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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2020 4:03pm-4:31pm CET

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maksim from beyond tech fights are the 1st to do so in the world now beyond tech is a homegrown german that seen developer why has germany not had the debut and taken and gotten the vaccine to distribute among its residents. get out to the uk yes we are very happy and proud of course that the architecture made the race however the others are also good in those days census bureau or what. they tried to ring up. it must not the 1st time it is the 1st one has proved the below tech vaccine but we should not look at it and discuss vaccines against. rules by the chinese and by russian government and regulatory bodies they improved our own vaccines 1st already in summer and well you hope that we can continue in the who will have to 1st approval in the european union.
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so would you say with 3 vaccines already been approved and many more awaiting approval that this is the beginning of the end of the corona virus pandemic. well this is how i see it it will be certainly a change in the us after having discussed axing orders and european union and hopefully soon or so in other countries and read backs in rolled out big box nation campaigns for the 'd start of by beginning of next year this really changed the whole picture and i'm confident that this is your hope that spring and summer change and to look normal life again with a good vaccine now you are leading a phase 3 trial for the cure of aca vaccine what can you tell us about that and when do you think it will be ready. well if a city did not get stuck but we hope to stop it every hour or so to speak maybe
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tomorrow again last next week we have got to approvals for ethics committees and be caught also a response that this can depart any constituent be still less tulu honest a few career is. more all beginning of next week and then he would like to enrol in quite a few 1000 still there for christmas and the rest of the city's $6000.00 in do beginning of next year and then we'll be able to still do it if it is a date. and this is very important because for all not any sort on this in the european union it is difficult to do probable face products as. contra was really difficult to add and then or yeah it is not possible anymore but
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by today we can still do it and you hope to have a good day time i am us next year out and hopefully also the group wants to peter comes their heads the 1st vaccination approval study in here in germany for the pharmaceutical firm karabakh and he's the director of tipping at university hospital thank you sir for joining us. thank you. now as british prime minister words johnson says vulnerable groups in the country will be vaccinated against the krona virus from next week the u.k. on wednesday became the 1st country in the world to authorize a vaccine developed by young tech pfizer on the u.s. and the e.u. are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks but doses of the vaccine will initially be in short supply raising the question of who should be top of the list to receive it. everyone in the world who wants to get vaccinated against kovan 1000 should be able to at least that's the idea but demand for the vaccine is likely to be much greater than the initial supply now governments must decide who comes 1st
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and who must wait most agree that fair distribution should take place independent of a country or individual's ability to pay in britain an independent commission has developed a multi-step plan according to the key factors of infection risk and age residents and employees in nursing homes take 1st priority next in line are those over 80 years old and then health care professionals then high risk adults under 65 can take their turn followed by seniors over 65. and the most important thing is to make sure that we get people as many people as possible starting with the most vulnerable and those who work in the front line of the n.h.s. vaccination effectively in countries with federal states like germany or the us the decision will be left to individual states the u.s. advisory commission recommends that residents of nursing homes and health care workers be vaccinated 1st germany is also working to create a system of prioritizing vaccinations chancellor angela merkel says above all it
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won't be mandated month with. the nobody will be forced vaccinated this is a voluntary decision fog of the of a question of who will be vaccinated 1st is being discussed with the vaccination commission with the leopold dean academy of science and with the ethics commission it will be country but i think i can already revealed this much 1st and foremost of course we have nurses doctors and people in high risk groups who. only after 60 to 70 percent of people have become immune to the virus will the pandemic be considered defeated and reaching that point worldwide will still take time. the sick look now at some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of immigrants from ethiopia have been airlifted to israel as part of a plan to bring 2000 ethiopians of jewish descent into the country while they were welcomed by prime minister benjamin netanyahu but activists say the government should be doing even more to reunite thousands of other ethiopian jews with family
