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and communicate with others beyond your national borders then there's the issue of addiction studies have shown that computer games are no more addictive than other things that we enjoy doing on a daily basis. we can become addicted to many things or use them even though we believe them to be unhealthy and that's where parents are needed or people around you who can say what are you doing there. and i mean do you enjoy games. of course it's part of my job and that's how i got into this field in the 1st place i started out with board games in my job and i still enjoy analog games to this day but i also play computer and smartphone games computer games but how about ludo or parcheesi. yes this is a classic board game that can help train emotional stability in children and young people. it's a game that helps us to try to deal with setbacks in life so that we can enter
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a peaceful paradise or nirvana at some stage which is the name of the game. and i'm going to fancy a game sure if i'll start the interviews over now we can finally play is only a 3. for. us this is going to take a while back to the show. in good shape your weekly health program on d w covers many aspects of health care we look at what's new in medical treatment in the tradition of fitness and beauty. we talk about these topics in depth with the experts and give you the chance to pose your own questions so to get in touch. there are diseases i've never heard of before the show take. for instance this is the feel of
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a bad breath even though the breath is clean and very fresh and there is no phobia which is a fear of a bit breath even if your doctor tells you that your breath is fine and their toes says this is a bad breath but you can do a lot of things against it. bad breath can be very unpleasant for the person who has it and the person who owns it. many people think the putrid smell comes from the stomach but that's very rarely the case usually the cause of bad press can be found in the mouse. food that smelled delicious at the table like garlic or onions can lead to bad press later. the bad smell usually dissipates off to 2 days it's really transients but chronic bad breath known as hell it ptosis is different it has to be treated. this
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isn't because usually lies in the oral cavity. the salmonella when a patient comes complaining of bad breath or when we notice it during an examination i always look to see if there are bacteria are there any noakes where they might be hiding is the pace. good about oral hygiene other any food particles crowns bridges in the plants can also be the cools us. food stuck between the teeth gets attacked and eaten by an aerobic bacteria. jaring that digestion process strong smelling sulfur rich gases develop the hollymead can detect and quantify those gases released by bacteria in the mouth this from. careful oral hygiene is essential brushing your teeth is not enough dental floss should be used every day also to clean the neck of the tooth below the gum line.
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using and into dental brush is also effective. and brush oh tongue too especially the back of it where lots of bacteria luck. into mobile flushes the surface of the tongue isn't flat that has little crevices and bacteria can set up shop where they then give off sulphurous fumes which smell bad sounds up to you here don't think. so don't forget to brush the back of your tongue carefully . another way to combat bad breath is by drinking lots of water the most alive are we produce the easier it is for the mouse to flush away the food. a healthy natural diet also helps avoid too much protein and processed foods. chewing rosemary cards and possibly cloves can improve your breath cause moment cloves even have antibacterial properties.
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boiled pulling is often said to reduce bad breath bacteria in the mouth for 10 minutes a day before you brush your teeth you can swish vegetable oil back and forth in your mouth between the teeth and then spit it out. chewing gum and hard candy can mask bad breath but only briefly the most important thing is oral hygiene flossing and brushing your tongue should become part of the daily routine alongside brushing your teeth and don't forget to drink lots of water that can turn bad press good press. people have been trying to spice up their love life with a lot of every d.x. these classrooms and plans. excrements brains of cats and donkeys. pubic hair and sweat and blood i asked medical peter to try out some of
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them but he refused so we have to watch this report instead. look into inject some fresh energy into your love life perhaps having the right menu could add a spark to that candlelit dinner. the 1st ingredient you might want to consider is fairly common. tomatoes. surely they're not called love apples for nothing. but other vegetables are also said to have an aphrodisiac effect celery contains a naturally occurring steroid to boost sexual attraction. and there must be a reason why. inexpensive spice like saffron has been prized for millennia it's used for seasoning rice everywhere from india to spain. strawberries champagne and oysters are all considered aphrodisiacs. but before you
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all rush out to invest time and money in your love menu do these promises actually hold true. food scientist and doctor named dean battling al mon is skeptical. of. this in shaft now fire control studies have not been able to scientifically prove the effects of most foods and how. it's your if there is an effect you'd need to eat the kind of amounts every day that normal people wouldn't manage tax. for the hormone like substances and tomatoes to work as an aphrodisiac you would need to eat and in 10 minutes 2 to 3 kilos every day. fortunately our expert does know of a few other candidates that are more effective as an aperitif she recommends making
