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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is the news live from berlin the world leaders condemn the fatal stabbings in france being treated as an islamist terror attack a defiant emanuel mccall saying france would defend its values and that the nation would not be intimidated also on our show as germany reports record rates of covert infections we look at how one hospital's intensive care unit is coping with a surge in patients with newly developed protocols. plus the indian capital
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delhi doctors are warning pollution in that city could complicate the recovery of patients infected with. the new berlin brandenburg airport is due to open today 9 years behind schedule and way over budget. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today french president the manual says his country will stand firm against extremists that after more deaths from what's being called islamist terror a man armed with a knife killed 3 people inside the notre dame basilica in the southern city of nice the suspect is a young tunisian this is the 3rd is a list attack in france in 2 months. a place of worship and this.
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scene of terror candles laid outside the not church a nice tribute for the victims killed within its walls. what happened inside is now being pieced together by forensics teams france's top counterterrorism prosecutor said this had all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack and they have detained a suspect there are people who. when he was arrested he was carrying a document in the form of a paper from the italian red cross in the name of a to newseum national born in 1990. s. to geishas have shown that this is the perpetrator moreover the person concerned is not known in the national fingerprint database and is not known to the intelligence services. when the police told the church on thursday it was too late to stop the bloodshed a church official and
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a woman had been stabbed and killed a 3rd person died of her injuries. police found a copy of the koran and 3 large knives in the suspects bags the man is now in hospital in critical condition president was at the scene within hours calling for national unity she knew some of that if we fell in the tank to get in it's because of our values our belief in freedom to believe freely and not give in to terror to coopt. let me say this very clearly we will never give in because. the uni said the idea. of the french president has angered many in the muslim world by refusing to condemn call tunes of the prophet muhammad. was. it's a long standing debate in france reignited by the murder of school teachers some.
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earlier this month. he was beheaded off to showing cartoons of muhammad in a class on free speech. and with this latest attack france has 3 more people to move on. earlier i spoke with our correspondent lisa loess in nice i asked her how people in france are responding to the bloodshed there well people here have obviously been reacting with far and sadness now france is today this room let me remind you of that waking up on the look and so the streets of nice around me are rather empty however under the new lockdown rules you can walk around within a one kilometer radius of your home so some people have been coming this morning to this place in the square in front of the cathedral to show their respect and to light a candle maybe and just say that this really was
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a horrendous attack and francis those people coming out saying you know we're trying to stand together in these hard times. there's a lowe's there in nice let's get the security perspective now with you on some p.r. counterterrorism advisor and c.e.o. of security provider most iconic here in berlin thanks so much for coming in on this today yawn when you look at the attack in nice was this a sole perpetrator or do you think a larger network was involved in this attack. well what we've seen recently whether it's the attack 2 weeks ago or the one in mid september is that even if the attacker perpetrated the attack alone there's always a certain there's always a form of support whether it's financial whether it's ideological online or offline so i had that i think is the main question for this attack considering that he apparently arrived in france only a few days ago you know didn't didn't he get support out of tunisia did he have any
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support in italy and i'll be important but what we've seen certainly here in recent cases is that even if the actor does look to have acted alone in fact there is a certain degree of support on line or off line and it could be international as you're indicating why is france seeing so many is missed her attacks right now syria over the last 2 months well the overall polarized situation in france and beginning with the trial around shall you do with the republic ation of the caricature of mid september. was a reaction. to these caricature. there's within the muslim community there's some of that there are denouncing this but in extremist circles this is used again that's proved that france must be targeted to calls for attacks against french its institutions french symbols in france and outside of france as we saw in jeddah yesterday as well have been made so they right now france has become through the to
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free speech debate 'd and in the shadow if you will situation if a major focal point again for extremist circles and this is probably and citing the recent attacks the lockdown conditions in the country right now do they make terrorist attacks easier and how do they affect the police investigation. well the to police investigation is an infestation per se is that that much affected however where it does limit the resources it can be deployed on the streets and it also limits the resources in terms of intelligence gathering information gathering so create issues however right now with the lock down it does reduce the possibility of attacks simply by reducing the number of targets but as we saw in march late march of this year it doesn't prevent attacks per se but the probability of having it in the attack is reduced simply by that reducing the number of targets johnson n.p.r. counterterrorism advisor security expert music on here in berlin thanks very much
