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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2020 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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and that the incident was politically motivated. you're watching t w news, g w business news is up next with rob wants to go around. he will have a look at mr. president elect, joe biden's, top economic team picks. we'll be right back. why are people forced to hide in trucks? there are many reasons. there are many cancers and there are many stories
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make up your job. made for mines. joe biden introduces his economic team. the president elect says, help is on the way as he nominates janet yellen delete the u.s. treasury. so what do the pics tell us about biden's approach? also coming up, the e.u. has a flashy new campaign for its cloud infrastructure. but can guy x. live up to the hype in the tech world, dominated by the u.s. and china? and say good bye bye to breaks your next house could be coming out of
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a different places. do you do your business and robots in berlin? welcome to the program. u.s. president elect joe biden has set out the top team he hopes will help guide the u.s. economy through the economic recovery, saying he chosen a tested and experienced group of advisors. among them is janet yellen, who becomes the 1st woman to hold the post of treasury secretary accepting the nomination. the former federal reserve chair painted a gloomy picture of the pandemics effect on the u.s. law. it was small business struggling to stay alive or close for good. so many people struggling to put food on the table in pay bills in rent. it's an american tragedy. and it's essential that we move with urgent sick in a action will produce
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a self reinforcing cause. yet more diffuse station biden also pointed wildly at the deputy treasury secretary, the 1st black person to hold the position for more on the team. let's bring in quarter on wall street who's obviously not the moment, but now i can see you. sorry. so just tell us what to biden's picks indicate about his approach for the coming years. well, sure. i mean, it's the most diverse team that washington has ever seen when it comes to is that in the city and also gender, but it's not necessarily the most progressive. janet yellen, herself, is seen as very moderate. she does have a social heart, but she already worked in the advisory team of former president bill clinton. so what this team is to deal with 1st of all is to convince congress hundreds of billions of dollars for spending and to help the population. and then later on,
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probably dealing with the debt load to texas will become an issue, but that's not going to be the 1st thing on their agenda. so we've had financial results from zoom, the company that's been helping a lot of us to stay in touch with each other during coronavirus lockdowns and how is the video conferencing software company doing yeah, helping and profiting itself. i would say the company had a stellar quarter revenue up by a biologist, 370 per cent, interested me enough. the stock actually tanked by 15 per cent. a couple of reasons . 1st of all, for the current quarter of the xoom only only expects to have a revenue increase of about 330 percent. so that would be less than in the 3rd quarter. and then also more and more lines from the education industry. so
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from schools from pupil students and they don't pay anything at all or much less than a corporate clients, for example, that seems to be $1.00 reason why the stock was down and then we shouldn't forget, since the beginning of the year, the stock of zoom increased by almost 700 percent, so it's no wonder that we did see some profit taking. so business was very good, but it might be slowing down. but on a very high, elevated, elevated, elevated, sorry, level, thanks for bringing us up to date. now some of the other business stories making the news now stack is seeking government approval to force companies listed on the exchange to meet boardroom diversity standards. it argues that many firms are making slow progress in naming nonwhites executives. 2 leading positions. a new report from the organization for economic cooperation and development says the
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global economy is moving towards a recovery and predicts global output will reach preplan demick levels by the end of 2021 with countries like india and china, leading the charge germany's biotech and its u.s. bonafied is or say they filed for european union approval for their coverage. 19 baxi follow similar steps in the u.s. . the u.k. and companies hope to make their vaccine available by the end of this year. us has also requested a year approval for its vaccine. both drugs to be around 95 percent effective, correspondent bruce and sends us this update from frankfurt on the financial markets. high hopes are put of the various promising kind of that's for a corona vaccine. the month of december has started on an upbeat note here at the frankfurt stock exchange of this. after a strong month of november in november alone,
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the german index dax skate around about 15 percent. now it will be important to bridge the gap until we have a vaccine. that's what many economists are convinced off, which means that government spending should not be ending too soon. and worldwide, government should cooperate next year. when it comes to distributing the corona vaccine. europeans have long criticized big tech companies while failing to develop any of their own. the e.u. thinks it has a solution on both counts though. a new block wide cloud infrastructure. it's calling gaia x. . it's a new set of standards meant to create an open, uniform tech playing field for companies across the 27 member countries. provide an answer to tech domination from the u.s. and china. how much data do you have in their cloud, with amazon or google, or microsoft, or one of the other tech giants in the sky?
