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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 6:00am-7:01am CET

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through. the state of the news line from very early in the middle of a crippling political and economic crisis venezuelans vote for a new parliament opposition leaders boycotted the election claiming it was not a free no fish with hopes for a change in venezuela twinkling president nicolas maduro is sick to type in his grip on power. we must do more but very stately that announces and even tougher
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coronavirus lockdown but will the rest of germany follow its lead. and by living queues and scoring goals and stopping them on their way to 2nd place in the bundesliga fulfilled and how they stand it had remarkable unbeaten streak. of a math me how to welcome venezuelans have voted in the in a parliamentary election designed to consolidate president nicolas maduro his grip on power opposition leaders boycott of the voters day and many western nations have condemned it as a fraud the pandemic has deepened the country's long running economic and political crisis and with no upturn in sight venezuelans are growing more and more pessimistic about the future. a humble turnout few
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venezuelans came out to cast their votes on election day perhaps because there was so little to choose from with many opposition figures banned from participating the ruling socialist parties victory was all but assured that would give president maduro control of a congress the only institution not yet in his hands and as well as economy was already in a downward spiral when punitive u.s. sanctions meant to dislodge madieu row made everything worse the trumpet ministration policy had venezuelans hard with many struggling to meet basic needs and hunger rampant 5000000 citizens have left the country. president maduro urged the opposition to join him in asking the incoming u.s. administration to rethink the policy. you're not when your model i call on all opposition to abandon the extremist route. and to
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call in one voice for the new u.s. government of joe biden to lift all sanctions in one voice but u.s. backed opposition leader one who i don't know has asked for sanctions to be increased instead enthusiasm for who declared himself into him president in early 2019 has fallen drastically ever since he failed to oust him and to. his campaign urging venezuelans to boycott this election did not prove popular. but regardless of a person's political position it's a civic duty to vote he said i meant enough this year extension does not promote democracy or change change is achieved to mass participation. they look at they suppose we must see what men do rose near certain victory is
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likely to be hailed by his allies russia and china but ordinary venezuelans have little reason to expect swift change i'm joined now by a journalist osca sri lanka in venice why this capital caracas good to see you most of the venezuelan opposition say this election as a fosse and boycotting up with that in mind what is really at stake for the country well there probably is not much more at stake that hasn't already been lost there's no credibility in the electoral system most people don't feel represented by the chinese or by the opposition and the humanitarian crisis is alone and that it has taken a toll on society most people here are more worried about how they're going to feed themselves during christmas then on the elections so it has been easy to force people into voting. for them through or much worse by threatening to take government in front of them if they don't so there is
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a strong grip on society as the crisis deepens and people are more dependent on the government shutdown the opposition our congress just makes things easier for her to use that branch of the government and the status quo despite what they do with more of the good of the unions to say about that parliament was the last officially opposition controlled government institution in the country even though the body had long been stripped of its legislative powers so what does this election mean for the opposition. we have seen such a low turnout of voters today that it's always moved people don't believe their vote to change things for the better so the opposition will try and capitalize on that at this point we received from the international community today the u.s. and the e.u. said it will continue to sit work one way so we can expect the opposition to keep greece is due to street protests and other measures to impose my work we have seen them do this this past year and they're going to be absolute parliament that also
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means we can expect the workers and you shouldn't get the opposition know many of them without any unity i mean the election is set against a growing humanitarian crisis in venezuela how do the people feel about going to the polls at this moment when many people have stayed at home today because despite the opposition that this is the fall of many people just don't feel their fall will matter there is no real incentive for change with this election week of the people there are voting are doing so i fear i've spoken to voters there for her afraid of losing their pensions there's that word for it so they are forced to go home. or lose their positions. yet there are people that still believe in the revolution and they are going to vote because they want to continue in the status quo. ask a slink in caracas thanks so much. ok let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world for many as parliamentary election held on sunday is too close to call home prime minister of the difficult bon claimed victory for the center right liberal party but the left wing social democrats appear to be slightly ahead in another exit poll turnout was every chord low with only a 3rd of the electorate voting. in brussels u.k. and negotiators locked in last ditch talks of their post break to try ties there are just days left for the 2 parties to work the chaotic parting of ways at the end of the year u.k. left you with the end of january and the breaks a transition period ends on the same the 31st. thousands of people have taken to the streets of the belorussian capital minsk and elsewhere to demand president alexander lukashenko resign from office a mosque was the latest in nearly 4 months of weekly demonstrations hundreds of people have been detained by police. well the german state of varia has
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decided that germany's lock down lot just isn't getting the job done after a crisis meeting on sunday the bavarian regional government has decided to toughen restrictions in an attempt to drive down corona virus infections germany has done quite well compared to many other countries managing the coronavirus pandemic that aftershock rise at the beginning of winter infection rights have remained consistently high. the state's premier of bavaria. has long been waiting to implement tougher restrictions his state has recorded the country's highest coronavirus death toll and after weeks of consistently high numbers despite new restrictions he says it's time to go even further you'll argue slighter the situation is unfortunately serious it's simply not enough we must do more we have to take action that is why i convened a special coronavirus cabinet meeting today so that we can implement various
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measures before christmas. sudha announced a number of new measures that are expected to kick in on wednesday people in bavaria will only be able to leave their homes with good reason for example to go to work the doctor to go shopping all for exercise. evening curfews from 9 pm to 5 am a plan for hotspots with the highest infection rates and there will be stricter rules and checks on the borders with austria and the czech republic. schools will remain open but 13 year olds and above will only be expected to attend an alternate weeks. with the move so durned has been very in cabinet breaking ranks with the other state leaders in germany covered 19 restrictions are up to the individual states but so far there's been something of an operating consensus among premiers.
