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tv   Oil Promises  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 12:03pm-12:46pm CET

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and they also said that you know the e.u. is ready to go an extra mile to make an agreement possible but that time is running out so we have to say that brussels is in there rather a gloomy mood at the moment but. european commission president will again talk on the phone one of the key sticking points there are 3 issues that the talks have been circulating around for 4 weeks now so how to make sure that we are going to have a further competition or it's going to stick to the same rules this is one issue the 2nd issue is how to find a mechanism to make sure that future disputes can be solved between the united kingdom and the 3rd issue is still fishing for they rip fishing represents about one percent of the u.k. g.d.p. so this is the rubber and symbolic issue seems to be very emotional for the u.k.
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and also for the european union how much the european fissures will get in the future to u.k. watchers and this is one of this restocking points here if there's no deal before the end of the deadline what happens. well i think it's fair to assume that we are going to see a lot of chaos because both sides don't seem to be heard for such a worst case scenario then of course if there is no trade deal we are going to see tariffs on imports from the exports to the we are going to see customs checks and that could mean delays in even delivery of medicines for example we can see lanes of florrie's way to to cross the border and bury a lot of issues would be affected if there is no trade deal from i.v.
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asian traveling in general to even you know transporting your pets from from the u.k. to the european union. thank you. in venezuela socialist president nicolas maduro has hailed a gigantic election win that hands him control of the national assembly and cements is position and but there are socialists won almost 70 percent of the vote turnout was just 31 percent of the opposition parties called for a boycott international observers have condemned the vote saying the results did not reflect the will of the venezuelan people self-proclaimed acting president why though said the vote was a fraud. to throw those who are scared of the people are the ones who commit fraud do ruin his regime have lost the popular the majority of us want change in venezuela don't be surprised if they try to advance the result in the coming days
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of december because this election has done them no good they know when i'm now joined by a failure solution from w.'s latin america affiliate the international observers like the e.u. and the organization of american states agree with that be election was shot what's at stake for the country well this election won't be recognized either by that you the u.s. and other main international actors of this means that the diplomatic isolation of mother a will continue and maybe even worse than this also means of the blockade india and the international markets will remain as well as the sanctions that have been imposed to the country to venezuelans in their everyday lives not much will change the economic crisis will stay and they won't see any improvement in terms of for example human rights but the opposition in venezuela seems very divided and fragmented wise that well they are fragmented because their projects failed basically. and managed to establish this alternative for
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a gene that he was hoping for he lost a lot of strength when he attempted this this military uprising last year that we can take him and the opposition started to look for different strategies he and his parliamentarians will have. to evacuate the national assembly on january 5th when the new one takes over and he might even be persecuted and forced to flee the country as many other of the opposition leaders have been forced to but this election is set against a growing humanitarian crisis where the poverty is rampant how big is the support for moderate socialists really well we saw a very old turnout in this in this election that's because many people didn't think that their voice would make a change there are still some supporters of the socialist project of the chavez small people that believe that the economic crisis is only to do with the sanctions that have been imposed to the country but the reality is that people are so worried
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about how to survive how to get food and how to manage their lives the pullet the politics aren't that important nowadays they're more worried about how to feed their families what does it mean for the socialists to win control of the national assembly well that they are taking over the very last institutions that have been democratically elected and that had a real opposition because they have a position now but it's a fake opposition and that will only strengthen the grip of power of maduro of this earth or in terror in regime it is an important symbolic win but it doesn't change in real terms because they had already just that have powers with this constitutional assembly they established in 2002017 so really in terms of legal better or some new your powers it's not it's not a real change so he has cemented his. so what for
