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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 4:03pm-4:30pm CET

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the u.k. he apparently said that the talks would continue until wednesday but no other and now of course all eyes are on the law funda lion and boris johnson and the question is if they are able to to solve 2 and a deadlock but you know as well as me that we have seen a lot of deadline approaching and then being extended and journalists in brussels even joked that this isn't for ending story but of course we have to say that the mood in brussels is rather gloomy at the moment rather gloomy like there whether where i mean what are the sticking points there are still 3 issues that the talks have been circulating around in the last weeks when we talk about teach for a further competition when we talk about a mechanism that has to be a style blish to to make sure that both sides can solve their disputes in the
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future and of course there is a question of fishing rights how much exercise european fishes will get in the future to use u.k. waters fishing represents just one percent of the u.k. g.d.p. but it seems to be a very symbolic and emotional issue for the u.k. and now is are finally what happens if they don't reach an agreement. well i think we are going to see a lot of kiddo's disruptions and still a if there is no trade agreement there will be tariffs on goods customs a checks new customs checks and we are probably going to see lines of trucks at the border of wait we can see delays in the delivery of medicine it's likely that of course we need to deal with a lot of paperwork and many areas from the v.a. shouldn't travel in general to transporting transporting you pats are going to be
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affected by sort of phenomena reporting from brussels thank you. and in the german state of bavaria ngukurr and a virus infections remain among the highest in the country well after crisis meeting on sunday the regional government decided to tighten restrictions above and beyond the national guidelines starting wednesday bavarians will be asked to stay at home with only a few exceptions. germany has been under a partial lockdown for over a month now yet the number of new coronavirus infections and deaths from covert 19 remain high the current measures don't seem to be working as well as the government and the state leaders had hoped for. what the robot called him state you just reporting day after day is obviously cause for concern the numbers are not going down steadily and they're actually staying at a very high level and for the last couple of days they have been rising again this is far from the turnaround we had hoped for. calls for tougher measures like rowing
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across the country in bavaria. has announced harsher restrictions. people will only be able to leave their homes with good reason for example to go to work the doctor or go shopping or to exercise evening curfews stricter border checks and a partial school shutdown are also on the list this year the current system alone is not enough so we need to think again whether it makes sense to wait until january 10th and the current state we have to act and i think it's better done sooner than later we know what we have to do and we have to do it in good time germany's 16 state premiers and chancellor had agreed to ease current restrictions slightly over the christmas period. i understand the urge to celebrate christmas with one's family but maybe we can take a break for you here. is a. good us i think that with all this coronavirus stuff people are also trying to
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make sure that no one else gets sick they'll just spend time with their families. very close to 2 different people will meet anyway because grandma can't be alone at least i hope so. but the loosening up frustrations is now being called into question with coronavirus cases and deaths still as high as they are the move may be too risky. let's find out more now with political correspondents simon a young assignment while other german states follow variously. i think that's very likely economics minister peter has been talking about this today and he said that intensive discussions about corona measures are going to be needed again in the coming days because he said that the efforts that are the regimes that are currently in place around germany clearly are falling well below expectations in terms of beating the 2nd wave and infection numbers remain worryingly high he said
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and there's a prospect that at least in those places where which have been designated as corona hot spots with high infection rates continuing there will have to be a possibly a rollback of the loosening people had been hoping to loosen the restrictions over christmas but in fact state authorities in central government had already agreed that if necessary that loosening those relaxed restrictions over over the christmas and new year period could be rolled back and for instance the health minister in north rhine-westphalia one of the most populous states in germany has said you know that is what they are going to be looking at doing why he is very a doing as well as some of the other states. yeah that's a very good question and the bavarian state premium. had his own for that today he
