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it isn't easy to spot what's new or what's old in the city. i really like the whole timber tulsa's they ahd to just see this charm. and it doesn't get any higher than the tower hole tower. there are $220.00 steps in total to leave you in top form. and then you have the city in all its glory at your feet. the buildings look like dollhouse us from this hyatt.
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and this is the most photographed view in the whole town right on plan one square. that. it's called sussan sation on instagram. play from we from namibia in africa hong kong on call from texas and this by then from cocos or pound. they all have one thing in common they last for 2 more. how do you like it here oh we love it we're on vacation nerd visiting wanted to see all the christmas markets and the fun medieval cities and streets it's beyond what we expected it's really amazing the visited. about southie years ago i was there a 100 so this is this yr. this hour or so teeth are in
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1st year of. marriage has over 3. wanted to visit just our game. there are certainly no shortage of photo opportunities in the autumn walk. this vintage past pints to way to kids of all fact christmas village. home of the world's largest selection of christmas ornaments. there is nothing here that you want to find spread out all over 1000 square meters and filling 3 buildings.
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and this treasure trove it's not only open in the run up to christmas but the whole year round. 2 the atmosphere here over the christmas market in order to book inspired to kill every magical at nice low cost call it and i telus market. popped up there via teller a mythical figure that people used to be afraid of now he's almost as tall pillar as some title office. meeting up with friends for a multiply and i chaired the perfect end for my christmas trip toward him book. you know what. you better not cry. better not i am
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glad because santa claus is. that. christmas markets are popular in northern germany too look ashtanga looks back fondly on his trip to do back when nobody had even heard of the coronavirus and people could soak in the festive spirit. there are a number of christmas markets in the big this one is in the north of the old town. how about a kid is. as much fun. to say i've never seen this before a christmas market with maritime flair all in.
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all this reminds us that the sailors and fishermen used to live in this area because not only located on the river but also close to the baltic sea it's only about 20 kilometers away from year and this is st the mariners church. this stately church is a memorial site for international seafarers who have died at sea a lifeboat commemorates one particularly tragic incident in 1957 a sailing vessel called the palm sank in the atlantic ocean during a hurricane 80 men died some were still quite young. son jack will be or st james church is one of 5 large churches in the center of the town i'll come back later when it's supposed to be really trying quil here. we'll continue by strolling through lou biggs festively decorated old town it's been declared a unesco. world heritage site. the town hall dates back to the 13th century altered
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over the centuries it combines a variety of architectural styles just across the way i grabbed a chance to treat myself to the taste of christmas which is available in many shapes and sizes. big mars a plan is known the world over need to go is probably the most famous manufacturer . the building also houses a small mars opinions even. here you can learn all sorts of things about the history of mars upin and the need to eg a family business founded over 200 years ago. wow these are really intricate works of art and they've all been made from mars a pair i'd like to try my hand at that. hello i'm lucas has been
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hi i'm barbara have you ever done this i don't know never it's not hard 1st to roll it into a ball. on this beach in a bit like making a snowball yes like a snowball most of mine looks different than yours looks more like an egg. i'm not yet finished. as well but what are we making a cat with a santa hat. now i need to pull into a pear shape. and then i form the front legs. next we make ears and tail. it's pretty detailed work. the ice complete with pupils here's how it looks so far either this is bob or a scab. of this once mine that's not true oh ok
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ok i'll tell the truth here before this one's barossa vis one's mind as you see mine is slightly deformed before me of the last step the santa hat this could save my creation. well so this cat's a little quirky. thanks barbara pleasure you did great by. lubeck sole town is a tangle of narrow streets due to a lack of space during the middle ages houses were built and large courtyards. back then it probably felt cramped today it seems romantic many of these small houses are rented out as holiday homes. the old warehouses are still
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quite impressive. the most famous let markov rubik the hosts and dates in 2006 it was even stamped on the 2 year old court so if you're a new vic go to the gate there you can really learn something about the history of this city. to gauge was built in the 15th century and was one of 3 city gates which were also used for defense today it houses the museum. even thing is falling which is the best time to visit many of the christmas markets in the big time to head back over to the town hall. mulled wine christmas decorations roast it's omens it's also entice see.
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everything spark growth and shines is that all you need to get in the christmas spirit comes here are you getting in the mood for christmas i'm on a spending spree no i am fine on christmas i think lubeck always goes all out and it does a beautiful job he'd to see i come here every year to drink mulled wine and eat donuts with my family i think it's. rate. yes of course you can see there is a lot of small shops see and one can really enjoy the dippers s. in and. dubai it's bizarre under this yeah that's why i call harmony the whole town and a sea of lights that's what i love especially at this time of year november december the dark march it's lovely and then.
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in the fairy tale forest you can see depictions of stories by the brothers clint. hill and gretel. king thrush beard and the frock king. and who's this my namesake lucas or luke the engine driver. now we're at the medieval market. over here it's a bit more quiet in cold rain the way it should be at christmas time. the day is over and i'm in the christmas he moves the medieval flare off the old
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town certainly adds to the festive atmosphere well this mixture of seafaring tradition and christmas city is certainly something very special that i have never experienced before now there's only one thing missing. back to st where singing christmas carols is an annual tradition. i am. who i am i am told. her. i am.
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a visionary and a pragmatist klaus' detailing a man. with a departing director of the get to institute. a tireless traveler dedicated to intercultural dialogue the movement of the final year bidding farewell
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to a cultural ambassador march 21 and. next on t w o. b b u s news high tech flagship and indeed. the whole read on it is now available as a plug in hybrid. electric motor more than just climate from a gerbil fig leaf tested down. read. in 60 minutes w. staying up today don't miss our highlights w. program online w. dot com highlights. by neal and i'm game
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did you know that 700000000000 land animals are killed worldwide so that we can. but it's not just the animals at all suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the machine if you want to know how or when clicked the priest and the whole trust changed anything he says listen to our podcast on the green. i'm a citizen of the world that's certainly because of my own biography i was led breslau during the bombardment grew up in a small town and libraries where how i got to know the world of the people i visited north africa as a schoolboy i was always drawn to foreign countries.


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