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tv   Anne Will  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2020 6:30pm-7:30pm CET

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the 7 percent this weekend on g.w. . coming up on the program is that. it's a big deal malise transitional council. to lead the country into civilian rule also coming out. the next president. and. it's a bit more complicated than normal. team found out in africa's champions league.
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welcome to the program. with a familiar figure as the head of its transitional legislative council. who was one of the faces of the military coup in august is expected to lead the country to elections in $22.00 into the military revolt the former president. who had been under pressure after months of public protests here's a look at how my league. they came out in their thousands millions poured into the streets saying the government was plagued with corruption and incompetence with the economy faltering and jihadist violence and ending the opposition triggered the protests but eventually the people spoke for themselves.
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allow now i'm not really. we are here today because we have suffered a loss we are here today because we experience only bad governance we are here today because our country is run by a family and because our economy is not doubt we here today because we've seen that our institutions have failed in their mission that is why we are here today why i'm going to get along what i got from not what got him. as the turmoil festered rumors that the military would weigh in turned out to be true. president ibrahim boubacar cato was forced to resign and the soldiers and now asked they would restore order. in october they formed a new government with civilian participation. $121.00 representatives make up mollies interim legislature there politicians activists trade unionists and of
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course the military officers with a collective task of bringing in reforms over a period of 18 months. that we are here to fight and this is continuing the logical continuation of the struggle will lead within the opposition to bring about this change so long awaited by molly and. the fall for the i think that we're going to move forward together because it's in manny's interest and i also think that beyond misunderstandings the military to love manly and so we're going to meet again for transparent credible elections to give a strong democratic republic and secular institutions and this requires peace and reconciliation. but a key block of the opposition group known as the june 5 movement which led the mass protest in the 1st place has boycotted the interim council it describes it as a military regime in disguise. from on design knowledge oin by car you'll go after
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going to security sector and that's what chair hello ali should we be concerned the leader of mali school is now heading the transitional council to civilian rule. what is happening today in fact is that the transition is less 2000000 as was expected after cohasset as agreed to. also sanction. i don't see doctors and. you know gets so no. new illusions that your budget is a so-called c and the same message. these no i did by number 2 on gentile. speak which does not be dissolved when i say it wasn't one of the condition which had been for a good 4 while by and know we can see is that we have
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a nation that you good to meet we is number. one and verse one i feel ition is not clear at all because some decrease had been abducted a few weeks ago number of military l.c.d.'s been no it is very difficult to know how many military how many civilian exactly we do have exactly talking about probably more military. in term government can we trust the process them. question i think is that in fact you can see these ads that you set your body has a lot of meat terry within it that also is a great immense you know how a lot of them and also in the i mean station because let's week where the point is also the garden and the governors of the different regions and. all of her
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20 or region throughout 13 which i've been. to need to read. 2 figures so is there is clearly a transition which is more military civilians and civilian military everything what i mean do you smell something fishy here comes we trust the process. i don't think we only have to look at what is happening in terms of nominations of course it is a matter of concerns to our much more military than t.v.'s are leading the country but it is also important to look at what kind of decision are sick and presently for instance we can see is that there is an agreement between the prime minister. and the military including your president and vice presidents and go to not to go
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through negotiations with radical groups and i think it is a very important went to take into account but until the side you also have a result on the. station and. lots of strikes for instance on the number of syndicates i think we have to wait ok we'll be waiting for that briefly how much support or not it's called from the original body of course all what is just on by to see what happens next. i think that's we definitely have to take some position about is this fact and sit gentile as it's still in place it's not has been dissolved and also the dives in fact that there is a lot of need to hurry which are presently appointed in their regions as well as he was there you just answered but you also on the commission i. did think you're going to be an important you is also a matter of. ok now jolly by yoko africa security and that's what
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thanks again for your time. in presidential elections this is a. close contest between an incumbent president. and his longtime rival an ex-president. stable democracy in the region with final results expected on tuesday. what the next president. should be i was. well being as. we should you find.
