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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2020 7:15am-7:31am CET

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global challenge, celebrating the cartoon that's a news update at this hour g w. business is up next. don't forget, you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site at state of utah, calm, and patriotism in berlin. and for me, in the whole scene, thanks for watching. what's the secret behind this classic music? the sound. as soon as you hear beethoven lose your mind or the story behind the music on it, or need a,
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james british law, beethoven's 9th for the world starts to simmer down on g.w. . the e.u. is looking at its 1st corona virus vaccine candidate. a green light for the block for mold danno would be a confidence booster for a continent and its 2nd wave pool can invest reaction. also on the show, the most innovative car maker in the world meets germany's highly regulated labor system. look at tesla and berlin and the emus got a slick new campaign for its cloud infrastructure. but can guy apps live up to the hype and the tech world dominated by us and chinese players?
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well, welcome to the show. i'm stephen beardsley in berlin. well, derna has become the 1st company to submit its coded 1000 vaccine for approval in the e.u. that would put it on track to start distribution in december. trial data from the american company suggest the vaccine is 94 percent effective, with no serious safety concerns, giving it a high chance of securing the go ahead. well, there is also seeking emergency approval in the us the 2nd vaccine maker to do so, following the biotech pfizer partnership and the vaccine candidates have been bold and investors helping boost the dow jones to its best november since 1987. and for more, let's bring in conrad boozer, a financial correspondent in frankfurt. good morning, conrad. we talk about the boost for investors there. have they already, however, factored in. moderne and what it's doing right now, given that some of this has already been spoken of and talked about before. well, they have not factored it in the term in terms of the share price of modern or
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itself. it got another major boost of around about 20 percent in the u.s. trading yesterday. this trend continues for the share price in asian trading today at all. so on the early trading platforms here in europe, in terms of the broader market, you know, people, traders here, the ones that are at work in this early hour. they are not expecting another a major boost for the broader market today. they say that, you know, this is simple confirmation that there's reason to be optimistic. you know, this, combined with the enormous amount of money that governments are spending on, you know, businesses to support businesses. this is the reason for hope that next year will be better than this year. but there's other factors weighing on the markets these days, what you expect to drive investors today. what is coming from the central banks?
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this is, of course, the other major question driving trading all every day. and today we'll get an update on consumer price inflation in the countries of the euro. it's expected that this, those prices will not have increased in the month of november, but declined. and that's of course giving the european central bank reason to think about more quantitative easing. more money printing, if you like. all right. conrad buson in frankfurt. thank you. elon musk will be in berlin once again on tuesday. this time to accept a business prize for innovation. and the tesla founder has been making regular trips to the german capital to watch his gigafactory being built in the area. it's a highly anticipated project for the region, and it's raised plenty of questions including how america's most forward looking car company will get along with germany's highly regulated labor system. a year ago,
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this was all forest. now, a huge factory is taking shape. and assembly home paint, shop and drive unit. tesla intends to start producing electric cars here as early as next summer. tesla boss. musk is now looking for employees. he's been on site himself to hold interviews, going straight from the airport to the construction site. around 8000, jobs will need to be filled on tesla's website advertisements look tempting, but musk is not a fan of germany's powerful unions and rigid labor laws. what do you want? your surely gets. and he's been very clear that he does not want does not want a union like here in america. my hope is that the laws in germany are better or stronger and will allow for
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a better relationship between unions and to keep tesla in check. but this is exactly what metal workers union eeg, a metallic is insisting on cooperation between company management and employees has a long tradition in germany. union official. bergen is skeptical about tesla's attitude and you don't have a gate and he enjoys a lot of workers in germany. have a say in how the company is run, works councils are mandatory here. we have strong laws, protecting workers' rights and health, and we expect that american companies here in germany will respect and dear to these rules that then costume crist is a businessman himself. and he's hoping tesla will become a customer of his he's also the president of the local chamber of commerce. chris says the wages tesla is offering are about average for the car industry. but there's still a lot for the region likely use these wafers to poach workers from existing companies. probably seem tempting to people,
