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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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cheers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment for the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating our future depends on what happens here. northern lights within the arctic circle starts december 21st t.w. . usually at this time of year check in hosts would be talking about the best christmas markets in germany but in this crazy coronavirus year of 2020 most markets will be staying shocked. so to get into the christmas spirit we've compiled
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a collection of our favorite pretty christmas trips from the creek or oh no far as iran. remember when made it cat from lubec. all when nails paris visited a war. you don't remember well you're in for a treat. we start off in dresden with lukash at the streets unmarked one of the oldest christmas markets in germany. usually a draw is about $2000000.00 visitors each year. tradition and nostalgia that is how many people around the world imagine german christmas to be well and in that sense this. pizza marked here in the distance is
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the perfect christmas setting. there are now 11 christmas markets in the east it's almost too much to see and bets why i got to help christiane the merc is a city guide her 1st trip to their christmas market on the market square at the phone here's a church. member. and kid and this market seems more old fashioned than others ways that i would use old fashioned well there was actually a plan behind this christmas market. that is they took old photos and post-concert built up in the style of around $1800.00. dollars as you see the markings the wouldn't be youths the vendors that wearing the late 19th century clothing. look at this level the old advertising for punch and exotic fruit where we don't have that
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anymore i've used to him i would always know that he is older and members also in around 1921 of the busiest market square as in the city center. just bought and long ago the christmas market to ice on the last day before christmas at the end of the fasting period in advent not to say you could buy your meat was just all rich in the christmas market doesn't it was only when i have snapped the christmas market it's right next to the phone kisha a place of quiet in all the hustle and bustle you can take part in a guided tour. for you can come back in the evening festive concerts take place during the effin season. and on the weekends there's organ music at night by candlelight i imagine it's very beautiful.
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and so we continue because john has another tip for marie. opposite to be used because there's to touch and back probably. just the strong had this residence built for his mistress the countess of cole's love. to date it's a hotel the kempinski. a hot. place in an ice rink you set up your injury advent. and. you. also stock i had to gustus the strong had mistresses as status symbols and when we know alf was town tesco is not. and showed off the splendor of the saxon cool it blinds the 6 issue for us over. the.
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last. there are a few things that christmas and wouldn't be complete without like the wooden christmas decorations little angel snatch crackers candle arches pyramids all wooden arch from the or mountain range not far from here. the dress nurses are very proud of this. a case like fruit bread this christmas specialty even gave the market its name. the old german word for sure. only original store and if it's baked in one of the 150 bakeries in enter. and it has to have the seal of the showing protection association. i'm going to learn how to bake
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a real story. master baker beyond reach the is my boss and i am his apprentice. almost is why is the story protected. it has to be protected so that not any old baker in germany can call their fruitcake dresden strawman. so we got the idea for this seal which every major in this geographically protected area gets . this but before they do that with you they have to ensure their quality meets our standards. inspection. information. it's hard work the other stalin has its price we have to earn it. it must be always use the bones of your hands or bend your fingers back again slowly. use the bones of your hands. this is like a massage. it doesn't take a lot of effort if it did we drop dead after 500 stolen
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a day. almost done. so if so 8 loaves he's taking his out of the oven so we can put on a santa. making store and is good exercise 1.8 kilograms in each hand in the new budget can be a frog. feel you have the grand finale icing sugar good thoughts enough to sugars good bottle with too much is on healthy. that's incredible this is not this is an original president. going from nearly had by the apprentice. night has fallen and it feels very romantic.
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i've driven a few kilometers out via the river from the east and this is the pinots district with its castle once upon the time it was the summer residence of the saxon kings. and now everything is lit up the light show is called christmas garden and it casts a magical glow over the park and castle. a 2 kilometer circular trail leads through the area past 20 lighted still ations. i'm back at the streets of mocked where the atmosphere is best enjoyed by night. christmas time in peace and really is something special the whole city turns into
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one big christmas market just amazing. time for a cold one. for desert just. right now for a journey back into the middle ages to the town of opto tomba. knows pears visited this romantic town in front tonia last year. or 2 more cup that was a tough to merge houses and lumber in final aims this medieval town in the region from cornea insolvent germany barely seems to have changed since the 13th century. it's almost like being in
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a fairy tale. this is the town's main market place. most of the world it has hosted a christmas market for over 500 years of. work with its middle age flare as one of the most romantic places in germany and now the lights and the christmas decorations make it even more special it will be the most beautiful time to with a torch and work of that alba. there is no doubt about it origin work is popular with tourists over 2000000 people visit every here . there are tours in every language. with various means of transportation.