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we don't. so. the next president to full. when it comes to. education because education because i think human resource should be developed and we. now many sports events like organizing the international football matches become quite complicated. but in conflict regions like. when you seek hope destruction from your local football team for the 1st time in decades. qualified for the african champions league and eventually played after march 4th in south africa this weekend. finally the team of p.w. db amend arrives in johannesburg the match was shared with for the day before but some players couldn't secure visas on time now they've landed just 4 hours before
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kickoff. although the entire team took curry vitesse a time they have to take another one on arrival a costly a fish for the small club. of the big print even that is the edges of the cup champions league the clubs of receive anything which to me it's not fair so there are lives if any bonuses only when they get into the group stages it's very difficult for small clubs to get to the group stages you have thought it was the clubs that get into the group stages in year out. at the team hotel a group of supporters from the mentor who live in south africa have already gathered. the club also relies on their financial support so before the players arrive they collect some cash for them. for the fans and many of the men to the club brings together the people in a region that has been suffering from government neglect and a session this crisis. it's
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going to. like. i'm sure what. is going to be going to. finally for the stadium. less than one. training center of the kaiser chiefs stadium. nobody knows what's going on. shortly afterwards the kaiser chiefs manager shows up and tells the team the code results are not ready yet the match is postponed for another hour. after the way the team finally gets to the stadium journalists and fans are not allowed to enter due to coverage regulations.
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but they don't miss a lot. of the lame game ends in the middle draw. the well paid cause the chiefs dominate for myself i think they don't cover themselves with glory. there was disappointment after the match for the jetlag cameroonian side it's a bunch of mixed feelings and a lot of good things from these 2 it's given us the reason to hope that you know the dead is better there are better days ahead and if you chill. the team heads back to be amended hoping that the local league which has been in a coded break since february will finally stop playing again. that's it for now we leave you with pictures of a daring rescue operation conservationist in kenya rescuing giraffes from a flooded island in western kenya see you soon.
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stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program on line w. dot com highlights. why did this person. there are. there is a lot that can be done to. make
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up your mind. plenty of fish in the sea not for undine the legend of a mermaid scorns gets a modern twist in the latest film by director coast town pencilled. one of the front runners at this year's european film awards more on that in a moment here on arts and culture and also coming up. german t.v. chef. brings her country's traditional recipes to the whole.
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and weaving and unusual mark on the canvas the art of. ringback well in true 2020 style this year's european film awards are a pure digital affair with no live audience they're being held on line with the prizes for europe's best films given out over several base your film experts scott roxboro topics. with covered 1000 shutting down cinemas a few fans got to see the best of european film in 2020 movies like danish comedy another round about high school teachers who become committed. as. mr. polis trauma corpus christi in which a former criminal impersonates a priest tells a small town in need of spiritual salvation. 2020 european film awards want to
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shine a light on movies that got overlooked or ignored in the year of the pandemic the european film industry has been hit hard by the pandemic we need to do everything that we can to demonstrate the european film industry that it still exists and it's our mission to promote position european cinema as best we can. in place of a physical ceremony starting december 8th will be 5 nights of lifestream defense highlighting the best euro cinema of 2020 including czech war film the painted bird . and italian period drama martin. like to. germany is a strong contender this year berlin alexanderplatz bonnie's update on the literary classic. and pencils mythic love story are both nominated for best european film. the winners of the 2020 european film awards will be announced december 12th. some
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headlines now netflix has rejected a call to put disclaimers on its series the crown that would label the show as fiction the demand came from britain's conservative culture minister who says the show takes too many liberties in its portrayal of the royal family especially the marriage of charles and diana he fears the show could give the viewer a bad impression of the monarchy while universal music has bought the rights to bob dylan's entire songwriting catalogue more than $600.00 songs spanning the artist's 6 decade career most of which were still in the artist's control until now the deal's estimated at around $300000000.00. and german sportswear brand i do you does unveiled what could be the 1st $1000000.00 sneaker the shoes made of hand painted mice and porcelain took half
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a year to make they're going on auction next week in new york where the proceeds will benefit art education. german cookbook author and t.v. chef that is bringing her love of her country's cuisine to the rest of the world in english or a new video series cook it like a german premier this weekend on the d w food you tube channel. interested in german cuisine this is the show for you. and i had to cook it like a german. cook felicis presents some of germany's finest dishes to foodies from around the world. need. first time. traditional german fayre prepared easy to follow steps from the savory to the sweet sweet get it all. cooked at like a german. d.w.
