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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2020 3:45am-4:16am CET

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to build the roads if you're trying to be inclusive you need tools that are inclusive to everybody do your marketing materials include people with disabilities so that people with disabilities can see themselves in your marketing materials one in $59.00 people are on the autism spectrum companies like s.a.p for example actually consciously works to include people who identify as being autistic in their workplace and as a result that made their competitors come out of the woodwork and want to learn what they're doing and now we come as a final step 3 leverage your people you need to identify a champion within your business that's going to drive this this suffered and ideally that's a senior leader who openly identifies as being a person with a disability and in the disability community we say nothing about that without us
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and the other important part of leveraging your people is your employee resource group the greatest resource you have within your company are your people google. has an employee resource group where there are boys with disabilities and they're driving you know they're driving things like hackathon a lot of what comes out of the resource groups actually drives the bottom line training is critical there is bias that exists in our world around people with disabilities so it's important to provide training because we want to build inclusive cultures not just where we can attract talent but we want to be able to retain and grow talent we've got to work together to tear down that night what do
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you think or get started. get started is a great message but it's often easier said than done especially in the area of entrepreneurship but it is possible to succeed my colleague mr schmidt met a man who refused to let his physical condition stop him from running his own fitness. dimension might even begin though a lot of people think if you have a physical disability you have a mental disability mentioned and they prefer not to have to engage with people like that but i sort of had my disability since i was 6. somehow it gave me strength. when people said something is impossible i'd say it's possible it can be done watch me do it. fell to the boss and never scaffolding company he's used to navigating
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a construction site on crutches. for months and 2000000 the moment when we took over the business 19 years ago i was the only one of the company with a disability. i was about 40 i spent 10 years as the company's managing director. delighted. in general banks are cautious with people with disabilities they're concerned that if they take out a loan they won't pay it off. we've played a lot of people i know who have similar disabilities to mine are now in wheelchairs banks tend to have doubts that they'll be able to pay off a long term loan. the initial years as co no where we struggle could be an intimidating boss. i used to be a tyrant 2 of my employees. disclosed. the problem was that i felt i had to assert myself. i felt i had to show my staff who
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was boss. will shape us. to some extent i regret that. i would go around my spirit level checking that everything was straight. if i found something that wasn't then someone paid with their job. so tough i was because i'd love to do it the way i was raised since. my parents didn't believe in me they talk about my disability they tell me i couldn't do things about it i always had to prove myself and show i could. these days his 40 employees have nothing to fear. stephen melitus he became successful. he's able to admit to past mistakes i think. screwing up was an important part of the learning experience. and admitting that i made a right old mess. we have a contract in 2010 and miscalculated the budget 530-0000 euros. as
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a result between 20122014 we completely overhauled the company. these days the company is specialized in scaffolding solutions. he's a role model for others as an entrepreneur who hasn't left a disability hold him back. he doesn't mention. i feel that people with disability should be more in the public eye ready. how often do we see anyone with disability in the headlines. or on t.v. almost never. a problem to some extent they don't dare put themselves out there draw attention to themselves and say ok i have this problem but i'm smart enough to build up a business. or has an optimistic outlook he shrugs off the discrimination he's experienced because of his disability. it's happened yes
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and sometimes it was severe. but i don't dwell on it i'm over 60 now i'm noticing that i no longer remember some stuff. i can forget some of the all important stuff . here in germany nearly 3 quarters of people who are blind or seriously visually impaired don't have a chop that's a whole lot of talent that society is missing out on and our next report 3 women a physiotherapist a lawyer and a disability rights activist share how they found ways to thrive in their profession in spite of what others might view as a disadvantage. let me know when it starts to hurt can you still speak. and breathes. out period i have retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic disorder and causes tunnel vision my eyesight was quite good until i was
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30 or 35 i could still ride my bike. on the fox. most of my patients don't even know. when i tell them i'm legally blind they say they don't believe me. that was a quick. one can verify you can cover up a lot you become a champion in covering it up of course i have trained my coworkers to never put things in the wrong place. i get so mad if i have to spend hours hunting for something if i reach for it and it's not where it's meant to be and i have to start looking for it. my parents always supported me they never said you won't be able to do that. but when it's very noisy very crowded and people just leech other a lot it's
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a challenge. you see as a whole life see light and dark and contours here in this hall i can make out the windows and the round lamps that look like bright patches. so i can orient myself quite well. i locate the steps with my stick. i know the courthouse building very well with all its corridors and corners. and sighted people often get lost here and can't find their way out without help. but in my case given that i can't see i don't judge people by their exterior because i can't that also means i don't get distracted and remain focused on what people tell me. but that doesn't mean i'm entirely free of preconceptions they're just a bit different blind people might not like the sound of someone's voice or the way they shake your hand. and. i'm not
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a living lie detector but i am pretty sensitive to what people are telling me whether it's true or whether they're lying. for money or if you can't imagine a blind person can climb a flight of stands and you won't believe that a visually impaired person can hold their own in the workplace. we find out that when. you. on. the digital world technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time there are some websites we can use easily but far too many are not accessible. so. you don't have the at will tell me up front.
