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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2020 6:30pm-7:30pm CET

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the crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues in the oval office odes are available online course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page to other social media platforms. to mean. many millis news and precise choreography of aga trademarks of the french don't scrooge if you retain the value you have the more on that later and with that a very well known come to a new edition of euro backs let's see what else we have in the show today.
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you're up next report i'm max merrill take a listen to the gong story in the premise and. damn good at fashion designer for the european project. a lot of people celebrating halloween and so we start the show with a cake make up from britain who specializes in scary creation sero hardy's customers need a strong stomach to bite into her sweet treats how about a succulent human brain it's all made of chocolate but it looks disturbingly real or a cake shaped like a human foot we've paid her a visit at her home and a whole stay at around 100 kilometers north east of london where she created a very ghoulish treat for us a zombie cake enjoy. my name's sarah hardy and i like to give you the
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creeps. shocking surprises fully edible but definitely not to everyone's taste sara hardy hands an unusual way of making money. on the menu today a human grade made a white chocolate. and a massive horrifying i can't remember when i didn't watch horror movies i've always made creepy things and bits of bodies when i was a sculptor i went to art school. and when i started making fish it was just natural to make the same things i've always made it just thank them and chocolate. molded chocolates and colors taken from fruit is all that's needed to produce a sweet juicy break. used to model blanks figures she says chocolate is much easier to work with for baby goes wrong you can just melt it back into place and then of
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course. good the taste is of ultimate imports incidentally this much work to make a chocolate and. not care about what it tastes like but i keep that simple i choose 3 really good chocolates leaped up in white one and i work with those over and over again. on chocolate isn't the only thing on the menu sarah hardy also begs cakes where you really wonder edible like this turkey. or a zombie cage perfect for how we. the idea is that i make something as horrible as what you might see on the walking dead but then we get to eat it. is made up of several sections all baked and molded individually like this stomach made of cake based cases it in mars and then molds it into shape. when she paints it with food
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coloring it looks increasingly realistic sarah hardy has learned everything by doing and never baked a cake until i was nearly 40 so i had to get a recipe book and on my. but being a sculptor really helps because i can already see things in 3 dimensions and i know roughly how to make it in lots of different materials before ever mating cake and chocolate. she doesn't only get our inspiration from horror films a walk in the forest can also provide food for thought animals are aplenty here. she then processors her findings artistically perhaps they will soon be available in chocolate form. which the really love the buying i just found it's it's
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a really nice shape that because of its very sculptural no look perfect of chocolate. is chocolate cake believe it is ready to go so how does daughter get some make over she will form the upper part of the british creation. intestine cage and white chocolate rounded off good enough to eat a few jack. when i close my commissions a cake like this they definitely eat it it's always feel like a party or birthday or something and their reactions are usually getting everyone to take photographs selfies with it and everything for a good few hours and they wait until very last minute for they can eat it. ok now it's time to perform the autopsy. i love that song because i would really like to have one for one makes birthday
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party and if you enjoy bacon you can find a lot more exciting cake recipes on our you tube channel d w food. down like you see these. stories. in louisiana. the smell amazing the best chefs with their best tips from meat dishes to begin dining and hold the recipe secrets while. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord to my list i'm going to. subscribe and enjoy d.w. food. for oh a serious quirky customs euro max report a mix marrow travels all over europe not just to find out about strange customs and traditions but try them out for him so this time max went to one of the world's
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most traumatic cities that is where he set himself and ambitious goal to learn how to steer a gondola in just one day. my search for quirky customs has this time brought me to the iconic italian city of venice. but. this is not only a bomb or learn how to steer these magnificent boats. it's an incredibly exclusive profession and one that i aim to master in just one day. shall i say. do you think i can learn much in one day. of my training. only one day. much. how much how much can i learn in one day. on the road venice is an all
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female rowing organization by law they could work is going to live but it is nearly impossible for them to get into this old boy's club can you tell me a little bit about yourself how long you've been rowing and so i started 'd when i was going to 3 years old they just throw me in a ball then push the bike away. back if you can and that's. something i'll just feel. financially is giving me lots of help this seems to be plenty to think about. and try. much harder than it looks. so you don't think this is so much of it and you know that. if it. ok.
