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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2020 2:03pm-2:30pm CET

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to openness and to try and that we will use that as a platform and a springboard for recovery in the post covert era. the agreement is set to reduce tariffs harmonize trade rules and streamline supply chains. analysts say it may cement china's position as asia's leading economic power, allowing beijing to call the shots on important trading terms from japan to new zealand. china also stands to benefit by being able to reduce its dependence on other markets, such as the united states. to dive a little more about the significance of this fact, i'm joined by clifford cannon from w. business. clifford, thanks for coming in at this trade zone is being seen as a coup for beijing. how important is all this for china? it's very important for china. i think it's a really significant deal for china. it gets to, to boost its standing in the region by leading this, this without the usa being involved. also because of the pandemic for the chinese
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economy has been growing, it needs to boost its exports more. this will help with that. so that's a very important factor for, for china. but also more broadly for the region, it means that people will be able to look at exports again and that there will be free trade. and so the big winner is china, but i think the whole region will probably benefit the u.s. was not involved just how much do they stand to lose by exclude it from all of this? well, this is just a sign of the kind of the chaos that's been going on in terms of global trade. over the last 4 years, intensified of course, by the coronavirus epidemic. us will stand to lose quite a lot because it had hoped to set up a previous trade agreement which, which donald trump withdrew from. i think now with a new president elect in the, in the united states, we may see a move back towards more global trade. but it's going to take time because the u.s. still needs to recover from the pandemic. so it's going to be a while,
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i think before the u.s. can really start to rebuild its standing in the, in the, in global trade. let's look at this new powerful. 1 block from the european, perspective, how is it likely to affect the e.u.? well, i think for the e.u., the e.u. sees china as a strategic competitor, but it has very close working relations with, with the pretty much all the other 14 members of this, of this 15 member trade impact. so i think the is going to be, it's going to welcome it will mean cheaper goods and it will mean easier access for european goods, presumably into this market. going forward though, do your need the u.s. to be involved as well? so i think it's going to take that take that to happen for, for, to really benefit europe. and one big asian economy absent from this club is of course, india. why is that? well, india and china are now very, the relations are very tense right now. that was the reason that india wouldn't join the china led trade pact,
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i think ultimately no trade pact in asia given the way the importance that india can really be seen as a nation trade pact on less. india is a central player in that. so i think that we're going to have to see we're going to, i think, going forward, i think any more global trade agreements will have to involve china to see the india different kind of daily business. thank you very much. if you can hear when rights commission says, gunmen have attacked a passenger bus in the country's west killing more than 30 civilians. the latest violence comes as the leader of ethiopia, estie cry region admitted launching rockets into neighboring eritrea. the strikes represent a major escalation in tensions. many fear the conflict could unleash turmoil across east africa. they, when says tens of thousands have already fled the fighting and warns that the country might be embarking on a dangerous trajectory. increasing the risk of genocide and war crimes.
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this woman's son died on saturday in fighting inside to cry. she is one of the reasons of ethiopian refugees crossing the border into sudan. they are fleeing the chaos of the latest violence in northern ethiopia. they chased us to the border. there is lifting and stealing and killing. like in rwanda on the streets, people haven't eaten in 3 or 4 days. i don't know where my kids are and i do that. look at it. and then, and the 1st thing they need is food. currently there is no food, nothing. this camp is running on the health of the people with the effort of the people. this would not be here. the exodus comes amid increasing tensions across the region to cry, in forces bombed an airport in eritrea's capital smadar. in retaliation against the
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country's support for ethiopia. the move has stopped fears of a wider conflict in the horn of africa. but the destruction of tikrit is critical. infrastructure, dams and institutions that serve the public will not be met with or silence. the conflict had been restricted to ethiopia, know that it spilled across an international border. it's become much more serious . it's feared the violence could spiral into a protracted and bloody civil war and destabilize the entire region. let's go straight to the capital out of journalist daniel and get a show as following these events for us. samuel, good to have you with us again, we're receiving reports of fresh violence and what's the latest violence? recent violence happened western part of ethiopia, a bit far from the state of the guy. but the latest says the leadership to guy has
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admitted sending rockets to making this, not just any conflicts, but something a conflict that involves korea and done well coming. thousands of refugees now being more than $20000.00. so it's, it's a disaster waiting to up. and then we were just shocked over was with what's happening or is unfamiliar with the situation in countries into this is scared when the leadership of the form of government, because the federal government no longer says that the state government to guy has been accusing or cio helping ethiopia or siding with ethiopia, if war between ethiopia and eritrea that's against being in
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fights with neighboring areas, which is part of ethiopia. so it's, it's something that started almost a generation ago. and this continuing with the government to be was a state of ethiopia. they became their own state in 1393, and i think people should just forget about this region being affected. this is going to affect year old, especially because this people will end up moving to or trying to make an attempt to go to europe and many countries. because sue done conneaut this, many people with little resources and even the n.g.o.s and to have been looted their empty region. the state to great is host to thousands of each and refugees