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said that a certain sloppiness in attitudes has been creeping in in bavaria he said that in some places the rules were being very intensively in force and he also said that people have been looking for loopholes and sort of work arounds to avoid having to you know where the mosques and keep the distance in some cases he didn't say exactly where but the very reason large and populous states you've got big cities you've got to very rural regions. it may be that in some cases you know the following choosing of the corona rules hasn't been sufficient that's why from wednesday as you reported they're going to be toughening the measures again to try and get on top of it now as you reported and alluded to were german authorities plan to relax restrictions for the holiday season could we see them not just revisit the guidelines for telling people actively to stay home over christmas. i
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think that's what people will be encouraged to do the government says that they do want to see people are able to celebrate christmas have family gatherings in some reduced form the question is really around what happens immediately before immediately after that period but it's worth saying also many hospital managers very worried about the relaxations of a christmas. it will certainly lead to a spike in infections because more contacts always do and they're saying they're worried that they're at the limits of their capacity in some cases hospitals are using 40 percent more intensive care beds than they were. in the spring of this year when of course a previous spike in infections was saying he's having a political correspondence i'm young thank you. let's take a look now at the latest developments in the corner virus pandemic. india's serum institute says it has applied for emergency use authorization of its coronavirus vaccine in india meanwhile britain says it will administer the 1st doses of the
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biotech fi certain vaccine on tuesday care workers as seniors will be 1st in line and countries across europe are still struggling to bring down infection rates greece denmark and hungry of all announced they're extending restrictions into the new year germany and poland are marking the 50th anniversary of a historic agreement the treaty of warsaw was a cold war non-aggression pact that guaranteed germany's acceptance of poland's post-war borders while in the polish capital representatives of the polish and german governments laid wreaths at the memorial for the warsaw ghetto heroes to commemorate the event the memorial is also the place where a former german chancellor made a historic gesture of humility with poland in 1970 west germany's chancellor at the time to the bronze traveled to communist poland to sign the agreement at the memorial for the warsaw ghetto uprising against the nazis brunt's went down on his
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knees as a mark of atonement for the 6000000 poles killed by germany's nazi regime during world war 2. faced with the abyss of german history in the burden of the millions who have been murdered i did what we humans do with words fail us. that's how willie planned to describe the moment that's come to be known as the genuflection of warsaw. it was an act of atonement for the sins of the nazis of the nearly half a 1000000 jews and present in the water ghetto most were killed in total nearly $6000000.00 poles perished today a plaque commemorates the historic gesture the square where it happened renamed in honor of the german chancellor half a century later the meaning of that moment still echoes throughout warsaw. he was begging for forgiveness it was a gesture to ask us to forgive the germans for everything they did to us during the war you know. in this was a person who broke certain to boos
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a person who broke barriers he was brave enough to make this extraordinary gesture . for the 1st few above all it paved the way for a dialogue between germany and poland it marks the beginning of reconciliation years after the end of world war 2 when there was still a lot of animosity on both sides and even at home brands gesture was met with hostility nearly 50 percent sort as a sellout of national interests at a time when many still sought to reclaim former eastern territories dogs hopes were dashed when brown signed the treaty of warsaw formally accepting the existing border and recognizing the polish state a chapter that's gone down in german history as a game changer. it was not just going to what can you tell us about this picture yet it is worth it if that's really planned to kneeling before the memorial to the warsaw ghetto uprising it marked the turning point in west germany as policy towards eastern europe because this was obviously
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a significant gesture by the federal republic of germany especially because it was made by someone who himself had resisted the nazis and was forced into exile might check that this was a moment of reconciliation and or maybe rather an admission of guilt. in poland plants act of humility marked the beginning of a close friendship but that changed when the populist law and justice party rose to power in 2015. 70 years after. the war they say they want more than what they call empty gestures they want reparations from germany lawmakers in berlin have refused such demands many here dismissed it as an attempt by the polish nationalist government to score cheap political points by stirring up anti german resentment but some are more open to the idea how do you feel like maybe germany didn't take the easy way out because our polish neighbors were so quick to accommodate those maybe it's not such a bad idea to talk about reparations just as we discussed erecting
