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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2020 2:00am-2:28am CET

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this is deed of lean years of live from berlin a moment of reckoning at the united nations general assembly world leaders convene for a special session focusing on the coronavirus of endemic as a global death toll surges above one and a half 1000000 think collectively calvi a path out of the pandemic also coming up. germany's public health agency warns the country is still far from containing the 2nd wave of corona virus infections this week's daily death tolls are the highest since the start of
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a pandemic. i'm told me a lot of boy it's good to have you with us covered 19 and the road to recovery that's the focus of a special session of the u.n. general assembly almost $100.00 world leaders are taking part of a 2 day meeting coincides with the release of a u.n. study that shows that more than 1000000000 people could be living in extreme poverty by 2032 to the long term effects of the coronavirus. german chancellor angela merkel addressed the assembly via video link she stressed the need for global cooperation to ensure equal but equal access to vaccines around the world through the need we must never forget that the pandemic can only be truly beaten in the long 10 when everyone in the world has fat. access to effective vaccines.
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oh the coming the pandemic in the long term also means doing everything we can to a much stronger with regards to future challenges and crises to this and we need cosa international cooperation above all with strong the international organizations then we can succeed acanthus in us paul is washington bureau chief you know it's good to have you on the program at the u.n. summit secretary-general onsen a good terrace has urged the world to work closely together in the fight against a pandemic this close cooperation is always hearing a lot about how has this message been received in the u.s. . berthing tell me there is anticipation that the incoming biden administration will help bring this country together and maybe even the world as the pandemic continues to roar throughout this country biden just announced in an
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interview that he will make wearing a mosque a mandatory and will also americans to wear a mosque 100 day from his 1st day on in office and you mentioned that the situation there is still on the rise again give us a. more of a picture of what it looks like that. well to be honest it is really frightening at the moment the worst predictions are starting to come true here in los angeles just announced they will be out of i.c.u. beds by christmas california just issued a stay at home order so each day breaking records for infection cases and deaths nearly $3000.00 deaths were reported on tuesday alone and so with winter around the corner as well in the united states as in many other european and other countries health experts are just concerned the worse has yet to come.
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we hearing you know with the loss of vaccines expected to be rolled out soon for example in the u.k. but in the u.s. we do have a number of people large numbers of people who are against. such vaccinations how effective can best immunization campaign be. yeah that's really a concern there is some resistance about the vaccine here in the united states and i think it is fair to play that the politics from the white house all playing a role in that it is so the concern of the people is that it was developed too quickly and that there is worry that the side effects have not been tested enough so it will be a huge challenge to the medical and science community to explain the data and be as transparent as possible we just learned today that 3 former u.s. presidents clinton bush and obama actually said that they would take the vaccine
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popularly live on television to prove it is safe for the general public and this will be a important and major p.r. company. will be following that whenever it does happen in this poll in washington thank you here in germany the head of the public health institute says the country is still far from bring in the current wave of coronavirus infections under control a partial lockdown in place since early november has stabilized the numbers but it's not yet achieved the expected drop. in the coronavirus pandemic is not yet letting up in germany. the head of the country's federal health agency issued a stark warning. many people are still getting infected with cold and 19 and the numbers are still too high they are on
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a plateau but they are not yet falling noticeably. we also see that the number of serious outbreaks and deaths is increasing from week to week but since both of these always occur with a certain delay we must expect many more here. germany has been under a partial lockdown since nov 2nd the daily increase in new infections has leveled off with just over 22000 cases recorded on thursday but this but the restrictions on public life the numbers haven't dropped significantly and this week the country reported a record 487 deaths the highest death toll since the onset of the pandemic with no clear change for the better insight chancellor angela merkel announced on wednesday that the partial lockdown will be extended until january 10th restaurants bars and leisure facilities will remain closed and context will be restricted some say even that is not enough the southern state of bavaria is considering tougher