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it's just secure the bus is just arriving nil you know what that's done but that can be recognized by the app. it says the next one is delayed coming in 10 minutes it doesn't show the one that's just come. on. my husband gets a mile in their style of in town because there's good public transport that lets me get around. that if self driving cars ever become available and i can afford one i might consider moving to the country i don't assume we should assume for now because of the world her eyes staring and on not know that brings us to the end of this edition of mate it's been a pleasure having you along the shore to join us again next time until the end for me on the entire team here it's goodbye and take.
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enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian the folks just 23 months ago i would say nobody really collapse from occurring poisoning my guest this week for most go is good just love me from the off a member of president putin's posse united russia. why is it that those who speak loudest for the russian opposition from the rest of mortal danger conflicts of his base in 30 minutes he told. monk without
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a sign of life. the crew of 2 italian fishing boats. disappeared after a clash with the libyan militia. they were off to sea to earn a living and got dragged into a power struggle which is about a lot more than just filling the fishing nets some goods are. 90 minutes d.w. . from the ghetto to harlem and. everybody go into those bobbie why. despite coming from a close family the pop star wants to become president. palin she's a goddess and wheat products. the credible story of bobby why. starts december 10th on g.w. . give us your country people will make you rich.
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people will provide you with jobs. the oil will take good care of my future has to be a big. concern for too cold on the west coast to come out in 2000. so he 1st made promises but news later reality looks very different. mr shoes. good drinking a short. cut. good that is a big story at that time we. gave the. company to god the stream of black gold. oil promises starts december 4th w. .
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this is the news live from the u.k. is set to become the 1st country to roll out a clinically approved 19 faxing. has been preparing for the biggest program. in history to begin next week this is big news also for the vaccine develop those biotech and finest they're bracing to produce and deliver the vaccine on time also coming up. jemmy's partial lockdown extended into 2021 chance of that though says
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the infection rate is too high to consider lifting the lockdown the restrictions will stay in place until january 10th. that a dial warning for planet betty peace waging war nature of these scenes as we cite. nature always strikes. and he's already doing so we go in full. un chief until you terrorist the ones world leaders to make 2021 a year they commit to fighting climate change. i'm told me a lot of well it's good to have you with us the u.k. has become the 1st country in the world to approve the covert 19 vaccine judie produced by the german company biotech and u.s. drug maker fires a british prime minister price johnson has hailed the authorization as fantastic
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news saying it'll allow the british people to reclaim their lives the vaccine got the green light after just 10 months of fast tracked research and development and it's also awaiting approval in many other countries. by trial participant is given the bio on tech finds a coded 19 vaccine in the german city of minds he's just one of thousands he's been part of large scale clinical trials that have already proved the vaccine is 95 percent effective in preventing the disease now germany's pion tech and us pharma giant pfizer have been given approval for their vaccine in the u.k. making it a world 1st in the vaccine i will begin to be made available across the u.k. from next week i strongly urge people to take up the vaccine but it is no part of
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our culture our ambition in this country to make vaccines mandatory that's not how we do things there are challenges that the vaccine has to be stored at minus 70 degrees but the british government says its health service is prepared. the vaccine which uses novel emma and a technology is still awaiting regulator e approval across the rest of the world he will thirty's say it could be authorized within weeks meanwhile to other western drug companies astra zeneca and madonna have also reported trial success for their vaccines and inoculations developed by chinese and russian research as have also shown positive results some of already been approved for emergency use. the u.k. was the 1st country to reach an agreement with bae on tech and pfizer for the
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supply of vaccines it's already ordered $40000000.00 doses with several 1000000 expected to arrive before the end of the year. in germany the tougher restrictions to tackle the pandemic will remain in place until at least january in a video conference on wednesday chancellor angela merkel and state premiers agreed to extend the measures the infection rate was still too high to soften the restrictions. in germany to situation looks bleak with regards to the pandemic after a month of the so-called lights lock down. in the c.u. we still have to go to go back to a 7 day incidence rate of under 50 cases perhaps 100000 inhabitants and on average we're very far from it. before i do submit a slump the question is whether we leave the country indeed state of half sleep or if we decide at some point to introduce significantly tougher measures with see how
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efficient the measures currently in place are to give it. into heart of belin hi chad plots is usually bustling with visitors at this time of the year they come from all over the world to enjoy mulled wine a sausage at one of germany's 3 towns and christmas markets but to me depend there make little from the magical atmosphere of christmas remained here. we need to ask ourselves what to do we don't know what will happen it's not really a christmas market just a few stands. i was there last year before i flew back to each of the it was wonderful i think it's a real shame that there's nothing to see here i'm really sorry. that. restaurants and bars had to close when the lights lock down was introduced but now resort to take away orders and survive packs to regular and loyal customers. it is
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a bit difficult to demand meant of course but we're doing our best we open for takeaways was new office and our regular customers support we'll see how long it lasts i had to situation and soon from of a long as her. chancellor angela merkel had warned time and again that germans would face a long and difficult winter and we saw the uncertainty that winter has arrived. the united nations is urging world leaders to make 2021 the year they commit to fighting climate change it comes as new reports highlight this year's record breaking weather and failures to curb global warming the u.n. says the coronavirus pandemic now presents a chance to hit the reset button and do the work needed to save the planet. heatwaves droughts. wildfires.