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the 16 federal states have a grade in recent weeks to a number of stricter measures to accompany the country's current lockdown light but chances are i'm glad merkel has often said she thinks the steps don't go far enough so while the new measures might be welcome to the chancellor in berlin there were mixed reactions to the measures on the streets of bavaria it's going to see the numbers aren't going down i think it's necessary it is making it this tough i think it's a bit excessive but i think of my workplace for example where i sit with sometimes up to 30 colleagues and then i can only spend new year's eve with 5 people. with a new infection rates remain you consistently high in germany the question now is if other if not all of the german federal states will follow the various lead ok let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the coronavirus pandemic and south korea's president has ordered testing to be expanded as the country grapples with
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a 3rd wave of infections u.s. president donald trump has announced that his lawyer rudy giuliani has tested positive. and much of the u.s. state of california is due to come on to the nation's toughest stay at home orders in the coming hours this off the intensive care units reached critical thresholds in many places. now to kenya where conservationists are carrying out a rescue operation to save the herd of giraffes trapped on a flooded island the animal's home territory in the western part of the country has been inundated now it's specially built barge is being used to move them to safety . it's a tall order trying to transport a reluctant to raf. as he will was the only female stuck with 7 males on an island in lake a wrinkle in western kenya. the habitat threatened by rising water levels the
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rough charged a rough was becoming extinct around $800.00 now live in kenya but this herd each a new home conservationist from the group save giraffes came up with a plan to move the 5 be told creatures on a custom built by arch across the water to ever serve on the mainland it's not every day you see a device head poking out of the top of a large floating raft built on empty oil drums seaver is relieved to be back on dry land and the conservationist are delighted with the success. but now there's just the small matter of moving the rest of the herd. to sport an element say 10 of the bundesliga sunday not compared to clubs going in opposite directions peter bosses by living hughes and went into this one unbeaten in the league this season and looking to put pressure on biron at the top of the table host meanwhile were on a winless run that stretched back $25.00 bundesliga matches. with the other
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top teams dropping points labor coups and were looking to put themselves into the title race. shelter coach manual boehm was looking for anything positive anything but things went south in the 1st 10 minutes blues defender chow forced to try to head the ball clear did an own goal to make it one nail labor who isn't. it stayed that way to the 67th minute when leon bailey offered another worthy corner kick leon baumgartner with just the right touch laver couzens momentum was building. it peaked on this shoka penalty kick and rebound i just project the maintaining the shut out. the moments of the match as he kept the lead at 2 goals.
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leverkusen added another from patrick schick. and 3 huge points at shellcode with a 3 nil win laverick who's in are now 2nd only to biron in the bundesliga. elsewhere in the bundesliga stuck braman where a wild goal in injury time spelled the difference here. is the loss of on monday kuka swooped in to steal the ball away and go in uncontested. in fact if you look closely he took a little too much time and was shown a yellow card unsportsmanlike conduct not a look shows the fatal error on brian's part this call my that to know i wonder about the bremen actually scored minutes later but i lost to one anyway. so. i'm going to see that all of some best matches in the bundesliga now finish a let's take a look at all the results on match day 10. in sunday's like and we saw that earlier start got big bremen on saturday by and lots and drew frankfurt held dortmund
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freiburg drew with cologne and voles but also the spoils the failed big months on friday i have to win your own in the build in dubi on monday things wrapped up with hoffenheim taking on. you're watching news up next the doc film the money terrorism how outside this become assassin stretching for that. terry martin we'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the hour until then stay with us. good to parliament. everyone knows. despite coming from a poor family the pop star wants to become president. challenges or god doesn't want. to be a story. starts december 10th.
