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this is d.w. news live from berlin and the results are in for venezuela's parliamentary elections president nicolas maduro socialist party wins control of the national assembly the opposition boycotted the vote as a sham but as more power from other little means for the nation also coming up germany's coronavirus infections go off despite a limited lockdown numbers remain stubbornly high in the region known for its
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festive spirit it announces even tighter restrictions ahead of the holidays and in football buyers labor goes into scoring goals and of stopping that on their way to 2nd place in the front if they go we'll tell you how they extended of remarkable i'm beaten st. i'm super someone's gonna thank you for joining us while the results are in and as expected president nicolas mughals party has won parliamentary elections in venezuela consolidating his grip on power opposition leaders called on supporters to boycott the vote they and many western nations have condemned it as a fraud the pandemic has deepened the country's long running economic and political crisis and with no upturn in sight venezuelans are growing more and more pessimistic about their future. a humble tarr night few venezuelans came out to
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cast their votes on election day perhaps because there was so little to choose from with many opposition figures banned from participating the ruling socialist parties victory was all but assured that would give president maduro control over the national assembly the only institution not yet in his hands then his will is economy was already in a downward spiral when punitive u.s. sanctions meant to dislodge material made everything worse the trumpet ministration policy hit venezuelans hard with many struggling to meet basic needs and hunger rampant. $5000000.00 citizens have left the country president would do are the opposition to join him now asking the incoming u.s. administration to rethink the policy. i call on our opposition to abandon the extremist route. and to call in one voice for the
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new us government of joe biden to lift all sanctions in one voice but u.s. backed opposition leader one has called for sanctions to be increased instead enthusiasm for quiet all who declared himself interim president anally 2019 has fallen drastically ever since he feel to oust material his campaign are doing venezuelans to boycott the selection did not prove popular thea will be given regardless of a person's political position it's a civic duty to vote them an. extension does not promote democracy or change change is achieved through mass participation and if they have somebody. they look at this industry must see with. nicolas maduro his victory is likely to be hailed by his allies russia and china. but for ordinary venezuelans they have little
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reason to expect swift change. and we have a harms of a piece from latin america desk with us good morning ophelia thanks for joining us we now know that because last month party has as expected won control of the national assembly what does this mean and no real surprises here sumi what it means is that he will continue to tighten his grip of power he has already ruled the country with an author of tehran regime but now he gains the last institution that was in control of the opposition with this institution he gets the nod just as if our and that will only mean that he will continue to strengthen his his power in real practical terms it doesn't change much in the country though the bad news for the middle regime is that the economic situation will probably continue because he will continue to be isolated from the international community what about the
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opposition here we saw images in the report of one boy though you know the opposition leader there was so much energy around him but it seems like they're now in a very difficult position so where do you think this leaves them well this election has shown that they are divided again as they have been in the past and has been losing power and strength in the last 22 years we haven't seen him very active some people say he might have needed more support from their national community but the problem now is that he will have to step down he and his problem and even if he tries to continue administrative powers as he has said he will do in a referendum he will have to step down and he might even face persecution and will have to end up in exile as many other opposition leaders the opposition will have to really gain power together they are divided and they will have to find a new leader that might help them you mentioned the economic crisis and the humanitarian situation also in venezuela right now is dire i mean how do
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venezuelans see this election well the low participation that we have seen so far shows that. people really didn't have much interest in this election not only because the outcome was clear to everybody but because people are very much more worried about how to get food and how to get every day's needs that are really a struggle in day to day lives for venezuelans. what we see now is that the economic situation won't change much the regular resume doesn't have a real clear strategy on how to tackle the crisis and so the situation for venezuelans won't change much we might see more of an as well as fleeing the country joining those $5000000.00 migrants that already have fled venezuela and what about the international community here we know that the u.s. also called the election a fraud that there were no international observers from the european union for example what role does the international community and its view on the selection play well they didn't send any international observers because there are no real
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signs that there's any transparency the electoral body is controlled by the majority in the judiciary is controlled by them as well but it is important that the international community doesn't support them because this will continue to strengthen the sanctions that will continue to affect venezuela and we can throw a bigger analogy worldwide you can see the liberal democracies haven't really found a way to deal with the authoritarian regime as a venezuela and this can apply to many other countries as well i feel your hands are at the from latin america desk thank you so much for analysis. let's check in now on some other stories making news around the world iran's revolutionary guard says a remote controlled weapon was used in last week's assassination of a top nuclear scientists officials say know what taxes were president when most in
