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i think it's very unwise to embark on a new program when we don't even know how to deal with the what's left over the legacy of the old one where you realize that the nuclear industry just could not be privatized quite early on i read told the government we can't do it and the government said rubbish go away and think of a way that we can do it so we went away we're trying this we're trying that but in the end we said look we just really can't do it and so the government the end said ok you can't do it therefore we will pull it and it was quite a momentous occasion the government did manage to sell off its power stations but soon the new private nuclear company also ran into trouble. as the company went into steady financial decline drove from about the year 2000 to my 2002 it was in effect bankrupt it had to be rescued by the government with 340000000 pounds
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initially and eventually it went up to over 600000000 to keep the company alive nucleus suddenly looked like a just just a dead end area to work in and these are often very very well qualified very smart people felt that they you know they've made a terrible career choice and their whole life and you know in a sense been wasted big atom had never looked so vulnerable i know we moved in in germany if we didn't these movements and the ecological movement discovered the parliaments as a part of when the green party formed the government with the center left social democrats in 1998 it looked like time was up for new clear power and the year 2000 the red green government decided to phase out nuclear power when a time when 100 homes are in the lead we started a process of negotiation with the companies about the maximum lifespan of each plant which until then had been on a limited. run we wanted to limit them to enable a phased shutdown for. and that meant that once all the existing reactors that had
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started operating in the seventy's and eighty's reached the end of their lifespan nuclear phase out in germany would happen automatically was at school or receive crowd support both from the me jad from the general public isn't just that's some was yesterday's news it needed to recapture the site to the 80th year it's then came the chance of a comeback. the very 1st time i heard the term global warming was from a nuclear power industry executive in the 1981 when i said what is that and he explained what global warming was he says that's why we can't rely on coal he says just once i'd like to pick up the phone and say atomic industrial forum coal kills. n.a.c. is a story that is still being. let's continue writing with less c o 2. by the 2000 people had become to realize that global warming was
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a severe problem and people even in fire even leading environmentalists began to say well maybe we better rethink nuclear power if threat of climate change prompted us to to ask the question if we wanted to build nuclear plants in the united states by the year 2010 what would it take so we started to ask that question could the party vary but also there were policy makers senator pete domenici was the leading voice in the congress on this i think we all know. that the world must have nuclear power as soon as possible it is time for this country to start building nuclear power plants again. we are announcing roughly $8000000000.00 in loan guarantees to break ground on the 1st new nuclear plant in our conference in 3 decades the 1st new report for our.
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the u.s. nuclear industry was brimming over with renewed confidence as 13 companies applied to build 25 new reactors and the mood was changing in the u.k. 2 by 2025 if current policy is unchanged there will be a dramatic gap. on our targets to reduce c o 2 emissions these facts put the replacement of nuclear power stations back on the agenda with a vengeance i suppose we shouldn't be surprised that the politicians say one thing in opposition nothing in government but that's what happens i'm not certain what. was often reported tony blair wanted to leave a strong legacy on the part of his legacy most perhaps launching a nuclear power program that would solve the problem of global warming. insulating
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a few lofts bringing in a few small wind turbines on land doesn't have that same impressive sound too as launching a huge nuclear power program. success is equally enthusiastic in 2008 gordon brown called for aid you new plants to be built across the u.k. and in 2010 david cameron's new coalition government gave those plans the green light. even the germans looks set to give the atom another chance the nuclear industry knew that rethinking her previous position and then when. they see you and the liberal party f.t.p. form to government. they actually agreed to go back on the decision and not to face out nuclear energy it's going to do you part of the basic idea at the time was to use nuclear power plants for as long as was technically feasible when you don't use them longer tax the resulting additional income and then use this tax for finance
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changes to the energy policy landscape in germany or france a financier. in france was hoping to repeat its new to success on the international stage. because he came to power many of the trips he made a broad involved seeking. nuclear deal he signed contracts with china he signed nuclear cooperation agreements with several countries in north africa and the middle east you need to keep in mind that you can't build endless numbers of reactors in france no matter how enthusiastic you get about it the extraordinary thing that happened looking back was the british energy the british nuclear industry became effectively the french nuclear industry and was taken over by a.t.f. the french company state and energy companies. as the 1st decade of the new century came to close the nuclear and i saw it was in full swing. but then.