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my instructor is in the boat with me with an extra paddle this is sort of like having driving lessons again and then takes. a straight back is always the. best idea when it comes to bridges. luckily i've stayed dry and after less than an hour i'm on venice is a main road so this is like an hour ground there it is a along the canal ground then i'll look super for the cab but. fortunately the paddle slipping out of its wooden rest for not ideal and the big boats are making me double a bit with their waves so how did i do for the 1st time. they tied in the end. in grey. didn't fall in the water. it's
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a good result and then you were really fast down there they were really really fast . and with my newfound confidence i challenge elena to embrace venice is founder jane corporal is in the boat with me to make sure i don't damage it i'm even getting some last minute tips. of course i've got no chance against a true venetian i even feel like she's taking it easy on me. but at least i'm chauffeured on the way back from the bridge. well i definitely feel a lot more at home on this side of the boat and you can maybe tell that i really started sweating on that and i really have an appreciation for what it means to do this professionally.
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well i'm glad he didn't fall into the water now in our next report we need 5 young men. brands who have to develop their own amazing got style one that messed the rise of their audiences and has changed they'll life so they live in different cities and frauds and all have normal day jobs as plumbers or shop workers but when they come together on stage bass audiences at home and brought. this performances poetry in motion these hip hop dances from southern france have created a mesmerizing style all of their own they call themselves. and they live up to their name precisely coordinated moves create geometric forms
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circumstance and hazards own choreography and others aren't. turn tot mom arms and count 56781234 make a star on 56798. is simple but effective needs imposes. their performances minimalist no costumes no sets just a few stage lights it may look easy enough but it's hard work but it isn't as easy as you'd seen what you don't see is how important it is to have a solid structure visual our bodies have to stand firmly on both legs and hold the tension in the pose continuously that's very strenuous you know. it also has social media to thank for their success in 2017 the 2 founding members posted their 1st
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video of a performance online. also mean we stepped into a studio and started making our moves wouldn't want any kind of choreography where we'd be doing the same thing. we just wanted to have a connection between us and create moves one thing led to another or we wanted to be poetic music and white and on choreography and that's what we posted on the next day we had over 1000000 hits. soon after they expanded the trip to find them that is. the young french dunces had met that so-called battles dancing duels in the hip hop scene. that if you're going to be a good feel for the about the women dons about also used to getting a reaction immediately. it's different but the good tricky many people in the audience are totally focused on what we're doing. at 1st we thought they didn't like it. a regional style of dance took them into the
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finals of a talent show one french. television. and on american television they've done is to superstars like jennifer lopez. even with this success that's still not dancing professionally full time he's a plumber. he's a store car you're an electrician. but then you've got a little grocery store jackdaw he's director of a dance center and a friend and the organizers events of and i thought given more water was going to go. but even so we still managed to meet up and from together what. they value dialogue with their audience after every show was hearing brenda they talk to their fans who are of all ages. is going to see their cycle music or their
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old thinker noise thing coordinated just incredible how they can achieve such a mechanical effect with their supple bodies mccandless if they were machine decides to go for it but they appear to be machine and up is this all is you know just because selfish you know skillful big crews are impressive how they do that. feel good don't i think i must train very hard for an affair so. their parents is have become less frequent to the coronavirus pandemic but that done for those of you mentally very out hope to go on tour again sometime soon. ready. well that didn't really sound like much but i'd say as you have seen it from germany can make amazing sounds on objects of all kinds just 33 years old he is
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constantly adding new instruments like ships propellers and watts of bottles to his repertoire and because he is so multi-talented the quality by percussionist is invited to give guest performances in major concert halls. that she rose 0 per form and since laden with emotion. 33 year old alexei gas remains one of the world's best percussionists by their own classical draw sets the xylophone or marimba he's mastered his craft to perfection. here has heard that i want to learn traffic this is my greatest passion i really like to get to the bottom of what's good or when you work with an instrument or that you realise how much more it has to offload and you called 15 or so there are colors and nuances in front of them for you and i try to build something that makes
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a statement and also what. i like sagan hassim a is always trying out new improv instruments like these ships propeller. he's not concerned with the visual effects so much as with its unique metallic sound. music it's always about playing something that evokes a particular feeling that you can't put into words what you can they can't octane any other way. because music started when i worked stop my dalal phone where words simply fail me where i can describe something and that's what we're seeking in music that's we're seeking a very particular feeling because britain has created. how much feeling can be found in household objects it's revealed in his piece so well off bottle.