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measures. in the coming weeks we'll really have to ask ourselves whether all these measures are enough whether we can keep the country in a sort of half sleep like this or whether we should be clear and consistent and impose even stricter measures in certain areas with some exceptions will be made over the christmas period to allow friends and families together. in berlin some think a loosening on restrictions over the holiday is a good idea while others fear it may be too risky. because it's very difficult at the moment people can't meet with friends they can't see or their grandparents and maybe these few days will have a positive effect on our lives and. will only make things worse if we cause the restrictions and then we have to beat back the virus again for. still some long weeks of coronavirus restrictions
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ahead with hopes pinned on the forthcoming vaccines. as the world prepares for mass vaccinations in the new year it's highly likely that supply will not meet demand 1st and that raises questions about who should be at the top of the vaccination list after months of doom and gloom a shot of hope or rather millions of them but well most agree that anyone who wants to get vaccinated should be able to demand is likely to outstrip initial supply that's why the world health organization is now recommending that health and social workers. over 60 years of age and residence and stuff. get a facility should be played a taste for access to over 1000 vaccines. their recommendations closely mirror the plan announced on wednesday by the british government which said it will start
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vaccinations later this month. in countries with federal states like germany or the u.s. the question of who comes 1st and who will have to wait will be left to local authorities in the meantime german chancellor angela merkel has sought to come critics. nobody will be forced to vaccinate and this is a voluntary decision fog of the question of who will be vaccinated 1st is being discussed. but i think i can already reveal this much 1st and foremost of course we have nurses doctors and people in high risk groups. who many have hailed the new vaccines as potentially game changing the beginning of a brighter future but across europe an air of euphoria mixed with clouds of caution . it will inevitably take some months before almost blown on
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protected. code so it's all removed right to that is we celebrate this sort of typical achievement we're not carried away with overoptimism. fooled into the naive belief that the struggle is over it's not only after 60 to 70 percent of people have become immune to the virus will the pandemic be considered defeated and reaching that point worldwide will take time. or less and now at some other stories that are making headlines around the world the german city of here has held a minute's silence to honor the 5 people killed when a vehicle plowed into pedestrians on tuesday a 51 year old man is in police custody prosecutors say the suspect was under the influence of alcohol and that there are no indications of a terrorist motives. british police say 4 people have died and one is
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injured after an explosion at a water treatment plant in southwest england the blast near the city of bristol is believed to have involved a chemical tank the cause of the incident is still unclear. israel is urging its citizens to avoid travel to the gulf region saying that iran may be planning to attack israeli targets the advisory comes a week after iran's top nuclear scientist was killed in an ambush outside tehran iran has blamed israel for the attack and has promised to retaliate. for. germany is scrapping its nazi era phonetic spelling table the table assigns code words to each letter of the alphabet to assist in communication in a symbolic move germany will temporarily replace the spelling table which dates back to the 1930 s. with an earlier version featuring a german. featuring jewish names for more on this i'm joined by g.w.
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reporter katie stephens no kitty she explained want just cements expelling table is right hi tell me what it's like he said at the phonetic spelling table assigns a code word to each letter of the alphabet which you could menus over the radio on the telephone to avoid miscommunication or misspellings there's an international version of this called the nato phonetic alphabet you're probably familiar with it alpha bravo charlie so for example if i was on the telephone and buying a plane ticket and i needed to spell my name i would be quito alpha tango india eco now of course germany has its own version of this with words that phonetic table is up for review this year so that's what this is all about so what's the issue with this german table well is a bit of a history lesson here so prior to the nazi era the german phonetic table actually contained quite a lot of jewish names but after the nazis came to power in 1034 they simply eradicated all of those jewish names from the phonetic table and replaced them with
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more germanic sounding ones so to give you some examples dov it or we would say david in english became dora samuel became sikh fried sometimes they just took other words if they couldn't think of a name so not tan or nathan became north pole meaning north pole and zacharias became 2nd. now this is the part of the nazis not he made james drive to eradicate jewish life of germany and it came just a few years before that ultimately culminated in the holocaust with a mud it's have 6000000 jews now after the nazis were defeated at the end of the war some of those names did refer back to the jewish version but it's the nazi era fashion that's remained the dominant one in use that jenny writes itself with what was a girl who is magical really what one sat and want all summed up. along the way maurice and critics for not joining us from athens lock stock.
