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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2020 6:00am-6:30am CET

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as a student we newsline from berlin we will not give up our values that's the bow from president among them a call after france suffers another apparent islamist terror attack he says he will not let his nation be intimidated by hate also on the show. as germany reports records rate of covert 19 infections we look at how one hospital is coping with the 2nd wave of the pandemic. and just days before the u.s. goes to the polls we see how young and 1st time voters are turning the page of the
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past in casting their ballots and much bigger numbers than ever before. i'm nicole flourish thanks for joining us french president and i know michael issues a call for unity after another deadly attack that's being treated as an act of islamist terror a knife monk killed 3 people at notre dame basilica in the southern city of nice the suspect is a 21 year old tunisian man who entered france from italy it's the 3rd attack in france in 2 months blamed on muslim extremists mike hall says the country will not give any ground to terrorists. a place of worship and the scene of tara candles laid outside the not true don church a nice tribute to the victims killed. within its walls. what happened inside
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is now being pieced together by forensics teams france's top counterterrorism prosecutor said this had all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack and they have detained a suspect there are people who are more. when he was arrested he was carrying a document in the form of a paper from the italian red cross in the name of a to newseum national born in 1990. s. to geishas have shown that this is the perpetrator moreover the person concerned is not known in the national fingerprint database and is not known to the intelligence services. the when the police told the church on thursday it was too late to stop the bloodshed a church official and woman had been stabbed and killed a 3rd person died of her injuries. police found
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a copy of the koran and 3 large knives in the suspects bags the man is now in hospital in critical condition president was at the scene within our was calling for national unity human sums that if we feel an attack to go in it's because of our values a belief in freedom to believe freely and not give in to terror. let me say this very clearly we will never give in the book we. will be loony said the idea. that the french president has angered many in the muslim world by refusing to condemn cartoons of the prophet muhammad. it's a long standing debate in france reignited by the murder of school teachers samuel petit earlier this month. he was beheaded after showing cartoons of muhammad in
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a class on free speech. and with this latest attack france has 3 more people to mourn. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world protesters took to the streets across poland again on thursday to demonstrate against the constitutional court's tightening of abortion law in the capital warsaw demonstrators gathered outside the headquarters of state broadcaster t.v. opposition groups accuse the t.v. station of acting as the government's propaganda channel. in the mexican state of wonder what those search teams have found the remains of 59 bodies and unmarked graves most of the dead were young people according to the country's national search commission the state has been plagued by drug cartel violence and has the highest homicide rate in mexico. israelis have marked the
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25th anniversary of the s.s. the nation of prime minister yitzhak rabin 25000 candles were lit in the central tel aviv square that bears his name and where he was shot by a jewish extremist for his attempts to pursue peace with the palestinians. covert infection rates are rising rapidly throughout europe and germany is no exception daily infections have hit a new high for the 3rd straight day topping 800000 on friday as the government tries to curb the virus with drastic restrictions on public life hospitals look back on lessons learned in the 1st wave to brace for what's to come in often and germany's far west one hospital is taking in patients from neighboring belgium where the 2nd wave has already hit hard. this patient has been in a coma since sunday his condition is so bad he has to be artificially ventilated
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he's 48 years old and one of 19 intensive care patients at this hour from hospital the 2nd wave of covert 19 has arrived and is different to the 1st. ringback we have a lot of older patients in the 1st wave some young ones too but now they're almost all young which means age 15 or younger. and there's another difference to what happened in spring the hospital is treating more seriously ill patients from neighboring belgium 5 arrived last week alone the hospitals head of medicine ses belgian took too long to introduce new stricter measures against covert. jim is an example of what happens when these decisions are made too late there isn't enough capacity so we're taking in more and more belgian patients. during the 1st wave just under 50 patients were on ventilators of this hospital at any one time but
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even that place huge demands on the whole staff. but the benefiting now from the huge amount of experience gained. we had standardized procedures last time. i will reactivating those standardized procedures having these standards is very beneficial even if we get more patients we can just implement them. how well the system copes with the 2nd wave also depends on stuff availability. and there are shortages already in some hospitals caused by covert 19 infections or quarantine and those on the front line of the fires you can covert haven't really recovered from the 1st wave. and. even if we had vacation time we were here there was no real time off and after the 1st wave we still had to deal with normal cases and also all the paperwork that was left from the 1st wave no. there's little time to relax because the number of patients who