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i'm going to get. essentially it's all about can't drink the soul of these object instance saw a fossil. is a lot of noise water bottle has an incredible range of sounds that are all well hidden and buried within very quiet gardens and there we return for as we call fall out with the aid of a microphone and some dedication. i can bring them out. he's got several 100 instruments in his berlin studio including plenty of improvised ones for a new composition titled. he wants a very specific tapestry of sound but to pursue clink clink a new thing to make them resonate a little turns to use things have to be insulated from the ground or. a little more sound comes out of it. requires what the composer
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calls a junk political station basically a come set made from china. you can buy a sound anywhere in the world no music shop can provide it you have to go out and look you know i ask myself where can i get this sound from here. even just for a short matinee i like saying get us the mayfield's the thing with instruments to get rich variety of sounds that he wanted. for this concert season the brandenburg state orchestra invited him to frankfurt and to order as an artist in residence to go on 0 your work there of course he's still a very young artist who has achieved breathtaking success in a relatively short period of time he gets invited to take part in on a song because it is asia and other parts of the world he has a profound social and when you see what such a young man cannot do and when you experience him alive on stage it blows your way
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really is right up there with the best guns fall of it 'd. he's for ever re into. putting the role of percussion. for one part of all of us. at some stage i realize that i do what i do very well and that there are only maybe a handful of other people who can do it was for me but that isn't the decisive point for me i'm grateful that i can make music you know there are evidently people who like it and that i can share it will. get asked him a takes percussion to a whole new musical level and. time
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now to meet a man who dresses many of your of queens and princes this belgian designer. then has long been a favorite with royalty all over the continent so why do they offer where his creations met up with him in the belgian kept so brussels to find out. queen maxima of the netherlands whence his creations. matthew diffee belgian. guns her mother and. taylor many of your ups williamson princesses. the few clear boy i was brought up as a royalist but i also love being able to help beautiful personality. is one of belgium's best known fashion design as. he's been
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a designer of choice for the european royals for over 30 years as. he receives conduct advises his royal. in his brussels a to. close down but the voting is done up here where it's more private it's more comfortable where the princess or is or queen's get out as diaries and discuss what's coming up with. some engagements for need certain it's. time they'll need to hire another time not the wardrobe is a complex matter. is the certified purveyor to belgium's queen mighty and when designing the outfit worn by materials for the coronation of her husband king felipe there was not to consider. the dress to be absolutely timeless because the official photo couldn't have been expiry date so the dress couldn't follow a particular fashion could mean they didn't need to be very minimalist as it would
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later become part of belgian history the queen maxima of another lens seen here with britain's queen elizabeth also west families designs she buys her everyday clothes from him to. find at this range of kama sutra very well. the more italian time. more yellows and various different terms that go well with doing it for example of a clue truly sweden's crown princess victoria has also paid for a 1000000 a visit he says she has a great sense of humor and of course he remembers what. this trans am for sizers the way i can well imagine that on a young princess along with a beautiful necklace. that would be a great dress for princess victoria. simple but elegant because of the fabric in
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the gold. the 63 year old 1st started out as an interior designer. a job he continued up until 983 when he took on the net 10 boutique in brussels in the elegant avenue louise. he was immediately successful as a fashion designer but it wasn't until 986 that he 1st started dressing the royals like belgium's then queen paula heard about him and was immediately taken with his designs that it reminds me of past time also because i was a lot younger then of course. forgettable moments in my career after that things continued step by step with coming to me to. potential off a marilyn doesn't only dress the royalist creations can be found in more than $150.00 boutiques across europe and the united states dresses are his speciality with prices starting at $600.00 euro is
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a piece its classic style appeals to many as it is my creations are essentially timeless but still in keeping with the time minimalistic i think people come to a fashion house or because they want choice but also because they want to buy clothes that they'll be able to wear out for a long time designs that are more than just of passing trend or it laughing. coming talents he believes young belgian fashion designers have a great future ahead of them but his jokes won't be up for grabs anytime soon designing for royalty. that's all we have time for today but don't forget to follow us on social media and visit our website where you can find out when they took strong thanks for watching the face they are by.