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over the web with us this go well the main problem is how to tackle the economic crisis the majority one has thought about how to consolidate more support from his allies iran russia. china but they don't really have the intention to to invest that much in men as well as their own way and they're also looking for their relationship with other partners around the world and he doesn't have a strategy on how to rebuild the oil industry that is what they have been relying on for so long philip concert from our latin america desk thank you for trying not to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world iran's revolutionary guard says a remote controlled weapon was used in last week's assassination of a top nuclear scientist officials said no attackers were present when mosen fuckers out it was shot by a high precision machine gun fitted with a camera and artificial intelligence iran has previously blamed israel for the
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attack. polls have opened in ghana for presidential and parliamentary elections the vote is expected to be a tight race between the 2 main candidates incumbent president. and his longtime rival john muhammad the west african country is experiencing a financial downturn after decades of growth. in australia residents have been told to evacuate from fraser island as bush fires burn toward homes well than half of the world heritage national park has been destroyed by fires in recent weeks with a heat wave worsening conditions it's thought and illegal camp fire sparked the place to look now at some of the some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic several institute of india says it has applied for emergency use authorization off its coronavirus vaccine in india britain says it will administer the 1st doses of the biotech finds a vaccine on tuesday health care workers and senior citizens will be 1st in line
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and covert 19 infections in germany are still trending upward despite the partial lockdown imposed in early november health departments reported more than 12000 new infections about 1000 more than on monday last week. well in the german state of bavaria new coronavirus infections remain among the highest in the country after a crisis meeting on sunday the regional government has decided to toughen restrictions further starting wednesday bavarians will be asked to stay at home with only a few exceptions. the state primary varia marcus's has long been wanting to implement tougher restrictions his state has recorded the country's highest coronavirus death toll and after weeks of consistently high numbers despite new restrictions he says it's time to go further. the largest lighter the situation is unfortunately serious it's simply not enough we must do more we have to take
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action that is why i convened a special coronavirus cabinet meeting today so that we can implement various measures before christmas miles for the on off base or to be. set to announce a number of new measures as of wednesday people in bavaria will only be able to leave their homes with good reason for example to go to work to the doctor to go shopping or for exercise curfews from 9 pm to 5 am planned for hotspots with the highest infection rates and there will be stricter rules and checks on the borders with austria and the czech republic. schools will remain open but 13 year olds and above will only be expected to attend on alternate weeks. with the move said and his bavarian cabinets are breaking ranks with the other state premiers in germany. kovac 19 restrictions are up to the individual states but so far they've agreed to take a unified approach. the 16 federal states have agreed in recent weeks to
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a number of stricter measures as part of the country's current lockdown. it is the view that chancellor angela merkel has often said she thinks the steps don't go far enough so while the new measures might be welcomed at the chancery in berlin there were mixed reactions on the streets of bavaria it's going to say the numbers aren't going down i think it's necessary about us to this making it this tough i think it's a bit excessive but i think of my workplace for example where i sit with sometimes up to 30 colleagues and then i can only spend new year's eve with 5 people. with new infection rates remaining consistently high in germany the question is if other or all of germany's federal states will now follow bavarians lead. their pandemic has forced german ally and lost tons up to make some painful cuts yellen says that by the end of this year it will have dropped $29000.00 jobs that's a 5th of its total workforce the german flag carrier says it's also planning to
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slice another $10000.00 jobs in 2021 although demand for flights has risen somewhat towards the end of the year lockdowns worldwide mean much of its fleet swimming's ground its the company has received substantial state this year due to the crisis by the end of the 3rd quarter it had recorded losses of 5600000000 euros. bring in our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney tells me that's worse than the times i was previously announced right. it is tons i have previously been saying it was going to cut about 22000 jobs by the end of the year that's obviously been increased quite a bit now in part that's because the house decided to sell its catering unit which accounted for about $7500.00 jobs but they also are cutting about $20000.00 jobs abroad and as you mentioned they plan to now another $10000.00 jobs within germany