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know with having no n.g.o.s functioning properly. n.g.o.s country even transform the most basic food to the region because of the conflicts. so it's just a cost $22.00 and it's just a disaster waiting to happen. thank you very much for your insights. thank you. take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. at least 2 people have died and more than 60 have been injured in clashes with police in lima, peru, thousands, marched in the capital on saturday to protest against the country's new government, led by president manuel protesters are calling for maybe you know, to resign police and troops have fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital. minsk reports say dozens of people were arrested demonstrations against longtime leader. alexander lukashenko, seen a larger turnout recently following the death of
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a protester who was severely beaten by security forces. the e.u. has imposed sanctions on several officials in the authoritarian government. at least 10 people have been killed in romania and a fire at a hospital treating coronavirus patients. several others suffered severe, burns including a tense of care doctor who tried to save patients from the flames. the survivors are being airlifted to a hospital in belgium, specializing in burn treatment and britain's prime. prince charles and his wife camilla were welcomed by german president, maya and his partner at a venda castle ahead of germany's main. remember in ceremony which commemorates germany's national day of mourning final one year is a british driver. lewis hamilton made history at the turkish grand prix. in today, his equal all time record of 7 world titles. hamilton started 6 on the grid,
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but far his way back at istanbul park last month. the 35 year old also over talk show must longstanding 91 race when record hamilton as a well on course to become the best of all time. here is a look at has illustrious career so far. lewis hamilton, the insatiable champion pilot, is his mercedes to his 7 world championship title, but the british drive, his hunger for victory, is still not satisfied. we're going to continue to fight for more championships and we're going to continue to try to improve and continue to race and do what we do. we love doing this year again, the mercedes team built, i'm a car that's technically superior to the competition. and hamilton cruised from win to win everything the pressure and it's really just about i was so fun, i mean, not having some fun, but just to focus, but it's really about enjoying the moment. it's been amazing as
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a member of joining in 1908 at age 13. he started his career in the midst sadie's car team even then his toughest competitor was nico rosberg. the rivalry continued his teammates in the midst sadie's formula. one team starting in 2013, after rosberg bested hamilton for the world championship for the 1st time in 2016, he ended the long standing jewel by retiring. i think lewis has a bit more natural talent a little bit more and maybe the greatest ever like this. hamilton then won 4 straight world championships with 7 titles. he has now equaled me his role model when he was a young formula, one driver at the time i got on the track and i could see michael, the head of me and i was like, wow, this is, this is fake. oh, that's my machine at the head, and then you push really hard to catch enough. i'm told signs point to him, winning even more formula one world championships with miss avies. lewis hamilton
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is on the way to becoming the most successful racing driver of all time. you're watching today and it's i'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour in the meantime. remember, you can always stay up to date on our website at www dot com for me and the entire team here in berlin. thanks for joining us. why i subscribed to, do you know what your books, your favorite writer like to see myself as the kid sky in the strange grown up world where your books are new is for me is for you. is for health. beethoven is for beethoven is for
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beethoven is for us is for beethoven 2020250th anniversary, here on this is me having been thomas attempt sometimes the most
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it was hardest of all let me just i was about the other conflicts of it give you like stuff in and for something different that if they say well this is kind of the seeing, this is this, i'm going in real . what do you know when a hold of a loved or and with a died? since i was consist of sins as i was your mother committed sins of mine, mr. oh
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dear i haven't time. then invest with trying to be done. so if you do want to question this time from the one in the house, when i did find was i going to come down the only business with you can then vic and you know, if you ask the animals of the person only yesterday advise a few on the side of the kid, i knew they couldn't hurt. thank you. for instance, local time. thank you. mr. just so it's supposed to snow and so that's because on some of those have some of the fun of us with you still and just been a mishmash of
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a comes ok less. so playing with this will be gone. and for the hope this being this off in fall or not to dismiss the stuff from the delightful things most against malaga known or and how festival of best thing would be. it's by meter, the special rules group. thank you. yeah this is why they have a target for fear for my clients never
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thought of the argument about suing a woman sort of gets up on the road when he gets no idea for a course if both of them are to buy tickets. so it's the i said, margaret often has some form of all about all kinds goes wrong. i would toss them sheets in a virtual modelling to support for the future. i took from some of you from hard work for me to help me do it came from this and i feel like yeah,
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i'd like to give each class or the right moment, a few good books and books on top for i fuck of you all talk i still think, you know, we're not so far the family via extempore simple code is the easiest, soft voice to go on some of their gang, but come for never any talent for the welcome. i did sides. so notes
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as russians have bought in the so that i would like the people in my list on the surface, all shuffle kong on this most men fall because it is a turd song. by the time it could be optimus could look just like this, or make some ya speeches. even if the come up to the city.
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