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all you can. by foot through the town snarled winding streets. well that man has some highlights he wants to point out to us starting at the market place and the town hall clock which tells off a legend about how the tower was safe from pillagers during the 30 years war. so it's a no no i don't drive he wouldn't stop i you know order book was captured in 1631 but saved by the mayor of highs that he made a bet with a general who had conquered the town he said that he would drink 3 quarter leaders of wine in one go to the general did not believe him but of course he did to the town was saved from plunder and locals were not murdered by enemy troops or more don't do it. every year edwards on there was a reenactment of these events in a play. or now we move on. to here but in marcus to him this
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is the marcos tower the oldest part of the town wall that's why it's in the middle of the city this is where the old town used to end when it's still beautiful today . very proud of its wall with its 42 towers it is about 3 kilometers long. there are very few of such specimens in the whole of europe. with. the fortune walks of life for many centuries until the 2nd world war when large parts were destroyed in every sign stored photos the city could be rebuilt almost exactly as it was. you know the old forge was one of the 1st buildings to be reconstructed. the.
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first one is i and that is a tough and he does a tough unease and the signs can be seen on. over the old wall they commemorate the donors who gave money to preserve the wall after parts of the old town were destroyed in the 2nd world war. 3. years. it isn't easy to spot what's new in the city. i really like the whole timber tulsa's they ahd to to see this charm. and it doesn't get any higher than the tower hole tower. there are $220.00 steps in total to the viewing platform. and then you have the city in all its glory at your feet.
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the buildings look like dollar houses from this hide. and this is the most photographed view in the whole town right on the line square. it's called sausan sation on instagram. play from we've from namibia in africa on call from texas and this by here from. they all have one thing in common they last for 2 more. how do you like it here oh we love it we're on vacation nerd visiting wanted to see all the christmas markets
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and the fun medieval cities and. it's beyond what we expected truly amazing the visited wrote about started years ago. so this is the see here it. is or so teeth are in 1st year of. marriage has over 3 soul we wanted to visit this tower again. there are certainly no shortage of fordable fortunate is in the baltimore. this vintage past points to way to kids of all fat christmas village. home of the world's largest selection of christmas ornaments.
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there is nothing here that you want finds spread out all over 1000 square meters and filling 3 buildings. and this treasure trove is not only open in the run up to christmas but the whole year round. the atmosphere here over the christmas market and or to inspire to kill every magical of knives low cost call it a vitalist market. how to avoid teller a mythical figure that people used to be afraid of now he's almost as tall pillar a subtitle. meeting up with friends for
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a multiply and that ted. the perfect ends for my christmas trip to all jim book. better not cry better not i am glad that santa claus is coming to town. christmas markets of popular in northern germany to look at a guy looks back fondly on his trip to do back when nobody had even heard of the coronavirus and people could soak in the festive spirit. there are a number of christmas markets in the big this one is in the north of the old town.