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5 exotic was shot by a high precision machine gun fitted with a camera and artificial intelligence iran has previously blamed israel for the attack in australia residents have been told to evacuate from fraser island as bush fires burn towards homes more than half of the world heritage national park has been destroyed by fires in recent weeks with a heatwave worsening conditions it is thought that in a legal campfire sparked the blaze. u.s. president donald trump's personal lawyer who giuliani has tested positive for the coronavirus he's reportedly been admitted to a washington hospital but tweeted to say that he is feeling fine the 76 year old has travelled extensively working to overturn trump's recent election loss. let's take a look now at the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic the serum institute of india says it has applied for emergency use authorization of its coronavirus vaccine in india britain says it will administer the 1st doses of the
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biotech pfizer vaccine on tuesday health care workers and seniors will be 1st in line and covert 19 infections in germany are still trending upward despite the partial lockdown imposed in early november health departments reported more than 12000 new infections about 1000 more than on monday last week. meanwhile in the german state of the very end new corona virus infections remain among the highest in the country after a crisis meeting on sunday the regional government has decided to toughen restrictions started when state variance will be asked to stay at home with only a few exceptions. the stage premier of bavaria marcos soda has long been waiting to implement tougher restrictions his state has recorded the country's highest coronavirus death toll and after weeks of consistently high numbers despite the restrictions he says it's time to go even further the largest the situation is
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unfortunately serious it's simply not enough we must do more we have to take action that is why i convened a special coronavirus cabinet meeting today so that we can implement various measures before christmas when i was for that on the basis of. ceuta announced a number of new measures that are expected to kick in on wednesday people in bavaria will only be able to leave their homes with good reason for example to go to work the doctor to go shopping all for exercise. evening curfews from 9 pm to 5 am a plan for hotspots with the highest infection rates and there will be stricter rules and checks on the borders with austria and the czech republic. schools will remain open but 13 year olds and above will only be expected to attend on alternate weeks. with the move so durned has been very in cabinet breaking ranks with the of
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a state leaders in germany covered 19 restrictions are up to the individual states but so far there's been something of an operating consensus among permeate as. the 16 federal states have a grade in recent weeks to a number of stricter measures to accompany the country's current lockdown light. but chances are i'm glad merkel has often said she thinks the steps don't go far enough so while the new measures might be welcome to the chancellor in berlin there were mixed reactions to the measures on the streets of bavaria it's going to see the numbers aren't going down i think it's necessary to this making it this tough i think it's a bit excessive but i think of my workplace for example where i sit with sometimes up to 30 colleagues and then i can only spend new year's eve with 5 people. with a new infection rates remaining consistently high in germany the question now is if other if not all of the german federal states will follow the various lead.
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d.w. political correspondent julie aside ellie is following the story for us hi julia so but varia says the restrictions do not go far enough a will other german states now follow bavaria sleet. as we also heard in the report . the various state premier has often been one to push for harsher restrictions and also to implement them in the past has now done that again with some new measures that are quite significantly harsher than those that are valid nationwide and this has caused some debate in germany recently we've seen coronavirus numbers flattening the exponential rise has stopped but we haven't seen numbers going down significantly and deaths remain high so many are questioning whether the current partial lockdown in place nationwide is actually working and we'll have to see whether they will follow in his new
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take but there is definitely a debate on this going on with many state leaders questioning the current lockdown but when you look at infection numbers i mean bavaria isn't doing as well as other states. varia has been one of the states that has been hit the hardest since the beginning of the pandemic already in the 1st wave in march it was the 1st state to actually see a coronavirus outbreak happen and cases have remained high since it was also one of the states that saw a pick up of cases after the summer holidays in september and currently is one of the states with the highest coronavirus incidents per 100000 inhabitants now it will be interesting to see whether. tougher restrictions will actually have an effect in bavaria and whether that might entice other states to go along with what he's doing right now ok if we look ahead to the holidays i mean most of the country
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is planning to ease restrictions for christmas or new years is that still going to happen. so yes america america the german chancellor and the state premiers met only 10 days ago to define what would happen over christmas and those measures were expected loosening of restrictions especially in terms of people being able to meet and those measures were meant to hold until after the christmas holidays until january 4th now yesterday called for a new meeting to take place before christmas to reevaluate whether the current measures are working and whether a loosening is actually warranted over christmas or whether it might be too risky and some state leaders and politicians are going along with what service is requesting and also talking about reevaluating before christmas and some states have already said they won't go ahead with the loosening like in berlin or in buy them get them back so we might actually have