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members in israel. how can media tycoon and pro-democracy activists jimmy la has been charged with fraud and detained until his next court hearing in april the court refused to grant him bail over a church that his anti government newspaper violated the lease terms of its offices the decision comes a day after the jailing of 3 prominent pro democracy campaigners. at least 5 people are reported dead in thailand after monsoon rains triggered flash floods in the south of the country officials say 9 provinces have been hit by a week of heavy rain and storms affecting more than a quarter of a 1000000 people flood warnings remain in place as more heavy rain is forecast. the czech republic is easing some of its coronavirus restrictions in time for the christmas season stores restaurants and bars are all we opening as of today though
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they still need to limit the number of customers the country was among the hardest hit by a 2nd wave infections in the fall but since november the number of new cases has been in the climb. beer kegs are returning to pubs after weeks of lockdown restaurants and bars in the czech republic were closed for the past 6 weeks nearly all shops were shuttered but now they're opening again is that it isn't all that up it's good to reopen we have to learn to live with this virus sure this will likely make the numbers go up again but at some point we have to go on with him through that door and i think this is a concession to people before christmas and then things will probably be closed again ok. in october the czech republic had the sharpest increase in new infections in europe in november at times the highest number of deaths per 100000 inhabitants even after weeks of public restrictions the per capita rate is significantly higher
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than in germany and many other hard hit european countries are here which are which we can already prepared cells for the next wave of infections after christmas and it could be quite powerful because even now hospitals are in full emergency mode of no government as you move. within the government the relaxation of preventative measures is controversy all critics point to the still high death rate while many czech residents are looking forward to the relaxed restrictions others are concerned the changes have come to early. the united nations general assembly kicks off a 2 day virtual meeting on the coronavirus pandemic today although it comes as the virus continues to spread across the globe more than 16000000 cases have been recorded so far with more than 1500000 deaths from covert 19 north and south america as well as europe have seen a massive resurgence in recent weeks in asia india as far as fared far worse than
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its neighbors the u.n. conference is meant to address the negative effects of the pen demick on jobs economics and global trade and travel. let's turn now to professor calypso a choky do is she is the director of the global health policy at the center for global development a very warm welcome professor good to have you here with us now it's a very delicate balancing act for policymakers around the world i mean how should they balance economic losses a covert fatigue that is setting in among the general public and the still rising a number of infections. as you say it's a very difficult balance i don't think there's a as straightforward answer but i think what is important is to continue the person there with collecting information being able to synthesize this information including the trade of such as you say between the economic damage and welfare
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damage more generally pleasant livelihoods a cause that either directly by the virus or indeed by the response of the virus and then. to the population soon show that the trust levels are strong and building as opposed to waning and so the people are on board the measures that governments they now help is on the way in the form of a coming back sedation programs possible treatments and rapid testing. do you think do you feel that these solutions will be spread out to distribute it in an equitable way. well i think that as you say these are encouraging news especially on the vaccines i think we still need to look at that they don't we need to rely on more than press releases we need to look at their new publications of the results but in the meantime our regulators here in europe and the united kingdom and the united states are proceeding with emergency authorization process is and that's important and understandable in terms of equitable access i think
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it's reasonable to assume that wealthier nations those with those advanced deals with companies will be the 1st to get the vaccine and distribute it to their populations followed by resource constrained countries professor how long a way is there still ahead of us i mean people are still encouraged by this use of vaccines now are being approved but realistically are we looking at still a year that we have to deal with this. well there's a lot a lot is uncertain so i mean i have to speculate but i think in my mind at least thus far as the northern hemisphere is concerned or the western hemisphere they europe north america i think you know i'm hoping for a normal christmas this time next year i think it will take several months for the vaccine to be shipped after the authorities ation processes are completed and then
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to be distributed in a did way as you've been describing high risk groups 1st and then both the other book relation groups and then to establish that it is working as you said. to doses may well be required so we're my be looking most certainly be looking at. those racks in ancient schedules so that with a guide to and then or make you need to make sure that office is safe it works how well it works with book relations as so in buyer level to this process will have to sustain the social distancing measures than on pharmacological interventions so-called and to make sure that we don't see the surgeon being so that will take a 70 several months professor collapse or are chuck you do a director of global health policy at center for global development thank you for joining us thank you let's take a look now at the latest developments in the corona virus a pandemic the number of people hospitalized with covert 900 in the united states has reached 100000 that's an all time high as the pandemic increases the strain on
