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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2020 8:15pm-8:31pm CET

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hoping to flip it get it back from republican control after 6 years how possible is it really going to be for biden to push through that legislation that he hopes will unite the country. well he really intends if he can take the senate or not if he can't take the senate and he's got control of both chambers of the u.s. congress there will be very easy to trump policies that he promised to do if not then things will be more difficult we heard from majority leader mitch mcconnell already in the past saying that he will block. these attempts and then we are going to look at a stalemate however it will still be possible to govern for for joe biden he will be able to do so with the execute of orders just in the past that had has happened very often also with donald trump use those executive orders frequently barack obama so that will be certainly a way to do it but it will not be as easy for him and certainly lots of challenges ahead in that scenario we will know that in january once all the senate races are
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finished we're going to see a runoff in particular there in the state of georgia that's right all of our salary pouring for us from wilmington delaware thank you so much. back here to europe where many leaders are hoping joe biden will help repair transatlantic ties that have been strained under the presidency germany's foreign minister today hails biden's election victory as a chance for a new start so what would a biden presidency look like for europe. he says he views you rope as a park now 1st resort and has pledged to work more with allies joe biden and leader with long standing ties to europe here in brussels e.u. officials are hoping that joe biden the will rebuild transatlantic relations and restore trust. trust they are expecting a friendlier tone towards europe but will there be real change in terms of substance fabrice put on the. official is skeptical he believes it's keno to
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focus on issues important to both i think it's more about finding those global issues that where really the e.u. and the u.s. media each other and one is of use it's climate president biden committed to rejoin the paris climate agreement and hear us need each other but generally biden is likely to focus on domestic issues taking on the pandemic helping the economy recover and protecting u.s. workers a power struggle with china is also expected to dominate his presidency biden will call on the europe for support ceci accokeek a guard senior fellow with the german marshall fund clearly europe is going to be a much more valued ally because of the u.s. rivalry with china but also put your are going to position to ask for something else something in return if you like. and trade is clearly an area where i think there is a lot of opportunity that everything will change and by and president many here
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believe that american demands for greater european defense spending and burden sharing will continue the u.s. is pivoting to asia and other parts of the world and less and less willing to patrol europe's neighborhood in the last 4 years you are peons learn the hard way what you asked disengagement really means it was done armstrong who forced them to think about more autonomy analysts shaddai islam says the you cannot go back to the old today. what's important for us here in europe is to stay our course and to continue on this path of progress towards a certain degree of autonomy i am a great believer in europe's independent autonomy role in the war so in the years to come the question may be not how to restore transatlantic relations to their pre trump condition but rather how to create a new vision for the future in partnership with joe biden. let's cross over to
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brussels i am joined by david o'sullivan a former e.u. ambassador to the united states mr assad and president elect joe biden is that good news for europe. broadly speaking yes i think it is i think we have had a very difficult transatlantic relationship for the last 4 years. future president biden is clearly very committed to europe be very proud of his irish origins if i may say so but he also has a long history of commitment to nato to the european union and to good relations between the united states and the european union but of course we need to understand as several of your commentators have already said that he faces a very challenging situation in the united states so we are not going to see a return to what some people might have sold of as the golden era of transatlantic relations perhaps at the end of the dredges century or in the early part of the 21st century where we're going to have to reinvent this transatlantic relationship
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to the new realities of american politics i say we need to reinvent the transatlantic relationship how exactly do you see europe going ahead with that. well i look i think we need to recognize 2 fundamental things the 1st is that this relationship is essential for europe it is our most important relationship we're not neutral between the united states and china or russia america is still our partner of most important partner of 1st resort on the other hand we need to do more ourselves and we need to take more responsibility for our own defense our own security we need to find accommodations with the united states on some of those difficult trade issues the digital issue digital taxation data transfer errors and we need to find a new accommodation on how to deal with china which is probably the single most important question for both of us in the 21st century we don't want to follow the trump e.-n.