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the internet has spawned a new brand of terrorism one seemingly without leaders piece of tape outs and some of these perpetrators are called lone wolves but that only refers to the execution of the crime lone wolves always belong to larger packs ideologically speaking. lone wolves and those that support the most so radicalizing online by the thousands they meet and exchange ideas on internet forums for violent far right ideology for years investigators in germany and around the world have been looking in the wrong places and completely underestimated the impact of these internet forums we need a huge increase in online policing by maybe a factor of 10 or 20 and we need this policing to have a bigger and more visible presence heightened that's why the threat posed by these
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lone wolves increases so does the number of dead casualties he says a lot of dangerous people out there they. have every day close to the same question while they are saudis who live and they were from all over the world. for white supremacists anders behring breivik is the original lone wolf and a major inspiration on july 22nd 2011 he killed 77 people in 2 attacks in norway after self radicalizing online then u.s. president barack obama stressed that islamic extremists were far from the only source of global terrorism the rest of that we're especially concerned over right now is the long wall of terrorist of the sort that we saw in norway recently here
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when you've got one person who is during or driven by a hateful ideology they can do a lot of damage and it's a lot harder to trace those long wall operators he would be proven correct 9 years on these lone wolves and now responsible for more murders in the western world than any other kind of terrorism just as digital media is changing the world so too is terrorism with its many potential terrorists will most exclusively radicalize with the right wing propaganda from the internet and they likely are gemini's biggest threat to as governments still fail to properly understand this brand of terrorism . these lone wolves largely fit the same social profile white male and typically a recluse with no friends their ideology racism anti-semitism and hatred for women their fueled by a dangerous mix of frustration and political radicalization these men typically
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spend hours on end chatting with like minds on international online forums called image boards use assia often present their hatred as satirical mockery and bid to out trump each other image boards unable users to post pictures and text anonymously and. it regionally were created in japan to share manga images. probably the best known of these websites is for chan over the years the content posted here has become increasingly radical with bullying sexism and political extremism now the norm for most of the services located in the us where precious little content is deleted. christopher paid back a one of germany's few prosecutors specializing in cyber crime uses image tools in his investigations. these are evidently people who essentially live in a bubble where they become emotionally desensitized and where certain demographic
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groups are human and where there is growing incitement against people of a certain background. so the inhibition threshold is lowered and that could increase the danger of not just hate speech being disseminated on the net but also of crimes being committed in the analog. as seen in the german city of hama on october 9th 2019 steffen bellyache tried to force his way into this synagogue intent on carrying out a massacre on the jewish holiday of young kapoor only the locked synagogue door prevented even worse horrors frustrated he instead murdered 40 year old deanna lang outside the synagogue and 20 year old kevin schweitzer in a kebab shop as barely a fled he wounded a further 2 people with his self-made guns he also streamed his attack live online for his online community who could react in real time and share it with others but he himself is believed to have uploaded the material to just 2 forums that after
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seeing its potential germany use it immediately linked it to the biggest image board online for chan where it soon accumulated thousands of page views it then entered the public domain and found itself on smartphones around the world even victim. what is that family on the day of the attack we tracked down the original person that shared the video in germany a man who has since been charged with incitement to racial hatred he explains the attraction of anonymity on image boards we now contact people online who we are familiar with people we don't know. although it is exciting to talk to people you don't know and who would never be able to identify you. videos of attacks also serve as a badge of honor for their online community similar to a high school or in a video game perpetrators are eager to gain recognition via a high score of victims and those scores are listed in insidious halls of fame
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particularly sickening are the bonus points for murdering children. stefan ballet was looking to add to his murderous high score with his attack of one of his final victims. just like in video games where cars can be used as weapons he deliberately accelerated in order to target 2 somali men who were just coming out of a street car. one of them with after tax break him. he came from the wrong side and really stepped on it i tried to run away but the car hit me here and went to the ground and lost consciousness and he just drove off . the perpetrator was even heard in a post soon afterwards complaining desperately that his gums had malfunctioned the impact of violent video games is something flowing and heart lead has been studying in detail. his research produced what is now
