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they're going on the production costs for one cent, what exceed its value of the money? the principle i see of supporting this is all just a marketing strategy to encourage tourism locals like flooding. ogoni, who just claim to be cynical, drew, and this is a whole tradition and not a terrific one of course issues and helps us makes this place nice. retargeting, the fact that people come here, there's the possibility to make things work better. right now, principality writer firmly but surely the m.p. pushing for the principle of these independence in this idyllic corner of italy the number of europeans dying from cancer has been going down in recent years. but there are still a lot of people who are hit by the disease. it's particularly tough for parents whose children have fallen ill in the small town of center. in western france,
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dozens of children have been diagnosed with leukemia over the last years. parents are alarmed by these mysterious cases and are now desperately seeking answers from the authorities. good guys, this is radiograph with a new video. this is the one used to run a you tube channel with lego territorials to bones of a new one described to my child. so this is my but one day everything changed and one's mother severing has the date tattooed on her arm. we went to a restaurant that serves good organic burgers. a long took a bite and suddenly ran off to the toilet after he called for me saying he felt unwell and couldn't keep anything down. that's when i realized something was very
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wrong. because everyone was hospitalized. and diagnosed with leukemia. that's when his 2 year battle with blood cancer began in the loom wanted to protect us. he kept many things to himself, to stop us worrying. he wasn't scared of death. the psychologist told us, but he was scared that we would be very sad after his death. only one died in his mother's arms at age. 1117 is a nurse and doesn't believe his death was a coincidence. several children in the new around the french town of samples on have developed blood cancer, including 4 children at this elementary school. among them, the son of man, treatable. but since 2015, not 6 months have gone by without a child getting leukaemia once he was or 6. tomorrow it could be yours or yours
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or mine. you don't know which child is next, but you do know there will be another case against them on this. so we decided to ask the parents were desperate to find out what was causing cancer in the children. could the transformer be to blame? it was built beside the school in 2015 for the wind turbines. what about yes, decides medication or local eating habits. the parents urged regional health authorities to investigate why so many children were suddenly falling ill with cancer. but this study showed there to be nothing unusual about sun design. took about 600 samples. that knocks out tens of thousands of data values. we checked the air quality of the different buildings studied,
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the soil and water quality. we tracked for radiation levels and electromagnetic fields. we found no dangerous levels of anything. 17 couldn't believe it. she shows us the survey she was asked to fill in for the study. there are no proof. i was the best gins about substances that how are you supposed to find the cause when you don't ask about the manufactures you use for baby food diapers, milk powder and say well, you know, since then more cancer cases have been recorded in and around town. the most recent one was reported in august since 201522 children and teenagers have been diagnosed with cancer, say their parents, local men have been our mother yong is in 2 minds. can understand the
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parents who have to go through this problem that this is about their children's health, after all. but i also think we shouldn't blow this out of proportion in the media. and that studies. so we can get to the bottom of this in the distant future when we know nothing. but that needs to change fast. parents say they've hired researches to look into the problem. we think a so-called cocktail effect may be of work. when several environmental factors combine and become toxic, other french municipalities are also reporting a rise in we kenya among children. many can recover after treatment, but not everyone. 17 still looks after a once little guinea pig. no one will bring that my boy. but we're certain that we can find out what's causing this,
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since save other children is awful simpering says she owes that to her son. anyone needs a 17 year old from southeastern turkey is one of the most successful food in february in his country. now, if you're on instagram, then you know that pictures and videos of mouth watering, food are very popular, and that is exactly to has passed and what has made him a social media sensation. hundreds of thousands of people watch his posts. apparently the key to his success is simplicity. 17 year old boy was lives to cook. his little sister mary lake is capturing his every move on video. today they fired up the clay oven known as the time deer is making particularly economic, a traditional flat bread. it's a famous dish here in antakya. i prepared to go. now we just need to add the top of
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this black bridge is much like my mother's right now. it needs baking. i hope it will taste good. in the huddle, imus has around a 1000000 followers on instagram. he's been uploading cooking videos since last spring. the turkish teen shows viewers how to whip up a lot from a few ingredients. and in the coronavirus era, he's clearly struck a chord with became a social media star almost overnight. here's village of goo that sees the world away from most social media influencers. located at the southernmost tip of turkey, most of the 500 residents earn a living, working the fields or doing odd jobs.
