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president, challenges are credible story starts december on t w. a green canopy punctured by means of shining light and image familiar to anyone who has looked up at the sky through the new crutches. deliver the feeling of relaxation but also many other benefits. carbon dioxide, slowing climate change, and yet many places,
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trains are disappearing at an exponential treat. this week we'll look closer at the people and projects trying to protect a more welcome to equal india. and some of that i call our 1st stop to be is at the nature reserve dr. reef in the himalayas. the probably one job, a kid nature reserve was neglected and full of weeds just a few years ago. now it's been restored and not just in line with the endemic ecosystem. and these conservation efforts are even creating jobs for locals who are forced to look for them elsewhere. is this a feasible model to look after the trees? let's find out. trival untouched forest has become a yet increasingly rare site in such
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a forest, why his life is allowed to roam free as of green, left undisturbed by human activity. over the past few decades, the strain on forests has reached disastrous proportions. the changes upset delicate ecosystems and diminish wildlife habitats. at the same time, the poorest part of the population, dependent on forests bad, most of the brunt of the changes. a lifelong resident of the job to keep a village near the mystic of a town of land or even that i can province. 40 year old t.v. has always relied on the surrounding forest for to have daily needs. they provide 5 wood for cooking and grass for had cattle. over the years, however, uncontrolled tree felling by nearby villages has resulted in a drastic depletion of green. in addition,
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a majority of the forests here belong to private landowners, most of whom have become more and more protective of their land. as a result, what used to be a fruitful backyard for locals like elma, is today out of bounds in what seemed like a practical decision. 5 years ago, helma decided to take up a job at the job or kids meters or a few kilometers from home. tired if i ever used to think it would be good to have a lot of cows and let them graze in these forests. but we later realised that they would be chased away from everywhere in the poor. animals would roam the streets and would add to their troubles. we didn't want that. we love our animals. we feel extremely disheartened when they are hurt. now we're happy because money comes from my salary as well as from the milk from my cow. it's a predicament that is not really new for communities that depend on forests for
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their livelihood. as do some 2 thirds of the population of about auckland, conservationist dr. sit in voter is no stranger to the problem. a co-founder of the java keith nature reserve. she has been working closely with the local authorities in the area get everything, everything that could happen to what is happening at these well being a lot of things are being felled. those illegal logging going on there was hunting,, going on. there were porches, bordeaux's, y.-o., some as we demoed almost on this mess, you know, as, as a source you know, support system. i think forests should be utilized. there's nothing that says that you have to completely close upon us and that we would like that. but i think how utilize it, how you manage it, and setting that there's no long term damage to the forest that if and then used to provide the sources. that was it. and so we have also not actually closed the forest, there's no fence that on the forest. it's really a contract that we a social contract that we have of the community is to say you can continue to use it in a sensible man up. but at the end of the day, a good thing for us with my life is what is going to bring you the economic
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the job, acute nature reserve is among the country's few privately owned forest projects. the reserves earnings come from guided nature walks conducted by trained local residents as well as a membership program for schools, companies and interested individuals. a maximum of 30 visitors, a loud in per day most arrive from missouri, a hilltop tourist hot spot of the region. all employees from the local area, there's not a single employee who's from outside. so the 1st thing was generating local jobs and supporting the economy. so they're not competing with anybody. so what has happened is that actually the local villages in the local settlement has benefited from getting the home, stays the restaurants, the pub was the taxi drivers, you know, so there's a spread of economic benefit around the area. the restoration of the forest has brought back animals not seen for close to 50 years from the himalayan
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bear and leopards to go wild boar and barking deer. the reserve has been attracting large groups of breeding populations, acting as a sort of for many calls on for the wildlife off to meet. some of these images were taken by a very, in their seeing who hails from the neighboring village of cruelty view, who joined the reserve right out of school when he was 17 and age. when almost every young man is expected to find a job in the surrounding tourist towns. this is why this is this. and today he is the chief guide in residence at the reserve. he learned on the job and took additional courses on conservation and the environment. he's also one century issue as young naturalist award. how can we begin to?
