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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2020 1:30am-2:01am CET

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there are a 1000000 to. make up your current. job. for martin's. over a 1000000000 people in the world to live with some kind of a disability and yet we barely seem to talk about it today on made we're seeking to change the us by showcasing stories that challenge us to think afresh about an issue that affects 15 percent of the global population and we want to zoom in specifically on one topic disability inclusion in the workplace let's be honest
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having a disability often means encountering obstacles in areas like social inclusion transport education and of course the world of work but barriers are made to be overcome and in our next report we'll see some spectacular examples of high technology is helping people to realize their full potential despite or even because of their disability. when humans and machines become one of mind control devices are taking off. is about 2 pilots a car in a virtual race that cybertron a tournament for people with disabilities his team is made up of computer scientists from the university in bangkok thailand. it's
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a new experience it's really exciting. he's also studying computer science and wants to become a game's developer has been largely paralyzed since he suffered a spinal injury in an accident when he was 15 controlling a device through forge opens up new doors for him this kind of technology is known as the brain computer interface or p.c. i thought it registers neural signals in the brain and translates them into control commands for devices. it takes practice and concentration to be able to send murcia signals that are as clear as possible and the software has to be able to filter out irrelevant signals. in this sort of thrown event drivers have to keep their vehicles on the winding track and go as fast as they can .
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just has to move his hand in his mind for his prosthetic hand to remove the way he wants it to. he's a farmer and lost his hand in a work accident. it took a lot of practice to learn to control his purse thesis. in turn learns the movements he typically performs. this device does not read signals in the brain but registers tiny movements in the muscles in what is left of the. when bubble wants to lift his hand the corresponding muscles in the arm contract and to press these since performs the intended movements are. going to. involve a brilliant you just imagine opening your hand when your hand opens your margin closing it on the closes same for rotation you don't have to think much about the signal the prosthesis just doesn't. both kind of our can now do
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a lot of their work. himself. modeling for statics are impacting a range of activities people without disabilities as well as devices provide support for heavy lifting with trials underway there are brand new opportunities for the 1st place it's industry. we're talking to companies to get a sense of the potential market. there's a lot of scope we're talking about the auto industry railways just sticks for shipbuilders and many others. being able to operate all kinds of machines and devices just by thinking it would open up new horizons imagine you could put on a robot and suddenly have super powers. and what if computers really learn to read more of our minds with that it can be a good thing as it is that is all
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a long way. to mention human brain contains 86000000000 neurons linked by a sign ups. and on each neuron sustains about a 1000 connections and complexity the signalling is extremely complex the signals we not only have to be registered individually but also interpreted before such technical advances could be considered. and so we're nowhere near that kind of practical application. came in 2nd in the race he's delighted and so are the team he says he hopes b.c. i will help people with paralysis in the more independent line. having a disability is no laughing matter except well sometimes it actually is amazing inside has cerebral palsy
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a movement disorder that affects around 17000000 people worldwide it's a permanent condition that has no cure but that hasn't stopped her from making it and then a tory asli come petters of world of comedy. my name is maysoon zayid and i am not drunk but the doctor who delivered me was he caught my mom 6 different times in 6 different directions suffocating poor little me in the process as a result i have cerebral palsy which means i shake all the time look. it's exhausting i'm like shakespeare or should care i mean it's mohammad ali. around 17000000 people worldwide live with a cerebral palsy yet disability is often an obstacle to finding a job. may soon be on screen and on
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stage and the ted talks here is has been viewed millions of times she has shown the world how to succeed in working life with a disability i got 99 problems and polls he is just one. if there was an hour crush an olympics i would win the gold medal i'm palestinian muslim are female i'm just a vulgar and i move in new jersey. i imagine the acting business can be pretty brutal if you're not a tall skinny blonde woman or have times changed hollywood is about fantasy and perfection and it's very very of disabled people every time i did a scene from a glassman my professors would we but i never got cast finally in my senior year a.s.u. decided to do a show called the dance real slow in jackson it's a play about
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a girl with c.p. i was a girl with you on how observable thank god almighty i'm free at last i didn't get the part. you didn't think i could do this i said excuse me if i can't do the stunt neither can the character. people with disabilities are the largest minority in the world and we are the most under represented and true taman but also brown people i love the way it was so in addition to the fact that i heard . that you know skin the blue. i'm also i think i'm also disabled i was also over the age of 21 all of those things are i'm downfall in hollywood but not in stand up comedy stand up comedy is where the weirdos go this time my father taught me how i walked when i was 5 years old by placing my heels on his
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feet and just walking another tactic that he uses he would dangle a dollar bill and trying to me i'm having a fit. my inner stripper was very strong and bright i know. you also teach and universities and there's a class that has called it vice you don't want to hear what is a device that disabled people don't want to hear my advice for disabled people in the workforce is you have to do better than your non-disabled counterpart so sorry they're just gonna hold you to a higher standard you have to be clear and have no fear about asking for accommodation if your disability means you can't sit for 8 hours straight up front with your coworkers and your boss and find what works for your body do no
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work for free don't let anyone to move into that exposure who are training or whatever blah blah blah they're trying to sell you who's working and have solutions so if you can't fulfill something that's certainly your job don't just say i can't do it say i can't do this but here are 3 different solutions for it and put everything in the e-mails don't have phone calls because later when you need to sue the beating emails are more in fact that i you know it's exhausting to be your own kid at all times but no one else is going to do it for you my big break came in 2010. i was invited to be a guest on the cable news show countdown keep it and they shuffle me and her studio and seat me on a spinning rolling chair. so i looked at the stage manager and i'm like excuse me can i am another chair and she looked at me and she went 543.
