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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2020 6:30am-7:00am CET

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well of course. our polly wrote why and yeah i do gee i don't know how that do i'm not at all about i am. i thought or not i don't what we are not the l. i know a guy. i thought you but again you may never you my way of went and got a troll going on back. with . the top. one who long but.
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i kept it for you i'm a member usually the children. cry. or do we don't you know. i did i did that i was actually off on. i don't you know of yet i do here i got a developing. what a great place for sun chairs investors might think but will they consider the traditions of these villages. imagine employees having to explain to hotel guests that the current school swimming on a thursday. the land for the hotel was sold without the consent of a small fishing village on the sun street between the ocean and the lug. they forgot to ask to makes people in. now the traditions and livelihoods are at stake.
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but promises sparkle like diamonds and it is hard to resist when somebody is waving money and john a sure is a single face. says cut the plughole. to the bathroom in the end they did what it did and they did a very good you can eat them for to eat good food the allegheny catfish eat and eat it gave to the prison towns assemblyman really travels the aging kilometers of dirt road to the district office. no more getting stuck in the mud yes please precisely it's a tarred route to be connected to
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a good way to. get through come to. call you to come. here and now listen to the big the world is interested in this region change is coming and the district administration is dreaming big. as i'm sure you know will come back or does it. as that as a good month yeah good morning america yeah oh yes you know you're welcome thank you so bizarre is that the good. swimmer capita i learned a long transfer system if i count 100 piece of junk squat for the boss of starvation and i had fun on the phone we have an i have finally i want to be and i lied to the activities which was will create jobs and big party just to. people
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and i who come would not want to go in nigeria we went in to go committees will have to take up arms to fight welcome please know we have already emphasized our willingness our readiness to engage the local communities in dealing with these issues we need a new term because we're really we're anticipating a lot of people to come into our district so we're going to be a combination of korea and gagnon. and then we saw some of the animations of what you want to have. and i think it was a want i wanted to also be in there in the books history of history and was able to be the face and forum and sit there in you know who are gonna have a new town. now for jeff and provide adequate office piece for company and the numerous companies down the coming into behind the presidential
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nomination for all the people who are coming in. and all we expect no less than 500000 people in the next 5 years and that's to me that's 5 to 10 years. to you. to. not like nigeria ok thought 500000 new inhabitants this is almost 10 times the number of people living here right now. korean bridges nice and fancy houses like in a fairy tale city yeah everything seems possible. and . i know the world. all storage on transportation
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company is a construct of the 210 we know only 308 can live. in la just too long and for us to dig deep pool in the country that's 500 and then feel the wind with real wagons offshore pipelines and about transmission devices to receive on transmit process. on your feet. after. your message to every no i don't. know if it for what about it i. cannot stay closed today there are example of oil refineries that's why we are moving now to a new site on hand and we are here tonight to be area so that i we can fly on by there a settlement also noted you believe me when you and i can have one. from stop you from the line to stop yet out why don't you set your men to react here at this
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where we are not yet and then i. may watch. your border. yeah there but as and a bit i wanted to. come up are about the only good things will happen to look at it when i'm done at in the pub and then have one mother sitting on the woman from a to b. i didn't bring it up but i did read that not. exclude the school result i knew it. was going to descend on the movie the home by that was written about school enough or not and i mean that is the substance and of those who were deceived to do it you couldn't. equal novel power. not a hospital or a very busy beat up on the one hand i am not in a union sheet so why do you answer then regional of i see john ross and what it really. would be an honest i don't advise you to resign.
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modern bathrooms full fissioning farmhouse that sounds great own philip or disappear. no one is complaining after all who will miss the montages this. is going to myspace you want to from the ocean for a shower. because. there is a constant sound of helicopters flying to the our rink this her all it's a new i don't she's finally on the whole been a huge. trigger that had to drop what it off. type of gentle right in
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a while kind of truth that was grew up with what i love most about was when i was off. to the pacific i'm doing that all yesterday and it's sad to me that even if i do know. i will be a review of the. symbol of his young because it's in your crown and the internet as your death is a level rock yellow fellow proud of you so if you can even add that you evidently have it just a joke with me on this earth. if a lot of it maybe i doubt i'll buy that as an uncle who is it is his kind of both done to about 400000000000 of. them up from school what all of it will.
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detrimental using. and always a problem are some the so we should know how to mark know why engine them in. tune. is this a car that somebody. has to pass a monologue or how did. you. learn those. who go.
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to. the last with a bit like the one that's around. the lights and. i don't like them. i wasn't. i wasn't missing or very much if you are loose with the shaft. that. little means you know are you are you are. either with. affability this one is really i know how bad your vision and i said i was there who you were. going to have natural or baby and my
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within my words a man would say that's a you know. that's an amount which you know marcia doesn't iran and you know about about i'm. looking. 'd off to the losing end of the break do you feel. this was somebody from the press the button to see she comments to a production of why did you feel the region to my brothers and sisters. ways the 15th of december. 2010. is a special. day yeah.
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we must ensure that there is something missing and not take the. kind of. fun. of just the knowledge. that. the oil flow has started better than nigeria is the author of the day. we nigerians know just for. larry has one of the biggest crimes against nature but super duper good guy wants to stop it from the start by building a gas processing plant right on the shore well oiled is drilled into.