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you listen to common news in through to 2007 you can from time award or has announced the discovery of some summer when there are also months more offshore songs on the congo sorceress horizon terms such i treasure trove. tough talk that got me to battle it out ok the past years come on i must the end. goal og is this g. force a going to get sessions or the african carrados of oil but see i'm confident the discovery of the country's 1st major only because each chunk of west african country into africa on tyga will spoil us a shot in the am we are going to fly. the
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body and blow promises this is what i know from back home. i was born not far from the niger and all fields we all know what a disaster this has become and nagano. the blood goes from far away in the ocean is supposed to change everything for everyone. this is a story about the big war suddenly coming to 3 small fishing villages here on the western coast of ghana marked by their troops and locking electricity or running water. now they want to build a gas factory a 5 star hotel and a refinery big industry. so
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the body of an adult that looks like a latino. because a mama bear yes i'm a joke and so i'm about to get a laugh now the maid and getting. that was at the. gabba. politicians an international investors visit the villages on the western coast i suppose this is the 1st time an s.u.v. is coming to princess down the international investors troop because you know that you don't trust you have to start from whom. will the people really get their piece
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of the big party this time. around the capitol hill meeting today is to tell you the projects has reached we will need to employ up to 2000 people and then the hometown alone once the hotel is open we'll leave media 1000 employees. take the woods no. running to have well stocked to train up the use of prince's town who are interested in basic building skills cup interest to wasn't sure what another 2008 think they only tell the truth. we have been given assurances will be surfaced by the time the hotel is ready to open. something to do. i pads it does suck yes and yes. yes really none.
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other than you. know. what is this all came true what if the lives of the people would really change. not only empty words for once but actions developments jumps droops. you're in the right mind definitely. about history that anglo is a benefactor of any and so i come from korea. so bad i
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am. and. this is the area so i might have to have. some new idea some outsider level that's. more than 3000 people. involved. and. then after that too and they have a lot in. stress and. thinking for me. to. open a scris training center. i looked up your push without diapers or cow walk. in the our company everything with jane because. i would get a dog and muffin to the to go so you would get small small money to do it with and he led to do. so in concert. so you are now here which since no one
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copped she then i want to see a blood draw on the on the sides and their blood making hobby pots and the coke lets out right. just. just. as you do. i'm a school teacher. at the same time at dog i. find all year for idiots pounce on a lot of toys in the tourism business new york times. major nice. every day.
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it was to john once just thought this place basically is the day to seek gold and every. new funnel dot becomes too hot. to pass. and they did ott. it was paid for it today. oh yes and fort built by the germans. took gold and they paid for it with cheap shot not some spotlight. this was the business model back then later they started trading people. and i
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chiefs we're part of the business. but. you have to take that last challenge. and after that you use a book on what was just as david i understand it the price of shit up and after that we get a chance to get wasted and make it past in the book is simple and why does a dog of military. who who.
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knew. who. we. moved. to this is what it was like in the olden days for ona's corporation with our leaders to exploit the citizens and now. the but. the lessons are gonna news this is a good now can bring you the news out of. the princess town of marjorie beach
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resorts for bringing my. that international standard accommodation to the west in the region of gonna decide enjoys the viking white sun because the landscape can be transformed to make way for the new industry clowns and fishing communities will have to move there the government says they will receive compensation and the defense minister of energy mr emanuel why has been deshawn so that the government will give governance its mission to look up communities to put units into benefits from the oil and gas industry. i got for you with the remark that. i didn't have a feel that i do a mafia. list that's the action. i just want i. want one. i seem to have it but not my. little bit telling me more. than the number of my team because. i do.
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not remember you know but you have no idea what that yet but in your book no. it's not going to you didn't i got your mind to much of an awful lot every night if you had yet for another month ya know mcgovern. oh. no. i. have no doubt i love love love love love. love love. love love. love love is not that it was that the to.
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cut it. oh. well it looks like now. yes that. i will yes yes move up an american unit everything. your guy can you know if you knew a weapon yeah. you have a little thought about going to an. event. that i need to move in the room when you got down the aisle in the plane and then you got to know your belief obviously if you have people with me and if you get bigger i mean we're going to follow you yeah but how long you. been up on the 7th you have got to. think. well known.
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for folks. who. are mostly protein why. do the class i don't know how. i'm not at all about i am. at the door not a new idea of what we are not be aware that by now i've got. to tell you about a gate you may know that you my we. got our children on by. looking at the. door.


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