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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2020 5:30am-6:01am CET

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there are many services. to. make up your own mind to. make for martin's. leave. a little. bit the most valuable spice in the world separate and it's also cultivated in europe in a small mountain village the saffron blossoms right in every height of the alps. hello and welcome to your own max who would have thought. from switzerland and we
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have lots small coming up. any champion artist who uses a day camp to create it's amazing picture. and the colorful vibrant british guy not trying to give. but 1st what hats to portugal the southern european country and especially its capitalist been is paying his full colorful the painted tights called as usually shoes you can find them all over in houses and colicky outs even on entire. they are a symbol of portugal and in the meantime i exported well white and of course copied but the originals from portugal mostly still have night. these ceramic tiles called oscillation whose are one of portugal's most iconic traditional art forms the designs have changed continuously over the years evolving
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into the familiar ornamental tiles in blue and white in lisbon they appear at almost every turn. for almost 20 years now. has overseen the preservation of the capitol ceramic heritage. but before was a law that famous write like the lead of lisbon. comes not only for military was true and it's very low that's true. but from the portuguese fiberoptics which are white and primarily the reflections from the tiles on the streets. that gives the city a special aura that light it's known for. don't go to. the tiles give lisbon much of its specific character but aside from their decorative function they help protect the buildings from the heat and salty air gusting in off the atlantic ideal for this southern european city the ornamental tiles have
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a long history beginning with the morris largely magreb berbers who occupied most of the iberian peninsula starting in the 8th century the muslim caliphates were ousted 8 centuries later but the as alasia has been named. the idea here's part of our lives for 8 or 900 years. or for small even today we continue to make you insert. such as these panels you see here is what i feel that's an art for you must also be evolving. and morrison for. those in florence years or more you're screwed. this factory dating back to 741 produces a very particular kind of tile it's the all this tile manufacturer in portugal and one of the oldest in europe francisco to mush is the managing director the other
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lesions are still made by hand using techniques that have hardly changed in 300 years when they were 1st developed to turn out tiles in large quantities. here of quicken $755.00 destroyed the city of fears of an almost completely to rebuild the city they had stone and tire at the time that i was most cheaper than stone and the would do to devolving off buildings being being made at the time they start to develop developing some designs to cover all of the for sates of policeman so this was the turn not the turn turning point on these 3 off the tiles for sure. every other nation starts with clay that's pounded into a mall a bit of advance planning is needed as it takes the tiles about 2 months to dry then they're baked for 18 hours at $1100.00 degrees celsius.
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so after the 1st fiery you have now the 1st quality control check this is a very important phase because at the time it's handmade it is always possible with this natural clay that we use to leave air bubbles on the inside and it's not just the majority of the times it's only possible to detect them using a sound test because. it's metallic sound that tell us that this is it. if we have a bad tile. the sound is completely different. painting the tiles also requires a certain level of skill to keep the water based acrylics from bleeding into each other stencils. argues that with a special under glaze. firing the tiles again often changes the colors appreciatively. one of the biggest
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markets for the tile outside the country is the u.s. and of course the many tourists but to satisfy the market for souvenirs leaves often pry the little artworks office sides. a few decades ago there was a huge we've got left of us really zeroes they were sold on the antique world here and now we're visitors are more aware of this problem either with us or have been sensitized to it by information campaigns. and the portuguese are getting more and more respect for their own heritage where group with their model. not only does lisbon shine with a light of its own portugal's capital literally sparkles with its many colorful as malaysians. and we've brought back something very special for you from portugal ahead makes tire without what the logo on it we're giving it away to a lucky viewer just go to our facebook page and post
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a photo into the commentaries of the place of ana the tile gets in your house so good luck. next from hand pain to type them up back when. i was studying at the arts academy in rome he always find his work with the day and one day he came up with the idea of making time itself a part of his out how he does it take a look. federico. doesn't use brushes he uses stamps and ink pads. he creates his images with an ordinary office stater. ringback the presses it onto his canvas thousands of times until the dates for shades and textures. i decided to use them. because it
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was. the simplest tool i could find to capture time. the excello through a funny kind gallery in rome our perception of time is the artist's dominant theme it takes him up to 2 months to complete a picture to date or always records the correct date of its. close examination of the work reveals when which parts of it created. i worked on this picture for instance for about 2 weeks from september 16th to october 1st so. you can. hear for example as october 1st. and what's the painting called it's called 16 to october 1st. has been using daters to produce his artworks for about 20 years now he shows them