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next year and that's going to be very controversial because as part of the 9000000000 euros that lufthansa received from the german government this this massive bailout they had really pledged to try and not cut jobs in germany to try and preserve those jobs and they have been negotiating with the unions within germany but now they're saying that they they likely will have to cut jobs here as well that's in part because the airline industry is is really still not seeing much of a bounce back they're losing a lot of money they only expect capacity to ride out about $20.00 maybe 25 percent through the end of the year so it's really much more difficult situation and they have been expecting us the island it's an industry wide problem of course who will survive. well a lot of state carriers local tons have gotten a significant amount of help from their governments it's not just of tonsil air france. some airlines and in italy there has been
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a lot of support from europe for these airlines but they will face a lot of challenges going forward the industry is not expected to recover fully until maybe 20242025 even then these carriers will emerge from this much smaller they will have to make permanent job cuts they will have to let go of planes so the future for the industry looks much dimmer and much smaller shows ability in frankfurt for us thank you charles. well the political upheaval in hong kong has kicked off a mental health crisis in the city of according to a recent survey mental health professionals pointed to the crackdown on pro-democracy protests as a major trigger some reported cricked crippling symptoms that daily life a struggle w. met with one protester who asked that we not use his real name out of fear of repercussions from authorities. 22 year old protester henry struck always whenever he passes by a police station in hong kong it was in just such
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a station that he experienced police brutality firsthand. one day when i went out 9 undercover police officers took me in a car to the police station in the interrogation room and i tried to force a confession they took out the buttons they hit me they pulled my ears and pushed me against the wall but i asked if i thought anyone had ever died in the police station and threatened me if i didn't sign a statement i was so scared at the time that i signed 3 weeks after his release he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression every time i see a police car or an officer outside i tremble and feel the urge to hide i can't sleep at night because of the flashbacks and sometimes i cry all night i used to be a very cheerful person but everything has changed. henry is not alone in this spot so with mental health since the start of the anti-government movement. one in 3
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hong kong has displaced same time yourself post-traumatic stress disorder. followed a degree of thousands has been much lower watching the protests in hong kong compared to war so most studies have found that the long lasting political turmoil is causing a high degree of stress you know go away the situation where. traumatic experiences have not yet resolved or come to it and the situation is quite different because the stresses presence long standing exposed to such dresses is more likely to put the deal was changes in the brain subsequent 3 will make his 1st as a priest his older. to address the collective trauma local artist ricky luke turns stories of police brutality into illustrations the book was in this exhibition describe the experiences of 100 protestors and citizens he and his team talked with. the heart is so powerful it's not going to change much in
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reality but at least people feel they are heard and we're all walking together you feel slightly better knowing you're not alone in this process itself is very important this small space is the only place they can find for the exhibition many found he was turned down that display in fear of possible political consequences and the stripping national security law imposed by beijing as the government has declared certain protests logans illegal curators send these out each booklet has to be carefully self censored. only one voice is allowed envious of the government's voice it's hard to mourn and address our trauma if we can't even speak about what happened but we should still try because that's the 1st step to healing and. i can raise still suffers from p.t.s.d. and depression but with the help of medication he's gradually returning to normal
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life i'm very lucky to have been diagnosed and given professional help early on people have been very supportive but the scars will be there for life and i think i can never go back to who i was it's impossible to truly heal unless justice is served for henry and other sufferers the road to healing were not to be easy as long as the political turmoil in hong kong continues. time to take a look at some of the other stories making headlines u.s. president of trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani has tested positive for corona virus he has reportedly been admitted to a washington hospital but tweeted to say he feels fine 76 year old has travelled extensively working to overturn trump's recent election loss. romania's parliamentary election held on sunday is too close to call from mr. claimed victory for his center wide liberal party but the left wing social democrats appear to be slightly ahead in another exit poll turnout was
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a record low with only a 3rd of the electorate or 2. in russia an unexpected file a spectacle erupted after a pyrotechnic stall was set ablaze in rostov on don fireworks stores in russia usually well stocked at this time of year ahead of new year's celebrations it's unclear how the fire started actually there were no reported injuries. a match day 10 of the bundesliga sunday night's game pad 2 clubs going in opposite directions by a liver who isn't went into this one unbeaten in the season in the league this season and looking to put pressure on by an at the top hole struck a meanwhile while the winless run stretching back $25.00 points league matches. with the other top teams dropping points leverkusen were looking to put themselves into the title race shelter coach manual bone was looking for anything positive