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food. and for the 3 times 10 is here with me now congratulations on your new series could you like a german this is not a light crazy and it has to be said it looks like some pretty heavy stuff yeah it is i mean german cuisine can be very heavy and a lot of meat but it's delicious as you are you certainly make of i'm speaking of a lot of meat there's a lot of meat there's a lot of potatoes i think it's i think it's kind of funny personally that the i don't know what you mean because videos now and far out with pot and one is a cake. and this is the fear of caper german word i always thought this is funny the german word means both start and strength yeah i was so there was a maybe coincidence maybe not a coincidence cooking it like a german you cook with international guests from all over the planet ribs it been like teaching them how to cook german and is very nice because they're out and they tell me about their food culture and we compared to each other and. what's been
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your favorite so far my favorite guest on my favorite dish give me both. i had a lot of fun with rachel was really funny. but i think i like them all because they were so different and also i think one of my favorite dishes was shots had accused because i don't make cakes a lot and was very special for me too and it worked out very well so we were really proud of each other so we've we've got a clip of you this is not the black forest chocolate cake i'm sorry it's actually maui tyson says southern german ravioli here is you're cooking with my jihad from iran. you know. no one knows what's inside. they could also make it like a vision. oh yeah they want to. know you know.
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ok making fun of german cuisine lots of meat is there anything for vegetarians there will be i mean there was here and there is a cage and it's very funny because the whole team is going to vegetarian so it's always a lot of leftovers for me and my friends let's get so when when for you it's certainly not necessarily people think of german cuisine as very heavy and it certainly is but there are a lot of people here who eat other things in fact let's talk about german food in the world because it's not italian food or chinese food in the sense that it's not as internationally popular as an expert you know we could talk about india and mexico and the list goes on what do you think is special or unique about german food is it your feeling or a flavor i think it's very comforting and everything reminds me of my grandma and i think it kind of makes you feel at home you know like you can eat pasta everywhere
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but german food is something. what's your favorite recipe from from your childhood . i like that part of things because i grew up in various so i like potato dumplings and i like sauce you know german food is always about sauce you need your potatoes and you need to dip it in something so you need to speak you know sauce we saw your pork in a little bit of your pork knuckle that's the 1st episode that's been put on a german cuisine doesn't typically have a lot of garlic and you know my experience living here is that people are actually kind of afraid of garlic almost like vampires if you know you start cooking with garlic and people say they come they say oh i would love to buy. i can't there's someone i have a meeting next week people are going to smell me so we cannot i'm not afraid of garlic tell me about that. in my private life i'm kind of afraid of god like it's not wrong what you say but sometimes i have a little extra kick off alec and i think it's like feeding the twisted so even it's not original i like to put it. all right wolf and it's
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a just him thing so much for coming on our show your series cook it like a german is out on the d w food you tube channel and we're all looking forward to. when artists are fitted eco appear fragile i was studying at the art academy in a row he always signed his works with the date then one day he came up with the idea of making a tie i am the central component of his art how does he do it let's take a look. federico pietro love italy doesn't use brushes and uses stamps and pads. he creates his images with an ordinary office date or. ringback the presses it on to his canvas thousands of times until the ringback over ringback dates for shades and textures. i decided.
