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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2020 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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this is news live from berlin with the votes still being counted joe biden inches closer to the oval office the democratic candidate overtakes president donald trump in pennsylvania and in the key state of georgia tallying nearly complete victory in the state would deny trump his path to the crucial 270 electoral votes he needs. meanwhile the president conspiracy theories as the vote count turns against him voices a chain of baseless claims insisting he won and his being robbed of reelection.
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a michael ok welcome to the program joe biden is edging closer to the white house says the final votes are still being counted 3 days after the u.s. election most tallies in the remaining undeclared states have swung in favor of president donald trump's democratic challenger. the latest figures show biden with 264 electoral college votes ahead of president trump with 214 in georgia where 16 electoral votes are up for grabs it's an extremely tight tight tight race biden has pulled ahead of trump by just over a 1000 votes with 99 percent of votes counted at this point pennsylvania is the
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biggest prize yet to be decided with 20 electoral votes at stake here joe biden has just overtaken trump and is leading by a tiny margin 98 percent of votes there have now been counted in arizona votes are still being counted as we speak the a.p. news agency has called for the state for biden but most other media outlets have not called it yet 11 electoral college votes are at stake there which were including here in biden's count but that could still change of course it's also tightening in north carolina where donald trump has a one point lead with 94 percent of votes counted at this point there are 15 electoral votes up for grabs in the state of north carolina joe biden currently has a slim lead in nevada the state carries the 6 votes he needs to win reporting from the state shows 84 percent of the vote has already been come in at this point so with votes still being tallied donald trump's path to victory is looking
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increasingly difficult states in red or blue have been called by a.p. for trump or biden states in lighter blue or pink or leaning toward biden or trump respectively any one state will give fight in the lead trump needs a combination of states to win. following the tight race for pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes is the w.'s stefan's amens he's in philadelphia stefan it's good to see you stephanie as we just heard the race to end up pennsylvania is in fact tightening what's going on there. well we're right in front of the convention center again here the pennsylvania convention center where the vote count actually never stopped they counted throughout the night here in philadelphia that is not true for all the surrounding areas and county you stay stopped overnight and picking up the vote count again but
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as you said a.p. is reporting that biden took over in the lead here of donald trump and that piece so i have not heard this ourselves we haven't heard it here other networks are not reporting this and the latest number i have are maybe obsolete now but they still a vote out of 23000 votes which trump is in leet at least that's what we have 20000 around that and but it is declining and here's the thing why is it declining because joe biden is picking up in the count in the mail in ballots which have been cast by. tuesday by november 3rd at a rate of 75 percent and if this if this goes on like this then there are. people when the allies in this they're saying that he could win pennsylvania by 70000 votes that would be a comfortable takeover and would put him over the top as you pointed out by 20 points he would be the president of the united states you clearly trying to stay up
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to up to date with by the minute looking at your cell phone there what have you been hearing about where else will happen today. what we were told that there will be more and more county alys be released throughout the day here in philadelphia and from this surrounding counties so why do i say in point this out what that is because those surrounding counties like allentown that's actually a county in the town of your city of course allentown bucks allegheny is that. they will they will still count they're still 850160000 votes to be counted in all of the pennsylvania so they will step by step. throughout the day make the vote count in the latest tallies of a little to us to the public to the media so we can report it but as you as we pointed out as you pointed out it looks like joe biden is on the way to take over pennsylvania now it looks like again that can always be
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a surprise but as of now it is fair to say that he has a good good chance to seal the deal today and if not today then very very early saturday morning 7 we have about 30 seconds left clearly the president has been using some very emotional language throughout the day in fact the last few days you were on the streets of pennsylvania are you feeling the political divisions of the nation right there in the streets in philly. oh yeah that's that's clear. up here for you so you see people running around handing out those little flyers here this is the biden harris carl and all the vote crowd saying this is that trying to motivate everybody to show up here and to save basically america from donald trump trying to steal the election by false. statements that they cheat going on and fraud and what have you and on the other hand just a few 100 yards down the streets of police yesterday next to people who apparently
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an allegedly came up here from virginia with ku in on this conspiracy theorist stickers on their car and weapons in their car according to a tip and this is media reports according to a tip to police they were here to stop the count so there is friction here this tension here and. this materializes in any in any form or way in terms of turmoil on rest. in philadelphia for us thanks so much stuff man. with joe biden urging patience as the last votes are counted president trump has again gone on the attack in his 1st appearance since election night trump made a series of unsubstantiated claims that he's being robbed of a 2nd term state election officials insist there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. 2 days after the polls closed president donald trump delivered his latest broadside
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against the electoral system. if you count the legal votes i easily win if you count the illegal it's they can try to steal. the election from us if you count the votes that came in late we're looking at them very strongly but. there is no evidence of voting irregularities in the u.s. because of the coronavirus pandemic many votes were delivered by mail believing the content mail and ballots are steadily increasing the lead of democratic candidate joe biden. seeking to stop the vote count republicans have launched lawsuits in several states once the legal battle to reach the u.s. supreme court which leans heavily to the right after he failed 3 of the seats with conservative justices. is going to be a lot of litigation as we have so much evidence so much proof and it's going to end