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people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons. and there are many answers. and there are many stories. make up your own mind. w. made for mines. this
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is b w news live from perth in france is on its highest security alert as the country mourns special services are being held across the country to remember the 3 people killed in thursday's terror attack in me also coming up. 2 days before the u.s. election donald trump and joe biden hit the campaign trail in kids battlegrounds will seem weird to focusing their efforts. and the people with favorite struggle to rebuild 3 months after a massive blast but little to much of the city residents in the blast zone can from the coming weeks.
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i'm anthony howard welcome francis on age after the latest islamist attack on thursday in which 3 people were killed in a church in nice at the hand of a knife wielding man churches across the country held special services on sunday to remember those who lost their lives it was the 3rd attack in 2 months since the controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad were republic by a french satirical magazine a move that stood great hanka. tight security in the french capital of paris and across the country as worshippers attended sunday mass thursdays. islamist attack in the southern city of nice has put the country on edge. on saturday the city of leon also suffered an attack a priest was shot and seriously wounded when closing off a greek orthodox church police say the shooting is not related to the incident to
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nice though the motive remains unclear residents expressed their shock. because time of hold because it's a very quiet neighborhood a good place to live you have markets the synagogue a little further away the orthodox church everyone knows each other it's a small village was dramatic if you have. the violence comes as france faces a backlash from several muslim countries over cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed. french president emanuel made his position clear if you don't. understand and respect the fact that one might be shocked by these cartoons i will never accept that one might justify physical violence over these cartoons and in my country i will always defend the freedom to speak to right to think and to draw the . france is currently on its highest security alert. we're joined now by
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a correspondent who is in the southern french city of nice people have been arrested. in relation to the attack there 3 days ago what more can you tell us. we know that the 2 men who have been arrested here in use are reportedly 25 and 63 years old so in total there are 6 man who are now placed in custody and police are investigating in how far to what extent or if they are related to the attack that happened on thursday let's go back thursday morning tunisian national or 20 years old i went introduce churched if you can see behind me the not so damn church here in nice and she killed 3 people one man and 2 women this man only arrived in france a little while ago and french interior minister the french interior minister said
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today that he thinks he only came to france to commit this crime and since attack happened security has been ramped up here in france actually there's some mass has been a mass happening here here at the moment and you've been seeing police everywhere and also military has them and also snipers on the roofs turning attention to where a priest was shot on saturday police investigating that crime saying that there is any link between the 2 attacks. what we know is that this orthodox priest has been shot on saturday afternoon when he was just about to close the door of his church and the suspect was actually arrested on saturday night but he was released again and it is in there are indications that it's maybe personal reasons why this attack has been committed because apparently
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that the orthodox priest or has been in a fight with another church member for a long time so this might be the reason we also know that the anti-terrorist prosecutors in paris have not been involved in this case so far so there are still many question marks 3 violent attacks while the pandemic is hitting hard in all parts of the country i wonder what is the collective mood on the ground in france right. i have to know that francis french of france it's actually a very catholic country and november 1st this sunday is the very important day for catholics because it's all saints day and at this very church behind me it's even more in part because there has been a mass going on the church service commemorating the 3 victims of the attack and i've been here for a couple of days now talking to different people and the reactions of mixed it's a mix of grief and anger. doubly correspondent are in stress in these fronts thanks
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so much. well u.s. president donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden are making their final pitches devote is ahead of tuesday's election. is the trumpets holding campaign rallies in 5 battleground states on sunday including michigan north carolina georgia and florida biden is focusing his attention on the pivotal state of pennsylvania record 90000000 early votes have already been cast as the contest heads toward the biggest turnout in at least a century. a reporter is a key member of the u.s. election team here going to paida what is to be gained at this light stage of bonn storming the states was he trump especially is hoping to repeat his late surge of 2016 where essentially came from behind in over till killer clinton it was states like michigan pennsylvania florida where he won by fairly slim margins that helped
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carry him to the white house but also keep in mind hillary clinton was a very unpopular candidate many people voted for obama in 2008 in 2012 and turned around in 2016 and went for trump biden is not hillary clinton he's a much more popular candidate is actually in the rust belt states where a lot of people seen as a much more relatable candidate a working class candidate who helped save the auto industry during the financial crisis which is one of the key industries in that area more disapprove of trump. then approve or disapprove of truck that approve of him you know he is highly unpopular president which also plays to in biden's favor specially trump's handling of the endemic of race relations and that means that biden even has a shot at winning you know traditionally conservative states like georgia like
