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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 7:00am-7:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the results are in for venezuela's parliamentary elections as expected it is no surprise president a collapse models a socialist party has won control of the national assembly tightening its grip on power be opposition boycotted the vote as a sham what do these results mean for a nation gripped by economic and political crisis also coming up germany's corona virus infections trend upward despite a limited lockdown and the state of the barrier remains brittle with hot spots now
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the region faces even tougher restrictions and fire labor crews and scoring goals and stopping them on their way to 2nd place in the world is the guy we'll tell you how they extended it when the article on beacon street. i'm seeing is almost gone it's good to have you with us venezuelans are awaiting results of parliamentary elections widely expected to consolidate president nicolas motos grip on power opposition leaders called on supporters to boycott the vote they and many western nations have condemned it as a fraud the pandemic has deepened the country's long running economic and political crisis and was no upturn in sight venezuelans are growing more and more pessimistic about the future. a humble turnout few venezuelans came out to cast their votes on election day perhaps because there was so little to choose from with many
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opposition figures banned from participating the ruling socialist parties victory was all but assured that would give president maduro control of a congress the only institution not yet in his hands and as well as economy was already in a downward spiral when punitive u.s. sanctions meant to dislodge madieu row made everything worse the trump administration policy had venezuelans hard with many struggling to meet basic needs and hunger rampant 5000000 citizens have left the country. president maduro urged the opposition to join him in asking the incoming u.s. administration to rethink the policy. your that when your model i call on all opposition to abandon the extremist route. and to
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call in one voice for the new u.s. government of joe biden to lift all sanctions in one voice but u.s. backed opposition leader one who i don't know has asked for sanctions to be increased instead enthusiasm for who declared himself into him president in early 2019 has fallen drastically ever since he failed to oust madieu row knew his campaign urging venezuelans to boycott this election did not prove popular. but regardless of a person's political position it's a civic duty to vote and that i meant in athens extension does not promote democracy or change change is achieved to mass participation is it that i wouldn't. say look at this because you must see you. do rose near certain victory is likely to be hailed by his allies russia and china by ordinary
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venezuelans have little reason to expect swift change. let's bring in correspondent in venezuela capital. so to see you at this was seen by analysts as a foregone conclusion but results are coming and what are you seeing and hearing there. well these results come in very late in the evening here in minutes rather after a day where we don't see much voter participation but there is no surprise when the result of the electoral council is putting participation at 31 percent which is a lot more than what the opposition had calculated less than 20 percent in some instances so we will be seeing compression to use on how many people participated in today's election but most of this infant parliament will be occupied by the supporters who got 67.6 percent of the probs with independents winning the rest of the seats but without the bridges a patient of the opposition these results just show 'd that negro is one who has
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regained control over the parliament as was expected consolidating his power so what does this mean for the opposition. well the opposition is launching their own official poll to reject these elections there will be a digital consultation that will run from today until the 12th of december when there will be a demonstration as well so the opposition will try to capitalize on the discontent of people who didn't show up to vote one way most said today he will not wait until there's a change within the government and that they will have to show sounds you made it indeed trying to unite the opposition is a struggle but it is obvious that with the divided opposition there will be impossible to change the status quo of the chinese more in venice where this election comes amid a deepening economic and humanitarian crisis in venezuela so what have people there been telling you about how they see that stuff. well these past 2 years have been
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waning for the opposition and the country itself there's not much more that is at stake at this point many people have stayed home today because despite the claim of the opposition that this is a fraud without lights and many people just didn't feel their vote would matter there is no real incentive for change with this election and be other people that were voting were doing so out of fear i've spoken to people who were afraid of losing their pensions others that work for the state so they were forced to go vote or lose their positions so many people don't believe these elections will bring about change and that's wrong and will actually be deemed on the crisis that we're living. correspondent shankar speaking to us from caracas thank you very much for. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world romania's parliamentary election held on sunday is too close to call prime minister ludo that
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orbán claimed victory for his center right liberal party but the left wing social democrats appear to be slightly ahead in another exit poll turnout was a record low with only a 3rd of the electorate voting. in australia residents have been told to evacuate from fraser island to as bush fires burn toward homes more than half of the world heritage national park has been destroyed by fires in recent weeks with a heatwave worsening conditions it's thought that an illegal campfire sparked the blaze u.s. president donald trump's personal lawyer would be giuliani has tested positive for the coronavirus he's reportedly been admitted to a washington hospital but tweeted to say he is feeling fine the 76 year old has been a star travelled extensively working to overturn it trumps recent election losses. brides to be right let's take a look at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic now the serum institute of india says it has applied for emergency use authorization of its