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behind this wall on the opposite hill is syria. tell how grew up in these parts as the 11th of 12 children i've been interested in cooking since i was a child. the older i got, the more i liked it, and the more i got involved in it, a few of those around me were against it and my family is well. we've never been well off financially and they didn't want me using up so many gradients. his family's poverty is one of the reasons tahoe left school at age 10. well, another is that he suffers from anxiety which makes it hard for him to travel in cars or buses. so he spends most of his time at home with his mother, mary, him helping her with the cooking and baking. that's often made him the subject of cruel comments. the neighbors would often say, why just tell how do you think they never approved?
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what i told them, why shouldn't because whenever i cook, he always came running in and watched me so enthusiastically, but now he's better than i am. almost forgotten how to cook, because he just doesn't know. well, hopefully america has become so famous that he's earning a bit of money on instagram from ad revenue. his local community has also taken notice and fixed up an old house for his family. as it is, i hope that now my followers will stop making jokes about how old and small our kitchen is. i had to hear that a lot. they'd say your kitchen is dirty. hopefully that won't happen anymore. i'm so happy. i don't know what to say. all that much today, just to get one for my little brother. was he going hungry?
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you know, you are nothing but you are serious right now. absolutely. in this area there's no work because there are no one but unities knows his internet success won't last forever. so he's planning his next move. my dream is to become a real chef to be i want to have a restaurant or snack bar where i can serve my dishes to people in person, help them some hopefully i can make this dream coming. sure. mention of how do i most has already been offered an apprenticeship. now he just needs to overcome his fears and move to the city, to chase his dreams and show he's no flash in the pan. and we wish him all the best that brings us to the end off today's show. thank you so much for watching . i'll be back next week with more stories from across europe. until then. good bye
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and take care you you you, you, you, you, you. the
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best subsea endless fronting the big infamy business model. the companies are sensing gold rush to the asian fuchsia markets with a substantial in space odyssey science fiction. obscene made in germany to its own. d. w. to
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the point. strong opinions, clear positions of international perspective such donald trump stays in the white house, now appears to be number one. as joe biden begins, spurs and take his government team. we ask you for underwear in america, can i get to be a global leader to join us on some points shortly. coming up, point isn't even on the t.w. lived. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic has the rate of infection been developing. the measures are being taken. what is the latest research? so information and context. the coronavirus of data, the colon special monday to friday on t.w. .
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is do w.'s life grow for a little football legend to be a lot of money no matter how the night is laid to rest on the outskirts of $1.00 of cyrus. only 2 dozen close friends and family members attend the ceremony and burn real next to the graves of his parents. earlier, tens of thousands of fans lined up to pay their final respects at argentina's presidential palace. also coming up on the run, if he'll be as flee for their lives as the government orders the army to start the final phase of an offensive in the northern region of teak. right. and then denmark,
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thousands of maine court killed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus mutation. now, the government is apologizing for how the call was handled on a call for a wish good to have you with us argentinian football. i can deal morrow donna has found his final resting place, byrd alongside his parents on the outskirts of one of cyrus. after maradona staff on wednesday, the government had planned for him to lie in state for 3 days, but the wake was abruptly ended after scuffles broke out among mourners. tens of thousands turned out to pay their final respects to the legend. a passionate farewell. massive crowds gather to
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cheer their hero, one last time as marathoners funeral harness left the presidential palace in. but as there is despite concerns that corona virus infections may spike tens of thousands queued up to pay tribute to the fit both great at the palace and what you're going to feel today, the football has died. i have no words for me. he's the greatest and all carry him in my heart forever. and he got us on board if you can believe it. he's a guy who made a nation happy with a ball. i'm especially the poor boy. he made us happy in a way that politicians can't he made all of us happy, so there would ever be anybody like marriage, donna. i've been crying since yesterday. was really want