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but they should be aware of the factory will be running at all hours 7 days a week. and that's not the case that other companies up to $500000.00 cars could be rolling off the assembly line here every year. that's a demanding pace of production for the factory. and unions warn, for its employees and out of some of the other business stories making headlines. video conferencing, abzug has seen its revenue more than quadruple in the past quarter, and profit rise to almost $200000000.00. that's up from just $2000000.00 a year ago. the coronavirus pandemic has brought the company explosive growth, but investors worry about its future as vaccines enable people to go to work again . big corn is that the $19800.00 mark its highest value since 2017. the pandemic and interest from high profile investors have supported the strong rise in recent months. but the last time it reached these levels,
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it took less than a year for the cryptocurrency to crash back down below the $4000.00 mark. the us federal reserve is extending most of its pandemic support programs until the end of march next year. that's despite the u.s. treasury secretary pressing to phase out the emergency landings means by the end of 2020, consumer products, or will trial a 4 day work week. if only for staff in new zealand, for now with no cuts, their pay only $81.00 employees are eligible to participate. the year long experiment is considering taking the idea, lobel, and speaking of europe in its companies, the con, it has long criticized big tech companies or giving rise to very few of them itself . or the e.u. thinks it has a solution on both counts. new block wide cloud infrastructure, it's calling guy x. . that's a new set of standards meant to create an open uniform tech playing field for companies across the 27 member bloc,
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and provide an answer to tech domination of the u.s. and china. how much data do you have with amazon or google or microsoft? one of the tech giants in the cloud has become the high tech battleground of the internet age. and he's totally dominated by those big, mainly american players. but here in berlin, government says it doesn't have to be that way. it's time for something different. it's painting a vivid picture. hi fi world with little specks of data cascading through cyberspace. conjured up in the name of a mythical goddess of life itself. diana. it all looks great and diane x. sounds like some thing from star trek, but what actually is it for germany's economy minister, it's a totally new approach to cloud services. perhaps the most important
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spray sion of europe in a generation yours are participating in ga. it's will be able to use any services from any provider in the system. that work ecosystem is key here. it's not trying to create a tech giant of its own. rather guy x. aims to be a set of standards. the new services can build on. and users can trust, they want to make sure that the space for competition is dynamic. and that the rules set are european. hundreds of companies are involved from all over the world, but french and german firms are in the lead. france's finance minister says that's crucial. we are not china are, we are not the united states. we are countries and we are on economic interests. but we want to defend. and this highlights, perhaps the most interesting point of all about guy x.
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. it's not just about business and data. it's about geopolitics too. and where europe stands as the u.s. and china begin to face off in a possible tech, cold war. europe doesn't want to pursue kind of, so can valley style surveillance, capitalism or china. obviously tech north or terrorism. europe is looking for a 3rd way. it's quite an elegant answer to. the real test will come when guy x. goes live. we'll soon find out if there's room in cyberspace for a european way. and on the topic of cool tech, what's being touted as the largest 3 d. printed residential building in europe. it is coming together in a small bavarian village. obviously europe is looking for a 3rd way. it's quite an elegant answer to. the real test will come when guy x.
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goes live. we'll soon find out if there's room in cyberspace for a european way. and on the topic of cool tech, what's being touted as the largest 3 d. printed residential building in europe is coming together in a small bavarian village. now the construction industry in general has been slow to adopt 3 d. printing technology, which has been held as a game changer in everything from car to rocket production. but the reluctance to change layer by layer this machine is putting down the concrete walls of what is expected to be europe's largest. 3 d. printed residential building. soon the structure and at the very intelligent and housing move reach 3 storeys and house by the apartments to see if you can imagine a sort of piping bag like it used to ice the cake which builds up the layers. the 3 d. printer is being guided by a computer which directs the mixing and laying of the concrete. it's much faster
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and more efficient than human workers. that according to the building's contractor, for site, just 25 hours to print the ground floor and that's with 2 people in comparison and usually takes 5 people about 5 days from photog. that's good news. he says, because germany is facing a shortage of skilled construction workers. he hopes this technology might help to change that by attracting a new set of workers to the end of story. moment. at the moment we're having problems getting young people and dues to about training and construction. we want to turn that around with this 3 d. project and say, hey, we're making working in construction sexy again. if we do need to succeed, but it won't solve all the construction industries was just like with normal building sites, cold winter weather could soon be shutting this 3 d.
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printer down. that's it for me and the business team to check us out online. dot com slash business. let's watch
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