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for those insights thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making the news this hour protesters took to the streets across poland again thursday to demonstrate against the country's constitutional court tightening of abortion laws in the capital warsaw demonstrators gathering outside the headquarters of state broadcaster t.v. paid opposition groups accuse it of airing government propaganda on the issue. in the mexican state of want to waffle search teams have found the remains of 59 bodies and unmarked grave smokes in the dead young people that according to the country's national search commission the state has been plagued by drug cartel violence and has the highest homicide rate in mexico. people in new zealand have voted to legalize euthanasia in a referendum limited results showing so steve 565.2 percent of voters supporting
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the new law will give terminally ill adults who are experiencing quote unbearable suffering and have less than 6 months to live the choice to end their life that is if 2 doctors approve. well covert infection rates are rising rapidly across europe and germany is no exception during their infection rates of a new high for the 3rd straight day topping 800000 in the last 24 hours now as the government tries to curb the virus with new restrictions we look at how one hospital's intensive care unit is coping with a surge in patients with newly developed protocols. this patient has been in a coma since sunday his condition is so bad he has to be artificially ventilated he's 48 years old and one of 19 intensive care patients at this hour from hospital the 2nd wave of covert 19 has arrived and is different to the 1st. we
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had a lot of older patients in the 1st wave some young ones too but now they're almost all young which means age 15 or younger. and there's another difference to what happened in spring the hospital is treating more seriously ill patients from neighboring belgium 5 arrived last week alone the hospitals head of medicine ses belgian took too long to introduce new stricter measures against covert. belgium is an example of what happens when these decisions are made too late there isn't enough capacity so we're taking in more and more belgian patients. during the 1st wave just on the 50 patients were on ventilators at this hospital at any one time but even that placed huge demands on the whole staff. but the benefiting now from the huge amount of experience gained. we had standardized
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procedures last time. i will reactivating those standardized procedures having these standards is very beneficial even if we get more patients we can just implement them. how well the system copes with the 2nd wave also depends on staff availability. and there are shortages already in some hospitals caused by covert 19 infections or quarantine and those on the front line of the fight against covert haven't really recovered from the 1st wave. and some are even if we had vacation time we were here there was no real time off and after the 1st wave we still had to deal with normal cases and also all the paperwork that was left from the 1st wave no. there's little time to relax because the number of patients who are seriously ill with covert is set to rise again experience shows that 2 percent
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of kovi patients end up in intensive care. so there will be more i'm expecting more intensive care patients than in the 1st wave. they were just under $3000.00 then i'm afraid it's going to be more this time. here in harken the hoping to rise to the challenge all the way through the 2nd wave of the demands on all of them will be great. for more on the situation here in germany let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow good day to you thomas as current infection rates germany is going to say about $150.00 to $200.00 patients per day entering the i.c.u. units like the one we saw in our report there and how much of a strain is this going to be putting on the country's health system overall. ryan one of the main concern that officials here in germany have is the spread in which the speed in which the spot the virus is spreading you mentioned already that
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germany registered in the last 24 hours nearly 19000 cases and just to put that into context of months ago johnson on the demo call had said that there could be 19200 cases by christmas so the fact that the virus is spreading very fast is a particular concern for german authorities and particular concern obviously for germany's health system so far authorities have said that the health system is not overwhelmed but that it could get overwhelmed very soon and that's the main reason why new measures new restrictions were actually introduced then another element is the regional health centers that are in charge of tracing and tracking infections and as we already heard from germany at this point khan to know exactly where 75 percent of infections came from so the situation is such only very serious although officials still mention that the health system is not overwhelmed there is so growing parliamentary opposition to the measures being put in place is not
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a question that that something needs to be done about but about the measures germany it turns out has the same morbidity rate the same mortality rate is the u.s. or or the netherlands when it comes to covert can you tell us something about this political pushback. there is certainly a big political debate here in germany about these new restrictions on something that was absolutely every done to the german parliament where i'm glad merkel gave a speech before parliament defending those positions and we saw from some of the a position m.p.'s in particular from the far right a.f.p. describing those measures as excessive as not appropriate and this is something that has obviously also been evident in the streets i've been covering it to myself in the last few days and although you see such and people who defend those new measures even if they come hand in hand with your freedoms you also see skepticism on criticism also growing on the german streets thomas sparrow bring us up to date on this thomas thanks very much for that here now are some