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are seriously ill with covert is set to rise again experience shows that 2 percent of kovi patients and in intensive care. so there will be more i'm expecting more intensive care patients than in the 1st wave. they were just under $3000.00 then i'm afraid it's going to be more this time. here in harken the hoping to rise to the challenge all the way through the 2nd wave of the demands on all of them will be great. pollution and also india's capital delhi all year but a winter sees the air quality deteriorate trast sickly it's a toxic soup that stings the eyes burns the lungs and makes it difficult to free and delhi now appears to be heading toward another surge in covert 19 infections health experts worry the smog could worsen the spread of the virus and make it even
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more deadly when you're a child diary reports it's the onset of winter and the thin sheets of his has engulfed the city. the air quality in delhi one of the most polluted cities in the world this is believed to do the rate during the winter as the corwin's make it harder for pollutants to disperse. baking and making industrial activity and the public body carried out by bomb of the neighboring feed me to what they can fight in pollution levels in delhi every winter. this year there is an additional challenge. dr sandeep that upon the knowledge it says that the did in temperature and rise in pollution levels may lead to an increase in the spread of corona virus infections many have experts are echoing this concern the bought up during cold weather when pollution levels rise i miss the respiratory tract become stronger which can make people more prone to corporate banking and other respite illnesses
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the protective mechanisms group. doctor that is also concerned that health care facilities may be all of the made rising calls in $1000.00 cases in addition to the usual spike in influenza and other respiratory disorders during winters. when medical health professionals brace themselves for the coming months the delhi government has started taking measures to curb air pollution one of them is the red light on engine off campaign where civil while deals stationed at various traffic signals across the city are urging commuters to don the engines off while the beat for the green light. while the government claims that if followed the campaign can reduce very cute little lucian in the capital by 15 to 20 per cent not everyone is going with. a daily beast environmental activist
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argues that focusing on just one source of pollution is not enough i think the government needs to create a centralized body with sense and powered which has done. lines and measure to go and create a pro-active policy which will address every single source to produce and then enforce all of those very strictly and soon. as duly gasped for breath again in the future over to indemnity of worsening. and cruel nobodies in fiction is growing. with just days to go until one of the most divisive elections in recent us history reaches its climax early voting has been brisk and meant the over 80000000 americans that have already cast their ballots turnout among the under thirty's is particularly high that's expected to swing the vote in biden's favor of but trying to has this fans among youngsters we take a look at 1st time voters from both sides of the bitter political divide. this is
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all about her future and now ella has just turned 18 she's old enough to have her say. the 1st time in such a crucial election. and it's really going to determine a lot about how the country's going to evolve the next 4 years and even after that so you know it's little bit nerve racking but i think super excited that i can take part in and i can help in any way that i can traditionally young americans have been turned out to vote in huge numbers but things look different this time around one week before election day nationwide around 20 percent more under thirty's have already voted than in 2016 in the battleground state of florida that figures around 30 percent. a few blocks away emer is also waiting to vote she says older generations need to make room for young voters concerns this world is for in the
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future is for young people to grow up and. they won't have to deal with as much as . some doesn't care about biden of these understands that he can't just run away from the fact that climate change is destroying our there's a lot of anxiety around the future and this election the economy jobs but analysts say one issue is particularly important as a go it is disrupted their lives in a fundamental way it's not their own lives the lives of their brothers and sisters you know essentially any house with school age children has been disrupted by that in a fundamental way and i think that it has in some ways dramatized for many people the only time in their lives how important leadership is in terms of their their did it it will be. evidence suggests young voters tend to support joe biden the other donald trump but there are plenty of young trump fans too at the new york young republicans club in manhattan there is also much concern about the future
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a future without president trump. trump is completely reinvented what the party means for the better and that's how he broke the blue wall because he appealed to blue collar workers he appealed to people without college educations he appealed to the working class of this country want to conserve this american ideal empowerment of the hero's journey of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and that's what the left is is targeting and threatening today even among young voters the classical left and right to political divide still dominates right and with at least a quarter of all u.s. voters under the age of 30 the higher than average turnout will have a big impact on the results. for washington w. news and berlin up next as the documentary tomatoes and green that examines the driving factors of migration and gone up but before we go we want to show you what the tail end of a hurricane looks like take
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a look at these gigantic ways arriving at a world famous surf spot nazare and northern portugal it's a surfing heaven but sometimes it hurts like hell you enjoy it some safe distance. imagine how many places hold luggage on certain oh in the world climate change because the story faces my placing blame from just one week. how much worse can it really get. we still have time to ask i'm doing. this. myself.