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a standard work on this new form of terrorism the game if you came to stay here was there was a rising game of occasion in the terrorism seem. the platforms are changing. and the latest development is live stream where perpetrators are directly addressing their fantasies. and that's something you could see very clearly in harlow in our lives. this is the court room in the regional capital mag to book that screen hosting the trial of stefan bellyache the terrorist attack on a synagogue in germany made headlines around the world issue. raised fears of a resurgence in far right extremism. this was the scene as barely a was led into court on the 1st day of his trial amidst great public interest it's hoped the hearings will also shed light on the background to the attack. is met taken the owner of the kabob shop in helena almost became
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a victim himself he makes a personal speech outside the court. there was a life before the attack. and there is now a different life. we are survivors of the attack on october 9th 2019. taking as a company to court by his attorney. has experience of trials involving far right terrorism among his previous clients the victims of the n.s.u. terrorist cell and the racially motivated shooting in munich in 2016 when responding officers on the floor i'm interested to see how the accused behaves whether his months in jail have given him a chance to soften his rhetoric or whether he's a hardened far right ideologist who will attempt to use this trial as his own state . but barely a was indeed eager to use that stage with no sign of remorse in court he would claim that he had been fighting for the survival of the white race streaming his
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life india was in his eyes more important than the attack itself he's a to motivate others like cam and spread his message of hate that very video would now be shown in court to the satisfaction of. a crackpot with a crude philosophy yes. it was no surprise that he's anti sematic and islamophobia and a racist and it's just. there and what also became clear is that he cannot discuss his beliefs or go to school. that crude philosophy was easy to expose but prosecutors had few insights into bellyaches radicalization online. who had he been chatting with and on which forums what kind of ideas and plans were being discussed what did he tell others and what does he know about those individual bodies opposed these are the crucial questions not least because there
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are currently 4 very similar attacks being tried before courts in different countries the so-called lone wolves have very strong political motivations the. the attacks in 2019 bore almost identical hallmarks the perpetrators self radicalized on the same image boards right manifestos that borrowed from each other and wanted to stream their actions life online the terrorists from 29000 more frequent visitors to the 4 chan image boards and even more extremist a chat and its successes they also use these chat rooms to announce them murderous plans and publish their manifestos on these forums the most violent tactics are honored and remembered as saints. the 1st of these attacks in 2019 was carried out in christ church new zealand brenton tarrant stormed into 2 mosques murdering 51 people he was the 1st attacker to post a life video like in
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a 1st person shooter game and he inspired a way for further deadly attacks 1st in california and texas followed by oslo in august and then finally in holland. dietrich is all too familiar with these image boards and far right gaming groups he monitors new extremist content being posted online every day and gives presentations explaining the danger emanating from these perpetrators in britain as we live. in the world they live in is not really are it's about some apocalyptic end of the world scenario they claim there is a white genocide taking place it's basically a death cult where the end of the world is not within and in germany too they see the end to germany that's coming any day now from an imminent attack on us by hordes of muslims or some other evil forces or end of days fantasy that people
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become obsessed with money are. the hate of muslims by these would be terrorists almost brought back shop owner isn't it taken to his and. on the day of the attack he was on his way to work when the perpetrator fired at him it was only because of luck that he survived he since turned one wall of his restaurant into a memorial. and his combat shop assistant struggled to continue onward. that night you get nightmares. you think of this awful attack. how it happened and why. and why nobody could stop it. why did nobody do anything was. whether you'll sorties too slow to identify the attacker we're heading to isolate been one of the poorest towns in the country where stefan bellyache grew up here we meet some of the few acquaintances
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he had there what kind of person was he and if they suspect anything beforehand mike lang there remembers him occasionally joining him and his friends at their regular hangout by supermarkets he remembered much like many others how he made racist comments freaking foreigners stuff people don't take seriously. it was just regular kids shooting their mouths off i say more a case of following the crowd than actually joining protest marches or whatever other crap he just wanted to along someone on. this is mike lang there celebrating his birthday playing drinking games together with valuing these private video recording seem to suggest ballet was a typical teenager for the area the young men would spend a lot of time driving around and generally had right wing views and other acquaintances of his were also willing to talk to us they described the now 27 year old as an unassuming low no more the shy boy from next door shortly after finishing