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of the latest developments in the penn demick globally the united states has reported a daily record of cases don't have guns university saying there are more than 90000 new infections in the last 24 hours the us is the worst affected country in the world the european union has pledged 220000000 euros to transfer patients from hard hit countries to neighbors would spare hospital beds it's hoped the move will prevent health care systems from becoming overwhelmed and australia says it now has just under 200 active cases in the country its lowest number in more than 4 months states and territories have started relaxing their restrictions including on domestic travel. and in india where coronavirus cases passed each 1000000 on thursday the capital delhi is facing a twin threat from the virus on the one hand and from its air pollution health experts say smog could worsen the spread of the virus and make it even more deadly
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. it's the onset of winter and the team sheet of peace has engulfed the city. the air quality in delhi one of the most polluted cities in the wood this is really due to eat during the winter as the corwin's make it harder for pollutants to dispose. baking and making indefinite activities and the public money carried out by hamas and the neighboring he'd need to if they can if they can fight him but usually level in delhi every winter. there then had this new challenge. darkness and upon the knowledge it says that the dip in temperature and gys and pollution levels need to an increase in the spread of clue about infections many have exposed echoing distances on the board up during cold weather when pollution levels right i miss the respiratory track become strike which can make people more
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prone to corporate banking and other respited illnesses the protective mechanisms group we call them. dr that there is also concerned that health care facilities may be all of it and my rising calling 900 cases in addition to the usual spike in influenza and other respiratory disorders didn't mean to us. when medical health professionals brace themselves for the coming months the delhi government test started taking measures to curb air pollution one of them is the red light on engine off campaign where civil war lydia's decent activities traffic signals across the city are urging commuters to don the engines off while the beat for the green light. well the government believes that if for the wood the campaign can deduce they can look at you shoot in the capital by $15.00 to $20.00 plus and not everyone is going with. the bundle of okai
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a daily beast and one little activist og you that focusing on just one source of pollution is not enough i think the government needs to create a centralized body which is and powered we test timelines and measurable goals and create a proactive policy which will address every single source of pollution and then enforce all those very strictly and seriously. as do any gasped for breath again the feel of it when demi of worsening air quality and could ruin of itas in fiction is growing. still to come on our program you're going to meet pakistan's sherlock holmes his crime solving skills have made him a local legend. but 1st it's billions over budget and 9 years behind schedule berlin's new enter national airport is due to open
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tomorrow named for billy brandt a former child star of the new airport will mean the closure of tagle airport in the north of the city the delay as completion has been a national barris not for the country and then international embarrassment for the city of blend as well. finished at last and officially opening on saturday which is also quite appropriately halloween the new berlin airports development has been an engineering and administrative nightmare it's really going to storage from the get it made us a left wing stock throughout germany. in the new german engineers were ashamed. and the mounting cost overshoots were totally unacceptable. located southeast of pearl in the in brandenburg airport was originally budgeted for 2000000000 euros and supposed to go up and 9 years ago as the years dragged on costs tripled time and again hopes were raised the tolman might finally be over
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then came in of the delay one problem among many the fire protection system failed certification and had to be completely redesigned how could things possibly come to that the airport owners were civil servants belonging to the federal german brandenburg state and berlin ministrations rather than commissioning one major company with tried and tested contacts they commissioned a plethora of smaller companies for different jobs construction coordination became a monstrous problem adding to the horror the airport owners change their plans several times the entire story was one of incompetence manifold negligence and a whole array of companies that made a fortune in all the chaos inspectors found 200000 construction deficiencies the airport became an expensive scandal which ended many a political and management career. well let's talk about this new international
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airport now with chris culliver from d.w. business news good morning to you chris it doesn't sound like it's going to be a champagne kind of event listening to our report there and it won't be it will be a small ceremony today anything else but that would be an appropriate and inappropriate you know in light of all the problems we've been hearing about so managements that it will be a small opening and really have been people so relieved that such a problematic project will finally come to a close with the opening of the airport and that includes engineers politicians and the public some people are sad that berlin take all the airport in the northwest part of the sealed airport closed but it is a prerequisite for the new airport to open so today at 2 o'clock in the afternoon a look tons of jet and an easy jet airplane will touch down on the tarmac as the 1st 2 commercial planes landing there and then tomorrow it will be open the public those 2 commercial planes landing you know they're going to be among the planes i
