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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CET

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this is delia news live from berlin. more civilians flee the fighting in ethiopia. as refugee numbers grow, the u.n. warns that the situation could be spiraling out of control and fears are growing over a prolonged conflict over the tikrit region. we'll get the latest from but also on the show. u.s. president donald trump makes his 1st public remarks in more than a week, but he refuses to conceive the election saying quote, time will tell who takes office in january
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omarion evanston, welcome to the program. the united nations says the conflict in ethiopia is at risk of spiraling out of control. it's a struggle between the central government and regional authorities in the northern region. it's the opi is now accusing the forces of firing rockets at cities in neighboring regions and civilians fleeing the fighting, say they were bombed by government forces. despite claims that they are only targeting military targets. they've come up with just what they can carry ethiopians from the region make their way to safety across the border and into sadar. and then most of them, if it wasn't for sudan, many would be dead. where do we go?
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if we go to eritrea, they will slaughter us. if we go to other parts of ethiopia, they will slaughter us. some had to make the heartbreaking choice of leaving loved ones behind. and mother, i left her in a church. she is an elderly woman. my brother is blind, we left him there as well. there was no food or water that everyone ran away. and on the way we found murdered people with weapons and nods. that's why we ran. what were we to do? we want to save ourselves thousands of exhausted refugees have fled to siddharth, after fighting broke out between the ethiopian military and their to grab people's liberation front, the militant group in the region. the conflict erupted in early november when the government sent troops into the region. after an alleged attack by local forces on a federal army base integrators capital,
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the ethiopian prime minister says his army is close to victory. highly, this mischievous force is surrounded on all sides. that it is a force in its final throes of death. your children are suffering deaths, injuries on the front line, lots of them of the united nations is concerned that war crimes have,, been committed in the fighting between the government and t.p. l.f., and many voices in the region are calling for a deescalation. but what information is coming from the isolated region indicates that the situation is deteriorating? let's go now to the ethiopian capital, addis ababa, where journalist saniel guitar show is standing by hello to you, samuel. now it has been difficult for outsiders to get accurate information on
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what's going on. what is the latest you can tell us on this conflict? while the media and the in general kind of travel to the region, what we are reflecting on is the report that's coming from mr. international human rights watch. the n.g.o.s, the people of her flayed telling us, telling the world that this is heading to a potential civil war and money. many people are dying in sudan and it's getting up to $20000.00 ethiopians to the sudan looking for shelter. so this is becoming a disaster, not just for ethiopia or the region. it's heading to it's affecting everyone. so everybody is overwhelmed with the need that they have. they can't even transport to there. so you can imagine the impact it's having on the ground. what exactly sparked this fighting, what is at the heart of the conflict?
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it looks like it's, you know, the government leadership and government has placed a condition for a cease fire, which is $200.00 leadership of the region, which the central government sees as being illegal. and also the destruction of all arms. they have been storing for a long time. you have to, you have to remember the t.p.a. lip was in trade route, government in charge of the ethiopian federal government for 27 years. so they've only left, they've only gone back to their own state the last 3 years. so it looks like it's a mixture of power, struggle and not wanting to accept the changes that are happening. you know, it's a mixture of all of those. but again, impact it's having on the ground is just huge. it goes beyond the governments of our suburb and the state of to agree. well,
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we also know that gras is not the only region in the air that has seen tensions in recent months. saniel, how is this latest conflict affecting ethiopia's overall stability? there was gunfire, or, you know, a standoff fire or a scene in the heart of region. gold or the by her daughter, which is a tourist attraction. we can't confirm anybody has died, but it's tickling down all over the nation. but beyond the conflicts, there's also conflicts all over a region people dying. so it's becoming a huge disaster. a listers wait to be a ceasefire, you'll see, or people being affected. a reminder of what happened to ethiopia some 30 years ago with the children, a trauma that afflicted so many people and made an instant retreat with its
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thousands. but he tells us of your friends all over the world. journalists sang on guitar too, in addis ababa, thanks so much for your reporting. thank you. thank you. u.s. president, donald trump has made his 1st public statement since t.v. networks called the election for his rival democrat. joe biden spoke at the white house about efforts to develop a vaccine against cove. in 19, though he did not concede in a reference to the presidential vote, trump said that quote, time will tell which administration will be in the white house in january. it was the closest trump has come to admitting defeat, since media outlets called the election for biden last week. also on friday, the media outlets projected the biden had won the state of georgia and that our carolina had gone to trumps. and that would give biden 360 votes in the electoral college and 232 records. a washington
