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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2020 8:30am-9:00am CET

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beethoven is for cars, is for play. beethoven 202250th anniversary here only as the bundesliga paid its respects to diego maradona, one of the greatest players ever. the german top flight was out to prove in his one
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of the greatest leagues in the world. so much for byron's dominance. instead, this season, the top half is as hard fought as any major league. and even the bottom sides like winless, cologne, can cause problems for dortmund. while how flesh shall kind of put up a fighting bloodbath. despite their chaotic build up fire and had a wobble the weekend before and list getting themselves in another, china lynch to guard their way. flashes of maradona asked brilliance, goal celebrations, he would have been proud of. and the sort of cheekiness the archon time greats was known for. sadly, there are still very few spectators to see at all of the times met. come on, but how strong are the 2nd bottom teams?
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she smiled old shows the quality of the bundesliga because colona not in a good position, but they are a good team erlang, hotlines on the path to greatness. but maddalena did it every week. but what could possibly go wrong for dortmund against 2nd from bottom cologne? whose last leg wind was way back in early march. the hosts had 10 go erling holland on board. of course also has 3 goals to his name this season of the against cologne . perhaps it will be a free for all jaden sanchez, who had yet to score this season. and while technically hitting the target after 3 minutes, his shot glanced off. the cross-path was but cologne were no pushovers. and in the 9th minute they made the most of
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a set pace to take a shock laid by courtesy of the us scary. andre dubus corner flicked on by dortmund loney marius. both were scared. he took tap home at the back post cologne, coach marcus, kids don't look in less than ecstatic knowing the game was far from over. but as the 1st half progressed, his team kept their structure and shot dortmund out. practically their only major chance for the rest of the 1st half was this holland effort. after 26 minutes. i otherwise cologne largely contained the younger wage and for all his complaints and even when dortmund resorted to set pieces themselves, it was not yet. bob pummels did have the ball in the net. he was offside flying high in the champions league,
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but at times have been far from comfortable domestically and come the 2nd half. it was a case of deja vu a corner flick on the now that's my play and scary had a double, not a football match. i was the host brought on top and soon afterwards, teen sensations. g.i. rayna and use a firm akoko and that trail of subs julie combined to pull one back from dortmund with quarter of an hour left. i was making it seem like i in the dying minutes homo's almost scored with his foot. but it was spectacularly denied by team of all i and an otherwise subdued
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hall onslaughts royce's pos. why in the 5th minute about it, i was to celebrate a memorable day. so just what have don't been thing missing in games against supposed underdogs. but they go, that's a movement. we just weren't going deeper. no female and the teacher said to cock a fact was missing and pace them. sometimes we were just too slow to allow exam to align with the 1st 3 points of the season and the 1st win in dortmund in almost 3 decades. what a game it was for ellis skeery, who has now best move the way actually it's to best moves, or is it just one victorious cologne pulled off the same trick twice. just call that double. with
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a call up. call of 6 all but my earliest full fledged that was actually a skier and he said he was still i bases a type of corner that was invented by his voice violence in the seventy's for kill corner flick, call that a joke and that is work twice today, alone, outfoxed, and twice with the same move. but in the fall for such an easy routine, let's find out as we just stopped by our new big but not unbeatable. last weekend, they dropped points at home against graham and could they now do or dortmund and do the unthinkable lose against the current the promoted side were unbeaten in 7 and feel that the team
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a sprightly 4 years younger than byron's was they'd only played 10 matches this season, as opposed to the champions 15 years here too. there was a minute's silence in honor of maddalena to guard stadium has its own bit of maradona history. memories of 989, when napoli captained by the argentinian, played against, took part in the 2nd leg of the way for cup final. the italian side won on aggregate to win their only european silverware. at stake on saturday were only points, not prizes, but both sides. one of the dearly just 3 minutes in only the post prevented levon dosti from putting byron in front. but other once the visitors look distinctly pace and to see the 4 in previous weeks, prone to unforced errors. and with 20 minutes played byron were caught on the back
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foot as stuttgart took an unexpected leave. the score of 19 year old tom de courcy, bali with his 1st ever born to sleep. google has come out while neuer as recent great form deserted him and have already conceded 13 more than 6 other sides. and that was a collective bargain malfunction 10 minutes. before half time at stuttgart sauntered through their ranks and philip for us to came close to doubling their lead at higher jitters were again on display a minute later. the 1st again almost grabbed stuttgart seconds. and when he failed to take your chances against biron, you normally play kingsley chroma. drilled in a low shot to put the side's level. national guard caught pressing high and brutally exposed for their endeavors. byron were hardly, i'm talking here,
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but still very much on the ball. and in 1st time that it's time coleman turned provider for all that and aussie by 21 buyer, yet again, playing below par, but still getting the goals when it matters. and it was a similar story in the 2nd half stuttgart with their share of chances but failing to capitalise byron. meanwhile, did the minimal stepping things up to put the game to bed? he kept 3, but with 3 minutes left to play, it was substitute the glass cost us 1st of the season. but for his team, it was goal number $31.00 after 9 matches, equaling a bunch of sleek, a record dating back to $974.00. stuttgart force appear,
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ear and most stats except for possession and goal scored a frustrating afternoon in america. so see, it was you could tell they were struggling, we were good in both halves and we deserved a point for the incumbent. i am by and by but that win came at a cost for the champions with injury worries for having martinez and the man he replaced content only so as well as a homeboy tang and lucas hang around us in a phase where things aren't going like clockwork and we're having to really push ourselves as mamma want to see her leaving in all competitions, which is why we're off home, perhaps looking a bit worse for wear, but with a smile on our faces making off the little dolls. and with dortmund dropping points, it was byron with the last laugh. but they're not their only pursuers. of course.
