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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2020 7:15am-7:31am CET

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ok well thank you so much for joining us. thank you. piers alone in captivity for years but now the elephant known as the world's alone lisa finally house a new life was transported from a zoo in pakistan to come podia of the animal rights groups that u.s. signal share alosa campaign to siphon from miserable conditions like many others he had to cover test before his flight he's now settling in alongside several other methods. stephen busily hospitably business next. every day. for us and for our planet. pluto my dues is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener how can we protect animals and their habitats what to do with
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the waste. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation through the forest recycling for disposable smart new solutions for steam said you know. these truly unique and we know that their uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive gluten why do you as the ornamental soup global 3000 on t.w. and on. us president elect joe biden introduces his economic team he says that help is on the way to the country's pandemic battered economy and nominates former federal reserve chairman janet yellen to lead the u.s. treasury. also on the show taiwan hasn't had a coronavirus case since april and its economy has hardly been dented by the pandemic. so what's the island secret. welcome to the show. in berlin
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u.s. president elect joe biden has introduced a group of economic advisors and cabinet picks that he hopes will lead the nation toward a pandemic recovery his pick for treasury secretary janet yellen would become the 1st woman to hold the post if confirmed by the u.s. senate. with the u.s. economy suffering from pandemic related restrictions with high unemployment and companies losing money joe biden has pledged to move fast to provide relief now his economic task force is taking shape. a 1st rate team that's going to get us through this ongoing economic crisis and help us build an economy back not just build it back to build back better than it was before and keenness tested an experience that includes americans from a variety of backgrounds led by one familiar face former fed chief janet yellen
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biden's pick for treasury secretary and the recovery act that followed so many people struggling to put food on the table and pay bills and rent it's an american tragedy and it's essential that we move with urgency. inaction will produce a self reinforcing downturn causing yet more devastation team in place president elect biden says he's working on a new plan that can be launched on day one to revive the economy and create more than 18000000 jobs through investments in infrastructure clean energy and manufacturing. now the pandemic has of course had workers and business owners around the world those who are younger have faced a special challenge they're just getting started and they may lack the resources or job experiences that can help navigate a very difficult moment in the working world so you know. who.
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they are yet i know i'm 26 years old and i'm from argentina i came to barcelona to dance and teach the tango and together with my partner mike opened a tango common february but then had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic what . they call you. my name is neil's i'm 27 years old and i live in amsterdam i've just finished writing i write in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic could stand the cold outside. and we didn't have any income at all for the 1st 3 months after the lock down in march we lived off our savings and borrowed money so we don't have any family here either. but i'm a funny about. this group i click into information at the start of the 1st wave i began looking for a job because there were a few offers but i didn't find the right one. in theory there aren't enough
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qualified workers in i.t. there's a lot of demand and so i wasn't really afraid to meet. you and have a better man than the hygiene measures include social distancing and that's impossible with tango it's a couples dance and the partners get very close to one another and we constantly change our dance partners and we knew from the outset that we would be the last to be able to return to normal i mean c.b.s. was a sad loss leaving us and but i say to you today they can relate i accepted an offer 2 weeks ago in software engineering. for engineering but i've still never met michael ware. it's very impersonal yes i don't know anyone in purcell nick mckenzie or needs to go if i need help i don't know who i could ask and easy to get things we just sit in on my meetings and a lot of people don't even have their webcams on. or i manage independent itself
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a tricky dance let's bring in colorado and now in frankfurt good morning conrad what has this pandemic mitzi young workers just entering the job market. well stephen it all depends on the level of education you have of course and on the sector that you want to work in right now in germany you know of course hotels restaurants are not hiring theaters are closed our television station d.w. is not taking in turns because of the pandemic so obviously the pandemic has made it more difficult to enter the workforce full of those young workers but on the other hand i personally have a couple of kids kids there in that twenty's in my family who just finished their degrees and who managed quite well to find a job of course sometimes they have to accept not the very best 1st work contract some of them of course immediately started to work from home but you know this is the generation that's used to open a laptop into the virtual become active there it turns out it's also possible to