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it was too simple sugar. confined to a chapter time. and. the funny. our perception of time is the artist's dominant theme it takes him up to 2 months to complete a picture to me for course the dates for. both examination of the work will be a winner which parts of it we need to do. this in will i worked on this picture for instance it was more slowly i. just didn't want to do brits. it is the. sushi the bears are in was also the 1st one that was almost there were. a neutral to go if it. has been using gators to produce his artworks for about 20 years now he shows them in exhibitions all over
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europe. he was going to be raised in rome where he studied had in the fine arts the eternal city provides no end the subjects' urban street scenes traffic architecture and nature within the cities he reports the subjects for his works on his. altars the photos on his computer the contrast and color temperature are just trying to be turned in. stamped image. he'd like his art to 'd the viewers to think about their concept of time. in a 100 years. and be able to. capture. the.
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very particular detail into. speaking of time 40 years ago in 1980 singer-songwriter john lennon was murdered outside his home the dakota apartment building in new york city to mark the anniversary of his untimely death will leave you now with a song here today a tribute written by his beatles band mate paul mccartney a few years after lennon's death mccartney recently said he still misses john lennon the next time. and if i was. a really. good you read the. few.
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lonely. the been saying. the beauty of a the end. of the world as for me i am. close. to.
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an australian cinema on the brink of extinction. thousands of muslims killed by devastating misfire. and surviving and are staring into the eyes of yet another catastrophe. after the inferno the battle to save australia's cause. close up. going to minutes d.w. . has a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and information on the clone alarmists or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at comedy slash science.
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crime fighters are back to africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all of a'sssos are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now. been told it is for me. it's for. beethoven is for help beethoven. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for embryonic. beethoven 2022 min 50th anniversary here on d w. this
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is it really was life from berlin a last ditch effort it's crunch time for banks that talks again in a race against the clock british and european negotiators meet again today to try and seal the deal the talks are at an impasse and with gregg's a deadline just days away the threat of a new deal divorce is melting also coming up some exciting the weekend a soccer action in a german he's going to sleep by and live the clues in scoring goals and stopping them on their way to 2nd place in the bundesliga we'll tell you how the extended
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a woman's mockable unbeaten streak. thank you so much for your company everyone british and european negotiators are once again locked in talks with time fast running out to secure a post break sit trade deal while european commission president orders of underlying and britain's boris johnson have spent the past hour and a half on the phone to discuss the situation and are reportedly now taking a break while the chief negotiator is downbeat about the chances of a breakthrough saying key sticking points remain despite growing fears of economic chaos if britain leaves without a deal london has again said it will not extend the negotiations and we've got team coverage of for you in brussels barber of ezola standing by and charlotte shell
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some pill is covering events from a london for you a very good evening ladies but you start us off please where are we at right now. we don't know this the interesting thing line because the building behind us here the european commission is total radio silence on what the telephone call between boris johnson british prime minister and all slough on the line that you commission chief might possibly contain we don't know is there probably a real dustup between the 2 of them have has one side already thrown in the towel so we'll waiting and nerves are frayed all i can say at this point is to be a little mouse under the table of the e.u. commission president what we have in the at the state of the negotiations is the same that we had over the weekend it says seems negotiators are really running in circles in chasing their own tails this is about sovereignty on the british side