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anything but things went south in the 1st 10 minutes blues defender my leg how forced to try to head the ball clear didn't and own goal to make it one nail leverkusen. it stayed that way to the 67th minute when leon bailey offered another worthy corner kick julieann baumgartner with just the right touch laver couzens momentum was building. it peaked on this show the penalty kick and rebound my look is fred eki maintaining the shut out from the moment of the match as he kept the lead at 2 goals 5. leverkusen added another from patrick schick. and 3 huge points and shall go with a 3 no when labor who is in are now 2nd only to biron in the bundesliga. and elsewhere in the league stood guard hosted by him and well while the goal in injury
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time spells the difference. from one to took up swoops in to steal the ball way and go in on contest which in fact he took too much time and was shown a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct another look shows the fatal error on freeman's home this goal made it 2 nil printed score minutes later but it wasn't enough they lost 21. in formula one says you know paris claimed victory had an action packed from prix in bahrain the mexican driver from racing point held his nerve to win for the 1st time in 190 formula one races i say this is george russell was standing in for world champion who has to one of us that was. a disappointment for us all after the race that had promised so much. the thrills and spills came early in bahrain as red bulls mucks pushed up and ferrari charlotte clare crushed
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boat on the opening lap with lewis hamilton absent well to the bottom us was the favorite yet all eyes were on hamilton's replacement precocious 22 year old briton george russell and russell looks set to embarrass potus with an incredible maiden victory but mercedes soon put paid to the hopes of both men disastrous pit stops. 6 times the time. and but look for russell. looks like british culture shock really. scuppered to piers chances as they finished well off the pace . but one man's anguish is another's joy and there was something of a feely tale to start here perez's 1st ever when the mexican was in his banal to mcgraw and pretty with racing point and is without a team for next season. it was a landmark day 2 for french minister bungle kong who was overcome as his 2nd place clinched him a 1st ever spot on the podium. i cried on the line almost
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remorse and you know going through my mind i could. but the day belonged to race winner pairs who like o'connell struggled to hold back the tears. in the u.s. the national basketball association the n.b.a. is getting ready for the new season and training camps are already underway and was injured lakers are eager to defend their title with superstar le bron james having extended his contract last week residents have been us every n.b.a. team the portland trailblazers to close their training facility after 3 players tested positive for 19 new n.b.a. season is set to start on december 20. now to kenya where conservationists are carrying out an unusual rescue operation they have to save a herd of giraffes trapped on a flooded island rescued tast to transport such a large passenger have to get creative trailing for sensitive u.s.
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you might find the following report quite heartwarming. it's a tall order trying to transport a reluctant draft. as cboe was the only female stuck with 7 males on an island in lake a wrinkle in western kenya. the habitat threatened by rising water levels the rust challenged the raf was becoming extinct around 800 now live in kenya but this hurt each a new home conservationists from the group to save giraffes came up with a plan to move the 5 metre tall creatures on a custom built boche across the water to have a surf on the mainland it's not every day you see it of ross head poking out of the top of a large floating raft built on empty oil drums a c.v.s. relieved to be back on dry land and the conservationist are delighted with the success. but now there's just the small matter of moving the rest of the herd.
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you're watching the news here's a reminder of our top story uncertainty hangs over a post president trade deals talks resume today with the year end deadline looming let's round of negotiations in brussels has stalled over fishing rights rules on fair trade and an enforcement mechanism. and that's it for me in the newseum up next globalization program global street one of the topics our german schoolchildren helping track the plastic waste waste that winds up in rivers still stands for.
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darks but only mean one. concern for the planet can also be felt in the financial market shareholders want to invest in sustainably but how does that work to bring investment payoff for the environment and the sustainability of financial chat revealed some surprising results. 3000.
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next on d w. d indiana. berry has what it takes to become a super food budget. while strawman or rather the reason i became a tom daschle is modest plan has been underestimated on time today farmers are harvesting nutritious berries and thanks to modern marketing they're providing additional income. in 60 minutes on t.w. . from the get go to parliament. to go into bobby wallet.