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tea out of a rather modest looking plant called damiana that's native to the americas. give us an heart to we now know that the spawn contains special essential oils tannins and come pounds that increase in the abdominal organs and that can indeed have a positive effect on your love life after steve a slim and 5. for a starter we suggest a tomato salad and a celery smoothie but not for any aphrodisiac effect. on. fresh fruit and vegetables contain fly. benoit's which are thought to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and they're also likely to make you feel more energetic which can surely only help with romantic post me electives so a healthy diet is a good long term strategy all around. for
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a more immediate effect dr banning all mon turns to what she calls her drugs however saffron is a spice that comes from the filaments inside a certain variety of crackers it's only used in miniscule amounts in cooking. and is a good match for the indian go back so the saffron crocus belongs to a family of plants that is quite potent shown in class as the strands of sash on the powerful even in tiny amounts saffron definitely affects you sharon contractions and you certainly shouldn't consume more than 1.5 grams a day so i just pour tak definitive x. marks in my eyes come off from comms afghans who say seem. to be saying we're only going to use one small bag around half a gram soaked in a little white wine for our main course of tagliatelle with safwan and chili. and. the hotter the chili the greater the boost to your circulation fanned your sex
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drive. after wiping the sweat off your brow from the main course a dessert of strawberries bonilla ice cream and chocolate would not go amiss right . well better not. to do otherwise you could argue all that good work by a whore too hard to hide the high sugar content and the high fat content in a dessert like that does give you a brief energy boost by down off it then off to about 15 to 20 minutes you're more likely to feel lethargic and feel the need to go to sleep instead of just producing a hot shot him to gain. so best to keep the strawberries on their own for dessert and another tip offering to clean up the kitchen can also help improve your partner's mood but of course that can wait till the morning.
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we'll be back in one week see you then and other than that all try to stay in good shape.
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start but only main one of. concern for the planet can also be felt in the financial markets shareholders want to invest in sustainably but how does that work do green investment. payoff for the environment the sustainability financial chad revealed some surprising results. 3000. and 30 minutes on d w. mass storage in spite of kind of it is close
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relatives are allowed to visit their loved ones are pastors more important now than ever. they provide support and human connection despite the protective thin and sometimes to the ones who keep moving back into the family. in 60 minutes on d. w. . down in the book you are no one to keep. the length of. exposing and justice global news that matters w. may for minds and.
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once the secret behind this classic it. is it the sound. or the story behind the music was a hit for the ages greatest. last day tobin's 9th symphony for the world starts to simmer night on t.w. . frank food. international gateway to the best connection self in road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding show. being undone in office and trying our services. be allat gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by for.
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this day to believe news live from berlin in the middle of a crippling political and economic crisis venezuelans voted for a new parliament opposition leaders boycotted the election claiming it was neither free nor fear with hopes for change in venezuela dwindling president nicolas maduro is said to tighten his grip on power. we must do more but various state leaders and now there is an even tougher coronavirus lock down but will the rest of germany follow its lead. by live accuse them scoring goals of stopping them
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on their way to 2nd place in the bundesliga we'll tell you how they extended a remarkable unbeaten streak. anatomy held welcome venezuelans have voted in a parliamentary election designed to consolidate president nicolas maduro script on power opposition leaders boycotted the vote as they and many other western nations condemned it as a fraud the pandemic has deepened the country's long running economic and political crisis and with no upturn in sight venezuelans are growing more and more pessimistic about the future. there's not much for venezuelans to cheer about on election day the economy was already in ruins even before the coronavirus struck. unitive u.s. sanctions have choked off valuable oil exports and 5000000 citizens have left the
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country those who remain struggle to meet basic needs under weary of venezuela scale to politics president nicolas maduro is on course for a resoundingly big tree even though his leadership is not recognized by many western countries including the united states. today marks the beginning of a new era we give ourselves the opportunity of initiating a truly democratic process for the recovery of our beloved country so today i voted full of emotion. which it will feel opposition chief one is seen internationally is venezuela's rightful leader but he has so far failed to oust madeira oh he's banned from standing and urged voters to boycott the election that has not proved popular. we're against those who are calling for a boycott they've already done it 3 or 4 times and the people have rejected it.