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how about a kiss. of the shoes i've never seen this before a christmas market with maritime flare all in. all this reminds us that the sailors and fishermen used to live in this area because not only located on the river but also close to the baltic sea it's only about 20 kilometers away from here and this is st the mariners church. this stately church is a memorial site for international seafarers who have died at sea. a lifeboat commemorates one particularly tragic incident in 1957 a sailing vessel called the palm sink in the atlantic ocean during a hurricane 80 men died some were still quite young. or
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st james church is one of 5 large churches in the center of the. town i'll come back later then it's supposed to be really trying quil here. we'll continue by strolling through lube express didley decorated old town it's been declared a unesco world heritage site. the town hall dates back to the 13th century altered over the centuries it combines a variety of architectural styles just across the way i grab the chance to treat myself to the taste of christmas which is available in many shapes and sizes. new big mars upin it's known the world over and neither is probably the most famous manufacturer. the building also houses a small mars opinions even. here you can learn all sorts of things about the
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history of mars upin and the need to eg a family business founded over 200 years ago. wow these are really intricate works of art and they've all been made from mars a pair i had like to try my hand at that. hello i'm lucas. hi i'm barbara have you ever done this i don't know never it's not hard at 1st to roll it into a ball. this mission a bit like making a snowball yes like a snowball most of mine looks different yours looks more like an egg. i'm not yet finished. or what are we making a cat with a santa hat. now i need to bold it to a pear shape. and then i form the front legs. next we make ears and tail. it's pretty detailed
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work. now the ice complete with pupils here's how it looks so far. this is barbara's cat all of this once mine that's not true ok ok i'll tell the truth here before this one's barossa vis one's mind as you see mine is slightly deformed before me of the last step the santa had this could save my creation. well so this kid's a little quirky. pleasure you did great by. old town is a tangle of narrow streets due to
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a lack of space during the middle ages houses were built and large courtyards. back then it probably feels cramped today it seems romantic many of these small houses are rented out as holiday homes. the old warehouses are still quite impressive. the most famous left. rubik the heights gate in 2006 it was even stamped on the 2 year old court so if you're a new pick go to the gate very you can really learn something about the history of this city. the gate was built in the 15th century and was one of 3 city gates which were also used for defense today it houses the museum.
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even in your spalding which is the best time to visit many of the christmas markets in the big time to have back over to the town hall. mulled wine christmas decorations roast it's omens it's also in time see. everything sparkles and shines is that all you need to get in the christmas spirit are you getting in the mood for christmas i'm on a spending spree no i am fine and christmas i think lubeck always goes all out and it does a beautiful job he does yet i come here every year to drink mulled wine and eat donuts with my family i think it's great. yes of course you can see there is a lot of small shops and one can really enjoy the dippers
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s. in and. dubai it's bizarre under this yeah that's why i call harmony the old town and the sea of lights that's what i love especially at this time of year of ember december the dark march it's lovely to see them. in the fairy tale forest you can see depictions of stories by the brothers grimm. gravel. the king thrush beard and the frog king. and who is this my namesake lucas or luke the engine driver. now we're at the medieval market. over here it's a bit more quiet and cozy in the way it should be at christmas time. the
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day is over and i'm in the christmas eve mood the medieval flare of the old town certainly adds to the festive atmosphere well this mixture of seafaring tradition and christmas city is certainly something very special that i have never experienced before now there's only one thing missing. back to st where singing christmas carols is an annual tradition.
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the a. little
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. bit. of. a visionary and a pragmatist klaus detail in a minute. but the harding director of the get it is to. a tireless traveler dedicated to intercultural dialogue. the final year bidding farewell to a cultural ambassador march 21. and 30 minutes on d.w.m. . more hatred to. the future
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hold. for mortal danger. more of no thanks to the outcome the toss the radio into a dark story of nuclear energy that is splitting humanity. in 75 minutes on g.w. . we know that this is a scary time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can't stay at how we're d.w.b. for here for we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms
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are all in this to get on together while making sure you stay safe everybody stays to stay safe stay safe to freeze and stay safe. what's the secret behind this classic. visit to sound. as soon as you hear they told him to lose your mind i am for the story behind the music was for the ages registry. it cost. beethoven's 9th for the more it starts to simmer down on g.w. .
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this is due to be a news ally from berlin and russia are. rolls out vaccine against kobe 19 with a mass campaign in moscow 2000000 doses are available for high risk groups but amid concerns about how fast the vaccine was approved. of lining up to get the injection also coming up after 6 years and 6000000000 kilometers of japanese space mission is set to deliver samples from a distant asteroid they could provide clues to the origin of the solar system and life on our planet.


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