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high school he left his home town to do his basic military service before moving on to study chemistry. he then dropped out of his studies due to health issues and moved back in with his parents there he began assembling and the arsenal of weapons drifting deeper and deeper into the ideological alternative world of these lone wolves the development mike lang now also noticed the fact he thought it evolved over time he was becoming increasingly withdrawn and eventually broke off all contact. the last time we were hanging out together paranoid and kept talking nonsense about his own being tapped from pinafore and over a year old world when i was a myth. i was now online practically 247 when he turned into a terrorist he had online discussions with individuals who remain unknown self
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radicalizing on you choose and american conspiracy theory websites as with most lone wolves he'd spent months preparing for his attack during subsequent interrogations by the police he was happy to provide all manner of information when that questioning tends to image boards and his online contacts however he stopped talking determined to protect his community investigate his remain in the dark as to who exactly he discussed his plans with and barely questioned him on the issue during interrogation. towards the end of 2018 the environment on the image boards was becoming increasingly violent then an attack in a synagogue in pittsburgh with the killer posting a farewell message on a channel. screener optics i'm going in. the thought of the last among the 3 after an image book because this was the 1st time we saw an image born of the clear majority of people posting there advocating over violence they were no longer
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saying it's not looking good for us on. there was a breaking point where people actually believed that there were no political solutions and the only response was to take action and murder people and more. the degree to which the attackers of $2900.00 felt affinity with each other was evident during. interrogation when asked why he had fired another shot at young alang although she was already down he said he didn't want to end up like philip man's house the norwegian man who murdered his adopted chinese born sister he announced beforehand on an image board of his plans to see. my mosque but on his subsequent attempt he was overpowered by a muslim worshipper in court he claimed to be fighting for the survival of the white race he was sentenced to 21 years in jail. man's house used the trial as a platform that ok sign here serving as
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a gesture in support of the white power movement a gesture also supported by the christ church attacker in court and also found by the police in holland on the computer of chef and. almost all of the terrorists in 2019 also used steam and online platform for buying and playing computer games which claims to have over a 1000000000 users they use the platform to play games and chat with other people around the world they also form groups and far right symbols are sometimes used in violent games 18 year olds david somberly was an active member of the extremist anti refugee club on scene. in july 26th he shot dead 9 people of one german origin in munich before killing himself there was substantial evidence pointing to a far right motivation somebody used the same terminology later used by the 2019 terrorists to publish their manifesto it's title i'm going to now kill every german
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turk. despite the far right motive the very inaccurate refused to see right wing terrorism as an issue it took until the end of 2019 for them to classify the attack as that of a far right extremist. attorney clowe d.n.a. or has been fighting for a comprehensive investigation into the attack she represents a number of the victims' families have been expressed and i find it hard to accept how it came to that initial assessment of her simply not acceptable i find it hard to believe or even call it a real assessment at all this was a case of politicians deliberately playing down the issue. and not wanting to fix the problem but 3 years later that became inevitable also due to what happened in hanna as yet as. for the parents of channeling one of the victims of the 2016 minute massacre that knowledge in the far right idealogy behind the attack is vital for them justice is also completely explaining the motivating
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factors in order to prevent further attacks at a far right terror in germany is a very present danger we've seen since our attack how many of us have happened profits and they go to fight and be wise or. however much evidence our attorneys provided it was always rejected you could see it as 9 people dead or you could also see it as 9 foreigners than before but in this case it was 9 non germans dead one of them like the storm one hot one that left a mark on us for your last. in july 2017 the right wing extremist who had supplied somberly with his gun went on trial attorney claudia near-sighted a range of quotes from steam groups such as the anti refugee club there were clear indications that this group could produce further lone wolf attackers. vietnam after we found it in comprehensible joran and subsequent to the trial that when we
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bring up the existence of online target lists a german court with checks motions of evidence is aptly and and as expected the next attack was not long coming 21 year old william actress an opened fire in his former high school in aztec new mexico killing 2 students both hispanic actress and had chatted frequently online with the munich attacker. as we had already realized that the setting was right for another attack and it was just a question of time before something else happened as god thus sadly it was no surprise when it did. and we saw the limits of german rule of law and it's not a good feeling because albuquerque new mexico the stage for a criminal trial that could eventually see german officials also being brought to account. jamie latin is the mother of one of william actresses victims casey jordan mark as she wants