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thanks. every title challenge unaids a world class striker. a lot sicker, still waiting for new signing, alexander solo to make his mark. thankfully they have a left back and julio, who has taken on goal scoring responsibilities. lowly deal fell where his next the spaniard is like 6 top scorer. this city's it was 6 goals already. and no wonder, given his tendency to burst forward at every option. after the bright blocks expressing forced a 2nd breakthrough, holos stalled possession and settled christoffersen kuku turn. make it true. you know, you look felled, making it far too easy for lots of looks then with
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a big chance to score his 1st goal for luck. but after winning the spot kick, he couldn't convert the penalty. fell. did grab a goal back through fog and close. but marsett held on for a 21 with joe johns to actually meet strikers when your defenders a banging in the goals. laver cousin had a big chance to jump into 2nd spot as they faced how to berlin, but unfortunately neither team could find the target. the best chance fell to kevin demi abide in the 32nd minute and it didn't get much better in a scrappy encounter. chances were few and far between as both teams lacked both inspiration and application of the game ended in a drought. nil nil stalemate disappointment for labor caisson,
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but they remain in 3rd place and are still undefeated in the bundesliga. mossberg are also on the fate of this season, and they must have been something in the water as they played out of a goal thriller with a bit of braman. raymond hultman, the scoring through leonardo gets in court after some furious pressing in the 13 minutes and then the floodgates for with 4 goals flowing in just 15 minutes. all spoke school tray through privilege, back to john anthony and food. because while prince kevin also needed to make a great shooter, the hosts got the bright eyed groups own gold for the school's level at $33.00,
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but also heard finish strong up with a big goal, scoring again and bought toss bialek, sealing an incredible 5 for a victory the wolves retain their own pace and record and are slowly staking their claim for your freiburg had not won since the opening day of the season. no wonder christan strikes looked a little grumpy. so when didn't chancel crito gave freiburg the lead against outs. work on 64 minutes, there was hope for a more fruitful future but with 10 minutes left on the clock move ben barca equalized with a convenient deflection. that's the 5th time now that freiburg have taken a lead and failed to hold on for the win spirally
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tasted victory for the 1st time last weekend and wanted to keep the momentum moving against hoffenheim. they took a deserved lead on 33 minutes after a native strange between their prey strikers. robin close on the ploy. the finishing touch often home fired back after the break. the last leaf flicking home, the equaliser iraqiya up the game ended on a sour note when denis cargo was sent to dislike a challenge. but it's not the sort of happy to share the spoils in a 11 draw. when the bundesliga has to hold response based off in berlin only on have a loss and smashed a one while i'm tough. putting one in the last 5 and the inform team got off to
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a cracking start and i stopped home after just 2 minutes. and then a penalty gave mox pose a chance to double their lead lives. yulia launched on 6 minutes on tough to chase them down with a silver grabbing 2 goals. his 2nd effort and kneecap for a header, taking his season tally to 7 to 2 at the break. i talked to the lead for the 1st time on 79 minutes. dutchy from about sending in the cross for boss tossed to the top. but clues it wasn't finished and he smashed home a spectacular equaliser to keep a game unbeaten run going. 33 with our match day she wrote showing
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his worth once again. would have loved this guy, max cruz a lots of party, but he is also football trimmel the cat to go the fisa says he was close to a much stronger so we won't see many venture goes in that he sings or you are going, i think you hit the ball just right. it was about time i scored from outside the box. i don't score many goals from the truth is just right for the moment. and especially from the penalty spot, he has 6 goals and 5 assists this season. he really is. and here we have one game
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left shell cup, the stuff of fairy tales shall cause celebrating a win. but it really did happen once upon a time in january 2020. and it was against mention glad to nail the score back when shelf where in 5th spot a long time ago. when shall go wrong? the young 10 months and 24 when those games later, perhaps prayers really are all they can help. bottom side, chunka under fire, sporting director, your french neither had made a big call midweek suspending amin housemate and now bill bennett to lead from
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training. after a round and better and they got a piece of it, saw his contract terminated coach manny while bound had little to offer in terms of motivation. except perhaps that last league win against club, our childhood did at least work shoulder to shoulder. but despite early promised, could not help going behind after 15 minutes. yes . i have been coming germany international flowing, annoyed house left to finish off a move with ashanti defense all it see, even if perhaps unlucky. perhaps their top brass donning a glass colored mask wasn't a good omen, but the football gods did allow a way back into the game for shall heads.