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yes. i think with another name in the village where i come from, people are not so confident around outsiders. they're mostly shy and don't talk to anyone. and i was the same. i never used to say a word to strangers, but i have completely transformed after coming here to come from whatever field. so i can talk confidently and explain things well. when your knowledge increases, your confidence does to. now be one of the biggest goal is to be able to hand over the management of a pet project to committed people like that. and that the idea is to enable the local community to assume ownership of the job or kids nature reserve and become the real stakeholder. in this venture. trees are also important in
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the streets in germany's capital berlin, for example, aligned with 400000 trees. they provide shade and clean, but be themselves citizens. they have developed a project to make sure the teams are looked after. this next report is a part of our city's on billy sustainable cities. miller limit livable is best achieved with the help of people who live here via when he's in new technology to contribute to a better understanding of traffic. i would like to see the city authorities and the general public taking care of the trees and water at last. berlin has experienced 3 years of below average rainfall and the trees are dying out. the tree needs at least 10 and of these watering cans of water
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a week. this group of volunteers wants to be part of the solution. they've gotten together today to water their city's trees and says it was let's last summer, the tree in our back yard dying because it couldn't withstand the drought. it was just gone. and i thought the once in front of the building might be next. and i didn't want to see that happen the next weekend before i'm homeless. having owned this mission, a project based at berlin's city lab, set up the neighborhood watering initiative online. the platform shows how much water the different trees need. city lab is a nonprofit foundation based in the german capital where innovations are born with the aim of making the city of more sustainable. the data comes from the city administration, with daily weather updates and information about whether or not the trees have had enough water. this map contains more than $625000.00 tree
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points. for each tree you can find out what type it is, the age and its water requirements. and that's what we have for now. but there are other features we could include, like the height, the diameter of the crown, the diameter of the trunk. it's really exciting, especially in terms of watering. that's almost 2000 berliners have registered so far. some of them just water trees occasionally. others have taken responsibility for a single tree on their street. berlin has 2500 parks there the green lungs of the city, the trees improve the climate and filter out exhaust emissions, and more people are becoming aware of their importance. there are now several environmental initiatives in berlin. this neighborhood in quotes bag,
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some regular gardeners. today they're sprucing up the flower beds and planting boards for next year's flowers. we're all in this together, regardless of where we come from and it's a global environment. so we planted flowers and different sorts of things to have a healthy environment to be these. and above all, we just like getting all these people together to do something together. they're happy to be together. the watering group has their work cut out. there's been no rain for nearly 3 weeks. the volunteers can easily see on the app which trees need water. they're hoping the initiative will spread beyond berlin's, comes often time stating what you could use this platform for other cities because it's open source. in principle, any city that has a tree register available, and that has weather data, which is most of them, could implement this app themselves. and the volunteers will keep up the good work
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until winter, helping to keep the thirsty trees of berlin alive. the residents of mumbai have also recognised the benefits of open forests, only 30 percent off space trapped by as green. but nonprofit organization, forest creators, a working to change that they're using the media locking method to plant trees in dense groups. let's take a look. it is almost impossible to believe that this 4 acre land called the lungs of thought up world was once an industrial dumping ground for
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its transformation took just 3 years says the fire bell. this used to be an extremely unhygenic toxic players. there was always a stench from all the garbage dump, including plastic of rubber and bags of chemicals. we could not be our to be. were going to the 25 feet tall man, made forest is now home to over 30000 trees of 38, where ids and several species of birds, reptiles and subsoil creatures. see just 100 kilometers south of this young forest, the metropolis of mumbai. it is facing an unprecedented development. its clean
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spaces are slowly but surely dying. today, mumbai's green cover is less than 13 percent. an alarming statistic which is why a growing number of organizations are using an if on station technique that has its roots in japan. but could be a perfect fit for space trapped mumbai, it's called the me of archy met her high density plantations are created with different species of need of trees. we need top money to greece because again, you can increase greenery even by planting non-native trees in mumbai, between 50 and 60 percent of trees are not native in a conventional plantation. one acre of land, we can only have 2000 trees,
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but it's more that the mere bucky mattered. we can plant between 12 to 13000 trees were bought as a pain. last summer, when mumbai has become the unlikely home for the city's 1st me of aki forest, a project by a local and by mental group dream that began in january 2019. you need to be very, very conscious of all what kind of environment that we are going to. so show you the most important part where the road boy so 1st to understand the soil. the 2nd step is scientifically surveying the area's biodiversity and selecting suitable need to priestly sheens to be planted. all the saplings and raw materials are then brought to the plantation site and other as anyone else. for the next 2 years, the saplings are regularly monitored and watered costing would mean 1.5 dollars and
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3 dollars. poetry to me, aki technique could be crucial in the quest to revive urban green spaces. and the impact can be seen in a matter of few years. as demonstrated in thought up all over 90 percent of mumbai has been paved and contra ties in the past 4 decades done in the city into an urban heat island. a large built up area that traps heat and drives up temperatures even at night. carbon dense forest created using the me of aki technique could be enormously useful in combating this, despite their many benefits. these young voters cannot be treated as substitutes for naturally growing old forest. but it's certainly a start. trains also provide homes to other creatures that depend on
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them like fall life. for example, scientists disagree on how many types of fungus potentially could exist. but the german biologists in our next report are focusing on just 11 that has the potential to change the way we construct buildings. at 1st glance, the helmet by a technologist fast and schubert is wearing might look normal. but he's hoping that it could spare had a green revolution. the entire interior of this bike helmet consists of fungus, my silja men, agricultural waste, their foods extremely sustainable, and a very good or tentative to the plastic interior of conventional helmets. a helmet made out of might sound bizarre, but for boston, schubert and his 2 colleagues, it makes perfect sense. back at the lab in the technical university in berlin. all