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correspondent oliver salant was following trends press conference, and we asked him what we should make of trump's 1st public statements in days. it was the 1st speech in fact, since election night. so a very highly anticipated event where he again refused to concede. he said, i guess time will tell who will take office in january. so still trying to create that impression that he might be there for another 4 years. he took no questions then, but what he took is all the praise for this new coronavirus vaccine, where he obviously ignored also that a german companies behind the bio and tech who developed the vaccine together with the u.s. pharmaceutical maker. pfizer then went on in his typical style, talking about the great job he did with the pandemic in handling the pandemic. talked about the stock market, the job numbers, unemployment,
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so nothing surprising you really seemed like the complain is not over yet. well meanwhile, the corona virus continues to spread relentlessly in the united states. more than 177000, new cases for reported on friday, breaking the daily record for the 4th straight day. new york city has imposed restrictions on bars and restaurants in a new push to limit the spread all establishment license to sell. alcohol have been ordered to close their doors by 10 pm. correspondent bustin harvick, spoke to me yorkers. and he asked them what they think about the new restrictions new york city, with the worldwide epicenter of the pandemic back in april. more than 24000. people here have died of the virus so far. and the horrific images of the cooling trucks lined up outside the city's hospitals that were overwhelmed by the number of bodies are still on many people's minds. for months, the city's been able to control the number of new infections,
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but now it's on the rise again. and that's why many new yorkers agree with the new restrictions that the city is putting in place. i think it's necessary. these sort of been the fatigue of people saying we've been protecting ourselves and nothing's happened and people are cited to relax. so i think it's really necessary for this restriction to be put in place. maybe somebody to shut down because of the water. i'm not sure with the latest for you favorable feed off, i'll be a favorable complete lockdown curfew to hold her. if i need to put a mask on, if i need to follow the rules, if i need to stay home, that's what i have to do. we live in a community, i share this planet with other people. and that's the part that i have to do in each and every one of us needs to play their own part in this. i mean, the son nervously even being i'll hear you. this 1 may show you my own circle yourself in a bubble,
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because you don't want to be too close to some aisle. you don't know is sick or has the call the writer is so it's just you never know who you talk a clue. am i going to restaurants going to for you still never know to from people show no symptoms as we yorkers are bracing themselves for a potential 2nd wave. the new restrictions might just be a 1st step. mayor, bill de blasio has already told citizens to prepare for possible school closures as early as this coming monday. let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the pandemic operations as his main port have been delayed by a major outbreak among workers. nearly a dozen ships are waiting to dock. south korea has recorded more than 200 daily cases for the 1st time since september. most of them in and around the capital seoul, australia has recorded no new local transmissions for the past 7 days. it's a significant milestone for the country which experienced a resurgence of the virus back in july. and liverpool soccer star mohammed salon
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has tested positive for coated. he's in egypt where he was preparing to play for the national team. the pandemic has, of course change the look of many events this year with video conferences replacing large in person gatherings. and it's no different for the fashion industry and its runway shows. but that is not the only change to brazil's main fashion week this year. have a look for the fashion set in brazil. it's the event of the year sao paulo fashion week models, designers and buyers flock to the country's most popular city this year, though, it has a different look. the pandemic has forced designers to hold virtual fashion shows many found other creative ways, like these videos,
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to showcase their collections. but something else is different. diversity, a new quota means that people of color must make up at least 50 percent of models on the runway. but treats you diaz and for not a lot of slow are models from brazil. they have been fighting for this change for years. they think the quota is important. it makes the runway more diverse. the majority of people in our country are people of color. yet most fashion shows would only have one such model. i'm just asking for a fair chance. that's all i am willing to work hard at fair chance until now it wasn't possible, says fernanda, despite being belittled and discriminated against, she has become a successful model. she even landed the cover of
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a british fashion magazine. now she wants quotas for photographers and stylists who are also under represented, and change needs to happen on a deeper level. white people are wealthy. if a black person goes into a bank and they're looked at as a bank robber, that's because most of the people in the favelas are people of color changes in the air in brazil with inclusive of the now front and center. at least in the fashion scene, hindus worldwide are celebrating the colorful festival of lights called the north indian city of set a guinness world record for a 2nd year in a row, by lighting more than 600000 or lamps,
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and keeping them burning for at least 45 minutes thousands of volunteers, little lamps in the city, that's holy to hindus, where they believe the god ram was born. you're up to date now on t w. nice american evans, dean for me and the entire team here in berlin. thanks for the company. why are people forced to hide in trucks, place mums'? there are many reasons for such luck. there are many cancers come up to me and there are many.


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