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to see, diego cried saying that it was scuffles broke out. when police moved to disperse unruly fans trying to catch a final glimpse of maradona at his burial was their emotions ran high as his casket arrives at bella, vista cemetery, with the footballing legend was laid to rest next to his parents. for more on this, let's bring in correspondent, but he has a but in one of cyrus much, he has welcomed thousands lined up in front of the presidential palace to bid maradona farewell. only a small fraction of them actually got to you were there. how did people react when the wake was shut down? many of them are really sad and frustrated because they had waited since the
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beginning of the morning to visit him a last time 6 or 8 hours. they have there been outside the presidential palace and they didn't get to him. and so they were prostrated and it was just a little time to meet him and all the crowds couldn't get through. so it was a sad moment for them. and in the end, when the body were just carried to the cemetery, when it left the presidential palace, many of them ran behind the car singing. and many of them also crying. this was of course, a hugely emotional day for argentinian to have covered south america for quite some time. now, have you ever experienced anything like this? i think it's a short time. they had the people who could it was a demurrer donna. the decision has been taken by the family and the government just to have this thursday for this death watch so many people are frustrated and i
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think it's not common here. people who are bird really fast after their death, but they had, has been the chance to have 2 or 3 days for the deathwatch. but maradona and his family, the family decided not to wait so long. so it was really a short goodbye for many. argentinians is now going to be laid to rest alongside his parents, on the outside of the outskirts of when osiris where you are at what can you tell us about the ceremony which is underway, as we speak, it's 6 plays behind me some 2 kilometers away at a private cemetery in bella, vista is the name and the family decided for really private ceremony. this event is only for the family members of murder, almost 1st wife and his children. so before the public,
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the public will be present outside the cemetery. there are already some $100000.00 people waiting for a sign, at least sitting there, praying crying and singing. so it's like an event, a bizarre event between a football atmosphere and a ceremony, all of the death of my end when osiris. thank you very much. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has said he will leave the white house if the electoral college votes for a democratic president elect joe biden, over 3 weeks after the election. this is the nearest, the u.s. leader has come to conceding defeat biden is due to be inaugurated on january 20th . a turkish court has handed down life sentences for 337. people accused of an attempted coup and 2016. many of the defendants are
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former army commanders and pilots. they were convicted of crimes including murder, and attempting to overthrow the government. german chancellor angela merkel has told parliament that measures to curb the coronavirus may be extended into next year. she said more restrictions were necessary as of next month because the infection rate remains high, even though it has stabilized. the number of daily deaths surged to a record high this week. if the o.p.'s prime minister, i'm ahmed, says the army has been ordered to move on the capital of the northern tikrit region and what he's calling the final phase of the offensive some half a 1000000. residents of the city of mackellar have been warned to stay indoors. this comes after an automated, expired for regional leaders to surrender. mario reports from neighboring sudan. we are only 80 kilometers away from the border into the region of ticket. i was heavy
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fighting still continues. this year and camp called camp once housed refugees who fled if you were to spam in the 1980 s. . now the camps expected to house several 1000 refugees. as the u.n. refugee agency told us many more than the original capacity of 6000 people here. desperate they tell us water, food and shelter, scarce some of them have to sleep on the ground, struggling to get enough food and medical aid. the new refugees crossing the border to sudan worry aid groups are representative, told us we are able to respond to a growing influx once housed refugees who fled ethiopia's famine in the 1980s. now some 9000 people have saved themselves once again. but this time it's because of war. in this hospital, people wait for hours before receiving treatment. like i got it. she, her baby and her father escaped the war in the town of
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i was afraid because the bombs kept falling for 3 days. we just left without money, without clothes. it took 10 days to come here. and now we here in sudan. we've been in this scam for 3 days. we don't have any shelter her father has terminal cancer, since they got out, he hasn't received his medication. the u.n. refugee agency is bracing for more refugees. crossing the border from ethiopia. people need very thing from water, food, and shelter. so at the moment we are catering for over 9000 people and the whole me that's not enough. and it's children who are suffering the most. it's estimated that hard of the best fiji's are children. many of them need medical treatment like