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would imagine carrying far less passengers are looking at 20 percent of usual passenger numbers are going to be on board the aircraft coming in and out of berlin international b.b. i aliza going to make the running or the initial phases for the airport is going to make it easier well experts say maybe to some degree but they also say that you know operating their port is not so much as a problem as building it has been as we've seen in the report and you know even though small the passenger numbers might be easier to run it initially they know where compensate for the fact that there is a gigantic loss of revenue here. let's talk about that the the looking forward in terms of passenger numbers there's no way to tell when they're going to to pick up again how can we count delayed the effect of this reduced air traffic on
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an operating costs and profitability well the airport capacity for what you just build it will not operate to its full extent the new berlin and the national airport is supposed to handle $27000000.00 passengers per year just months ago people in the city were screaming you know it's nowhere enough because just last year before the pandemic berlin airports handled more than 30000 passengers but then of course the 10 demick struck so there's no a lot of a lot of fewer passengers now which also means that federal and regional governments will have to continue to financially support the project however they are optimistic they say that it will be profitable maybe starting 2024 when the international airline transport association says passenger numbers might be back to the 2024 i certainly hope for one does it's going to be much sooner than that but i'm an eternal optimist will see. what about the the connections for the new
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airport it's has more capacity of does that mean we're going to be going to more cities not necessarily berlin international is germany's 3rd largest airport after frankfurt and munich but even before the pandemic carriers like you have tons of said just because their board is new and it's open and international doesn't mean there will be more international direct flights to roll in because simply the corporate landscape in berlin the money to warrant these kind of flights isn't there as it is in frankfurt munich so no no increase in international or long haul flights but you know it's new it's spacious it'll be open tomorrow let's start with that and there's room to improve right right ok chris as ever thanks very much. it is time now to meet a detective with a different she's a veteran investigator who tracks down criminals in pakistan but the world of dr used to batting is not in the big cities still property works to recover it is cash or joy but for thousands of people his work is essential here's a look at
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a farm laborer turned private eye. he may be a bit unsteady on his feet but his mind is still razor sharp they call him the sherlock holmes of pakistan 70 year old is a master at tracking he goes after cattle rustlers and his home village of customer the success rate is over 80 percent. tell you everything about it his size his weight how he walks you just have to be able to interpret them then there . is highly respected in his village 20 years ago the former farm laborer taught himself how to do detective work cattle last night had been getting out of hand and customer since then he's returned hundreds of stolen cattle to their owners even the police regularly call him in to help on their cases. well people in those skills are often
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a great help to us after all he's been doing it for a long time and pretty well knows all the possible suspects in the area you know you use me but i'm doing it anyway and just like in a crime novel going after themes and costs or can sometimes be dangerous and his angel no longer takes part in chases nevertheless some of the bad guys still seek revenge. before i help catch attack me at home and beat me up badly. still that hasn't deterred this sherlock he wants to keep catching crooks and reading footprints at least as long as his own feet can carry him. and before we go the surf is up in portugal to go look at that we want to show you the tail end of a hurricane what it looks like when it arrives at a world famous surfing spot these are some of the biggest waves ever recorded at nazare in northern portugal will leave you with these pictures now i'll be back of
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the top of the hour thanks so much for being here and enjoy the big surf.
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collected by children in india. used on mass by cosmetics companies. my god is a long material that's mine in a highly risky condition. combining business with culture it's a balancing act for the manufacturing industry. global 3000. next d.w. . elemental forces of emotion and such
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a dangerous tsunami. more and more people live in coastal areas in an emergency every 2nd counts. the searchers are getting to the bottom of this natural phenomenon but much protection is there against. just from the taps. in 45 minutes on g.w. . it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime of lawyers judges and by the allied forces. were the 1st war criminals to be held. accountable for their crimes for.
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our mind. going through don't. use the phrase you're. our 2 part series the 3rd reich talk starts november 12th on d w. hello welcome to global 3000 now take a deep breath because today we head to nairobi where air pollution is a big problem kenya is gearing up to switch to electric mobility. revolution.


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