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although there was no luck involved in benito, rahman's brilliant equaliser with hope rekindled could shall can now be in the ascendancy. but it was to be a brief rise from the ashes for this phoenix 9 minutes before half time shock of where defended by an all too simple goal by our star vent and glad we're back ahead and the hosts emerged. the more fiery side after half time marcus tuvan made it 31 in the 52nd minute. glassware on a roma shall capitulated, but at least their sporting director now had an appropriate mask on. not that it
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prevented further while harness both with a 4th and final goal for condemning, shunted to a quarter century of games without a leak. when yeah, it has to stop right now and to start to win the games on otherwise will be a very long and hard season. but yeah, it's again frustrating torture. not to win a game, but i think we really want to win. but on this time, it doesn't work. the morning after a modestly sized group of shelton fans gathered outside their home stadium to show there is no loyalty the 20 months after we've always cheered on the team no matter what. and have been ridiculed for celebrating a one all drawn like we've won the league, but even that's not possible right now. and i think the team are missing that when i get the moment, even if they want them to cynthia, one day soon those fans will be allowed back in. and who knows what might happen.
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maybe shopko will win so what have we learned from this match day? how did a british paper say you have to show it? you know, we neither stoke. that's right, thomas can win the tricky games where chances are at a brain trust just just a word out of that about his face. ah ha, try to push the jocks. but these others tend to stumble and fall against cologne. sure, sure. your buddies are lemons. pumice, legal to kill all the town time. welly is here, monday. after all,
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we want to do better, but sometimes it's like this in football. the boy in it is really like the idea and 3 points in the pocket and show must go. they exactly. now let's check out all the results from match day knowing there's that whopping wind of also books and a horrible defeat for goldman like a cyclone while there was a goals fest in berlin, fire and a winning streak up and $25.00 games without a bullet as they give victory, push out the sunday matches and didn't draw a shelter actually scored a goal. and it was a good one. benito obama with the finish markku to the greeter. but shanklin need
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to do that on more to end their win. let's round this. hardly every person in at number 2, both sports club or free kick routine, opened the door for john brooks to score their braman were wondering how they fell for the top line. it's legal as marks on old touch. is it a goal? maradona would have been envious. of you simply left hello with amazing skills, but our winner is max palooza. just look at that family. the striker is fast becoming only owns new talisman. he is suddenly a man. you can rely on here's yet another angle of our goal of the weekend. ok. i'll put that much strain on table by and have a 2 point lead over. what stick with later couzin of point. further back dozing,
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goldman's a no. 4 hovering in 5th spot above on your own. glad back. still have work to do. just fight there with book away now, shoka fans because the bottom of the table makes for a very unhappy, rainy royal blues. and now the only team without a win is a loved shooting up to a future date. so it turns out the bundesliga really is a great league where any team can win on the day. just ask sori dortmund, ecstatic cologne. at least coach markets can stall, didn't lead victory slip through his hands. and there's no respite for the top teams with champions league and a rope and league action coming thick and fast this week. byron are already through to the last 16 but injuries mean they can't rest many players. that's despite
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having a big clash in the bundesliga next weekend against lights, a man is likely to be in a more combative mood. some say modeled on a 1986 world cup on his own behalf to be on tom foreman. every game at the highest level in the bundesliga is on unforgiving
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on the west coast to come out in 2007. 100 years later, reality looks very different letters translated drinking water shortage, playing good day to day. that is a big story. we're going to leave it to god knows what coal and oil thomas is starts december force led play, play, play,
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[000:00:00;00] play, play, play. this is news live from berlin on world aids day. a warning not to forget. almost 40000000, people are living with a child. but experts say progress against aids pandemic is could be undone by the corona virus. and as a result, one and a half a 1000000, more people could die. also coming up on the show a 2nd,


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