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a full investigation into the virtual network behind the anti refugee club linked to the murder of her daughter and also into the failures of all of storage she's involved i think it's worth it for her voice to be heard. how things were overlooked how things were. out there things could have been turned to prevent this and it was and. i think it's important for my daughter's name sake to do something to say something to take action which is. and the family is still suffering. even now the supporting network behind the attack has her beloved daughter to rest in peace members have even posted casey's autopsy reports online jamie latin has tried to very much to have it taken down i was very shocked i mean i've heard of the dark wet before heard of these kind of forms before but i never understood or realized how big it really is it's
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disgusting that there's end of it jewels that. troll for these kinds of things they look for these kinds of things they idolize these kinds of things my daughter's crime scene crime scene photos are all over the internet i've had many many sleepless nights because the bat. so the next step is to handover the litany of official failures surrounding the attacks in munich an aztec to louis rubble as one of new mexico's highest profile attorneys despite available evidence us nor enforcement likewise failed to determine the virtual background of the man behind the aztec shooting. had the f.b.i. simply done their job and looked through the online you know gallery of statements that were being made had the f.b.i. actually looked at they asphyxiate or school file they would have realized that he
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was serious about combating the crimes and ultimately he committed they knew how to identify it and they just simply didn't do it in this case. and in germany to the authorities had clear evidence pointing to the far right network but despite witness testimonies describing william actress and as a potential attacker that information was not forwarded to agencies in the u.s. . it is our mission to hold those accountable who allowed this tragic event to occur and if the german authorities are in fact at fault for this they should be held accountable and we would consider pursuing litigation if the evidence supports it it would be a horrible thing to find out and again an actionable thing in my eyes if the german authorities chose not to inform the united states you know all it would have taken
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is a phone call. up is now waiting for the f.b.i.'s files on the case and we'll be working with german attorneys to finally get the full picture on the links between the 2 attacks this international online network of killers has so far escaped full investigation we set out to track down a former member of the anti refugee club in germany he. arrested prior to the execution of a planned attack and is subsequently undergoing therapy he provided the authorities back then with information about the new mexico shooter william actually said i came across acheson because he was apparently the best player anywhere of hatred on steam his name was natural selector i found that impressive. and he then introduced me to the munich attacker. we asked him what he thought about the german authorities refusing to admit
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a connection between actress and son billy that's just stupid. we also asked how he ended up in the terrorist community. i wanted recognition in a social group i came to it through instagram where i look for past attacks most of the people are young around 16 but some believe was 18. i didn't have any friends at high school i was mostly just at my computer and didn't understand the typical daily life of others so i felt understood by these people when i posted stuff glorifying attacks i get 200 likes for one of those photos. in the case of the munich attack the german authorities failed to investigate the anti refugee club with serious consequences and even in the wake of hull a steam does not appear to be a significant focus for investigators germany's domestic security agency was asked to assist with the investigations but told the police they only had limited access
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to the publicly available steam id software. we use that software to find further steam friends of the heller shooter but they do not feature in the court files what's more despite the perpetrators excessive gaming behavior police interrogations did not ask him about his contacts on staging a large proportion of lone wolves or regular players of hyper violent on. mind games. as part of an international venture involving journalists from 4 countries we managed to identify the steam profile of the christ church terrorist brenton talent the profile is still active and is given a superior status by supporters with bonuses and the upgrades they buy us another online hall of fame games glorifying attacks of publicly accessible on steam and enable users to express their murderous fantasies this game simulates an attack on
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a gay pride parade the guns used by the shooter look remarkably similar to those at the christ church shooter as is typical for steam games here are not subject to gemini's network enforcement or facebook act steam is not required to monitor content and stores only a minimal proportion for the purposes of criminal investigations our request for comment from steyn went unanswered for thomas gabriele ruediger one of a small number of german cyber criminologists who has published works on the topic it's an unacceptable situation transition in most people imagine an indoor playground where streamers it's an all age groups meet together with rapists and children and all those kids are exposed to rapists and extremists. how long do you think it would take for the government and police to realize you know where we have to take protective measures but that doesn't happen on the net. it's just a small group of gamers that radicalize into lone wolves but it's