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a new meeting between the federal government and the states before christmas we'll have to wait and see if that happens. julia so delhi good to talk to you. to ethiopia now we're fighting is reportedly continuing in the northern region aid agencies are warning that the insecurity there is holding up aid needed by hundreds of thousands of people the recent clashes between government forces and the people's liberation front has sparked a mass exodus from the region with many fleeing into neighboring sudan thousands of people are believed to have died but one has also been born. has been and fled their home and to grow as soon as they had the sound of explosions and gunfire just a week before one for months they set out and fought. and i was frightened and running away so that's when the pain started right in the middle of the street
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beating. someone was lucky in a small village in ethiopia she found a hospital where a doctor hope to deliver a baby after that the family of 3 made their way to a un refugee camp in sudan salaams husband at security said she feared for his life in tikrit i. could have taken me. so if i die i will die with her and if i live i would live with her. here in relative safety in sudan salaam already has hopes of returning home. when we can go back i'll tell her she was born in the. salaam says she wanted to show her gratitude to the doctor you have been joining the flight. i wanted to call my baby africa but i instead named her after the doctor who delivered.
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africa became. and she is now nearly 4 weeks old. the mental health of hong kong residents has fallen to a new low according to a recent survey mental health professionals involved in the study point to the pandemic and a crackdown on pro-democracy protests as cause it's for the decline some hong kong years have reported crippling symptoms that make daily life a struggle d.w. met with one protester who asked that we not use his real name out of fear for replications from authorities 22 year old protester henry struggles whenever he passes by a police station in hong kong it was in just such a station that he experienced police brutality 1st hand. one day when i went out 9 undercover police officers took me in a car to the police station in the interrogation room and i tried to force a confession that took out the baton as they hit me they pulled my ears and pushed
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me against the wall asked if i thought anyone had ever died in the police station and threatened to be if i didn't sign a statement i was so scared at the time that i signed. 3 weeks after his release he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression every time i see a police car or an officer outside i tremble and feel the urge to hide i can't sleep at night because of the flashbacks and sometimes i cry all night i used to be a very cheerful person but everything has changed. henry is not alone in this spot so with mental health since the start of the anti-government movement nost year one in 3 home call has displaced same time yourself post-traumatic stress disorder. the degree of thousands has been much lower was during the protests in hong kong compared to war so most studies have found that the long lasting political turmoil is causing a high degree of stress you know go away the situation where traumatic experiences
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have not yet resolved will come to it and their situation is quite different because the stresses ever present longstanding exposed to such stress those is more like create to pull deals changes in the brain subsequently will make this for us as a bridge to these old. to address the collective trauma local artist ricky luke turns stories of police brutality into any stray sions the booklets in this exhibition describe the experiences of 100 protestors and citizens he and his team talked with. the heart is so powerful it's not going to change much in reality but at least people feel they are heard and we are all walking together you feel slightly better knowing you're not alone in this process itself is very important this small space is the only place they can find for the exhibition many
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found he was turned down that display in fear of possible political consequences and the stripping national security law in post by beijing as the government has declared certain protests logans illegal curator sending these sad each booklet has to be carefully self censored. only one voice is allowed and it's the government's voice it's hard to mourn and address or trauma if we can't even speak about what happened but we should still try because that's the 1st step to healing and you. can raise those suffers from p.t.s.d. and depression but with the help of medication he's gradually returning to normal life i'm very lucky to have been diagnosed and given professional help early on people have been very supportive but the scars will be there for life and i think i can never go back to who i was it's impossible to truly heal unless justice is served for henry and other sufferers the road to healing were not to be easy as long as the political turmoil in hong kong continues. more stories now from
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around the world romania as parliamentary election held on sunday is too close to call prime minister would have it or claimed victory for a center right liberal party but the left wing social democrats appear to be slightly ahead in another exit poll turnout was a record low with only a 3rd of the electorate voting. lebanon's capital beirut has been hit by a hail storm for the 1st time in more than 50 years the intense downpour led to flooding in some areas the hail took many residents by surprise and comes just months after a massive explosion at a port left some 300000 people homeless in brussels u.k. and e.u. negotiators are locked in last ditch talks over their post breaks that trade ties there are just days left for the 2 parties to avert a chaotic break at the end of the year the u.k. left the e.u. at the end of january and the breaks the transition period ends on december 31st.