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when you go she had to say we want to make own rules and the european union european union saying we want to tie you to the rules we make because we give you in exchange access to our markets that can obviously not be resolved it's been dragging on and it just carries on maybe for another day or 2 all right so frayed nerves in brussels where barber is let's cross over to london to charlotte charlotte i've lost count of the times that i've asked this next question is this the end game. well i've lost count of the amount of times that i've answered it of course we've seen so many deadlines come and go in these breaks in negotiations now today michel barnier the chief negotiator for the e.u. has said the talks will continue until wednesday but no further who can say whether or not that is the final deadline for these trade and security negotiations and deep both sides have said that they will keep talking up until the final minutes
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indeed coming out of downing street in the u.k. today they say they'll talk as long as it takes so long as we think that a deal is to be done they have admitted though that these talks really are going down to the wire and of course just to give you a sense of the british newspapers today one saying history has its eye on wrecks it say remains to be seen of course whether or not that deal can be done in the coming days but the public here among those that we've spoken to there is a sense of fatigue now as these negotiations drag on and on they've been going on and so in one form or another for years now take a listen to what people on the streets of had to say. i'm not worried about it but we need to get something so detailed. we need to make it do you. don't have to give in to what we should but they will be feels like it's been buried in the public to know about this and what's going on but if buried among the down pandemic virus
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that he succumbed to them. i don't know how many people realize break faith with anything i said to you mean this is what i would want an ideal situation and i don't like the fact that the government does when they don't know what they promise i think is very unfair. people seem crazy i mean 2016 we would see it in 4 years later and what i think if i didn't progress at all to be honest with you personally i think no deal is probably better than a fair deal with just one reason why you have said all along. but who knows what's going to happen but i think even though you know to be honest with you. now optimists will say that this is the last minute drawn there is all part of the political stances that was expected at the end point of this these negotiations both sides wanting to prove just how hard they fought for that respective audiences but as barbara said the news coming out of negotiations has been good lummi one
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source saying that that the chances of a deal at this point 5050 now both sides have said that they do want a deal but not at any cost oh barbara want to give you the last word what happens if they don't shake hands on it if they don't manage to reach an agreement by the deadline set. no deal on the business side of things people call this armageddon because it would mean that 40 years of free trade off the free exchange of goods people money services from the united kingdom to the european union back and forth will be ending overnight that is the main point terrorists will come into into play into play for instance for cars coming from britain to the e.u. 10 percent for u.k. lem 40 percent which would kill the business model off for a number of pittance farmers and so on and so forth transport would be sewn into
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kaos planes probably couldn't fly anymore and would need emergency agreements are from both sides is so yes we will not look be looking forward to that day but in evidence of it will come the 1st of january when everything will change for the better or the worse 1st of january mark your calendars in brussels barbara may's all in london charlotte shell some pill ladies thank you for your continued coverage. and we're going to stay in the u.k. now and hospitals across the country are preparing to start coronavirus vaccinations on tuesday britain will be the 1st country in the world to roll out biotech pfizer coronavirus vaccine frontline health staff people over the age of 80 and care home workers will be prioritized in england 50 hospitals have been initially picked to serve as hubs for the launch of the largest immunization
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program in british history. this is a moment the whole world been waiting for the u.k. is the 1st to roll out the bio and take pfizer 1000 vaccine it's a momentous moment replacing with the highest death toll in europe and there's a window of hope for the future. very very sadly lost. the residents of those care homes who died from co there been a hugely challenging and difficult year and all the time this promise and this hope of a vaccine has been so it's very exciting to the point where feels like that we might be able to make a really positive step or with the help of the facts in. the u.k. health service is calling this the biggest immunization program in its history 1st in line for the vaccine will be people over 80 as well as care home staff and frontline health care workers but this rollout poses major logistical challenges