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in exhibitions all over europe. he was born and raised in rome where he studied at the academy of fine arts the eternal city provides no end of subjects street scenes classical architecture and nature within the city he reports the subjects for his works on his mobile. i mean this is one of the classic observation points. since i'm going to tourist in my own home. i think the clouds over the city as. i meant to direct the gaze and reveal new perspectives as well. then alters the photos on his computer until the contrast and color temperature are just right to be turned into a stand image. he'd like his art to prompt the viewers to think about their
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concept of time as here at the my time is your time exhibition in rome. i'd like to have more time i think time is the most precious resource you've got. it seems everyone is all the short on time. right now we have lots of time during the pandemic we have more time than we need we used to have very little time now we have to get used to having more time to fill. in his hometown is no conventional solo show of his works here he's constantly at work on new pictures the viewers can share their time with me. and 100 years maybe. somebody will read that. and be able to imagine
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a that i tried to capture. federico . turns a very particular dates into timeless works of art. this small blossom is very valuable no one does saffron is nicknamed red gold and single gram can cost more than $30.00 euros it's thrown mainly enough ghana stan and iran and the kashmir region for example here in europe there are only very few areas on the cultivation one of them and you would probably never guess the through its ups . the most precious spice in the world is extracted from these flowers sock from a farmer of a tough and has a lot to do in the autumn which is the harvest time here in the swiss count on a valet he picks each crocus blossom individually. when we pick the flower
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we make sure to press it down a little and then bend it. he has to collect 130000 flowers for a kilo of sa from his spices associated with warmer regions but the climate in the mountain village of mont is very special and is the only place in central europe where crocus is thrive at a high altitude. put on. water. the flowers need hot or warm summer's but on the other hand they also need cold snowy winters if we compare our climate to the countries of origin were several grows rather in kashmir or pakistan or iran to have similar conditions are harsh cold winters as well as hot summers. in the summer. the sandy clay is soil of the swiss alps is perfect for saffron where the spice has
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been cultivated since the 15th century the 62 year old farmer has dedicated his entire life to it his parents owned a sack from fields and o'grady as a small boy he had to help with the picking. dog and it's important to me to preserve this engine tradition of cultivating so after a woman's all for which we practice for centuries that like to inspire younger people to get interested in it and that's a big guys then. there's an educational hiking trail in one that explains the secrets of harvesting the self-proclaimed saffron the engine is a tourist magnet and takes pride in its history they meet you. stuffiness founded a small museum in the past saffron was used as a dye for textiles and as a medicine saffron was probably brought to switzerland by spanish smugglers who wanted to sell the precious plant at a high price saffron can be used to refine many things like oil leak or act faster
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than lots of phone calls. when you buy sephora make sure that it's a thread and not a powder. and secondly make sure that the color is right a beautiful sheet of red like the color white. over time you develop a good nose the smell of saffron and it's a roll of. the aroma is created while the soft from threads are drying each flower has only 3 threads after the harvest they're placed in a dark room for 2 days from don't present even these if i had them seeds through these threads use for their weight on drying. which means that only a bit is left from all the work invested in picking up threads. and a fair. these are gone so i just know from so perhaps that no longer comes as a surprise myself from a source 20. 4. approximately 45
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kilograms of sap from threads are harvested per year in the mountain village of mine but the effort is worth it the taste of swiss saffron is unique one that's all for on the cell phone from now on is unique because it's cultivated according to a special method for the thighs and cry from the separate olds are planted in the same field with a view to write a song. called in. heat and cold saffron is a mix of diverse influences and some gourmet saying this sound from from the highest cultivation area in europe is the best saffron in the world. saffron from the swiss alps maybe full spicing up your payout or risotto but don't use too much it can be quite strong and of course it's not cheap so stay tuned for
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more color mary reports which will tickle your taste buds here. to make you see these. stories. doozy as a. dismount raising the best chefs with their best tips from meat dishes to the can dine and all the recipe secrets while. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord to my list. subscribe and enjoy d.w. food. these days in times of the corona pandemic we're all spending a lot more time at home so feeling comfortable in your own 4 walls is more important than ever and they say your home is a mirror of your soul going by that's british design i can tricia guild must be a very cheerful person she is sometimes called the queen of colors and to mission
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is to make a living spaces small knife she's been extremely successful best idea for more than 5 decades. collar frenzy. tricia guild boldly combines patterns colors and materials creating brightly colored grooves that break with conventions the british artist has a flair for the right combination. the look of the up. it's just in my heart how i use color if you want to see my passion for color it's all over here whether it's these beautiful soft vapor court fabrics accessories wallpaper and furniture tricia guilds collections have made her a european design icon from the design to the production every step of the process