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of course including jobs for locals like gifting. from gift to king we're not going to work each. morning on my knees have us think that ok i'm done. but on a cruise. i'm not bound by ok now my i am my own my goodness see i mean. when fall out. we need. to take care of all the closeness
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ok fine i don't think it was good. at that. because yeah was ok matty almost got over it you got that one about right was no good and i had to. mount i could hear everybody and we'll see more of see swanbourne of you know who. called me a modern tommy cruise cheney in reaching oh my god in mid mood to my return. there sometimes it's local and it happens on the part of me you continue on with. this wildly new. locale. i wanna punch elul. the little guy down.
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and. it's now been up enough accuse. her. of her. old. the mustang well where are you. going to. come up. writing this for us is my book. i'm about to miss it would you not be money you're. young and my daughter. was very very fresh. but. yeah i think you're doing.
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all 'd of. that i guess. i'm a big gamble but. guys move your. money right and you're welcome to go do good. yeah. oh by the way to buy. from me. group who cannot breathe deeply and who cannot see that the silent meaning . i offer me my face says yes i mean yes and that of which. i will go for it in front now you have been for the last you are going to die but there is
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a new idea i don't like now you can do feel. for me i went through music for. sometimes too he said. it descended into what you're for me i die in peace. for. it's all on you that beautiful yeah. one leg then fitted to john. big mac. . all depends upon money to me a big money that's easy. to be everywhere and so my feet are used to. my. face.
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thank . my. face. big man can a coconut farmer like francis or a fisherman become a gunny on big man. usually they're struggling to get food for their family and me the school fees well maybe i should forget my doubts for a moment. maybe it will all come true. thank
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you. it's 7 to fit the d.n.c. you live for must to do with me i've got a record i'm a bad guys for marrying is still ongoing i'm gonna go and see him in 1000 had a duty oil field 60 kilometers off the coast of dawn outsports a magic oil. most into once a month. to some western region freeze food insecurity that meat i'll grant you does teach the song so many fish in villages surrounding gun as germany oil field are now covered with decomposing saga sume which cloaks the fishing nets and builds engines of
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local fishing. playing live . a bit of the hardware. that. i was yeah we had that went on and on but a golf abilities were not my job or when i was little i've never would have got full blown out of it but. i like. the touch. to goodness if we had the hideout. but for libya back get to know our ally i should
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. say i know as you put it. that what if it's a real feel for that. one too well for the many of the 2 that. a mobile phone but a little. odd but you've got to you've got that then you've got to add that our. guy knew he had to go but i you know. i'm yet in what i did he had come up with a woman to lead you know a book on what i don't know my. book but i what i will get i need to look up on you know what. they're going to start the car to their car. i say you know but the market share that it's been 2 years now since the old tops opened millions of barrels worth several 1000000000 u.s. dollars have been fueled.
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there is no sign of the oil money neither into base village nor in any of the villages along the western coast. little sending someone to sort out the suffering of a fisherman whether it's related to they are not. the western coast just waiting for the promises to come true. prisons tonics waiting for the hotel come for the 2000 jobs. and teacher matthew is waiting for tourists to supplement his meager teaching salary. sometimes i always call id and the motors for the whole show forgets i'm not sure that time we're going to stop with it but i'm hoping that it will be scott so that's
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a kind and jay. my business. but i thought he was. just false daddy bought us off. mt in. fact. there's a lot on this one. point out more. that seems out more money. i.e. that there will be one of these. really cool. anything left. behind where they're going to be my headset more. than coffee shops
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to talk about. while for suitable carriers this is the case before then only a few people go to school now and i've found out that the words they send now make not that kids have a new dream they are found at. the neon future shop though the age old or that piece. i mean about the kids. i've met teaching both sides because there's no support. anyway because what i want to. jank. and any business when i get my mates of mine. company looks the same 2 years after and the village just cleared the land for the
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new village there is no refinery and no new people me with fun said bathrooms for a doorman his neighbor. it's election time time for the months. serial washington or more to the ladder to the hell out of the yeah we'll get it on up to the. moon was into doubt in their prime a bit of a symposium called the get out and i have no doubt walked into me i'd probably want to go for about circle i doubt about. all been. a man oh man that's not ross rose who cannot afford.
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to let anything. 6 try to. them they have you gotten a little here there took a 2nd. in your years of use it to me was in the words it didn't and you know what all i'm going to have and then that. man and then what not one and i do what i can this joining come back or something but. i assure you there's something both of. oh boy i'm going to look. real.
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close. the. good. monk without a sign of life. the crew of italian fishing boats. disappeared after a clash of the libyan militia. they were off to sea to earn a living and got dragged into a power struggle which is about a lot more than just filling the fishing nets some goods. in 30 minutes on d. w.
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. in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world. it's lonely. barren. and breathtakingly beautiful. the arctic. powerful expanse of bitter cold. calm and the sound of global warming. may take a journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment. for the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on or . northern lights. arctic circle starts december 21st g.w.
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. the budget. cuts . this is news coming to. us lawmakers move to block troop withdrawals from germany new defense bill aims to reverse president's plan to remove nearly $12000.00 troops . republicans united. peers to keep it in check.


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