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this vaccine needs to be stored at around minus 70 degrees celsius and need carefully meaning in england it will at 1st only be administered from 50 specific hospital hubs that. is the 1st in the world to water rise the vaccine the u.k. is dependent on public trust and enthusiasm isn't universal risk is what the long term effects are thanks to i would take it. as a benefits outweigh the risks seems sensible things change yet and it's the only way we're going to get out of the pandemic i think is very very fast i was come out . i would say. chance to see here. everything you think you could use facebook uptake of the vaccine will be key to its success and authorities are being advised to find creative ways to address public concern and
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tackle misinformation there's some speculation the queen may even reveal she's had the vaccine to be confidence it is extremely important are these people get the vaccine so we need to find a way how to communicate it to them and how to in a way isolate them from these damaging examples of misinformation that they sing on social media and i think it is the role for the health providers it is a role for the community leaders to actually go out and try to explain to them what are they saying and social media is actually not always the truth. the eyes of the world are on the u.k. this week with governments king to see not just how it tackles the logistical challenges but how it sells this vaccine to a public being asked to keep pace with science. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. german chancellor angela merkel says the current coronavirus restrictions won't get the country through the winter she's pushing for
7:11 pm
a decision on tougher restrictions before the christmas holidays the state of bavaria is already taking measures asking people to stay at home with only a few exceptions. but israel as president nicolas maduro has hailed a gigantic election win that hands him control of the national assembly and cement his position in power but your socialist won nearly 70 percent of the vote but turnout was just 31 percent after opposition parties called for a boycott international observers have condemned the vote. polls have closed in ghana's presidential and parliamentary elections is expected to be a tight race between the incumbent. and his longtime rival john mama on ghana is considered one of the most politically stable countries in africa but because of our respect democrats plunged the country into an economic crisis. bob
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dylan's entire catalogue of songs has been bought up by universal music for an undisclosed sum the deal covers the rights to $600.00 songs composed over 6 decades they include times they are a changing knocking on heaven's door and like a rolling stone reports say the deal was struck directly with dylan. on match day 10 of the bundesliga sunday night's game paired 2 clubs going in opposite directions by a live accuser went into this one unbeaten in the league this season and looking to put pressure on biron at the top post shall go meanwhile were on a winless run stretching back 251 to sleep in matches. with the other top teams dropping points leverkusen were looking to put themselves into the title race. shelter coach manual balm was looking for anything positive anything but things went south in the 1st 10 minutes blues defender meletus how forced to try to head
7:13 pm
the ball clear didn't miss an own goal to make it one nail labor crews and. it stayed that way to the 67th minute when leon bailey offered another worthy corner kick there leon baumgartner with just the right touch waiver couzens momentum was building. it peaked on this shelf the penalty kick and rebound. lucas protect the maintaining the shut out. the moments of the match as he kept the lead at 2 goals. leverkusen added another from patrick schick. and 3 huge points at shelter with a 3 nil win laver couzin are now 2nd only to biron in the bundesliga. and elsewhere in the bundesliga should get host of braman where a wild goal and injury time spot the difference straight guys set sail. to couch
7:14 pm
swoops in to steal the ball away and go in and go in rather uncontested in fact he took too much time and was shown a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct and a look shows a fatal error on braman sparse while his own made it to no freeman to score minutes later but it wasn't enough to last 21. and here many have been drawn would remain and iceland in a draw for the european qualifiers for the 2022 men's football world cup in qatar well north macedonia armenia and listeners stein also make up group j. with fixtures starting in march it is an easier group than he could've been a group for under pressure coach live silva reeling from a 6 nil defeat by spain last month a group the world champions france have been drawn with ukraine and lent bosnia-herzegovina and kazakhstan. so. that does it for
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us thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us up next business news on while broadcasting tomorrow. either i'm david and this is climate change. happiness increase books. this is the book for you. smarter for free to do we wrote on. climate change. and their soon. to be.