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tomatoes. they could be goners red to gold the soil is ideal and they've been cultivated in the country for decades yet ghana's tomato factories now stand empty and farmers are opting to leave the country. the reason is that tomatoes have become gambling chips in global trade policy as have other products africa is a lucrative market shipments of canned tomatoes milk powder and frozen chicken from industrialized nations promise huge profits. global trade policies are destroying domestic markets and forcing people to leave their countries edward for one no longer harvests tomatoes in ghana but in italy hauling conditionals.
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gonna build up its tomato industry after gaining independence in 1957 the country was keen to develop its economy and utilize its own natural resources today all of ghana's tomato processing plants have shut down including this one in poilu group there are many reasons unstable power grid unsuitable tomato varieties and the global trade policy italy china and other countries are dumping canada and processed tomatoes on ghana if they look for it there's a very strong and. honest critique i'm not proud of what
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a freshwater. unconquered you know what i found at oxford is very good for you and for the bar girl after reading this i reacted after sort of. your preview for for for for. for last year i do 2 months for it gets full go tomorrow if you see do with the. line don't know market and this factor. so i was just crying vents and doubting god now grows onions instead of tomatoes he also used to work at the factory he and other former workers still come here they can't bear the thought of giving it up. this factory once provided a livelihood to an entire region
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a new this a good of the factory and mood. of the factory because if this fact is working a lot of people are getting to some hours it past produce is very soft. and everything is weak. there's no in the field this machine is moving. here all the time it was a headache that you have something that graph talk lives is is there sitting at you and not working is something not to do forced rigid. if this factory is workable it is it is going to be the light of the north. trade policies are a global competition and the more powerful players stand a better chance at accessing the most lucrative markets it's the people on the ground who lose out.
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benedict a free fuck is a tomato farmer into a bottle in the middle of one of garner's main tomato production regions but many day laborers looking to be hired during the harvest season attest to widespread unemployment even at the busiest time of year some work to find work. nearly half of gone as popular. lives from agriculture in a robust tomato growing industry would boost growth in rural areas nowhere is this industry more likely to flourish than here in the country's 1st time middle belt where you but now the factories are no longer buying locally grown produce farmers
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are becoming increasingly worried that. benedict it grows tomatoes on the head tear of land if you believe. that the long. lost that's enough for you and your baby also who we have to buy water every day when it doesn't rain or. the gentle water cost $120.00 c.d.'s 20 euros. and that's not even enough for the whole far to be asked about till we have to buy water every day for about a month and a half until the rain comes if we have a lot of problems which makes it hard to survive in this country and i'm up into mindanao my. crops grow in abundance here the farmers could cultivate even more land and employ more workers yeah but they lack funds if they want to buy seed and fertilizer and pay for irrigation water they need to take out loans. it's got to be
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we don't have money for fertilizer everything's expensive normally we can't sell our harvest and end up and. run have a life or in children to care for us. that's why i'll have to head to the desert and try my luck elsewhere is it not. for. the fact that. we were going to. move almost more about going to make it to europe have better life than when you yes life is hard for us every day you see people struggling and still . we have nothing whatever to do but now. and the museum i already got my if the chance comes today or tomorrow i'll head to the desert my farm is failing and the bank wants its money back i guess about it in the sky.