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north carolina part of that is because demographics have changed but it also because of the pandemic black lives matter protest for young voters voters of color . you know we are seeing some late polls suggesting that biden's lead is narrowing in states like florida north carolina so there's still room for some surprise but but it's looking. very cautiously. good. we constantly reference the margin of error but the polling does show biden currently leading in all the critical battleground states i wonder what difference is it going to make if any. these last minute blitz in those key states within the southern. right i think that's actually the big question right in 2016 which are undecided voters make up about 13 percent of the electorate that's obviously more than enough to swing a raise and we saw that in several states but by most metrics 2020 is not 2016 voters have a much clearer picture of the candidates the political divide has in
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a sense also really helped cement partisanship and so you know polls suggest that some 95 percent of americans have made up their minds in a new survey also showed that new voters overwhelmingly backed by. young nonwhite voters who are getting into this election not so much to vote in biden as to vote out. in addition one more asterix if we need to that is that the record number of people have already cast their ballots you know over 90000000 people i think almost 92. have already voted that's 2 thirds of all the people who cast their ballots 2016 so it's less likely that the undecided voters are going to have asked big of an influence on the the final result obviously won't know until the fight was all comes in but biden's path to victory definitely looks a lot wider than it did you know with hillary clinton he's been outperforming hillary clinton in the polls in virtually every state that she won so if he can just hold onto those state flip
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a couple lake michigan like wisconsin. he could basically sail into the white house . and this is really the point where people usually go but you know can we trust the polls and what about 2016 and while that is true and trump still could win the polls would have to be a lot more wrong a lot more off than the 12060 many long days ahead for you had a real adel thank you so much thank you. time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. police in bell aversive fired warning shots in asia and used stun grenades in an attempt to disperse tens of thousands of protesters marching in central dozens of demonstrators have been arrested mass protests demanding the resignation of longtime president alexander lukashenko and now in their 12 straight week. rescue workers have pulled a 70 year old man from a collapsed building in western turkey 2 days after a strong earthquake in the gnc struck the region and hopes of finding more
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survivors are fading quite has killed at least 60 people and injured more than 900 . or months after the deadly blast that killed scores of people in beirut life is still a monumental struggle for those living within the blast zone or much of the cleanup has been taking care of many families and i able to afford repairs or reconstruction of their homes it comes as winter approaches and the pandemic returns to the lebanese capital. nadine kassab is trying to bring some order back into her home 3 months on from the moment that brute destruction to beirut her flat still lies in complete disrepair. with winter fast approaching work needs to be done urgently to fix the damage the family all said immediately 3 months have passed since the porch explosion and we have damaged home yes walls have been
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shattered we're feeling calling tried to cover the broken windows that when it rains water pours into our flat but yet we have to carry on with our lives while you're in the bill but you know. nadine's mother has had to move in with them her home is in a neighborhood worst affected by the blast it was damaged so badly that she can no longer live. an eyelash i lived my whole life in that house. my 4 kids got married their 2 girls and 2 boys. and i planted every single tree there myself. that was that all my happiness is connected to that house when i was at those trees every day now i've been forced to leave my home. and the corona pandemic has forced the family to spend even more time indoors nadine son cyril is studying from home all his schooling is now online in
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a country that is technologically far from advanced that can be a challenge. but that i've been on line problem is that the internet in lebanon is really slow and my home hasn't been repaired so it's hard to study and attend my online classes in peace. but the concept families simply can't afford the repairs the lebanese economy is in dire straits and suffering from huge inflation their situation is echoed all over beirut meaning that destroyed homes and rubble will mark the city for some time to come. to sport now and let's take a look at some of the results from the bundesliga so far this weekend will see the freiburg of a powered by live accuser on. sunday had a building and is on the way at the moment on saturday by and big bill filled last to inform to dortmund stop the leipzig from take being taking top flight rather frankfurt and braman finished all square outspoken had no problems against monts on
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friday so that got finished all square on monday it's hot and on and on your own but then to wrap up the match. in formula one little hamilton might not have started the emily of rome on a grand prix in pole position but that didn't keep the briton from winning in italy with every hamilton when there's more history made him now has 93 victories in his career hamilton's beside his team that valtteri bottas came 2nd and the aussie and work out from reno finished 3rd with the team aside he's won to finish they've claimed they record 7th straight constructors title you're watching the news up next on shift living in the digital age a look at how facial recognition technology is being used the 519 there's more news coming up in 45 minutes time if you want more before the day w dot com is where you can find us and if you don't already done forget to follow us on instagram and twitter handle there is at the news that's it for now from am
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the team who is in berlin thanks for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. channel and if your newspaper is one official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many can trust and their problems are always the same core to the source inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption look on the fortune stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the microphones who had decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work with the.