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one to use today the future of. g.w. dot com for their go series the link can give some clues. from equipment shortages to security concerns for most of all obstacles done in the way of south africa and the successful distribution of a coronavirus back saying look at whether enough is being done to change that also on the program. we work resuming on the controversial north stream 2 pipeline between russia and germany the u.s. is repeating its goal for the project to be stopped. and looked on so says that by the end of this year it will have slashed $29000.00 jobs thus
7:17 pm
a 5th of its workforce because of christmas rush be just the airline needs. persisting to be a business on robots in berlin welcome to the program. south africa accounts for more than a 3rd of the confirmed corona virus cases in all of africa it needs a vaccine more than any other country on the continent but there are still concerns that it is ill prepared to distribute warm and or a of challenges could stand in the way of getting jobs to those who need them. temperatures as low as they're so hard to ensure on the african continent as scientists rush to deliver lifesaving covert 19 vaccines around the globe there are concerns that the stringent delivery and storage requirements for some of them could prove a hurdle for developing nations in africa and beyond. its axioms to distorted extreme you know temperatures minus 70 degrees celsius and in the developing
7:18 pm
countries such as south africa it proved to be a challenge. this challenge is affecting south africa's medical logistics sector it is scrambling to prepare for its role in what could become the largest distribution of medical supplies in global history. delivering 2 doses of the vaccine to every single south african. delivering under $3000000.00 doses of vaccines under the 2 conditions that need to be delivered in and maintaining the temperatures is going to be a huge challenge for transport companies like ourselves as well as for the facilities were deceiving because there seems to be able to store it under those conditions i think is going to take a bit of planning and we need to really be a good of the game. and then there's the issue of safety truck drivers in south africa increasingly face dangers like sabotage and hijackings. truckers say they fear that this situation could intensify with criminals set on getting their hands
7:19 pm
on the vaccine since. things have not been right since they started burning trucks . and we'll soon have a new problem when we start distributing this vaccine. nobody will even know we're for caring fact seems or not and so they could attack all of us. we're all scared. but scientists remain adamant that south africa's state sponsored drugs program which provides antiretrovirals to its 7700000 h.i.v. positive citizens has prepared them well. south africa has decades of experience delivering lifesaving into the medication to everybody. so with the challenges we have facing with this vaccine we will make it was. which vaccine south africa will use or how long distribution will take remains unclear officials say they're aiming
7:20 pm
for around 40 percent of the nation to be vaccinated in the short to medium term. let's cross to our correspondent in cape town helder i said johnny has alice just bring us up to date on the current of our situation in south africa at the moment because there's a disturbing trend starting to form as. yeah exactly we're actually seeing a surge in infections it's about $4000.00 positive people per day now that doesn't compare gets to the height of the of the 1st wave then we saw $13000.00 positive people each day but we have not seen the 2nd wave inside africa yet so those are the worry is that that 2nd wave is coming mainly as well because here it's not just the festive season but also the summer holiday is starting here with lot of people traveling back to their hometowns to rule areas of south africa so there's a real worry here that we will see the trends going further out yeah capacity
7:21 pm
flattened by the presence of a vaccine went to south africa expecting to receive one to distribute to feed and who from it doesn't really care who gets that africa so far as we know know of has bought into kovacs which is a very important initiative for low income come countries in middle income countries colfax's trying to actually competes with rich countries buying up the vaccines right when this all started there were started talking about vaccines during their grown up and then make everybody said ok this needs to be equally distributed around the world but what we're seeing now of course is that everybody is looking at their own countries and how to protect themselves so colfax is an initiative but a world health organization and golfing to vaccines elian's among others and they are actually pooling resources so countries can buy in to colfax and then they will negotiate and of course have more purchasing power and depth that's war south
7:22 pm
africa has signed up to so far and viable school facts program day hope next year to get the 1st vaccines and when those vaccines come how much confidence is the south africa's going to be able to get its to everyone who needs to. well at 1st i'm sure we're going to see that here also they have to prioritize to help workers and the elderly i don't think there's much optimism that we will see a big part of the population vaccinated yet maybe not even by the end of next year and in that sense i see that here in south africa people are a little bit afraid that south africa might end up at the end of the line although some of the the experts here are saying look maybe there's a reason why south africa is still waiting out a bit as well would buying more fixings because of course they can also just go to form suitable companies and try to buy directly from them and one of the reasons
