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tv   Bahn- Abenteuer Dogu Express  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2020 4:03pm-4:30pm CET

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due to the pandemic airlines won't be offering many routes at the start the airport's operators expect there will be around 5000 passengers on opening weekend and when berlin's previous main airport table closes a week from now they expect a bell in brandenburg and the old terminal next door to serve around 24000 passengers a day. i reporter peter real adult joins me now in the studio peter 20112020 there's a big difference between those 2 days overdue and over budget what happened here or michael i'm sorry i'm going to put in a metaphor here because there's really no words to accurately describe this it's like watching a plane crash in slow motion you know it's a combination of poor planning of execution really of a case that what happens when when politics and bureaucracy gets in the way of common sense this whole airport was dreamed up in 1900 just after the fall of the berlin wall it took them 6 years just to settle on
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a spot to build it and mind you very fittingly the last spot that the experts actually recommended the official groundbreaking didn't take place for another 10 years because inflating because a lawsuit and then they finally agree on a date in 2011 and that is when the real trouble that actually begins i'm going to go through a condensed list see if you can keep up one year before the airport supposed to open the main contractor goes bust the old one is then pushed back to 2012 that's called off as one month before the deadline when specter's fight over 100000 defects from fire safety issues automatic doors that nope and lights that it turned off or others that didn't turn on a sack and bruise over 170000 kilometers of cable that was dangerously wired the opening is then pushed back to 2013 is pushed back again because inspectors say that the airport's now too small they also find more defects very fittingly the
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opening is pushed back 20171819 all the while we have elevations of corruption of construction workers you know stealing from the construction site now for sure for managers later 3 times over budget 9 years later i can't believe that i'm actually saying this the airport is on the open it's a litany of horrors. it would be downright funny if it wasn't so expensive it's over how we so so why. why is big news here in germany and the rest of the world right really because this airport we're supposed to stand for everything that germany especially berlin aspired to become after reunification a big global player you know ready for the 21st century and instead it ended up becoming a global embarrassment really you know what germany is known for around the world efficiency punctuality top of the class engineering and you know instead of just became this national embarrassment there was a debate over whether to tear down the whole thing and start anew the germans the
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terrible sight the poster you know even proposed a new future tense just to even be possible to make it grammatically possible to talk about the airport so in the 30 seconds that we have left here now that it's actually open have the critics been silenced no it's still way too small in last year we saw 35000000 passengers go through the existing airports they're about to shut down the airport is only built for 27000000 passengers so not near capacity but more than that you know the 10 demick has really added to this airport's woes we've seen air passenger traffic drop by nearly 70 percent through august so i mean this is really been a rough landing for their board if there ever was one peter really to hell with that incredible story thank you so much for that. now to actor sean connery best known for playing diablo 7 in the james bond films he has died at the
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age of 90. gore. replaced that. he shot to stardom in the very 1st bond film dr no in 1982 and went on to dominate the silver screen for 4 decades the veteran scot won many awards during his lengthy career including an oscar and 3 golden globe connery's death was announced in a statement from his family we're joined now by our d w film expert scott roxbury scott nice to see you a giant of cinema has left us how big a loss is this oh well i think percent about and i have to say for me personally it's a huge loss obviously sean carmody was 99 years old perhaps to be surprising to lose a man of that age but he still powers over i mean that particular of course
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with his role as as james bond that that figure that he created with dr nolan and 6 other on film created the franchise of james bond still perhaps one of the greatest most powerful franchises in cinema history but it also created a certain type of man sort of a combination of class watchable masculinity and also humor which was a huge. chunk connery's people and east on thousands of imitators since he started starred in dr no but no one's ever come close to the sean connery shot. scott i don't know about you but i believe that one of the great parlor games in the world the world over is debating who the best bond was and sean connery was always on the top the list at least where i was what made him so special. yeah i mean that parlor game it's fun to play but obviously there's only one answer the 1st best and only true james bond is sean connery just so you got that clear yeah he had
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a massive i mean please let's be honest that he had a massive influence as i said i mean you could argue now that his sort of the image masculine image really created particular the bond films but also with these other movies like like the touchable hunt for red october the very action films that he did you could argue that that masculine images become a bit outdated i mean despite his charm and sexiness on screen his character is male characters tend to be quite violent which can definitely criticize but you can never cannot deny the man's influence. his his idea of what it was to be a movie star still is very very present today and i think that's one of the greatest at least on screen like this is that image of double or 7 looms large of course but what else will he be remembered for well you mentioned of course the joy that he's he was a scotsman and one things perhaps not as well known outside of scotland or great