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pop star grills against hopes of god let's turn to god. despite coming from a poor family loves to become president. the challenges are going to. be a. credible story will bob you want to. start to december 10th on d.w.i. . welcome to global 3000. more than a 1000000000 tons of food just thrown away worldwide every year what's the solution . financially rewarding investment that's also environmentally sound
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is there such a thing. but 1st our planet is drowning in plastic waste how can we clean up our world. the plastic revolution began around 1955 and early 70 years an estimated $9000000000.00 tons have been produced every year more than $350000000.00 tons of plastic a radish to the mix and just a fraction is recycled around home off of plastic products they used only wants one of them thrown away the majority of plastic waste goes in and landfill is incinerated or ends up in the natural environment every year around $25000000.00 tons of plastic ends up in our oceans that's a truckload of it every minute if our plastic consumption continues to rise will be discarding 2 truckloads a minute within 10 years and for minutes by 2050 then there will be more plastic than fish in all russians. plastic need centuries to decompose so the plastic
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we discard today will be a problem for many generations to come. and i delete location on the who're river in western germany but take a closer look and it's not as beautiful. kevin nowhere and their classmates have come to do some fishing but not the usual kind it's trash they're fishing for. and here it doesn't take long there's litter everywhere they look and lots of different types of it and kevin and where she was some discarded newspapers and cigarette lighters they worry they could cause wildfires. and there's plenty of plastic. and quite a few glass bottles to. the students attend a local high school and are taking part in an initiative called plastic pirates
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it's a research project where young students get to do the work of real scientists. they take water samples and measure count and record the pieces of trash they recovered from the rivers and river banks. scientists in kew use the data to generate a garbage map of german rivers and calculate how much trash ends up in the sea since 2016 more than 15000 plastic pirates from 700 schools have collected samples from all over germany. the project is now being launched in other european countries to stick was a foothold of the great advantage for science here vast amounts of data can be collected by within a very short period of time that's also what class the pirates do run the period of 2 months and within the time we normally receive hundreds of data sets we could never achieve that with our small team so that great benefit of citizen science is
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the amount of data that comes together. for the past 2 years the school has included the topic of recycling on the curriculum. and the teachers are happy to do their part to inspire the budding scientists. now. it's something i care about myself it always bothers me when i see people leaving rubbish behind his specially when they have small children with them and are supposed to be setting an example. and it's part of mine john to teach the students to care for their environment. a hands on project is much more effective than sitting in a classroom with a piece of paper in front of them especially now in the pandemic. the work of the plastic pirates shows that on average one piece of trash can be found for every 2 square metres of riverbank in germany. france also has
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a project aimed at tracking down the trash it's called plastic origins and goes a step further using artificial intelligence and an app we want to move. as much as brought us and citizens as we can to go on the reverse. it's. using those data using the video that. we will be able. as we do. a little items and use it to my previous plastic pollution the aim of plastic origins is to get stricter legislation introduced on plastic waste and regulatory limits for the amount of plastic in european rivers their garbage map is intended to identify especially polluted areas and it's important because it's going to help us. do we
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know exactly where we should act 1st you know the pollution is coming from everywhere but we know that most of the crew should we find the ocean is transported by riggers right now we don't know which way it goes most probably for the pretty ones. but the app contract micro plastics in germany and our own full kilos of micro plastics per person per year end up in the environment the main sources particles from vehicle to industrial waste and household garbage it's difficult for waste water treatment plants to filter out the tiny particles but a munich startup called eco far we have showing how it can be done using a simple but effective method. the. last stage in the purification process we take to clean water that would normally be pumped into the rivers lakes or sea. but it still contains
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a remnant of micro plastics. and might only be a few particles per liter or it might be quite a lot when whatever is left we're able to remove a large amount of it if. they pressure is currently being tested this is how it works the waste water is pumped into the filter a powerful voice x. is generated in the pipe pushing the water containing most of the micro plastics to the top the company says 95 percent of micro plastics from municipalities and industry could be filtered out in this way. but that's not enough was about stem pocket he's calling for a plastic revolution. i need given you just having a few people doing things differently won't be enough to turn society on its head so that will only work with really rigorous legislation concerning areas like single use plastics micro plastics wastewater treatment regulatory limits and so forth legislation that specifies exactly what technology must be used and where
