardly
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anyone was wearing a mask and that is also one of the reason why some of the states here are doing so bad with the virus so excellent excellent piece of work strongly recommend that our viewers watch your documentary the radical states of america excellence you rymer as we head towards the most important presidential election in u.s. history thank you. and you can watch the radical states of america here on v.w. of various times this week or on demand at youtube dot com slash d w underscore documentary. here in berlin the countdown is running until the grand opening of the city's long awaited new airport at the weekend berlin brandenburg airport is scheduled to go into operation 9 years later than expected and several 1000000000 euros over budget
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workers are putting the finishing touches on the terminal which has been plagued by building problems due to mismanagement and corruption at the airports known as b e r will open this saturday without a bang the opening party was cancelled due to coronavirus match ups and someone who has been following the saga of b e r closely for years now is my colleague reporter joel door roy and he's even made a podcast series about this never ending story so joe the airport was supposed to open in 2011 now the date is october 31st is it going to really open this time well i was out there just yesterday having a look around and it looks pretty good it looks pretty finished i also took part in the passenger tests a few weeks ago everything ran very smoothly but every day new little problems a being discovered and i can give you an example take a look at this photo it's a picture of the passageway that goes up from the main train station under the terminal to the main terminal which is supposed to handle $25000000.00 passengers a year but there is only one escalator and it only goes up
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a so anyone who's arriving with heavy bags will have to struggle down the stairs to get to the train now of course this isn't a major problem but you know if you're going to spend 6 and a half 1000000000 euros on an airport and take 12 years to do it she could at least include a downwards going escalate that's exactly right don't forget about gravity for goodness sakes and how did so much go so wrong here for so long when i was sorry i made a mistake. the the 1st one was that they picked the wrong location is too small too close to homes manages just didn't manage the site became a hotbed of criminality and corruption politicians kept ordering changes to the airport design even after construction had begun now if you have a baked a cake you'll know that you can't just double the recipe after it's already gone in the oven not that led to all sorts of other cascading problems the fire safety system couldn't cope because it was built for a much smaller airport and then the builders started charging by the hour instead
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of by the job which is lead to runaway costs but you know what i think the fundamental problem was this that everybody believed them if of german efficiency nobody expected any problems and nobody will look nobody was looking for any until it was too late too late and now we have this opening day that it's going to happen and it's happening in the middle of a pandemic the worst crisis ever in the airline industry you have air traffic is down by 70 percent and that has blown a huge hole in the already fragile finances of this project now the airport is already required a bailout of some 300000000 euros this year and may need another hoth a 1000000000 next year just to stay afloat during this crisis and some external professors that looked at the numbers and they believe that the airport company is close to insolvency and could one day go bankrupt now of course you know this this is all this is all coming just as b i was about to be finished but the real issue here is that although the building is finished in the airports about to open the real disasters could be yet to come
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now if you want to know what really went wrong at b w have produced a you tube special explaining it all so you can subscribe to our you tube channel and that should appear in your feed shortly and you wouldn't say that the airport is cursed not because that actually looks quite nice i think you'll be surprised once you're there ok you have to get there if we ever get to the likely writes jill dougherty's always joe thank you. and the day is almost done but the conversation continues online your find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at brant off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then at. the for.
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the back. to the point strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. cortines priority long seem to be restoring russia as a global player but despite mounting tensions in the neighborhood he's showing surprising inertia as he lost his touch russia's explosive frontiers are topic on to the point. to the point. next on t.w. . every 2 seconds
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a person is forced to flee their home. the consequences are disastrous our documentary series displaced tomatoes and greed the exodus of gonna. actually zur being deserted. farmers are facing bankruptcy the current. free training. in 45 minutes on g.w. . beach they're upset for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion that makes them the best wildlife photographer 1st. person me to enter politics
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confrontational and stirring. 5 adventurers. one goal. the preservation of our childhood. for such starts november 6th on g.w. . things are getting hot in russia's neighborhood with the latest uprising in kyrgyzstan adding fuel to the fire that began weeks ago in western neighbor bellicose where thousands have been demanding removal of authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko tensions between armenia and azerbaijan are smoldering once again over the separatist enclave nagorno-karabakh russia's been delivering weapons but otherwise showing uncharacteristic restraint put instruct priority along seem to be restoring russia's place as a global player as he lost his touch or.


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