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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2020 7:15am-7:31am CET

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his worst defeat in almost 90 years, germany lost 6 nil to spain in their final nations league group match. sara farah on a scored there and taurus scored 3 of spain's pool goals, the result means spain finishes ahead of germany in their group. that's your news update for now. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. why are people forced to hide in trucks? there are many reasons. there are many answers and there are many stories to
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make up your own mind. w. made for mines more state money for auto makers and a meeting rooms executives of the country's big car manufacturers. the german chancellor promises another 3000000000 euros to speed up the transition to electronic mobility also coming up after 2 fatal crashes. boeing, $737.00 max airliner has been grounded for over a year. now. it's set to fly on for school. welcome to the program. jim carmakers will get more money from the states in a meeting with top executives,
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german, chancellor, and go national promised manufacturers, another $3000000000.00 euros in state aid, parts of which would go into incentives. the sector is battling with plummeting. sales depend make the prospect of higher emission standards and an accelerating shift towards electric mobility, particularly the latter has been a challenge for german car makers who have long bets on traditional engines, albeit more efficient ones. when it comes to charging stations per $100000.00, drivers in europe, germany is and 3rd place still far behind the netherlands or norway, but way ahead of italy and greece. the automotive industry is calling for more financial support from the government, especially for charging stations. more of them would have to be created as quickly as possible to encourage people to buy even the german government once up to 10000000 e.-v. calls on the country's year olds. by 2030,
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not car manufacturers are getting more state help to get the e-cards on the road. let's get more on this from peter finch. he is with the all turn tech consultant. he joins me via skype from groton, austria. good morning to you, peter. welcome to the program. is it justified to fork out even more money to a sector, which essentially seems to just have been late to the party? good morning. so definitely yes. if you look at the german automotive industry, which is millions of jobs in directly and indirectly employee eat, it's absolutely not only right, but it's always absolutely necessary to support that industry to keep the industry in its transformation. what do you make of the fact that the state and stumbling its purpose is incentive on manufacturers are not having to pitch in more
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definitely to manufacture a seed need to understand the situation of not only deal with ems but also off the supplier industry. and this is potentially the biggest crisis to us faced in their 100 plus years history. so if you look at the, at the programs to boost electric vehicles and not only support them but also push them to a transformation to electric mobility. i think the mission is i read the balanced and if you look what it is, steak, it absolutely makes sense to build on the success of to programs like they know what's he wants to extend it and to help to notch to market in the right direction . and it said it, it's, there are 3 players who need to play in india to make it successful. it's the government, it's the industry itself. and of course it's the consumers. so we need measures in all 3 levels to make this a challenge success not only for the child, but also to reach the climate goals of the european union and of the federal republic of germany. now if we look at the ema building sector,
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obviously the big job or not here will german carmakers be able to catch up with this additional financial support from the state? definitely the answer is that definite. yes. if you look at the clip, acknowledge she's like the electric power train drive state that the german industry has not forgotten how to build excellent cars. so you can take that off. well as if you look at the product pipeline, what is right on the market? what is coming in the next years to german industry has a compelling offer for, for many, many, many consumers and consumer groups. so that's fine. in terms of source to clearly, there is a big fuss about tesla. some things are really very quick. what this law has done in the past, but the german industry as a whole has fully understand what is behind his fully and taken on the challenge of digitalisation. and they are really working hard on that. so i would say there is some very fair chance that the chairman industry can catch up and potentially
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overtaken some segments. and finally, as scrapping bonus to get old trucks and commercial vehicles off the road is also being talked about in order to get less polluting ones onto the road. is that the right step? that the cash for clunkers program? yes, if it is focused on electric vehicles, just replace dirty internal combustion engine because it was less dirty ones. i think that should be a last resort. you know, if they, if the economy is not beaking up and they will cope with crisis, if it's true long, long and then expect that then it might make sense to save jobs. but currently it is much more smart today to do not just the industry in the direction of electric mobility, hydrogen also included of course, to, to, to speed up that transformation to defend all of our time comes all the same. thank you for your thoughts. thank you. very much about obviously false flag and as europe's biggest carmaker is to directly benefit from any state help for the sector