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yet. he defended them and independent of a person's political position it's a civic duty to vote they teach is that when you're young in the 6th grade you have to go and vote it's you judy. and he said i meant in athens abstention does not promote democracy change the chief through the will of the people and mass participation i believe in democracy. why do unease and eyes of planning an immediate weeklong campaign to seek support for fresh elections mature is near a certain victory will be hailed by his allies russia and china ordinary venezuelans will have less to celebrate i'm joined now by journalist oscar schlink in venice while his capital caracas good to see you most of the venezuelan opposition say this alexion as a fosse and are boycotting up with that in mind what is really at stake for the
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country well there probably is not much work hasn't already been lost there's no credibility in the electoral system most people don't feel represented by the term used by the opposition and the humanitarian crisis is only open then it has taken a toll on society most people here are more worried about how they're going to feed themselves during christmas then on the elections so it has been easy to force people to vote. for them food or what's worse by threatening to take government in front of them if they don't so there is a strong grip on society as the president and people are more dependent on the government setting the opposition our congress just makes things easier for men who are to use that branch of the government and the status quo despite what they do with one of the european union is to say a parliament was the last officially opposition controlled government institution
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in the country even though the body had long been stripped of its legislative powers so what does this election mean for the opposition. well we have seen such low turnout of voters today that it's always moved people don't believe their vote could change things for the better so the opposition will try and capitalize on them. poorly received from the international community to get us into the e.u. said it will continue does it work one way so we can expect you know susan to keep resisting with street protests and other measures to oppose my work we have seen them do this this past year is it going to be an excellent parliament that also means we can expect the workers and usually biggest decision i know many of them with you know anything related to the election is set against a growing humanitarian crisis in venezuela how did the people feel about going to the polls at this moment. when many people have stayed at home today because
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despite the opposition this is the fault of many people just don't feel there for all will matter there is no real incentive for change with this election many of the people there are voting are doing so on a few here i've spoken to voters there are are afraid of losing their pensions there's that word for you seeing so they're forced to go vote or lose their positions. yet there are people that still believe in the revolution and her going to vote because they want to continue the status quo. schlink in caracas thank so much all the german state of bavaria has decided that germany's lockdown lot just isn't getting the job done after across this meeting on sunday the bavarian regional government has decided to toughen restrictions in an effort to drive down corona virus infections germany has done quite well compared to many other countries managing the coronavirus pandemic but after
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a shop prize at the beginning of winter and fiction rights have remained consistently high. the state premier of the area mako soda has long been waiting to implement tougher restrictions his state his record of the country's highest coronavirus death toll and after weeks of consistently high numbers despite many restrictions he says it's time to go even further the largest lyta the situation is unfortunately serious it's simply not enough we must do more we have to take action that is why i convened a special coronavirus cabinet meeting today so that we can implement various measures before christmas when i was on the base at subic you can. say to announce to a number of new measures that are expected to kick in on wednesday people in bavaria will only be able to leave their homes with good reason for example to go to work
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the doctor to go shopping for exercise. evening curfews from 9 pm to 5 am a plan for hotspots with the highest infection rates and they will be stricter rules and checks on the borders with austria and the czech republic. schools will remain open but 13 year olds and above will only be expected to attend an alternate weeks. with the move so then has been very in cabinet breaking ranks with the other state leaders in germany covered 19 restrictions are up to the individual states but so far there's been something of an operating consensus among premie is. the 16 federal states have a great and recent weeks to a number of stricter measures to accompany the country's current lockdown light but chances are i'm glad merkel has often said she thinks the steps don't go far enough so while the new measures might be welcome to the chancellor in berlin there were