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you know i still remember the morning when i woke up and heard it was an earthquake and tsunami in japan and i said i mean the story i think about friends i have in japan so i went to the office and it was you know trying to reach people right by e-mail but also watching events on t.v. and then we started no notice that there was a problem it was you who power plants in the early years the worst radioactivity in the the planet came from all the weapons testing now it's coming from the accidents on the civilian side but i remember it was one senior staff person who was watching the video on television and he was almost in tears and i remember he turned to me and said you know i spent my whole career trying to keep something like this from happening and now i'm watching it happen on television and it was really a very emotional moment. this was
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a western designed reactor and this was also japan and this is a country a highly advanced country with excellent engineers and somehow they still have. happened. you could see that the nuclear industry's damage limitation machine moved into action as fate would have it i was actually myself traveling with my wife through japan and for me personally i remember hearing these reassurances from the japanese government and i couldn't help but thinking of the sort of irony of this message that the country that for that had been such a target of this peaceful had a message in the 1950 s. was now itself putting out its own version of reassurance of atomic energy a p.r. . faced with the biggest p.r. headache since 2 noble governments in the nuclear industry closed ranks.
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with one notable exception. to me. because she mastered the question must things have changed if you get is about the reliability of risk protection and about the reliability of probability analysis. and therefore the use of nuclear energy and germany will be brought to an end by 2022 most of it was always with us and that's you have to see it as a final step in a very long goodbye to nuclear power that's been going on since the 1970 s. and it's war but i'm hot. taiwan find a single political party today of whatever color that's prepared to even talk about doing anything with nuclear energy that topic which at this point solar and wind power are growing so fast and the costs are declining so rapidly that nuclear is like this. they can't possibly keep up the only nuclear power plant in
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massachusetts will be shutting down by 2019 citing california's changing energy landscape pacific gas and electric is closing diable canyon the real factor in the united states is just practicalities i mean we have the discovery of natural gas in large quantities and it's much cheaper and it's much easier because nuclear power still has its champions one of the things we want to do a deal with. it is to make nuclear energy cool again one of the problems that the people who object to nuclear power really have and can we solve those technically can we make nuclear power that doesn't produce ways to last for hundreds of thousands of years can we make nuclear power plants they can melt down and i think the answer those questions is actually yes. i know you can be confident but to be going to happen this time in the western world i think the country to underage going to happen in.
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some of the oldest player. china. make no mistake about it this is an important day for britain a british plant financed by france and china. the focus has been on a plant called hinkley point c. and the claim was made by a.t.f. that this would be done absolutely without any public subsidy which turned out of course to be complete nonsense the subsidies got less and less well disguised until they got to the point where they were offering a guaranteed price for the electricity for 35 years at 3 times the going rate in the u.k. this is the pell grants it write off and ranks it to reason my question the deal made between cameron's governments and easy ath who then i'm like a moron if. it and the chinese intervened and it seems they
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managed to get may's government to reconsider things went ahead after all as america consider her. china is becoming a nuclear energy exporting powerhouse the country is building reactors at home and selling its expertise brought back in china to resistance to atomic power is growing amid mounting concerns regarding health and safety and future costs. it's an inherently political technology because of the nature of the the risk from the safety aspect. for decades scientists and politicians for nuclear power as the technology of the future one of which they were best equipped to decide. here if the public would just leave them alone they would control the technology they would fix the problems will be accidents you know if they just keep working we're going to take care of all your concerns and all your problems. but when it comes to the
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relationship between the atom in us history suggests that in the end it will surely be us we just signed. people who are so in computers figure world kinds of reasons people were broken. so these guys are very good water and the reasons are. because the word nuclear power plants because that's that's what they're selling it's we were to decide if we want to buy an. eco africa. they have a bad reputation but they play a key role in the ecosystem which is a very much important in clean environment i'm calling them new toys and take on many species are endangered a project to kenya seeks to protect that i'm not scavengers that means above all
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talking to local people eco africa. and 30 minutes on d w. a there i'm david and this is climate change. happiness in 3 books. this is the book for. you get smarter for free to go where you go on you tube. what's the secret behind this classic. is it the sound. or the story behind the music was passed before the age of the richest.
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odd laddie tobin's not simply for the world starts to simmer nights on t.w. . cuts. then vote for a new parliament known as the national assembly polls have opened but some opposition leaders are boycotting the election alleging favor of the ruling socialist party president nicolas maduro use the opportunity to tighten his grip on power. warning from germany's hospital federation intensive care units.
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which seriously ill.


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