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whether it's ours or someone else's doesn't matter. and if. the young plastic pirates agree that more needs to be done to combat plastic pollution after just 2 hours in this idyllic location they found more trash than they can even carry. shifting our world economy towards sustainability will require a lot of cash and a good deal of support from wealthy investors there's no shortage of capital in 2019 global wealth totaled nearly $400.00 trillion dollars and global stocks alone are worth around $95.00 trillion dollars. but the overwhelming aim of investment is to make money the impact on our planet and its people often takes a back seat but there are other ways of doing things. 20
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years 2010 drilling rig exploded in the gulf of mexico leaders of the largest oil spill in history. ports revealed that the attempts by oil company b.p. to cut costs and maximize profits could lead to the disaster. environmental disaster which is still taking its toll. on. the incident illustrates the frequent conflict between the planners and shareholder profits. but what if it didn't have to be this way where very express the concerns around its outsourced maintenance offshore wells. scandal some investors have sold their b.p. shares concerned about the company's record on environmental social and governance issues so they avoided the stock crash the fall of the oil spill. these 3 metrics
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are now called e s g and they're defining a new way of investing that promises to reconcile climate and profits. but can they deliver. as cynical as the financial world might seem ethical considerations of always played a role in investment decisions. the origins of responsible investing trace back to 1758 when some religious groups prohibited members from profiting from the slave trade ringback but the modern era of responsible investing really evolved in the 1960 s. together with the boycott movement started with the boycotts of companies that do business with apartheid south africa that was really the genesis i think of. many kind of grew up along with the green movement through the seventy's and eighty's and kind of great move of tobacco stocks removal of firearms manufacturers removed through our nuclear weapons manufacturing about excluding companies this exclusion
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strategy was called divesting and despite the initial excitement it led to mixed results. however according to a modern good political theory hurting your bottom line a little bit and you have to sacrifice some financial returns. 'd vestments remove entire sectors like energy and tobacco from investors portfolios on a portfolio is less diversified this risk goes up. 5 the 1st of such funds for example has historically underperformed the market. but big money is now betting that this will change. 2020 letter to c.e.o.'s larry fink the chairman of blackrock the world's largest fund manager came right out and said climate risk is investment risk. but i don't think there is a choice between plan and profit. the metrics that
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you're scoring companies on you look at anything or is this really an s.g. thing or is this just good business policing are you wasting resources or wasting resources back to the bottom line bring it straight back into big business. screening companies for d.s.t. criteria has proven an effective way to anticipate and avoid scandals capable of wiping out share prices for example in between mutual funds they had to hold folks who are going for a long time because there were questions around the governance structure of the company. this allowed those e s g phones to avoid the stock crash that followed reasonably use emissions cheating scandal. millions of their cars with cheating software to make them. green companies are also better prepared to face the growing threat of climate change. to surviving the appeal of green investment. sustainable funds or attracting new assets at a record pace. the real question then is not whether green investments can make
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profits the question is whether they can be called green in the 1st place. this only is a definition problem with got yesterday and the lack of a central standard is an issue so company could in theory score very well on these . rankings but on the other hand have very large negative externality who's on the environment. and even if a company is genuinely green buying its shares may not translate into creating an. act. the theory of change behind sustainable investing is pretty straightforward the more fun screen companies receive the more they can pursue their sustainable goals. divestments are unlikely to financially starve the fossil fuel industry for this strategy to be effective it must permanently reduce a company's ability to access capital ready when capital is divested there's also
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creates an opportunity for other investors to buy shares at a lower price when this happens the stock price can quickly bounce back to its previous level without impacting the company's valuation ready. it's not enough it simply isn't because the effective tiny. investments are not a magic formula. very often what is advertised as sustainable is just greenwashing . other cases impacts can be achieved only by sacrificing some profit. in investing in our early profitable non-green companies and then diverting the profit to environmental causes would be more effective. but similar calculations miss a more important point. it is tough to actually measure and. your conscience is clean you don't profit from that activity. many people simply no
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longer want to invest money at the expense of the environment and that alone is an important step forward in. investing in our future leading us self-determined life this should be a given for everyone including women on our facebook channel d.w. women you'll find stories about those taking a stand and inspiring others to do the same. d.w. women gives a voice to the women of. and this weekend global ideas we also turn our attention to waste much of what is discarded in landfills is still perfectly usable including food. around $1300000000.00 tons of food is thrown away every year at the same time according to the u.n. $690000000.00 people worldwide suffer from hunger even though there would be enough to feed everyone. most people will only see
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a carpet of trash here. sees a scandal into.


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