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i was like i did not right so i had to grip on to the anchors so but i wouldn't roll off the screen during the segment. and when the interview was over i was livid i had finally gotten my chance i blew it and i knew i would never get invited back but not when we did mr a woman and buy me back he made me a full time contributor and he take care. you. muslim and you have a disability there are people out there who think these things are disadvantages you sometimes angry at the world or even jealous i remember them jealous of you for . people of color i am furious and very sick of. with the world because i. for the life of me comprehend how in 2025 once against women is still the main stream acceptable and that we still. are
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killing people depriving people of the quote because of the color of their skin disabled 3 times as likely as and i'm disabled can approach the assault it has to stop we must do better mining is may soon and if i can can you can can. what a message they fayne if s.o.b is the mother of invention and not certainly true when it comes to making life easier for people with disabilities. around 2 decades ago a ph d. student named wayne westerman was struggling to type his dissertation because of repetitive strain injury not one to give up he teamed up with a nother developer to create a touchscreen that required far less pressure from the fingers problem solved audiobooks for a similarly simple solution for visually impaired lovers of literature and in fact
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anyone who is on able to read innovation is something we all benefit from is just one upside to disability inclusion as we'll see in a moment being disabled friendly pays off financially to. need to be visibility of this event if you're not you're missing out on over $1000000000.00 customers worldwide. how i am still how. the president and c.e.o. of this ability ends a little like wrap it in hours 250 multinational grand to achieve disability inclusion into politics i'm going to share with you how to make your company does a 1000000 clues and in 3 steps step wise do the math. if
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you meet. what is going to cost how is this going to positively impact mobile. and d.d. says that on average accommodations are less than $500.00 companies that prioritize disability inclusion and outperform their peers i average with things like 28 percent higher revenue 2 times the net income and 30 percent higher economic profit margins so you have to ask yourself if you want your company to be innovative because in fact many innovations were designed for and sometimes by people with this ability is. the bottom line is that it pays to be disability inclusive step to
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build the roads if you're trying to be inclusive you need tools that are includes the to everybody do your marketing materials include people with disabilities so that people with disabilities can see themselves in your marketing materials one in 59 p. . people are on the autism spectrum companies like s.a.p for example actually consciously worked to include people who identify as being autistic in their workplace and as a result that made their competitors come out of the woodwork and want to learn what they're doing and now we come to the final step 3 leverage your people you need to identify a champion within your business that's going to drive this this suffered and ideally that's a senior leader who openly identifies as being a person with a disability and in the disability community we say nothing about that without us
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and the other important part of leveraging your people is your employee resource group the greatest resource you have within your company are your people google how as an employee resource group for their employees with disabilities and their driving you know their driving things like hackathon a lot of what comes out of the employee resource groups actually drives the bottom line training is critical there is bias that exists in our world around people with disabilities so it's important to provide training because we want to build inclusive cultures not just where we can attract talent but we want to be able to retain and grow talent we've got to work together to tear down that bias to
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what are you waiting for gets started. don't get started is a great message but it's often easier said than done especially in the area of entrepreneurship but it is possible to succeed my colleague mr schmidt met a man who refused to let his physical condition stop him from running his own business. though a lot of people think if you have a physical disability you have a mental disability. and they prefer not to have to engage with people like. my disability since i was 6. somehow it gave me strength. when people said something is impossible i'd say it's possible. it can be done watch meet with. the boss and co never scaffolding company he's used to navigating
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a construction site on crutches. for months and have no money in an even number when we took over the business 19 years ago i was the only one of the company with a disability. i was about 40 i spent 10 years as the company's managing director. delighted. that in general banks are cautious with people with disabilities they're concerned that if they take out a loan they won't pay it off. we've played a lot of people i know who have similar disabilities to mine are now in wheelchairs banks tend to have doubts that they'll be able to pay off a long term loan. the initial years as kono were struggle could be an intimidating boss. i used to be a tyrant with my employees. the problem was that i felt i had to assert myself how i felt i had to show my staff