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a memorial here in berlin the polish victims of the german occupation here. 50 years on the relationship between germany and poland looks at results from sunday's election where they don't have a clear majority party of prime minister who to fix or bonn came 2nd but is the to have a better chance of forming a coalition government the president must now decide how to proceed. global sales of weapons and military services increased by 8.5 percent and 2900 want to support him to announce this by the swedish piece in situ to see for the top 5 arms companies are all based in the us companies in europe china and russia have also profit from the weapons sales. a another metallic monolith has surfaced this time on the beach on the isle of wight on in one southcoast a nature lover said she spotted it while on a walk it's the 4th such monolith to gain
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a global attention in recent weeks with other spiders in the us and for mania. when israel a socialist president nicolas maduro has hailed a gigantic election win that hands in control of the national assembly and cements his position in power by those socialists won almost 70 percent of the votes but turnout was just 31 percent and after opposition parties called for a boycott international observers have condemned the vote saying the results did not reflect the will of the venezuelan people off a claim to acting president one quire though said the vote was fraudulent so look to those who are scared of the people are the ones who commit fraud to do rule and his regime have lost the popular vote the majority of us want change in venezuela don't be surprised if they try to advance their assault in the coming days of december because this election has done them no good they know when you. want to
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turn now or to ask or are in a kind of casts who can tell us more about these latest developments oskar what will happen now. spare no 31 of the noise another monsoon there are only officials who reject these remarks and people who go to germany from today up to the 12th of the summer when people can physically because the people and there will be a demonstration that's where our. government is not unknown big surprise in these resorts this is what we were expecting and this year marks the parliamentarian's from. this is just. serves as an argument to legitimize their. movement in germany and talk to us about the opposition how united is the opposition. oh you know this isn't a dozen maybe fractions because they are different political ideologies that are
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just opposing what is most difficult to put them all in one walk there are socialist parties communist parties and right parties there are also movements a lot of it well and you know those that are opposing the grossman so the only thing they all have in common is that they want the run out and each one has their own perspective on how to do it so it's not easy to groom and keep them together right now turnout was very low 31 percent what does this mean from adore and his allies. well motherhood has allies are saying that was actually a good turnout their absolute compare that to the turnout in the vote in romania that was similar but that percentage is way higher than that what many people. think it was because we saw that these polls were just very not many people were going to vote the opposition has that there it's close to 80 percent outstanding
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that same from voting so they're going to use that in order to ready play in the. national assembly and it's going to be an argument for their allies to say it's legitimate and then they can in that last starting next year now there's a growing humanitarian crisis in a fantasy well i'll start what does mature wind mean for people just struggling to survive. well i was at i'm sure there is an intense resolve a humanitarian purposes but there is also an intent to politically countless any hope that sentiment is where there. is the government is constantly on the ground are falling and we see it but this is a word that they received yesterday and the regime is not too fond of international organizations or n.g.o.s let's remember there are u.n. reports at the stations and pending investigation on human rights violations torture and arbitrary or as in
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a vision that men who are responsible for there's also revenue corruption that makes it difficult for aid to reach the people that really need it. like our reporting from kind of gusts of venezuela thank you very much. voters meanwhile in ghana are casting their ballots in presidential and parliamentary elections in what's expected to be a tight race incumbent president now not before god though is facing a stiff challenge from his longtime rival john mama the polling stations have been busy since early this morning and got to is considered one of the most politically stable countries on the continent but the west african nation is experiencing a financial downturn after decades of growth and isaac just sent as this update from the capital accra. in a game in general election for 2021 of the police stations in the capital