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mixed reactions to the images on the streets of beriah. it's going to see the numbers aren't going down i think it's necessary making it this tough i think it's a bit excessive but i think of my workplace for example where i sit with sometimes up to 30 colleagues and then i can only spend new year's eve with 5 people. with a new infection rates remain you consistently high in germany the question now is if other if not all of the german federal states will follow the various lead. ok let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic and italy's official death toll has topped 60000 after the country was the 1st in europe to be hit by the corona virus us president donald trump has announced that his lawyer bertie giuliani has tested positive for coverage 19 and much of the u.s. state of california is judah come under the nation's toughest. pardon me stay at home orders in the coming hours this after intensive care units reached critical
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thresholds in many places. and let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. in brussels u.k. and e.u. negotiate this last ditch talks over their post break that trade ties there are just days left for the 2 parties to avert my chaotic parting of ways at the end of the year u.k. left the e.u. at the end of january and the break the transition period ends on december 31st. dozens of families have been evacuated from their homes after heavy flooding in parts of northern italy areas around the city of modern have seen heavy rain strong winds and snow in recent days leading to a major river in the region breaking its banks. thousands of people are taking to the streets of the belorussian capital minsk and elsewhere to demand president alexander lukashenko from office the march was the latest in nearly 4 months of
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weekly demonstrations hundreds of people have been detained by police. a bomb from world war 2 has been successfully defused in the german city of frankfurt they operate operation lasted less than 2 hours and it's made that almost $13000.00 residents had to leave their homes. although some more tender remnants of war now and letters of love and longing sent from a soldier to his sweetheart during the 2nd world war have narrowly avoided being turned into pulp the correspondents were spotted in a garbage dump in france and sparked efforts to re-unite been with the soldiers living relatives the letters date back to the 1940 s. they were written by a soldier named pierre to his girlfriend amy in western france the correspondent sets out some of his wartime experiences. tonight is very cold
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i send you tend to kisses hoping my letter finds you in good health with love from your piero environmental lawyer cecile philippi was busy on a research project at a recycling center when she found the letters in a pile of old newspapers destined for pulping. we realized that the letters dated her in the 2nd world war and they were all the dress to the same paris and my sentimental site to cover and i said to myself i can't just threw them away i was a bit. the lawyer posted details of her find on social media and tracked down relatives of the soldier peer including his daughter claudine. me i'm quite surprised if i hadn't seen these letters i wouldn't have known that my dad had so much love for my mom should have underwater vehicles it's nice because it feels like they're here with us. a voice from the war torn past now communicating again
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this time with a new generation. a sport now and on that statement of the bundesliga sunday night's game paid to clubs going very much in opposite directions as buyer level cues and went into this one and breaking in the league this season and looking to put pressure on biron at the top of the table host shall come in while we're on a winless run that stretched back $25.00 bundesliga matches. with the other top teams dropping points leverkusen were looking to put themselves into the title race . shelter coach manual balm was looking for anything positive anything but things went south in the 1st 10 minutes blues defender my leeks how forced to try to head the ball clear didn't see an own goal to make it one nil laver who isn't. it stayed that way to the 67th minute when leon bailey offered another worthy
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corner kick julieann baumgartner with just the right touch laver couzens momentum was building. it peaked on this show the penalty kick and rebound ja lucas roddick e maintaining the shut out. the moment of the match as he kept the lead at 2 goals. leverkusen added another from patrick schick. and 3 huge points at shelter with a 3 nil win laverick who's in are now 2nd only to byron in the bundesliga. so all of sunday's matches in the bundesliga finish so let's take a look at all the results on match day 10 and you've seen live he's in that shock in sunday's like and earliest bremen on saturday by a lot frank that held dortmund freiburg draw with claude kalina voce but also shared the spoils been the failed to bake months on friday have to be on your own
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in the berlin dobby on monday hoffenheim on take on to wrap up the match day. it watching the news up next world stories some of our best reports from the past week i'm anthony how it will be back with more news headlines at the top of the out. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w. world heritage 360 get the maps now. from the ghetto to parliament. every good nose popping one above.


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