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and. the money in the bag. now that the factories are closed farmers such as benedikt to have to sell that produce to the market queens and sell it on in the cities. there's a surplus of projects during the harvest season so the farmers have to sell at rock bottom prices. as the amazon might ask for a 320 c.c.'s they offered 270 and said others are getting even less done at this price i wonder in anything after that he could. never be out like a. firefight and. tomatoes are a food staple in ghana they account for 40 percent of spending on vegetables middle
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class canadians like their tomatoes canned ghana could meet at least a portion of it's demand itself but the canned tomatoes here on the market are not domestic ones. turn up of chinese come up there is even some of this has been some of the i'll be very happy if we have a company here in town that we could use our own tomatoes condé instead of people points if you wanted and frank and serious spending a lot of money days when big money to the kind of help the country to give up.
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benedictus husband has gone to italy hoping to one money to help support the family to pay for the children's school fees and also so they can invest in a house and a well to irrigate the crops. and you know what it's up to down here my husband can earn more there than in ghana let them see that. he sends money every month. for me and our 2 children mainline approach she reminds me of my i was. here in my village it's obvious which families have relatives in europe they're the ones whose homes are made of concrete. so despite the problems besetting the industry many had continued to grow tomatoes . benedict his house is still under
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construction. she still paying rent. and i've been mostly use we're not because i need to do is some prefer canned tomatoes because they're more convenient you just add water and they're ready that's it's but i prefer fresh ones . and more importance in these 2000 and. 5 to see on that than what i have 4 friends who farm tomatoes. and they're all ready to set out to the desert rats and those who've got quite. informal outside one month my husband is in europe and is making money and i'm working here that's how we manage marriage and children go to school. almost we also use his
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money to pay rent and part of it to complete our house. as if you were here and it would be very hard for us i'm always glad to see to believe and try their luck elsewhere quite. yellow. that is very. ileana morphy now if. so yeah well. yes. he's in italy he worked on an apple farm later on a tomato plantation and now he heard animals.
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in the. most county and migrants live in other west african countries many also live in the u.s. and canada. and in europe. for gun and farmers there's no deagle route to europe most pass through the sahara desert and then cross the mediterranean according to the international organization for migration or i.o.m. 16000 guardians took this path to italy in the last 5 years. many african migrants end up in southern italy but tomatoes grown here are processed and sold in cans including at low prices in ghana with production heavily subsidized italian tomatoes have a competitive advantage over local goods in africa. the
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seasonal workers from africa actually contribute to the problem by working for rock bottom wages which further lowers production costs few of them have resident. punnets the day laborers are exploited by my field in ascensions recruited by agents known as puppet on a piece middleman who paid them to crate off today to talk to the commission only in the beginning to get a feel for 2 generations who still believe this or not is a tool for you to. use it to help on up with you know what to cut from coca-cola and then woke up to a news. from one it's moving too quickly like plenty of. it did. who offical cactuses motorway at the helm and you said you. didn't even want to look at her heel not one of clothing as yet willing to offer
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kind of the catch is a big bag with the engine. still it was in the cellar monday and it's kind of what we know from 40 c. 30 no from all the telly or from ottawa's no farm it tell him what is it tell him to work on the machine. i did so want us all gone now and yeah i still don't want to use. the i'm not working i eat anything gonna do you pick it 11 which are right and leave. the bed with. my foot i said memorize also a family they used to throw at the mentalist.


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