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a crackdown at this is one of the $38000.00 police stations being voted for the voting process this year and as you can see. the protocols because of the viral spend and make ones they've gone through that the gates here to have their details checked in their rate with this register and then issued by the people and they're supposed to vote for a president and also for a member of parliament once the are done you're supposed to leave the voting center and come back at 5 o'clock local time when voting ends to observe the counting of ballots results for the parliamentary election will be declared out of constraints the level by the chairperson of the electoral commission will be that want to declare the winner of the presidential election day electoral commission has promised the results will come in within 24 hours generally voting has taken place peacefully across the country full of utopian news for the on again in general elections 2020 miles a college you're from are gonna. go on now to kenya where conservationists are
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carrying out an unusual rescue operation they are trying to save a herd of giraffes trapped on a flooded island rescuers tasked to transport such a large passenger had to get creator. it's a tall order trying to transport a reluctant giraffe. as she will was the only female stop with 7 males on an island in lake a wrinkle in western kenya. the habitat threatened by rising water levels the rough charles kirov was becoming extinct around $800.00 now live in kenya but this herd each a new home conservationists from the group save giraffes came up with a plan to move the 5 b. to told creatures on a custom built boche across the water to ever serve on the mainland it's not every day you see it of ross head poking out of the top of a lot floating raft built on empty oil drums
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a civa is relieved to be back on dry land and the conservationist are delighted with the success. and now there's just the small matter of moving the rest of the herd. on to match day 10 of the bonus they get sunday a night's game paired 2 clubs going in opposite directions by labor prison went into where this one unbeaten in the league this season and looking to put pressure on byron at the top shelf i mean while we're on a win this run stretching back 25 bundesliga matches. with the other top teams dropping points leverkusen were looking to put themselves into the title rings shelter coach manual balm was looking for anything positive anything but things went south in the 1st 10 minutes blues defender shower forced to try to head the ball clear didn't an own goal to make it one nil laver who isn't. it
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stayed that way to the 67th minute when leon bailey offered another worthy corner kick you leon bum gardner with just the right touch laver couzens momentum was building. it peaked on this show. the penalty kick and rebound. does protect the maintaining the shutout. the moments of the match as he kept the lead at 2 goals. leverkusen added another from patrick ship. and 3 huge points and shall go with a 3 nil when labor couzin are now 2nd only to biron in the bundesliga. while swear in the bundesliga stood guard toasted braman aware a wild goal in injury time spell the difference ostergaard set sail last. 2 cars suited to steal the ball away and go in uncontested in fact he took too much time
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and was to show a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct another look shows that the fatal error on braman hearts this goal made it to 2 nil braman did score minutes later but it wasn't enough they lost to one. area the national basketball association the n.b.a. is getting ready for the new season and sure ain't in camps are already underway the las angeles lakers are eager to defend their title with superstar le bron james having extended his contract last week but preparations haven't been a smooth for every n.b.a. team the portland trail blazers a had to close their training facility after 3 of their players tested positive for cocaine 90 the new n.b.a. season is set to start of december 22nd. one of boxing's all time greats floyd mayweather is stepping back into the ring in february for an
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exhibit fight against you chub or logan paul while the undefeated forward world champion retired in 2017 after beating mixed martial arts champion conor mcgregor mayweather and paul who would has 22000000 subscribers on to your chair. are expected to make millions from the bouts exhibit fights between celebrities and former athletes are gaining popularity due to their money making potential. here in berlin as in many places live from music venues are closed under penda mcconnell measures that's made it hard for performers to earn a living but some are getting around the restrictions by performing behind glass in shop windows on this tiny stage is open to all types of entertainment rap opera cabaret and stand up comedy normal busking a ticket applies passers by are encouraged to chip in some change. great stuff thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us some way
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allow rocco to see kind of tokyo.
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you. it's quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer look to. experience not to close. the touch. every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation law how do we make see
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wherever we go they're always with us microbes are everywhere. on our hands before and after we wash them behind our ears. on our little toes on our teeth and yes inside us too especially deep in our gut. today we'll be talking about our micro biome the countless tiny organisms inside our bodies and in our feces. it may not be appetizing but it turns out these organisms haven't even made it into.


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