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and flooding 2020 has been yet another year of extreme weather. ecosystems like the great barrier reef in australia. or monarch butterfly biosphere reserve in mexico are under threat this year is on course to become the 2nd hottest on record after 2016 on the u.n. secretary general sent out a dire warning you many think he's waging war on nature the zs suicidal nature always strikes back and he's already doing so we'll go in force and funi. biodiversity is collapsing 1000000 species on its risk of extinction eco systems are these are beating before our eyes deserts are spreading wetlands are being lost every year we most 10000000 ector's the forests oceans are overfished and shocking
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we mustn't waste. according to the world meteorological organization greenhouse gas concentrations climbed to a new record in $2019000.00 have risen so far this year despite an expected drop in emissions she took over $1000.00 knockdowns. tourism hunting fishing and livestock grazing are playing a role in the crisis. less visible was an increase in marine heat to record levels more than 80 percent of the world's oceans experienced a heatwave. shrinking of the ice caps and bleaching of carl reefs are just some of the impacts. the changes it is what. system just for instance is. really his fear so anything changes out. of.
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there is a glimmer of hope though more than 100 countries have promised that 52050000 be carbon neutral issues new targets are being proposed for a un conference next year. a quick look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world lawmakers in israel have passed a preliminary bill to dissolve parliament bringing the country closer to its 4th national election in 2 years from minister benjamin netanyahu has called for unity with his government patna benny gantz who supports the bill. in germany a man is being investigated on 5 counts of murder and 18 counts of attempted murder after he drove his car into pedestrians in the city of here residents have been paying their respects at the landmark city gate no motive for the attack has yet been established. french president valery. has
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died aged 94 from complications ling's took over 19 he was in office from 1974 until 1981 was best known for his efforts to modernize french society current president emanuel macross pay tribute to his pretty says and described him as a politician of progress and freedom. to start forward for the unification of europe and a close franco german friendship. joining me for more on the life and times of valerie just got this is kate stevens i was a. kid tell us more about. this stone's contribution to unify very europe as well as this front good german special relationship right well he was a european frew and through he was actually born here in germany in the city of co bends and as a member of the french resistance during the 2nd world war he took part in the
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liberation of paris from the not happy patient so he really believed in the european. project he was a very ardent supporter of european integration and he saw eye to eye with the german chancellor at the time of his presidency how much mit and they work together really forging the foundations for the european union as we know it today including setting up the european monetary system which was the precursor to the euro which we have today so that's a huge part of his legacy and he remained an ardent believer in european integration till the end of his life and from ski was known to have pushed for modernizing for in society that's right he was only 48 when he was elected president which at the time was really quite young and he was elected as a modernizer a reformer somebody who shook up the sort of stuff he could conservative tradition in post-war france and one example of this he spontaneously when christmas morning invited for passing garbagemen to breakfast it is
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a palace but it was also reflected in his policies and i think what a lot of french people will remember him for is for legalizing abortion he was he lowered the voting age to 18 and. gave proof offered divorced by mutual consent so a lot of liberal social policies also infrastructure projects he was a modernizer there as well even over silly introduction of the high speed t.g.v. train and committed fronts nuclear power so he really did shake up france and said i are on a new path of the country and you know today his legacy overall how would that be seen well there were some scandals that ties his legacy he was actually denied a 2nd term as president but he remained active in politics for most facilities he found. activities within the european union and he also remained a well loved figure in regional politics so i think that while there were some aspects of china's his legacy including
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a sexual harassment accusation and 2018 i think will really be remembered for what he achieved as french press. contributions take european integration. life ok casey stevens thank you for that life and times of the late violet wayne scott just awful my friend president. hassan of legendary ferrari driver michael schumacher will make his formula one debut next season mick will race for the u.s. own team house after signing a multi-year contract. mc is set to make his formula one debut next season exactly 30 years after his father michael schumacher made his back in 1991 the 21 year old german a product of a racing family security deal with the u.s. own team has. always dreamed about and now it's time comes through some really
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really happy interest. and thank you. for the great messages and support mick has shown signs of promise in 2016 he started racing in formula 3 and won the divisions european championship 2 years later that success helped me move up to formula to where he is currently leading the championship by 14 points. but formula one is a whole different ball game a ball game his father michael managed to dominate for many years michael is a legend in the sport with 91 wins in 7 world championships sadly the german great has been in a coma since 2013 after a skiing accident mick knows he won't be able to escape the comparisons to his father for now he's just happy he can test his wheels on the big stage of formula one. been looking forward to seeing that soon you're watching the news no forget
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you can get all the latest news across across the bay from across the globe rather on our website it's more on social media twitter and instagram that you don't need to use i'm told me a lot of for me and the team thanks for joining us to. the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. the information and context the coronavirus update 19 special. on t w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we're. just through the tough.


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