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approach of confrontation and decoupling with china but we do share many of the u.s. has concerns about china's practices particularly the economic area but we also need engagement with china so i think these are the issues where we need to sit down with you administration and redefine a transatlantic partnership where america is still a hugely important partner for europe but where we in europe are much more willing to do more on our own and take more responsibilities for our own issues they play to china in particular as an area where your other can chart its own course what do you expect to see from president elect joe biden when it comes to relations with china. well i hope that he will be more new laws than president trump has been i think president trump has sought to chart a course of exclusively by law to relations between the u.s. and china doing deals which are frankly not weedy been terribly effective and at
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the same time pushing almost for a decoupling of china from the international trading system this is not going to work with so we need a really a an approach which is much more sophisticated and much more nuanced where we join forces with the united states with like minded countries like china and south korea to push china on the issues where we are not happy with their behavior but we also engage with china on issues like climate change or the iran nuclear deal where china has actually played a very constructive approach so we need a much more sophisticated and nuanced approach in trying to address the issue of china's important rise in this century and you touched on this briefly already but how important is it really then to have a good relation between the united states and europe if that you're up its own path should also look to engage china on these issues that it is a big partner when dealing with foreign policy you know in a byte in a presidency how close do you think that relationship will continue to be. i i i
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hope it will continue to be extremely important i mean i still think that the transatlantic relationship notwithstanding all the tensions and all the difficulties which have been identified by some of the people you're had on earlier it is still the single most important relationship in the world for us that we are not neutral is of a china or his or b. russia is a media united states we share the values we share the commitment to democracy to human rights to the rule of law and we have our differences but this is still a hugely important relationship but we need to understand that america is probably not going to play the same leading role in the next few years that it has in the past and that requires us in europe to take more responsibility for our own future and for our own behavior and we need to be more willing to take responsibility for our own defense for our own economic and social behavior and our leadership role in
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multilateralism and in taking for the climate change agenda with many partners across the world so it's a question of striking that balance but i still think the transatlantic relationship will be a very important point of reference for europe for many years to come david have salad and brussels thank you so much thank you. well staying and brussels and let's bring in d.w. correspondent marina strauss from a standing by with more for us on the last summer ina joe biden has won the presidential election what is the reaction when you are standing. clare it's not a surprise that if they had had the possibility most europeans of people living in europe and also most european leaders would have clearly wotan for biden so if you look on european twitter today or if you look what your leaders had state and government have been to using since this the election of biden was announced
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almost i'm out poor chore you could describe it so some leaders have been a bit more reluctant but there has been like that all stressed they're looking forward to work with with president elect biden many said they're hoping for a new start transatlantic relations some also said something about reconsideration so very strong words used here french president kroll said that a lot still has to be done too because overcome teller's just so you can see that for years of president trump have not left european u.s. relations without mark's right an outpouring of support from european leaders but do you think having biden as president elect will really be able to repair some of the damage that has been done to the transatlantic relationship as they see it.
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also commentators city leaders are expecting at least something and that's a change of tone because rio know that relations between especially the european union as an institution and the u.s. under president donald trump have not been very friendly i mean the trump or the sort of friendly relationship with some countries in the east of the european union for example poland or slovakia but mostly it was not very friendly for example with angela merkel he didn't have a very good relationship yes in criticizing her a lot for example for migration policies so this is like european leaders are expecting that president elect biden will it lead struck will try to find some common ground will try to talk will try to have a friendlier tolan there and listen also. president elect biden also already said that he will probably read saw in of the u.s.
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will rejoin international institution with him being the president of the united states for example the paris agreements and climate change policies that are something that is very important for the european union but also for many european leaders but it's also clear that not everything will be undone under a president elect joe biden for example it's likely that joe biden will put pressure on european states to spend more money on defense as president also did and we're also looking at an interesting point because donald trump has been sort of anime for the european union i mean the relations haven't been good but this forced the european union to really look for a future for itself like independent of the united states and they have like the
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e.u. and. for years has been thinking about a new just strategic role there and we have seen some commenters saying maybe so we bided it will clip these away things of the european union with see what how what how this. new us relationship where it will go in the future and if that you will still. put such a big importance on its own cheers strategic role or free of will keep relying on the u.s. that's the one that does resonate with what we just heard from david o'sullivan the former ambassador to the us here in us trousers thank you very much for your reporting from brussels. there joe biden's victory crowns a long career in politics one that includes 2 previous failed presidential beds and 8 years in office as barack obama's 2nd in command here's a closer look at the man who will be in charge of the white house for the next 4 years it began half
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a century ago $29.00 joseph biden was one of the youngest candidates ever elected to the u.s. senate his success though laced with sadness when just weeks later his wife and daughter died in a car accident he remarried and made his 1st presidential bid in 1008 and again 20 years later my grandmother would yell out spread the faith. he was chosen to be barack obama's running mate. the best buy's president barack has ever had mr joe biden. resigning to never quite reaching the nation's highest office until donald trump came along that's why the game analyse my curacy president of the united states. that we have to with this decades of experience biden said he was the man to restore america's standing in the world but he was the man for the moment. i'll be a president will stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over he promised
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a sure leadership in the midst of the coronavirus condemning. it's estimated that nearly another 210000 americans could lose their lives by the end of the year i'm enough no more let's just set partisanship aside let's end the politics and follow the signs. ultimately the voters agreed and made joseph biden the $46.00 president of the united states of america. time lucky. as the news broke of joe biden's victory president and donald trump was out getting some practice in on the golf course trump left the white house early on saturday as votes were still being counted he was at the national golf course in sterling virginia as biden's win in pennsylvania was.


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