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who was boss. it was like to some extent i regret that. i would go around my spirit level checking that everything was straight. if i found something that wasn't then someone paid with their job was done so tough i was it i'd love to do it the way i was raised since. my parents didn't believe in me they talk about my disability they tell me i couldn't do things about it i always had to prove myself and show i could. these days his 40 employees have nothing to fear. as he became successful. he's able to admit to past mistakes. screwing up was an important part of the learning experience. and admitting that i made a right old mess. we had
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a contract in 2010 and miscalculated the budget 530-0000 euros. as a result between 20122014 we completely overhauled the company. these days the companies specialized in scaffolding solutions. he's a role model for others as an entrepreneur who hasn't left a disability hold him back. i feel that people with disability should be more in the public eye. range how often do we see any woman disability in the headlines. or on t.v. almost never. a problem to some extent they don't dare put themselves out there draw attention to themselves and say ok i have this problem but i'm smart enough to build up a business. as an optimistic outlook he shrugs off the discrimination he's experienced because of his disability. it's happened yes and
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sometimes it was severe. but i don't dwell on it i'm over 60 now i'm noticing that i no longer remember some stuff. i can forget some of the on important stuff. like i was going. here in germany nearly 3 quarters of people who are blind or seriously visually impaired don't have a chop that's a whole lot of talent that society is missing out on and our next report 3 women a physiotherapist a lawyer and a disability rights activist share they find ways to thrive in their profession in spite of what others might view as a disadvantage. let me know when it starts to hurt can you still speak. and breathe. out period i have retinitis pigmentosa it's a genetic disorder and causes tunnel vision my eyesight was quite good until i was
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30 or 35 i could still ride my bike. a very normal father. most of my patients don't even know. when i tell them i'm legally blind they say they don't believe me. that was a quick. one can verify this if you can cover up a lot you become a champion in covering it up of course i have trained my coworkers to never put things in the wrong place. i get so mad if i have to spend hours hunting for something if i reach for it and it's not where it's meant to be and i have to start looking for it. my parents always supported me they never said you won't be able to do that. but lynn is very noisy very crowded and people just leech other a lot it's
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a challenge. i see light and dark and contours here in this hall i can make out the windows and the round lamps that look like bright patches. so i can orient myself quite well. i locate the steps with my stick i know the courthouse building very well with all its corridors and corners. and sighted people often get lost here and can't find their way out without help. in my case given that i can't see i don't judge people by their exterior because i can't that also means i don't get distracted and remain focused on what people tell me. but that doesn't mean i'm entirely free of preconceptions they're just a bit different blind people might not like the sound of someone's voice or the way they shake your hand. i'm not
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a living light detector but i am pretty sensitive to what people are telling me whether it's true or whether they're lying. but i mean a month before if you can't imagine a blind person can climb a flight of stairs you won't believe that a visually impaired person can hold their own in the workplace. and. that if you talk in a digital world technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time there are some websites we can use easily but far too many are not accessible. going to your house coming sort of what's going on the app will tell me. upfront i'm. just so
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good the bus is just arriving no you know what that's done but that can be recognized by the app so it says the next one is delayed coming in 10 minutes it doesn't show the one that's just come in so i. live in town because there's good public transport that lets me get around. that if self driving cars ever become available and i can afford one i might consider moving to the country. the world her always there and on that no that brings us to the end of this edition of made it's been a pleasure having you along the shore to join us again next time until then for me on the entire team here it's goodbye and take.
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i am. coming.
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there's. 5 people are dead after a car plowed into shoppers and the germans. happened in the zone at high speeds the baby is among the 5 people killed police say the attack was intentional and was asked to drive just know ships are still on the pier. also coming up the other big pandemic south africa where 20 percent of the population live.


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