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britain is that he was a huge proponent of scottish independence from the very start of the 1st minister of scotland the sturgeon p. tribute to him saying that despite his great cheap it's on screen he was 1st and foremost a proud scotsman he always campaigned for scottish independence he said he would be back to scotland if it became independent from the u.k. and i think he would like to remember as a core working class boy who make good but new where he came from edinburgh from scotland and was always fighting for the independence of scotland from the rest of the u.k. scot rockstar really appreciate you spending time with us on this take care. a look now at some the other stories making news around the world. voters in ivory coast are casting their ballots to elect a new president incumbent leader. is running for a contested 3rd term which the opposition says is unconstitutional they're calling for a boycott of the vote at least 30 people were killed in an ras before the election
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. a 3rd suspect is being held over thursday's knife attack in the french city of nice 3 people were killed in the north are dumbass silica it was the 3rd islamised attack in france within 2 months. slovakia has become the 1st country to start testing most of its population for corona virus officials aim to screen everyone over 10 over 10 years using rapid antigen tests it's hoped the program will bring the pandemic under control so that a strict national lockdown can be avoided. the final days of campaigning are gathering pace in the united states as president donald trump and his democratic challenger joe biden wage of fierce battle for votes in midwestern states early voter turnout has been shattering records even under tough conditions hundreds of people are spending hours in line braving the cold at this parking lot in
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indianapolis just to be able to mark their election ballots more than 85000000 americans have already made their choice setting a new record. motivated by the candidates motivated by. you know my ancestors fought for this right for us to come in right now in this very moment in time and so i'm here on high voter turnout could work in joe biden's favor national polls show he's leading in swing states like here in iowa which however could still go either way and at a public appearance at a drive in movie theater because of the pandemic car honking instead of cheering for up your americans trust each other again. after one american every year larger to carry. out. we can add a for 4 more years of doubts are out. in the final spurt of the campaign president
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donald trump holds 3 public events a day without social distancing and wearing face masks just like here in michigan a traditionally democratic stronghold which he barely won 4 years ago and the question of whether trump would accept defeat graciously keeps popping up or just he claims that voting by mail could lead to fraud who has voted so far ah ok who is going to vote on tuesday. are it's a funny thing you know we tell our people go out and vote we're not big into the ballot world we sort of the like it ok you know because too many tricks get played in some states ballots must arrive by election day in other states they only have to be postmarked by that date in pennsylvania ballots will be accepted up to 3 days after election day and in north carolina up to 9 days after november 3rd legal
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arguments against that by republicans were overruled in the supreme court telling the ballots could take weeks only a massive lead would make it obvious fairly quickly who's won experts fear that in case of a republican lead on november 3rd. trump could announce himself the winner or challenge the election in court if it is a close election the republican party of the president has certainly signal that he will do everything from a legal framework in order to contest the results and he didn't just today tweeting about how he believes the supreme court why not having to decide this election and now with the supreme court having 6 conservative leaning judges out of a total of 9 that could be to president trump's advantage. an extraordinary election in the united states you're watching news in berlin i'll be back with more headlines next hour don't forget there's more on our web site d w dot com and follow our social. news i'm michael okun for me and the news team
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here thanks for watching. news stream here thanks for watching. after. new year may know years we're going to need you and how the last 2 years german chancellor will bring you back off and you've never had to have surprise yourself with what is possible called really what in fact and want. to talk to people who follow along the way maurice and critics alike join us the
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metals lifestyle. tomatoes they could be goners red to gold the soil is ideal and they've been cultivated in the country for decades yet ghana's tomato factories now stand empty and farmers are opting to leave the country. the reason is that tomatoes have become gambling chips in global trade policy as have other products africa is a lucrative market shipments of canned tomatoes milk powder and frozen chicken from industrialized nations promise huge profits. global trade policies are destroying domestic markets and forcing people to leave that countries edward for one no longer harvests tomatoes in ghana but in italy appalling conditions.
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ghana built up its tomato industry after gaining independence in 1957 the country was keen to develop its economy and utilize its own natural resources today all of ghana's tomato processing plants have shut down including this one in paulo google there are many reasons unstable power grid unsuitable tomato varieties and a global trade policy italy china and other countries are dumping canada and
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processed tomatoes on ghana is to look for it as for our american. i'm security here i sleep when i'm not tired i want to freshwater i'm counting on you know what i feel better that's very good for me and for everybody i have to do differently i would have to so that the fight is their life their political of. last year i did for. the full good amount if you see you would love to see was wrapped lined on the market and this one. so i was just crying vents and doubting god now grows onions instead of tomatoes he also used to work at the factory he and other former workers still come here they
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can't bear the thought of giving it up. this factory once provided a livelihood to an entire region a new this a good of the factory a mood. of the factory because if this factory is working a lot of people are getting to some hours past groups if you do so. and everything is working. there's no in if this machine is moving. you know all the time it was a headache that you have something that graft lives this is theirs to do with you and not work it is something that is to force grid. if this factory is workable in you it is going to be the light of the north.