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they need to do is to take the cells of the tin, the fungus, and mix them into culture. this is then added to hemp oist, a perfect snack for the fungus. within some 10 days, its roots, the my syria, saw that defied the contents of the back it's a shock absorbing material that can compete with petroleum based materials in many ways. that was our main motivation. there are so many products, materials that end up in the trash can, such as e.p.a.'s foam expanded polystyrene. that's the material that we're replacing in this helmet makes up 30 percent of plastic waste in landfills worldwide. that's a lot of first
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test said shown that the helmet can even outperform conventional ones in safety terms. the team still needs to come up with a sustainable outer shell and to ensure that the product is long lasting. once they've sought those problems, they want to go into business. almost one in 4 cyclists in germany wear a helmet that time schmidt, another by a technologist at the technical university of berlin, discovered the novel uses for fun, be cheering a citizen science project that he led these fascinating organisms on the, the animal plant. they come in many shapes and sizes. they love rainy days like this one. and they have lived on this planet for millions of years. a fungus may well be the biggest living organism on earth with which when they stick their heads out, that's not even the tip of the iceberg, but only
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a very small part of them. you don't see the main body, it penetrates the entire forest floor. everything here is creating a communication network with other organisms that is constantly in operation. the organisms don't always like each other. there is fierce competition. generally this contest for nutrients and territory completely passes by. except when it's obvious for all to see as on the street trumpets covered with a tinder fungus for trees, this means a slow and there are also some of the tufts feeding on the organic material. here. my sealy of these 2 species meet inside the trunk. it would be interesting to see how they interact with each other, their competitors, after all, both want to decompose would their ability to break down organic material is what gives them the energy to grow. other materials that will smith tend to steam,
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discovered that the local tinder fungus works best for their peak plants for the fungus compas. it after the initial growth phase, it can be broken up into recrown and molds to create different forms and sizes. but also put them on the 4th. i could certainly imagine that you could build a whole walls from funky and the supporting frames from other components like wood . if you wanted to remain recyclable, i can certainly imagine that you could build a large house with it. of course, although the lightweight funky bricks are not a load bearing, they could replace many of the building materials. once they're dried and the growth of the mycelium is halted, the brakes could replace polystyrene, for example, providing the much greener form of insulation. this compas, it is also very flexible at times schmidt and his colleagues are planning to scale
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up the work, working together with architects and engineers to see where the material can still be optimized to boys. and by talk license ones on their part, we want to make a contribution towards solving global problems. where do we get our resources from? how can we switch to a circular economy? and how can we recycle used products? and i think that funny material covers all those bases with, which includes my parents and bush grown in a controlled environment. funky could just be the stuff to help build the houses of the future. from germany. let's head to indonesia. heretofore shool on the preorders, working with women and helping them use their traditional skill weaving from trees to break the shackles back to see
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them having the voice to point out what they want and then and knowing that they can buy whatever they want. just because the money is from their own effort, not from the husband, that is the highest happiness i think doing we tried to figure out what kind of economy of scale that be already have that we do not have to introduce this leveraging whatever. and there is skill local resources as well are all materials. and they found her reading from paul near a leaf on your trees are very abundant there. the skill itself is inherited between generations. while this woman and the man and nation and the global market,
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this is also high for a week of crap. we do is we work with the women to give them training and increase of quality introduced designs as well, functionality and also aesthetically. and then we directly give them access towards our business more for wholesale, 85 to 90 percent of our revenue come from wholesale. so we sell to like laptop back laptops, meaning when they have 7, are there for a child back that they hand out are for the new one of the husband was not really happy when he knew to the wife was leaving for work all of our the and then he started to track down his wife saying that if i see what we've again and you, you know, you don't do your household course,
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i will burn all the week of leaves. and then the wife took up all the sheets and then hit me worst house, and then she weave in the neighbor's house. and after a couple of months we started after to resurface than we started to prove that there is a buyer income started coming in. and now after a couple of years, the husband is doing all the dishwashing, sweeping and all the household course, knowing that we can even get to actually provide for the family as well. trees are the lungs of the yard. many cultures consider them or suspicious for all the they provide us with, let me in college to today to go and plant a tree. you'd be secured in the future of generations to come a leave you with that porter dream. i'm due to stay safe. the good care of yourselves and the good buy
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the familiar
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to me in the war is among the sick is to try to find turned green or any chinese people also have the typical among the living with drawing the lines they found each other. the new rich market for indian in china.
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home what's the secret behind this classic visit to south beach? as soon as you hear beethoven lose your mind, or the story behind the music was his for the ages. greatest cause mass, bad law. beethoven's 9th symphony for the world starts to simmer gods on t.w. stay up to date. don't miss our highlights. doubling program online. d.w. dot com, highlights of
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the more current the procedure of war isn't love in those polls smol over the years. love birds knows there's no use. no love for the wicked dozen workers in the world for the chancellor merkel. saloon car commercials.
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it's nice to have new news live from berlin, growing hope that's an end to the pandemic, maybe insite. the 2nd 1000 vaccine is now waiting for emergency approval, modernize our fleet, both europe out of the u.s. for a fast track to go ahead. i'll follow struck roads leading into the indian capital delhi. they say crop price reforms would ruin their livelihoods. alex, they're prepared for a long battle and when you travel to japan, to me it's a giant the.


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