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the cloud has become the high tech battleground of the internet age and is totally dominated by those big, mainly american players. but here in berlin angela merkel's government says, it doesn't have to be that way. it's time for something different. it's painting a vivid picture promos show us life i world with little specks of data cascading through cyberspace. kundra it up in the name of a mythical goddess of life itself. gaia it all looks great and dire. x. sounds like something from star trek. but what actually is it? for germany's economy minister, it's a totally new approach to cloud services. perhaps the most important good should spray shin of europe in a generation yours are participating in. it will be able to use any services from any provider in the system. that word ecosystem is key here,
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insists it's not trying to create a tech giant of its own. rather guy x. aims to be a set of standards. the new services can build on, and users can trust. they want to make sure that the space for competition is dynamic, and that the rules are european. hundreds of companies are involved from all over the world, but french and german firms are in the lead. france's finance minister says that's crucial. we are not china are, we are not the united states. we are countries and we own economy interest. but we want to be friends. and this highlights, perhaps the most interesting point of all about guy x. . it's not just about business and data. it's about geopolitics too. and where europe stands as the u.s. and china begin to face off in a possible tech, cold war. europe doesn't want to pursue kind of silk and valley style surveillance,
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capitalism or chinese style. obviously, tech, north or terrorism. europe is looking for a 3rd way, is quite an elegant answer to that. the real test will come when guy x. goes live. we'll soon find out if there's room in cyberspace for a european way. now is being touted as the largest 3 d. printed residential building in europe is coming together in a small bavarian village. but can the project in nearly 400 square meter apartment building hasten the construction industries. adoption of 3. d. printing technology layer by layer. this machine is putting down the concrete walls of what is expected to be europe's largest. 3 d. printed a residential building, the structure in the bavarian village and bolland house and not reach 3 storeys and has 5 apartments common distance if you can imagine
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a sort of piping bag like it used to ice the cake which builds up the layers. the 3 d. printer is being guided by a computer which directs the mixing and laying of the concrete. it's much faster and more efficient than human workers. according to the building's contractor, for site, it took 25 hours to print the ground floor, and that's with 2 people in comparison and usually takes 5 people about 5 days from photog. that's good news. he says, because germany is facing a shortage of skilled construction workers. he hopes this technology might help to change that by attracting a new set of workers to the end of story. at the moment, we're having problems getting young people and dues to about training and construction. we want to turn that around with this 3 d.
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project and say, hey, we're making working in construction sexy again. if we do need to succeed, but it won't solve all the construction industries was just like with normal building sites, cold winter weather could soon be shutting this 3 d. printer down making construction sexy. well, that's all from me and the business team here in berlin for more do go over to our website, v.w. docked. com slash business plans are now we're also on facebook and twitter. of course. just search for the top of your business. for me, it's goodbye and until next time, take out the
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you know, define you and bangladesh have up to there now they're growing in with it's been a regional tradition that is touted as a model for the entire country. phyllis, the idea 3000 and 60 minutes.
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and then discuss what you can do to improve your health states use and let's all try to stay in good shape on g.w. . this is the good news africa coming up on the program talking a pandemic during i'm not up on daybreak. 20 percent of south africans are living with hiv and it's not easy. toggling it's june of covert 19 and demick, but a new preventative treatment to be helped stop the spread. also coming out there were forced to flee their country by the on going war we need to just to grab egypt . now when saddam and the complete stranger was doing all she can to help themselves.


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