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health care systems greece meanwhile has extended its nationwide lockdown for another week after a slower than expected the kleine in case numbers italy will play strict limits on travel over the christmas and new year's holidays movement between regions will be banned from december 21st and russian president vladimir putin has ordered voluntary mass vaccinations to start next week bosco says his sputnik vaccine is 95 percent effective. and russia's 2nd wave of corn a virus has hit some of its regions particularly hard in many cities there are hardly any hospital beds left official statistics say almost 40000 people in russia have died from corona virus but media reports say the excess tallaght in the country is 4 times higher than last year our correspondent and we share one went to
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the city of and the country's southwest where it is mainly undertakers who experienced these grim figures firsthand. with a steady stream of coronavirus dead speed is of the essence at the morgue every morning the team from the funeral agency to 42 all comes here to collect new victims of the pandemic. 29 year old. has been working at the funeral home for 12 years but he says he's never had to bury this many bodies but one time there was a huge line of persons standing in line outside the morgue it was only then that people started to understand that the death really. called the relatives to identify the body. this morgue in the city of is only for those who died of the corona virus or had contact with an infected person the bodies have to be sealed in plastic the coffins closed. many russians feel they are dead should be treated
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with more respect toward explains. the relatives are often more tense than usual because their dead are handed over to them in plastic bags. to open the bags so i tell them that right away some people cry and demand that we open the bags then i have to explain that they could get infected themselves this virus is no joke. opinion it. has been in the business for 7 years today he's in charge of the team of undertakers he says since the 2nd wave of corona virus there has been at least twice as many deaths in the city of funeral agencies have had a tough time keeping up. with we have more work a lot more work over a 1000000 people live in the capital of the republic of. government statistics say
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that only around 80 people in the region have died of the corona virus since the pandemic began but official numbers also show that during that time over $4000.00 more people died than in the same period last year corona virus infections are spiking across russia but authorities insist the situation is under control. the undertakers aren't so sure today unity and his team are interring and 92 year old woman she didn't die of the corona virus that means her relatives can say their final farewell with an open casket which is the tradition in russia. usually funerals are big family affairs in russia but the pandemic has changed that people are often worried about getting infected and stay away. so far no one on yuri's team has caught ko that he can only hope it will stay that way
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. in russia people say if it's decided up there think she'll get run over by a street car you won't drown fate is fate if the coronavirus is my fave it will pass me by. her with a member do it the next day the team prepares for 4 more funerals tour and his colleagues hardly have time to worry about their own health at the moment they're just too busy. of course one is only sure when they're reporting there she joins us now from moscow truly heartbreaking stuff there and really what's driving the increase in cases and deaths and russia's regions. well during the 2nd wave of the corona virus that has really the disease has really hit across russia in the 1st wave it was kind of focused on moscow the capital actually the numbers of overall deaths across russia aren't that high comparatively with other countries
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like the us here the official number is just 40000 but there have been a lot of questions raised about those numbers since the beginning of the pandemic and recently journalists have been pointing out that the official numbers of deaths across the country for the period of the pandemic this year are much much higher than the same period last year so those extra excess deaths are much higher than the official coronavirus statistics so that could mean that the deaths are actually much higher and despite questions over those death numbers it's clear that the health system at the moment is kind of overstretched even according to official information the health minister at the beginning of this month said that around 80 percent of hospital beds across russia or occupied at the moment in summaries region the number is as high as 95 percent and there have been reports of kind of medicines running out of doctors being overstretched and even of seats hospital seats instead of beds being offered in one siberian city are attitudes emilee