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a group that exists. and there's no discussion about the game of the occasion of terror here. which is also probably due to lobbying by the gaming industry and women on think he said it but once you bring it up you're accused of resorting to the old violent video game argument if it is a killer shoot it up to be. owned as you see it in the law what's missing is a discussion about ultimately these terrorists having been excessive gamers. excess if it came up on. and in many cases this kind of online perpetrator is equated with other terrorists. yes $50.00 that's what i mean give off a bus if there's a tendency to group all far writers together from the n.s.u. to the murder of walter luka and now hala or and. so on
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so there's a real one for but we need to differentiate between the place in society of far right extremists who are active in the analog domain. and that of gamers who have nothing to do with the local scene and belong to virtual subcultures and communities in phone via twitter. and that distinction is not being made that shift in the it's not an issue that needs addressing by academics in their ivory towers and then of this is this is then about the capacity of security agencies to take action to see. that. so what needs to be done to prevent a repetition of the many mistakes of the past. well i mean we need a huge increase in online policing by maybe a factor of 10 or 21 and we need this policing to have a bigger and more the visible presence that's what we need are experts who are familiar with gaming it's an issue that crops up all the time we need legal reforms
6:46 am
to cover these online structures otherwise these changes won't happen we need to talk about the responsibility of local law enforcement because it just doesn't make sense an enormous because there's practically no prevention from it and ultimately we have to talk about how this affects things globally. there needs to be a worldwide solution as radicalization is happening online with regularity and in the us there are lone wolf attacks on almost a we keep basis. pull be cannon used to be a high ranking official in the u.s. department of defense. he now works as a security consultant in new zealand he insisted that in the aftermath of the christ church attack. western security agencies have been late to the party they spent so much time and effort in the last almost 20 years now looking at extremists
6:47 am
is lot that they haven't paid enough attention that was going behind the internet walls where white supremacist perhaps was a dialogical a dialect of the opposition to the islamists have organized very thoroughly their way ahead of the security authorities up until you know the last 3 years the issue of white supremacist was considered a local law enforcement problem it was not a national security problem and this is for the entire western liberal democratic world now we know that that in fact it's false. it's an international phenomenon and it needs to be combated as an international phenomenon with the same router that the fight against. want to take and that far right community is considerable in scope and scale there are 2 novels in the book me now all of them. operating behind the scenes of these lone wolves or a number of far right online organizations who have now flooded the internet with
6:48 am
propaganda videos underlaid with techno music and these groups are also taking over image boards and messaging services like telegram with their ideology sporting openly aggressive names one of them alone at home no nuclear weapons division has been missed school for at least 5 murders alone and its propaganda videos were found on the computer of the hull a synagogue attack these groups are fuelled by far right ideologies and their ultimate goal is to overthrow society the manifestoes posted by the attackers of $21000.00 more repeat with similar if not identical philosophies and steam where the very same kill is publicly posted is where groups like the tone deaf and division have been recruiting then lone wolves it's been clear now to most european democracies that their biggest threat right now are white extremists and there are many reasons for that but the point is the imminent threat is coming from the right
6:49 am
and they were acting the part the thing is their technological catch up. still wired. when compared to the ability of this troops to get into encrypted platforms and then move once they were detected a few months ago one such online neo nazi group was shut down in an international police operation c.c.t.v. captured any and member of the foyer division placing a bomb outside an international office building in vilnius failed to detonate a similar bomb plot by another member of the same group targeting a synagogue in las vegas was thwarted by the f.b.i. a german recruit with the alias hydration the same name as a notorious s.s. leader in the 2nd world war was arrested in connection with yet another planned attack. we gained access to otherwise private chats among the quecreek division where lone wolves like gray vision and talent celebrated as heroes they even
6:50 am
received letters of support in jail but at the same time the f. k. d. wanted to create computer games where users could reenact attacks in order to attract teenagers as potential new lone wolves those recruits had to prove their commitment in tryouts a few years ago kevin from the eastern german stage of syringes joined one such chat group this was after being introduced to far right ideology by a family member but that mindset hernia seemed a violent dimension due to online exposure another person who these groups have tests of courage that you have to pass as proof of your loyalty i was basically just a recruit a beginner that was a. bit kevin did not want to remain a beginner he yearned for recognition and finally found this in the leader of his online group who then incited him to commit violent attacks. one of the fight i wanted to rise to the ranks and show what i was made of i wanted recognition.