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. but the company also has just announced it will invest 73000000000 euros in electric mobility in the coming years up from 60000000000 in its last. the company c.e.o. says yes, it's going to be a race with tesla. wanted to know the fully electric vokes, wagon id 3 goes from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 8 seconds. the compact car starts at $36000.00 euros. it boasts a range of 360 kilometers and a top speed of over 200 kilometers per hour. this promotional video highlights the tesla model 3. the midsize car is the company's most inexpensive model, but still not available in europe. it has a bit more range, but cost $7000.00 euros more. with this id 3 and other models folks aims to break through the hype surrounding tesla,
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which currently leads the electric vehicle market in sales. in the eastern german city of speak, oh, v.w. is refitted an entire factory to produce electric cars. this is where the id, 3 and the new electric id for sport utility vehicle are built. for v.w., it's a worldwide offensive, but is it already too late? when it came to s.u.v.s, people ask the volkswagen group, aren't you too late? and i think we were just right back that the technology was mature and the many different models helped us to develop faster. this plant alone can produce 300000 electric cars annually that could soon overtake tesla's total production. spork the headquarters of the world's largest car maker. v.w. produces the id 4 for the fast growing s.u.v. market. the compact id 3 is intended for customers with a more modest budget,
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it's the answer to test those model 3, but at a lower sticker price, v.w. is known for its combustion engines. but will the company be willing to convert more factories for electric vehicle production? we are already planning our next factory engine will also be able to produce electric models including the high g. in china. it will be extremely fast as always it's also important. v.w. is aiming to be climate neutral by 2050. it has been equipping combustion vehicles using similar modular systems like this one for a long time. modular construction of many car brands under one roof is a key reason for v.w. used worldwide success. now the company is putting that system to use in the production of electric cars and out to some of the other stories making news. in argentina, thousands of demonstrated in support of a one time wealth tax to help pay for economic damages done by the endemic tax
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would reach. just under 10000 people with assets over 2 and a half $1000000.00 taxing those assets at a rate of 3 and a half. and just over 5 percent. 2 thirds of german companies are convinced, working from home will play a bigger role in a day to day life, even after the cold 910 demick. that's according to a survey done by firm deloitte. they found a majority of companies are ready to invest in the home office infrastructure, hoping it will cut the office rental costs a failed european rocket launch was caused by faulty wiring. software interests said arianna space was carrying spain's spain's 1st earth observation satellite and a french satellite. the rocket crashed into the end atlantic ocean after a malfunction. 8 minutes into its flight.
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a fatal crash is a disaster for any aviation company. now the 2 accidents of its 707 max airliner turned into our nightmare for boeing, 346, people lost their lives, but it didn't end there. the crashes triggered a hail, storm of investigations, ousted executives and cost buoying some $20000000000.00. after more than want to have years on the ground, the $737.00 max could now take off again. hundreds of people lost their lives in 2 separate. boeing, 737 max crashes just months apart. that led to the grounding of the models, entire fleet in march 2019. but now it looks like the planes could soon be airborne in the u.s. . again, the country's federal aviation administration is expected to lift its grounding order on wednesday. and i am particular will not approve the plan for return to passenger service until i'm satisfied that we've had a quote,
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we addressed all of the known safety issues that played a role in the tragic loss of 346. the regulator and bearing were found to have made a horrific culmination of failures that led to the crashes. a recent investigation in the us found fault with boeing, engineers, a lack of transparency in company management, and grossly insufficient oversight by the f.a.a. . the aircraft will still rely on software linked to the 2 crashes, but the regulator is demanding new training to hand lead inspectors will check the jets in person before a flight certificate is granted. the 1st flights could be as early as this year. american airlines has planned a 737 max flight from new york to miami of a christmas. you welcome the news if it gives the go ahead. but amid a shop drop in demand during the pandemic, a new european terrorists getting the feet ready might be a scramble. and finally,
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this was skiing industry has launched a campaign to save its wonder season from the coronavirus downturn, ski lifts, s.o.c. ations are urging the locals to hit the slopes after giving up hope that international visitors will be able to travel authorities, interviews, tiger measures, resorts, including mandatory mask on open and closed cable cars. recent years, the sector has been struggling as the overall number of skiers has gone downhill. thanks for watching of self
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and i'm seeing for china signs to clear climate change, trailblazer is what counts. and if c o 2 balances the minor detail in order to guarantee work during the pandemic, many projects have been approved without an ecological impact assessment. this doesn't add up. so how does it work? the result
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i'm sure that of us are in some degree of welcome to global 3000 can nature conservation offer tax breaks, new opportunities, or opening up fernando nests in south africa? into near 0. we find out how local fishermen of fighting an invasive species of crop. but 1st we had to china where despite the lessons.


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