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faces of fingerprints off today thanks to facial recognition technology some use it to unlock their phones convenient for others it's used to surveil their every step what is face recognition capable off at how can you escape it topic today on shift . $64.00 countries around the world he was facial recognition technology the hardware and software is often produced in china low income countries can even get reduced interest on their chinese loans that's what the carnegie endowment for international peace found out not much is known about the global industry for
7:17 pm
facial recognition technology they act discreetly even if some well known tech companies them in the russian capital moscow facial recognition technology has been recently implemented to the 1st stress test the corona pandemic. more than 100000 facial recognition cameras. are being used to fight the spread of corona virus in moscow. the cameras were allegedly monitoring chinese people in a targeted manner and they've later been used to track whether people in quarantine were really staying at home. activists see facial recognition in geo tracking as a threat to human rights. or some measures can be justified but it's up to us to make sure that after the epidemic ends these measures are lifted. within weeks software companies around the world adapted their systems to the new reality under coronavirus measures they saw recognition now also works with
7:18 pm
face masks. when people don't wear a mask the recognition rate is about 99.5 percent when wearing a mask the recognition rate can still reach about 95 percent. if the camera's connected to a temperature sensor it can even measure a person's body temperature and inform the authorities if someone has a fever. in order to recognize humans wearing masks the systems need to practice using photos companies have repeatedly used photos from social media for this so-called scrapers software automatically downloads all photos that have not been set to private the new york times revealed that the us company clearview collected brace yourselves 3000000000 photos off twitter facebook and co the resulting database is used by us police forces to convey criminals but how does facial recognition technology actually work here are the basics in 50 seconds.
7:19 pm
most bayshore recognition systems use a 2 d. source like a photo or video and algorithm analyzes the relative position distance and location of basal features such as the eyes nose and mouth. alternatively the. rhythm analyzes multiple images of a specific person and generates a data version of the face for comparison. 3 d. facial recognition technology uses sensors to capture information about the shape of a face like the exact depth of someone's eye socket. texture and now most of us uses details of the skin such as unique lines patterns and spots to identify a face. how secure is facial recognition technology and how far could it potentially reach we asked me a check from taiwan she's
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a data scientist and expert for machine learning. person of the how to get this database is more about level for the hackers so you could think of like once you added the face inmates to your dataset then this kind of like everyone want to hack in it because once they have your face they could kind of pretend they are you. maybe you were you 1834 i don't know 87 different points on your face so that say if you cover your nose and your mouse you kind of cover to certain numbers of the data point of it so then the rest in number and you could use be the data point to from your eyebrows from your eyes that distance between your 2 eyes and your cheap wine etc so still you could get a certain of the features of it but take a bit a longer time to compare of it even some people will wear a t. shirt with
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a human face in the front so that the camera is kind of confused whether this teacher is year or does faces 3 or you. there are some plus in the model in between so i think we definitely need to think about when we talk about the promising we also have to think about that panicky why they figure the things ron there's experiments or to bait for. research center they use 500 people's face of america. and then they come paired it with the criminal to the set and then they're found it is kind of like $35.00 case of it are match with a common data but they are not in germany we usually discuss data security and privacy when we talk about facial recognition that's justified but do we also see the positive side in india this technology has reunited thousands of missing children with their families and in china too many people rather through the
7:22 pm
process the. one named jane young goes to eat lunch high school woman in hang joe all she needs to show is her face and she receives her preordered with tank and vegetables she no longer needs to queue to pay. than it used to be we'd always queue for ages because everyone paid by card students can also borrow books from the library in this way. called data we collect tells us exactly who has borrowed which books and one. this helps the library to cater to the students' interest when buying new books. on the. young has gotten used to the cameras. on the one hand she do you sort of get the feeling you're being watched on the other hand it does help us learn and that's the main reason we're here. for all the pros outweigh the cons. so.