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find work there the learning curve of course is very steep for them or a very different work world that they're entering contribution in frankfurt thank you. now let's go to some of the other business stories making headlines. it has said that in 20 years the world's car fleet will be fully electric he predicted the milestone will double global electricity consumption driving up demand for a new level energy tesla founder made the comments while picking up a business award in germany where construction of his 4th gigafactory is underway. so australia has emerged from its 1st recession in 3 decades after its economy grew by 3.3 percent in the 3rd quarter officials said the country had turned a corner but was likely to experience years of high unemployment. nasdaq is seeking government approval to force companies listed on the exchange to meet boardroom diversity standards it argues that many firms are making sluggish procter
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progress in naming nonwhite executives to leading positions. over asia now or taiwan central bank said wednesday that it's holding off for now on an interest rate increase you heard that right when most nations are pouring money into the economy taiwan is considering tightening its money supply that's how good things have been this year for the island economy. there are new curfews new law and no bans and yet taiwan seems to have the pandemic under control only 7 people have died from the virus so far there would be no local infection since april. the country was prepared for a crisis had enough masks from the start and lead targeted testing in contact tracing with cell phones that's why taiwan is one of the few countries where the international monetary fund does not expect economic to decline. the taiwanese to test it expects growth of 2.5 percent in 2020 rising to 3.9
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percent in 2021 although given taiwan is dependent on exports overseas markets need to recover fast. speaking of the situation right now the most important aspect is that the pandemic is still gaining ground in europe and america some cities are locked down in europe and their economic growth has slowed but this is not likely to recede in america as long as cities are not locked down will be blessed with the shopping peak season of q 4 in this case taiwan's year and exports can still reach a high so if you look at taiwan's economy it's still on a path to recovery. more than 40 percent of taiwanese exports head to china but tensions with beijing have been mounting of late china does not recognize taiwan's government and for decades has threatened to take over the small self ruled island by force if necessary. let's bring in in
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taipei so good morning or i should say good evening there so how important is china's quick recovery to this relatively strong economy that we're seeing in taiwan. or china is the only major economy to recover from the pandemic and taiwan has become more dependent on the chinese market because of this exports account for about 60 percent of taiwan's g.d.p. and for the past few months more than 46 percent of taiwanese exports go to china while it's only 14 percent of the u.s. and 7 percent of the whole europe and from january to october this year and has enjoyed a trade surplus of 131000000000 dollars was china so from these numbers we know taiwan has greatly benefited from china's quick recovery clearly a very significant business relationship there what does that mean we're seeing growing tensions between china and taiwan at the moment well
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taiwanese and chinese economies are highly interdependent 3 of the 12 china's most popular consumer brands are taiwan's brands and apples 3 major manufacturers in china foxconn pick a try and was trying to companies and china is still seeking for more tao anees investments because for beijing there's a very particular reason when it's a political and cultural itself cannot be a step to get by that's how many people it's really important to mention this is a common ties for taiwan to make it more difficult for talent to get rid of china. joe what does the country expect out of a biden presidency considering the turmoil and i guess maybe the the tensions that have increased between the u.s. and china during the trumpet ministration. well biden has appointed and lincoln to be the secretary of the state and then blinken has tweeted saying that stronger economy ties with taiwan support our shared democratic values and our
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common commitment to regional peace and stability is really a positive to the taiwanese government and it's looking forward for a stronger us in taiwan nomic partnership and even probably bilateral trade agreements at biden's presidency. all right and finally so how are corona virus levels looking there right now we talk about low infection rates is that holding at the moment for thai waters or any concern in the months ahead. well it's governance become more cautious now we have more measures of wearing masks during the winter season but for our daily life there's like no pandemic going on here in taiwan so it's pretty safe here in telling us how everybody feels so bring us the latest from taipei thank you very much. and finally breaks that you're a negotiation is are coming down to the wire that's leading to some interesting
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scenes like this one. this is the brags that monster created by the dutch and sent to the port of rotterdam where he can remind truck drivers and of course the press of the customs nightmare that their fate that they're about to face now 3000 trucks pass through europe's largest port daily local authorities fear that many firms are ready for the paperwork that could be headed their way should a deal not be reached but it's 31st. all right that's it for me and the business team here for lead as always you can find out more about these and other business stories online at g.w. dot com slash business to check us out on facebook and twitter i'm stephen beardsley thanks for watching. i'm really reluctant with him on those questions.
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they are defining climate change. in bangladesh have water up to there now. they're growing in. with. it's been a regional tradition but is telling it as a model for the entire country. 3000
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