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is equally important to her tricia guild wants not only to create beautiful products who world of colors should be more than just decoration. when i 1st started this word lifestyle didn't exist i think it's really important to show people different ideas of how they can live so that we're kind of an interaction and that is what creating lifestyle is all about it's about creating a space that people will enjoy to be with. in 1900 guilders stablished the company designers guild in a small store on kings road in london today the company is known. so this is where we started and i had 30 fabrics and. 6 fabric i want to show people that you could live with color and i am constantly learning and constantly trying for something new that's what i've always wanted to
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do. i suppose i like a risky life. tricia guild always swims against the current she made floral won't. paper's socially acceptable when minimalism was in fashion she likes to spend time in places that provide inspiration for her walk you've got to keep looking i think that's what's important to me it's. looking around and not ignoring my surroundings wherever that is whether it's in india or whether it's here. the fashion and textile museum in london is now showing trisha guild's complete life work for the 1st time work from 5 decades even back in the 1970 s. her search for fabrics and colors let her as far as india. india is you know it's always been kind of such a strong inspiration for me because i mean firstly there's
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a spirit in india that touch my heart from the last time i went i mean they know more about text. probably. the designer tries to reinvent herself with every collection repeating recipes for success is proud of the question for her. and trends she just ignores them. i have a lot of information about what people are liking but you cannot design a collection like that you have for me i have to design it because i feel that it's the right thing to me it's the same thing you know a lifestyle. the space how it looks how it functions how we eat. how the world is going to survive. to me it's all part of the same thing. she continues to draw inspiration from all over the world
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to make living spaces more colorful and lively tricia guild the ground up design. one of the things that are really nice and these days of the corona pandemic is of course traveling a lot of acacias here in berlin used to begin their trips at the airport but a new airport the b e r has opened and that means is closing its gates for good and many are feeling nostalgic now and was popular not only with this but with travelers worldwide it even has its own service to go has a chief called status. these are the last airplanes to land at berlin's taiko airport and for plane spotters like felix must take it's the last
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chance to take farewell photos this point from the highway is one of his favorite locations from which he practices his hobby. dispersal think about this part is that you have the airport in the background if you turn to the left you have some planes approaching from a nice angle and sometimes the light is just perfect they're almost right above you what do you. think spotters specialize in photographing different types of airplanes. they use an app that tells them when where and which plane is landing. felix maté has captured many special moments here. i've caught all the government planes from my camera one of my favorite moments was the last air berlin flight in a minute. but on the flight to libya conference many government planes also only one through 747 was their senior for the 1st time
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was a highlight also many really beautiful customized pete works which you wouldn't otherwise see. tito airport flies in the north of berlin it was built in the 1970 is opened in 1974 and named after. a german aviation pioneer hexagonal grand plan is an architectural landmark the rounded signs friendly colors and the hexagon as a recurring motif for example in the tower and the pillars all of these were designed by the german architects my not fun and fun clean mock the airports main terminal was declared as a listed heritage building in 2019 now there are plans to turn it into a university campus i think it's very. like flying from here too bad because it's. actually good to have an airport on each side of the city me ferritin my daughter's very the airport is part of our childhood memories we always devoted our time
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between south america and berlin germany never to leave. you here and evelyn child by i have worked at the airport for more than 25 years they've written a book about their experiences for them is the greatest airport in the world. that's it see that was the great thing about this place you came checked in and then you were already seated on the plane to. the airport is small and compact it is only empty right now because of the corona pandemic before it was overflowing with passengers there are lots of anecdotes. but at most airports arrivals and departures are separated into 2 different floors or terminals and here they're right next to each other and that became emotionally evidence when you spent a lot of time here it's. stuart many to go fans gather for the
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last time to say goodbye on the visitor's terrace. plane spotter felix matteo also takes a few more photos. people are getting set up for the realisation that it's really the end where you always joked about it but unfortunately it's becoming a reality the only airport it is a beloved place full of memories for learners and travellers from all over the world with a heavy heart many will say bye bye and thank you take a. bye bye that was all from us here today but check out our facebook page where you find our latest view a draw or you could soon be the owner of this backpack so stay healthy and join us again next time. bye bye.
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is. joe biden. in pennsylvania state that could decide the u.s. presidency the democratic candidate made another public appearance we're going to win this race all but claiming victory in the race for the white house we'll go live to the u.s. for the latest. also coming up superstar batters of. america some people are dead in guatemala and dozens more of him doris and mexico hurricane has now been downgraded to a tropical depression.


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