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coronavirus vaccine in india britain says it will administer the 1st doses of the biotech pfizer vaccine on tuesday health care workers and seniors will be 1st in line and covert 1000 infections in germany are still trending upward despite the partial lockdown imposed in early november health departments reported more than 12000 new infections about 1000 more than on monday last week. meanwhile the german state of the various banks that the country's locked down light just isn't getting the job done after a crisis meeting on sunday the regional government has decided to toughen restrictions to slow the infection rate starting wednesday the variance will be asked to stay at home with only a few exceptions. the stage premiere of the very a mock a soda has long been waiting to implement tougher restrictions his state has record of the country's highest coronavirus death toll and after weeks of consistently
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high numbers despite many restrictions he says it's time to go even further the largest lyta the situation is unfortunately serious it's simply not enough we must do more we have to take action that is why i convened a special coronavirus cabinet meeting today so that we can implement various measures before christmas models for their own base of. announced a number of new measures that are expected to kick in on wednesday people in bavaria will only be able to leave their homes with good reason for example to go to work the doctor to go shopping or for exercise evening curfews from 9 pm to 5 am and planned for hotspots with the highest infection rates and there will be stricter rules and checks on the borders with austria and the czech republic. schools will remain open but 13 year olds and above
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will only be expected to attend on alternate weeks. with the move so durned has been very in cabinet breaking ranks with the of the state leaders in germany covered 19 restrictions are up to the individual states but so far there's been something of an operating consensus among permian is the 16 federal states have a grade in recent weeks to a number of stricter measures to accompany the country's current lockdown light. but chances are i'm glad merkel has often said she thinks the steps don't go far enough so while the new measures might be welcome to the chancellor in berlin there were mixed reactions to the measures on the streets of beriah going to see the numbers aren't going down i think it's necessary to this making at this stuff i think it's a bit excessive but i think of my workplace for example where i sit with sometimes up to 30 colleagues and then i can only spend new year's eve with 5 people. with
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a new infection rates remaining consistently high in germany the question now is if other if not all of the german federal states will follow the various lead. it's sports now on match day 10 of the bunder sleekest sunday's night game sunday night's game that paired 2 clubs going in opposite directions buyer leverkusen went into this one unbeaten in the league this season and looking to put pressure on biron at the top host's shaka meanwhile were on a win last run stretching back 251 dislike of matches. with the other top teams dropping points leverkusen were looking to put themselves into the title race shelter coach manual balm was looking for anything positive anything but things went south in the 1st 10 minutes blues defender shout forced to try to head the ball clear it didn't hurt and own goal to make it one nil leverkusen. it stayed
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that way to the 67th minute when leon bailey offered another worthy corner kick 1000000000 baumgardner with just the right touch laver couzens momentum was building. it peaked on this show the penalty kick and rebound i knew castro duckie maintaining the shut out. the moment of the match as he kept the lead at 2 goals. leverkusen added another from patrick schick. and 3 huge points at shelter with a 3 nil when laver who is in are now 2nd only to biron in the bundesliga. elsewhere in the brain as they go dark host of bremen where a wild goal in injury time spell the difference stuck us see last woman she took us who tend to steal the ball away and go in and contest in fact he took too much time to he was shown
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a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct and another look shows the fatal error on brennan's part the school made it to nil bremen did score minutes later but it wasn't us they lost 21. in formula one said no paris claimed victory at an action packed grand prix in bahrain the mexican driver from racing point held his nerve to win for the 1st time in $190.00 formula one race it's mercedes george russell was standing in for a world champion lewis hamilton wes coronavirus it was better to support for russell after a debut race that promised so much. thrills and spills came early in bahrain must read rules much for stopping and ferrari show leclaire crushed out on the opening lap with lewis hamilton absent fell to the bottom us was the favorite yet all eyes were on hamilton's replacement precocious 22 year old briton george russell and russell looks set to embarrass porto's with an incredible maiden victory but
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mercedes soon put paid to the hopes of both men disastrous pit stops. to start sometime. but look for russell. looks like in the future it's not really just scuppered appears chances as they finished well off the pace. but one man's anguish is another's joy and there was something of a few details so he'll prez's 1st ever when the mexican was in his penalty mcgraw i'm pretty with racing point hundreds without a team for next season. it was a landmark day 2 for frenchman esteban colm who was overcome as his 2nd place clinched in the 1st ever spot on the podium. i cried on the line for former promotion you know going through my mind i fully but the day belonged to race when our pet is who like struggled to hold back the tears.
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let's get a quick reminder of our top story the results are in for venezuela's parliamentary elections as expected president nicolas maduro socialist party has won control of the legislature is set to tighten his grave. on power. thank you for watching. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons for such. luck there are many plans.


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