7:23 pm
might be is that they're just waiting for effects seen my be easier to to distribute in south africa for example there's now another trial in south africa of the johnson and johnson vaccine and that one potentially only needs one dose and can't just go into the fridge so maybe signficance just kind of seeing what would be the best option for them. in capetown thanks for bringing us up to date now huge russian ships maneuver themselves into position over the weekend to restart work on the north stream to pipeline the controversial project would eventually carry gas from russia to germany but work has halted or was halted almost a year ago because of u.s. sanctions there is a pipe playing has once again left the americans to call for the gas line to be scrapped. work is getting underway again on the north stream 2 pipeline
7:24 pm
german authorities have given the go ahead for the russian ship i could demick ski to lay another 2.6 kilometers of pipe by the end of the year but that is nowhere near enough to complete the project a total of 160 kilometers of pipe still has to be laid. only then with the underwater pipeline be ready allowing russian state owned company gazprom to deliver siberian gas directly to germany this pipeline is the 2nd of its kind the 1st north stream pipeline has delivered gas to germany since 2012. and some of the further versions the u.s. has been watching developments with alarm late last week u.s. lawmakers added measures against the new baltic sea pipeline to the annual defense policy bill these provide for tighten sanctions against companies that certify or ensure the pipeline or that support north stream to with products facilities or services because of these tougher sanctions even russian politicians from president putin's own party fear the 9500000000 euro nord stream to project will never be
7:25 pm
completed some of which are still more than the worst that can happen to the north stream to project is that it won't be implemented. that means those who invested in it will lose their money it's a lot of money but it's not astronomical sums it's no more than one percent of the golden currency reserves of the russian federation. is that of risk if it gets. american lawmakers point to the fact that the text in the defense bill would grant the next u.s. president the right to suspend the sanctions. but that's something few experts on either side of the atlantic expect president elect biden to do. now is some of the other business stories making the news custom's data shows china's exports surged more than 20 percent year on year last month as the fastest pace in nearly 3 years meanwhile imports only inched up leading to a trade surplus for november of more than $75000000000.00 the largest ever recorded
7:26 pm
. a lot of those rubin written says he's stepping down after 11 years of co running your leading online fashion retailer he says the move is about giving more priority to his wife's career and devoting more time to his family the billing company employs 14000 people. and universal music groups publishing has bought bob dylan's entire back catalog of more than $600.00 songs and she declined to say how much the deal was worth but the financial times says it could be as much as 9 figures. says it expects to cut a 5th of its workforce by the end of this year the german airline has already posted billions of euros in losses during 2020 and been forced to accept state aid its problems look unlikely to go away with the arrival of the new year. this place is normally a hive of activity but for months it's been more or less empty the story at munich
7:27 pm
airport is one that plays out of the airports the world over the pandemic has hit the aviation industry hard lufthansa has grounded most of its jets leaving employees from ground staff to pilots with time on their hands or worse without any job whatsoever by the end of the year 29000 jobs will be lost to germany's largest airline with $20000.00 outside of germany leaving $109000.00 jobs total next year another $10000.00 are expect to be cut in germany hundreds of thousands of jobs in the industry are at stake as a result of the pandemic all major european airlines are cutting staff despite the billions in government aid experts expect it'll take years for the industry to recover from the coronavirus crisis yet there could be a ray of hope lufthansa says demand for flights over christmas and new year's eve are on the rise to holiday destinations from the canary islands to south africa whether that's a short lived blip remains to be seen. and finally ikea is getting rid of its
7:28 pm
iconic catalog after 70 years in print at its peak the swedish company produced $200000000.00 copies each year but the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping ikea says that while many people still visit its stores to view furniture they are increasingly buying it online as a result the current august edition of the catalogue will be there. and that's all from me in the business team here in berlin from order check out our website did we dot com slash business for us on facebook and twitter from a.s.d. by taking.
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trillions on the brink of extinction. thousands of them were killed by devastating us. and surviving and are staring into the eyes of yet catastrophe. after the inferno the battle to save australia is coming. closer. in 60 minutes.
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and on too many. language courses. video and audio. this is africa coming up on the program is that calls for on sat on not a big deal miley's transitional council house elects its military coup leader. had to lead the country into civilian who also coming out. comedy sites on the next president of some voters share with us what the party of the winner.


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