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5 months old. he's been coughing and has had diarrhea since days. i can't breast feed him and here they don't have milk powder and the food the baby needs outside the hospital we need alan, whose house was bombed, in who made up the side of reportedly some of the heaviest fighting between its european forces and the to grain army, he got shot in the leg. i am alone. my mom and my dad were killed by the bombing. these clothes are my only ones. i wear them for days. nobody helps me. i don't have enough water or food here. nobody takes care of me. if more refugees arrive, i am fears that the situation could get even worse. the prime ministers of poland and hungary have vowed to uphold their veto of the european union's next budget. if
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it includes a mechanism tying funds, rule of law principles that would allow the e.u. to deny funds to members violating democratic norms and to target budapest and warsaw for they stand side by side. but without the rest of europe, garion prime minister viktor orbán and his polish counterpart. matteo smarter viet ski maintain their opposition to the use proposed budget veto. using a veto is fully legitimate. we do not need a rule of law mechanism to tackle the coronavirus. quote, and most of the proof of the planned mechanism is arbitrary and politically motivated. its use could divide the e.u. and lead to its breakup. both countries have called for new negotiations, but impatience is growing in the rest of europe. i hope that hungry in poland understand how imports and agreement is by the end of the year. it's needed to respond to the pandemic and for the stability of europe. in a t.v.
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interview about the standoff and orbán confident even compared the head of his own european parliamentary group to the nazi police. he was not my friend, weber's says, whoever has nothing to hide has nothing to fear. if i'm not mistaken, the gestapo used the same words. your guest up on this because the comments exacerbated tensions within the european people's party which includes or bonds, fetus party. many european parliament members are surprised that the hunger and party is still part of the group to shoot. currently, it's really only being protected by germany, america, america marcus server. and the conservatives are the ones for making sure orbán remains in the european people's party. zisha orbán is still opposed to potential financial sanctions and apparently is not ready to compromise. earlier this month, denmark ordered a mass call of manx after and mutated form of corona virus was found to have been transmitted between the animals and humans. the order led to protests among farmers
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and the government has now apologized for acting too quickly. these pictures are of a mass grave on military land in denmark. thousands of the country's famed mink were buried here after the government declared a mess karl. now hundreds of them have begun to resurface as gases build up. as the minks decompose, the government ordered the car laughter about a dozen people were north and denmark were infected by a mutated version of corona virus. one found on makes the cull order outraged farmers and sparked huge protests. many accuse the government of acting unlawfully and to quickly to get rid of what's seen as an undesirable industry. they decided to go after the make farmers and they did it overnight without permission, without having the law to back them up and they have to be punished for that. the
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rest of us are not allowed to go through a red line. the move is already having global economic consequences. denmark is the world's largest exporter of make fur and the culling of its mink population is being felt as far away as china. the sudden mink price increase in europe has put great pressure on both production and marketing of make for clothing . here. china's fur clothing industry has seen its exports plummet sharply and feels like a rollercoaster ride nobody imagined this could happen. the price of mink fur accounts for about 80 percent of the cost of fur clothing. the sudden increase has put a lot of pressure on us. now even more pressure is being put on the danish government . with about 9000000 of denmark, 17000000 minks already culled, some local authorities are now calling for the animals' remains to be examined and cremated, saying in their current location, they pose a threat to nearby water supply and it seems the government's hasty actions could
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be coming back to haunt it. you're watching life up next is our covert special with my colleague, robert watson. back with more world news at the top of the hour, from mena. call for the entire news team here in berlin. thanks for watching. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say information and context? the coronavirus not to date code 19 special on t.w. .


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