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trade policies are a global competition and the more powerful players stand a better chance at accessing the most lucrative markets it's the people on the ground who lose out. benediction a free fuck is a tomato farmer into a bottle in the middle of one of garner's main tomato production regions but many day laborers looking to be hired during the harvest season attest to widespread unemployment even at the busiest time of year some work to find work. nearly half of garner's popular. lives from agriculture a robust tomato growing industry would boost growth in rural areas nowhere is this
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industry more likely to flourish than here in the country's fragile middle belt where you but now the factories are no longer buying locally grown produce farmers are becoming increasingly worried that. benedict grows tomatoes on the head tear of land if you do believe. that the law. and aspect and that's why you and your baby also who we have to buy water every day when it doesn't rain. water cost $120.00 c.d.'s 20 year old. and that's not even enough for the whole farnaby asshole battle we have to buy water every day for about a month and a half until the rain comes if we have a lot of problems which makes it hard to survive in this country and them and all my. crops grow in abundance here the farmers could cultivate even more land and
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employ more workers yeah but they lack funds if they want to buy seed and fertilizer and pay for irrigation water they need to take out loans. it's got to be we don't have money for fertilizer everything's expensive we can't sell our harvest and up and. run have a life or in children to care for us. that's why i'll have to head to the desert and try my luck elsewhere and i'm a copy scrubber. but if you. really think we're going to. live almost could do more to make it to europe have better life than we do you know life is hard for us every day you see people struggling and still. we have nothing whatever to do but you know how he and the museum already. if the chance comes today or tomorrow i'll head to the desert my farm is failing and the bank wants its
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money back i'm just rub it in the sky. with. the money coming. out of the factories are closed farmers such as benedikt to have to sell that produce to the market queens who sell it on in the cities. lopez a surplus of projects during the harvest season so the farmers have to sell at rock bottom prices. if the amazon might ask for 320 c.d.c. ok offered 270 and said others are getting even less at this price i won't turn anything out of it. that i buy be out like a. firefight and.
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tomatoes are a food staple in ghana they account for 40 percent of spending on vegetables middle class canadians like their tomatoes canned gonna could meet at least a portion of it's demand itself but the canned tomatoes here on the market are not domestic ones. come out of china come up there even if some of this has been some of the i'll be very happy if we have a company here in town that we could use our own tomatoes condé instead of people going to imports it and frank and serious when a lot of my market when big deep down money to the kind of skills the country to become.
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benedictus husband has gone to italy hoping to on money to help support the family to pay for the children's school fees and also so they can invest in a house and a well to irrigate the crops. and yeah but it's a down here my husband can earn more there than i'm gonna. see so. he sends money every month. for me and our 2 children may not apply. to everyone that was. here in the village it's obvious which families have relatives in europe they're the ones whose homes are made of concrete.
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so despite the problems besetting the industry many have continued to grow tomatoes . benedictus house is still under construction. she still paying rent. and i've been mostly use here not because i do you do if some prefer canned tomatoes because i want convenient you just add water and they're ready that's it's but i prefer fresh ones. and more imports on these who seem to want to see. for this the idea that i have 4 friends who farm tomatoes. and they're all ready to set out to the desert rats and those with your quote. informal outside one month my husband is in europe and is making money and i'm workin here that's how we
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manage marriage and children how to go to school. almost we also use has money to pay rent and part of it to complete our house. as if you were here and it would be very hard for us i'm always glad to see to believe and try their luck elsewhere. hello. i know it is very. they're more feet on our feet. so yeah well. yes they're. ok.
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he's in italy he worked on an apple farm later on a tomato plantation and now he herds animals. most canadian migrants live in other west african countries many also live in the u.s. and canada. and in europe. and farmers there's no deagle route to europe most pass through the sahara desert and then cross the mediterranean according to the international organization for migration or i.o.m. 16000 can they and took this path to italy in the last 5 years. many african migrants end up in southern italy but tomatoes grown here are processed and sold in
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cans including at low prices in ghana with production heavily subsidized italian tomatoes have a competitive advantage over local goods in africa. the seasonal workers from africa actually contribute to the problem by working for rock bottom wages which further lowers production costs few of them have resident. punnets the day laborers are exploited by my field and i sanctions recruited by agents known as puppet adi these middlemen pay them to create off today to talk to the commission only in the beginning to get a feel for 2 generations who still believe this or not going to jail for a little of the few years that they have gone up with little with the company coca-cola you know little between use it. for money to live a new good will a 20 year old. did. who often just said mummy wait that home
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as you say and you will soon. begin again i want to look at her he will not want to close down as he has you know who only to offer kind of the country's a big bag with the engine. still it was in the cellar monday and it's kind of what we know from 40 c. got a note from all the telly all from ottawa's no farm it tell him what is it tell him to work on the machine. i did someone thought i'd forgotten and yeah i still don't want to use. the i'm not working i eat anything gonna do you pick it 11 which your right i live do you said. my father i said farmer my my rice also a farmer days to go with the mentalists the company.


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