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up perhaps at the highest court in the land the president left the podium to a barrage of questions from reporters. why are you arguing for people about that murder and found a lot of the known. on the streets trumped supporters echoed his baseless claims that everything is done illegitimately affair or you can't truthfully is already ruined my day is already working but they're just calling it so they try to steal it more and more for a file that biden took to the stage with a very different message so we have no doubt that when the count is tradition or harrison i will be declared the winners so i ask everyone to stay calm all the people stay calm the process is working the count is being completed and you will know very soon so thank you all for your patience but for you have to count
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the votes. biden's bakos ton doubts and numbers in philadelphia where vote are still being counted because american democracy is that red and we have them and administration who with stated. both planes that they are going to make you know that yourself the next election and train and feel they let him bring what i believe to be the correct way to. philadelphia ballots could tip the balance in pennsylvania and deliver the president say to biden. it's me just a target of extremists please stop the group of armed crew trump conspiracy theorists suspected of planning an attack on the counting center it seems no matter the vandyck to the voters the divisions in the country will persist long after the counting is done. for now i'm joined by claire richardson from our u.s. election team who's been following developments so clear i mean there's been
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a constant stream of accusations talk of corruption i can't recall ever seeing this from a u.s. president before he says sensually calling into question the electoral system as well. democracy itself might be doing this as a good question as a path to victory closes and we are seeing him increasingly question the whole legitimacy of the system but this shouldn't come as a surprise because it's something he's been doing all summer leading up to the election however it is fair to say it's unprecedented in modern american political history right if you remember when george bush conceded to clinton he made a very gracious speech saying ok we need to now get behind the president for the good of the country we're seeing in this case supporters going to polling locations where the vote is being counted to try and stop the vote although even in states where biden is actually ahead so if they were to stop it now that would give biden the victory in those states but what's also interesting is that long before this election trump has really cast doubt particularly over those mail in ballots and
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now as those are coming in they're the last ones to be counted they are tending to go for biden and trump is now saying well how could that be well it is because he has for since the beginning of this election campaign told his supporters that that is not the right way to vote it's making for some dramatic television watching talk to me a little bit of what joe biden has been saying in comparison with biden he was very optimistic as we just heard there asking for patience throughout this whole democratic process saying that every vote counts that our democracy works and in fact they've been convinced that the vote will go in their favor since wednesday there is this press conference with joe biden and connell and harris they came out and all but declared victory saying we're not going to do it yet we're going to wait for those numbers to come in but we're confident that when they do they are going to make show by then the next president of the united states so now we're just waiting to see those know those votes come in and see what the actual figures say you know joe biden has done the previously unthinkable pulling ahead in the state of georgia play away for his thin margin what's going to happen there well
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biden has just pulled ahead like you said by such a narrow margin just about 1000 votes and the big news we have coming in now is that we are hearing biden is also ahead in the battleground state of. pennsylvania and all eyes have been on pennsylvania throughout this election it would be a big prize if biden wins pennsylvania this whole thing is over speaking of over when can we expect a result what's the timeline for that is the question of the hour isn't it that we've been waiting for 3 days but also in a way almost 4 years of a presidency where there's been anxiety throughout the country about this outcome look it's going to depend biden is still waiting for that magic number 270 depending on when pennsylvania and nevada finish counting it could be as soon as today but more likely it's going to take a few more days just to get those votes counted all in order and to know for sure that we have a clear answer about who the next u.s. president will be and for anyone who is asking why is this all taking so long again i have to stress this has been expected throughout the election there's an
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unprecedented number of people voting by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic and it's simply going to take time to make sure everything is shortly clear i have one more question for you 2000 was an incredibly dramatic election. what do you make of the drama of this particular election i don't think we've seen an election like this also in american political history and what it says to me is how deeply divided the country is i mean remember in 2016 the pollsters were all caught completely off guard they predicted a landslide victory for hillary clinton no questions asked and we also saw in the days leading up to this election projections that joe biden would come out quite comfortably clearly haven't seen this it's down to the line on a razor thin margin and so we're going to have to really step back i think the democrats are going to have to step back take stock of what's happened and asked how it did come down so close clear richardson from our u.s. election team thank you so much and truly should get some sleep. let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour hurricane has killed at least 57 people across central america mostly to floods and landslides the storm has now been downgraded but drenching rains are flooding villages in guatemala and across the region forecasters expect to regain strength as it crosses the caribbean this weekend. taken into custody at a detention center in the hague he resigned from his office to face war crimes charges. the war for independence from serbia and his accused of committing atrocities against civilians. and the. police after killing 4 people.


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