7:23 pm
screens are used to display when the boarding school students are in their rooms on time in the evenings they also show who's late to class in the mornings modern tech . knology is supposed to help the students excel says the school the more data the better. and san francisco things are very different there facial recognition was officially prohibited for use by the city's authorities in 29001 paskin was the initiator of the bill it's psychologically unhealthy when people know they're being watching every aspect of the public row on the streets in parks that's not the kind of city i want to live in one reason for the ban on this technology fear of racial profiling indeed facial recognition systems make more mistakes with asian and black persons as well as with women children and elderly people a study by the mit named gender shades shows that the algorithms work especially
7:24 pm
bad on black women in response to this study i.b.m. brought out a new dataset called diversity in faces it consists of creative commons photos of 1000000 people of different skin colors and can be used to train data by the global research community in mid june companies like i.b.m. amazon the microsoft of fishley declared that they would not supply face recognition technology to the police anymore but nowadays software developers are not only working on artificial intelligence to recognize our faces but also the mood we're. human emotions a complex as is expressed in them using the face scientists at the german found institute for integrated circuits train algorithms to recognize emotional patterns in human faces but the universal expressions even exist for emotions like anger grief and fear. since different aspects of the things express emotion and certain
7:25 pm
muscle movements create a look of joy anger grief anger and so on that's universally understood in most cultures and the things we can discern from the racial expressions of another human are things. that we can also teach software with a very high success rate. to train the software the research is also use photos of faces with clearly defined expressions that system for analyzing emotions can detect anger joy rage and grief in real time but what can it be used for. and the. typical thing that emotion ai is used for is interactions between humans and machines and one of our projects is teaching a robot to work with autistic children to help them read non-verbal signals and facial expressions for fish to him that was angry well done you did that well. the technology is also used in the automotive industry here it's primarily used to
7:26 pm
monitor the driver's emotional state from spotting signs of distraction or stress. so it is a motion ai home that's. so these kinds of technologies have the potential to be used to monitor and manipulate people of course that's precisely why it's important to actively engage with this technology and its potential consequences we can only do that if we are in control and really understand these technologies and what they can and cannot do. and. it's becoming increasingly harder to escape facial recognition but one can still try to trick the algorithms some creative ideas on how to do this have been developed in art and design. this coat by a german label ip privacy is not just a fashion statement it's also an invisibility cloak the pattern supposed to confuse special recognition cameras. when the cameras comes at it recognizes this is
7:27 pm
a face and this is a face it's also recognizes your own face but that's not too much of a problem it's like telling the algorithm that your human. but you have 10 different faces. it doesn't make sense to the algorithm a tool and so it messes with the learning processes behind the algorithms. georgina rowland's and and a heart from the british art collective down club also want to be undetectable to cameras they paint their faces in different patterns called c.v. dazzle created by artist and researcher adam harvey these shapes are supposed to trick facial recognition algorithms they use smartphones to see if it works so i can see that if i'm hidden it's not detecting me say they're the shapes of light. every month the collective organizes a silent march through london the british capital has one of the highest concentrations of surveillance cameras worldwide. the artists paint their faces to
7:28 pm
protest the lack of transparency behind the collection of biometric data. you make yourself very visible to be invisible so we talk about hiding in plain sight. of his face online allowing anyone to download it his you mean mosques can be used to hide your own identity and confuse the surveillance system what's your opinion on facial recognition would you put your face on the line in return for more comfort join the discussion on you tube or facebook so you assume by. not been seen. since. this is the sound of the future. electric motorcycles on blooming and the
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tesla. harley line wired for 602 sorry. please. the rings so wins the challenge. doubling. every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their homes. the consequences are disastrous our documentary series displaced tomatoes and read the exodus of gonna splinters. actual razor being deserted. farmers are facing bankruptcy the current free trade. in 45 minutes on t.w. . in the light of climate change. for. what's in store. for the future.
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can make a city. good insight. culture. we're going to find out who is queen or king of the cycles. we are living during the most extraordinary. thing.


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