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sports now on match day 10 of the bundesliga sunday night's game paired 2 clubs going in opposite directions buyer leverkusen went into this one unbeaten in the league this season and looking to put pressure on biron at the top hosts a shocker meanwhile we're on a winless run stretching back $25.00 but dislike of matches. with the other top teams dropping points leverkusen were looking to put themselves into the title race . shelter coach manual balm was looking for anything positive anything but things went south in the 1st 10 minutes blues defender molly shouted forced to try to head the ball clear the didn't and own goal to make it one nil labor who isn't. it stayed that way to the 67th minute when leon bailey offered another worthy corner kick on baumgartner with just the right touch laver couzens momentum was
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building. it peaked on this show the penalty kick and rebound. to construct the maintaining the shut out. the moments of the match as he kept the lead at 2 goals. leverkusen added another from patrick schick. and 3 huge points and shall go with a 3 no winner laver who is in are now 2nd only to biron in the bundesliga. elsewhere in the bundesliga start cart host of bremen where a wild goal in injury time spell the difference that see last woman she took swooped in to steal the ball away and go in uncontested in fact she took too much time he was trying to yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct another look shows the fatal error on brennan's part the school made it to nail a credit score minutes later but it was not enough they lost 21. in
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formula one said he'll pettus claimed victory at an action packed secular grand prix in bahrain the mexican driver from racing point held his nerve to win for the 1st time in $190.00 formula one races for sadie's george russell was standing in for a world champion those hamilton who has the coronavirus there was did bitter disappointment for russell after a debut race that had promised so much. thrills and spills came early and by. rain has red bull's much pushed up and ferrari show crushed oat on the opening love with lewis hamilton absent well to the bottom us was the favorite all eyes were on hamilton's replacement precocious 22 year old briton george russell and russell looks set to embarrass porto's with an incredible maiden victory but mercedes soon put paid to the hopes of both men and disastrous pit stops. this time the time i turned but look for russell. looks like very much
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or start really just scuppered to paris chances as they finished well off the pace . but one man's anguish is another's joy and there was something of a feely tale to start he will perez his 1st ever win the mexican was in his penultimate drawn pre with racing point hundreds without a team for next season. it was a landmark day 2 for frenchman esteban colm who was overcome as his 2nd place clinched in the 1st ever spot on the podium. i cried on the line for almost remorse and you know going through my mind i fully but the day belonged to race when our pet is who like struggled to hold back the tears. now to kenya or conservationists are carrying out a rescue operation to save our herd of giraffes trapped on a flooded island the animal's home territory in the western part of the country has
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been inundated and tasked to transport such a large passenger rescuers had to get creative. it's a tall order trying to transport a reluctant giraffe. as she was the only female stuck with 7 males on an island in lake in western kenya. the habitat threatened by rising water levels the rough charles carafe was becoming extinct around $800.00 now live in kenya but this hurt each a new home and conservationists from the group to save giraffes came up with a plan to move the 5 metre told creatures on a custom built boche across the water to have a surf on the mainland it's not every day you see it of ross head poking out of the top of a lot floating raft built on empty oil drums a sea has relieved to be back on dry land and the conservationist are delighted with the success. but now there's just the small matter of moving the rest of the
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herd. all right let's get a quick reminder of our top story venezuelan president nicolas maduro socialist party has won control of the legislature and parliamentary elections little is expected to pass the national assembly with his supporters the opposition boycotted the vote which was also denounced as a sham by the u.s. and the european union. thank you for watching it and you see.
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is quite as simple as it seems. to stand in the world better we need to take a closer. experience knowledge
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to culture. on digital. board. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room similar it was hard for. i even got white hair is that. the german language now not this keeps me and could help us maybe to entrust the lives of say you want to know their story my parents birth fighting and reliable information for migrants. we know this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing a lot so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can
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stay at how we are d. w. me for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on overwhelming . we are all in this spirit run together and we're making sure. everybody. stay safe stay safe the priest instructs it. wherever we go they're always with us microbes are everywhere. on our hands before and after we wash them behinde out. on our little toes on our teeth and yes inside us too especially deep in our gut. today we'll be talking about our micro biome.


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