6:51 am
that's why i did what i did. i beat someone up i reported the main leader with a picture of what i'd done for confirmation that i belong to the group they were my family and i do anything for that a little more from. kevin since i quit the online group and is now going back to high school he's become disillusioned with radical chap reviews. and next stop is a stone here where the leader of the fire clique division was arrested we want to know who the individual is who incited young men to undergo trials and then prepare plans for terrorist attacks. we approached estonian intelligence while they did not agree to an interview they insisted that we would not continue our search for the young man in question because he was just 13 years old. senior investigator and this explains the challenges
6:52 am
involved in identifying these unlike neo nazi groups usually in those kind of cases . overcome. by means of concentration. to find always behind all those. effect these but the person is very young there is kind of surprise. so young people are capable of having such influence on all of those he cannot be prosecuted about so i think there's a lot of work to do. for the family and of the school system to. be a sony employee has since been placed on a watch list like him many of the perpetrators in the virtual groups are extremely young. you're going to mention consequently it all these young people chat in a very concrete terms about potential targets and then to me it's good news and they're
6:53 am
astonishingly political. because that's a new development we're seeing come that way but it's good to you and you can talk about whether this is a strategy or a plan deploying or activating young people. because in many cases they're too young to be prosecuted for all of congress orders frequently teenagers a groomed behind the scenes by seasoned me announces in the case of the a stony and void the trail leads to russia if you look at the history of those organizations were there getting things be rationed. to start from russia. or something i'm going to just create those other times of thinking and there are manifold indications of activities by online the n.r.c. groups in russia one current example is right now they're not sorrow allegedly a former f.b.i. agent and a known white supremacist he lives in st petersburg where he works as
6:54 am
a security consultant he's also the leader of one of the next most radical far right organizations the base serves to provide a bridge between groups and lone wolves. the b.b.c. obtained and broadcast a recording of renowned sorrow talking about the group's plan. for you. there is no signal system so the best weather for us is just to get. all 3 cornish. spanish. speaking irish are calling her bear. a few months ago a number of leading members of the base were arrested in the u.s. on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack that sorrow himself continues to live undisturbed in russia he's been using the internet to recruit miners from across europe for his group's so-called armed struggle conducting interviews for potential inductees
6:55 am
a large number of teenage boys in europe have already been groomed by the base young people are being increasingly exposed to far right ideology online with a growing number now popping up on the radar of the all summer to east in many cases they still haven't formed their own view of the world from. there we have also identified very internet savvy young suspects in some cases they have no awareness of these acts of a criminal nature can cite for we've also seen a lot of hallmarks of band organizations where we have then found out during interrogation of those accused that they were not driven by nazi ideology tonight it's a decision about some state of. the christ church attack a became a hardened neo nazi after years of radicalization on the internet. muslim communities in new zealand had been threatened with a series of attacks without the all sorts he's responding anjum rahman received
6:56 am
several such threats via the internet following the christ church massacre new zealand prime minister just in the ad and other world leaders initiated the christ church calls summits aimed at preventing future lone wolf attacks. i went to new york last year for the christchurch coup. leaders dialogue meeting with a reported pick still seem to me even after the christchurch to take that major focus is on muslims and. that's not acceptable but there's how do we keep the international community to say this is the series 3 in leaping to a time of. 2 years for governments to take the threat of lone wolves seriously they've now promised adequate funding and international cooperation but another question is whether they have the right strategy. we have mentioned it isn't
6:57 am
a leap in this you need young people don't know these online communities and are familiar with the symbolism in them they have to be involved in police investigation work otherwise we won't get this phenomenon that is becoming increasingly more common under control. and this one crucial challenge resulting what is now a global problem increasingly the lone wolves are able to take refuge behind one of the foundations of western democracies. white supremacy has used the internet platforms to actually fire them prepare a check of the lone wolf a small cell types there they use encrypted platforms they hard bargain freedoms of speech and so you take advantage of what many see as an achilles' heel liberal democracy which is the protection of offensive speech there is often a fine line between defending freedom of speech and prosecuting insightful hate speech. appalling footage of mass murder flowing unchecked into online forums
6:58 am
another growing factor in the radicalization of uses. as governments and police forces around the western world struggle to find a solution to this good lone wolf terrorism time is of the essence. a visionary and a pragmatist klaus deaton name and. the departing director of the good to institute. a tireless traveler dedicated to intercultural dialogue. the final year bidding farewell to
6:59 am
a cultural ambassador and march 21. and 30 minutes on d w i'm. used to it as poor little stressed girl. and children of us as we are. in support of. what's a big what's. before. degree what. has a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. just through the tax and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and the information on the crawl of virus or any other science topic you should really
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check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com look forward slash science. this is do w. news live from berlin the results are in for venezuela's parliamentary elections as expected it is no surprise president nicolas maduro as a socialist party has won control of the national assembly tightening its grip on power the opposition boycotted the vote as a sham what do these results mean for a nation gripped by economic and political crisis also coming up germany's corona
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virus infections trend upward despite a limited lockdown and the state of bavaria remains riddled with pots.


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