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towards the virus changing in russia. well surveys show that during the 1st wave of the pandemic around 30 percent of people were concerned about kogut now that number has risen to around 60 percent so it has doubled but my sense is that people kind of really start to believe that it is a real threat when someone that they know is actually affected or when they themselves are affected and the undertakers that i spoke to in that report that we just saw also said that they know a lot of people who simply don't believe that corona virus is real and they don't necessarily believe the government on that. and also fatalism the sense that if i get sick then that's my fate that's very widespread of very kind of russian attitude meanwhile. it will be rolling out
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a vaccination program how will that work. well yesterday russian president vladimir putin said around 2000000 doses of sputnik the one of the 2 russian vaccines is actually ready to go and he ordered the government to start rolling out the vaccination program next week the mayor of moscow the capitol seemingly trying to get ahead of everyone else has today announced that people will be able to sign up to get vaccinated starting from tomorrow and that vaccination centers across the city 70 of them will be open from morning till night on saturday so people can start getting vaccinated here in the capitol from this coming saturday it's clear that that quick rollout is a bit of a political thing russia since the beginning of this pandemic has wanted to be at the forefront of the race for the vaccine we've seen that in the numbers that they've been reporting on effectiveness when
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a western vaccine comes out and said we have 90 percent effectiveness russia kind of. one of them every time i am really sure when reporting from moscow thank you. former french president. has died from complications ling took over 19 the center right politician led france from 19141981 spearheading a social revolution away from catholic conservatism she also worked closely with germany to pave the way for the g. 7 and the european union of today german foreign minister says picture of you to further he's got the sun saying he was a great frenchmen and a great european. the sun was 94. he was hailed as a modernization and a champion of european integration in the 1970 s. former french president valery giscard to stand helped lay the groundwork for the
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european union born in what was then french occupied germany she scott was just a teenager when he joined a french resistance group in occupied paris in the 2nd world war. he went on to be elected president in 1974 at the age of $4081.00 of france's youngest post-war leaders. i know that today marks a new era for french politics. you are pretty small. that's a for juvenile and change for france. during his 7 years in power the center right statesman helped modernize french society he legalized abortion and allowed divorce by mutual consent in spite of fierce opposition from the catholic church. and that but he also pushed to liberalize france's economy and as
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a strong advocate of technology he was seen as the father of the country's high speed train network. scar was committed to the european ideal and forged a close relationship with former west german chancellor helmut schmidt together they laid the foundations for the euro single currency and turned their dream of a more integrated europe into reality. a teacher from rural india has picked up one of the professions major awards the global teacher prize. ranjit singh dissolve a was honored for transforming the education of young girls at a primary school in the western state of maharashtra redesigned all the textbooks in the local language and embedded q.r.
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codes for you wanting me to learn english dissolve it was selected from over $12000.00 nominations in $140.00 countries he said he would share half of the $1000000.00 prize money with his fellow top $10.00 finalists. well deserved congratulations to him that's all for now focus on europe is up next some while our rock from all of us here the entire new scene thank you so much for spending this part of the day with us we hope to see at the top of the hour again.
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months without a sign of life. the crew of 2 italian fishing boats. disappeared after a cost but the libyan militia. they were off to sea to earn a living and got dragged into a power struggle which is about
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a lot more than just filling the fishing nets that some kids are. next on detailing. where the real power resides. really i come from there lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 if you there was the largest democracy maybe that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the toast in the region the book is righteous in blood and after the fall of the sun in one i remember thinking at the time if the barley in bulk and forward anything that happened to see her come together and unite for a pool. would i do the news that often confronts difficult situations more conflict between disaster i see despite my job to confront floods leaders on policies and
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development to put the spotlight on tissues that matter most hunger of food security oppression national niceties since. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is a massage she's on and i work at g.w. . meet the egypt hello and welcome to the program liz show for a long time russian authorities acted like they had the coronavirus and then make under control they issued relative low infection rates and even developed the.


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