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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2020 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin tonight a medical 1st in the u.k. and the world is watching britain rolls out a nationwide vaccination program against the coronavirus a 90 year old grandmother received the 1st shot today but the vaccines with approval by british regulators have some people hesitant also coming up calls are growing for a hard lock down here in germany the country's top scientists say tighter restrictions are now urgently needed as coronavirus peace members remain stubbornly high. blood still no breaks a breakthrough u.s.
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chief ursula on the line and invites british prime minister boris johnson to brussels for a last ditch breaks it tells both sides admit it could soon be game over and showdown in india $83.00 former staged a nationwide strike as their standoff with the government intensifies they fear warts corporations will price this out of business. i'm bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome medical history was made today the united kingdom began the enormous task of inoculating its entire population with a fully tested covert 19 bank see the 2 days vaccine was fast tracked by the german company by on tech in partnership with the u.s. pharmaceutical giant pfizer and u.k.
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faces some public worry over safety given how quickly the treatment came to market but the government could not have asked for a better influence or to get that 1st shot. with one prick the largest vaccination campaign in the history of the u.k. was launched. 90 year old margaret chain was chosen to be the 1st recipient and she played the role with grace and gratitude. i've said before. the 1st since it's friday and it's the best it's ever been. in london do you feel free from london to edinburgh thousands of elderly patients were vaccinated on what the health secretary dubbed the day the u.k. has secured 800000 doses to be administered in the coming weeks. around one in 3 britons however say they aren't likely to get immunized some cite the speed at
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which it was rolled out others cite false conspiracy theories. the british prime minister boris johnson visited a london hospital where he reiterated his faith in the back seat. what i would say is that there are those on the street who. feel that they have got seen something the. p.c. leave for ideological reasons or for medical reasons i think that. i need a girl made to people who can't themselves and you've got to just take the room approach it's silly it's the right thing to do it's good for you and it's good for the whole good. it wasn't just a big moment for the british that same vaccine developed by by on tech pfizer is set to be rolled out in europe and the us pending approval there that could be a matter of weeks. but many other countries are pinning their immunization hopes on china chinese authorities are preparing
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a massive rollout of their own coronavirus vaccines beijing is already negotiating sales to countries in asia the middle east and latin america they've even sent out the 1st shipments. for more i'm joined now by dr on carson hoda he is chair of the london assembly health committee dr so heard it's good to have you on the program i understand your committee found out via a survey that a quarter of londoners are unlikely to get the vaccine do we know why that is. but of course this this figure is consist of without us it is also the 25 percent of people who don't one of the bench and the reason they quote of the reason being that they don't trust the government or they don't trust the company it up people who believe that this it doesn't exist but all the bodies of business but of course we need to win them over and we need to reassure them that this is a safe vaccine it can be saved lives and is a game changer in the fight against pivoted back to the 19th and ending how
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do you plan to convince these skeptics that this is a game changer and they need to get the injection now looks like we've lost our signal there with doctors so how do we apologize for that we're trying to get that back up later are now off to germany germany is considering tougher a lockdown measures to curb the number of coronavirus infections one of the country's leading health institutions says that the government should consider a 2 week hard walk down nationwide beginning on december 24th the eastern state of saxony which has especially high kings numbers has become the latest state to voluntarily expand its lockdown closing schools and most businesses beginning next week. with the christmas shopping season in full swing many people are probably thinking more about presents than hospitals but statistics say more than 4000
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patients are being treated for cope with 19 and germany's intensive care units due to its high number of infections saxony has taken a decisive step. sensually schools and daycare centers will be closed from this monday december 14th. germany's influential national academy of sciences leopold diena recommended that the holiday season be used to impose a heart lockdown across the country this would include lifting the otherwise compulsory school attendance from december 14th and banning all groups sporting and cultural events access to public spaces would also be more restricted from christmas until at least january 10th and been in fact if we do not shut down and the infection numbers continue to climb then we will probably have to impose even stricter measures for an even longer period this lockdown as a kind of investment also in the economy so that we can ease restrictions again in january or february the chairman of the state premier conferences calling for new
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subsidies programs should businesses be forced to shut down again. the programs we already have would certainly have to be more flexible so that businesses that are affected by further measures can also be covered by these support programs and a meeting between the federal and state governments concluded that the states can unilaterally impose stricter measures are we. now with. the london assembly help committee doctors are to let me. interrupt how do you plan to convince these skeptics that the vaccine. i think this is an exercise in public communications we need to reassure them this is safe we need to make sure that people are expecting the risks of not having that scene and reassure them that this is safe about tested let's not forget some of the 44000 people have already had the vaccine before it's been given
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a license and the rep i said has been given by the independent regulatory authorities there's been tested by independent body who looked at all the evidence it's been tried to whom beings is safe and i have every trust in the vaccine and i think he can reassure us and communicate this information to all the public what about the argument that this is these vaccinations are the beginning of the end of this pandemic i mean that should be a convincing argument should. absolutely i think the only thing we had so far was social distance that was the only tool we had but this is a game changer by giving the vaccine we're going to do 2 things one is we could have kept ourselves the 2nd things we have kept new other people in the community because once you know that the nation the life of such a population that is the vaccinated you get what's called herd immunity so when you take the vaccine you know yourself and you have in your community and what how long do you think it will take before we get to that level of herd immunity well of course that figure differs from different disease differences folks outlive it for
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me though is that 95 percent of polio take the present we don't know what the figure was probably about 80 percent and i suspect they'll take about 89 months to get there i suspect that we'll have vaccinated the most cutest people by the by may june of next year and thereafter was fucking up but i think of taking more was about next 9 months to get her herd immunity dr on cars her the chair of the london assembly health committee we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you much. oh my next guest is professor andrew oldman he's a member of the german parliament and of the advisory board the g.h.a. the german help the lions dr owen is good to have you on the program again this is the german government's leading scientific advisory body today sending a clear message that we need a harder walked they want it the german chancellor has been warning it for weeks what about the other political leaders are that are they going to finally listen to
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the science well i think that thank you for 1st of all for having me back again but i think it's not a question of seeing the signs or appreciating the increase of infection rates in germany i think everybody is aware of that and nobody's putting this into question is the question the real question is how we could how should we approach the situation it is a pandemic a crisis that is very serious and measures have to be taken however many politicians have different ways to approach this problem and one of the ways you could do it is make it very easy everybody goes into lockdown and then everything is fine but the collateral damage that is done psychologically and economically has to be put into the equation as well so the national academy of sciences put out a very strong paper of their opinion scientifically it was more weak paper to be
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honest i see this as a scientist myself i would have liked to see a lot more explanations besides we need to go into a lockdown where is your view of the countries that did that or are you in favor though of what is recommended that being a harder walk down beginning on christmas eve december 24th. i'm in favor of about 80 percent what's written in that paper which is already in effect in germany that has to be followed because what we have as a problem in germany and this was actually addressed in this paper from the national academy of science that control of the implementation of quarantine measures are not being done in germany on a wide scale and if we do not control quarantine or isolation measures then even a hard lock down would help us to stop the affection rates so i think everything has to be put into this caution and we need a wider discussion it is not simply done that really scientists throughout germany
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basically clinicians and allowed people put out this paper but again i think there are other countries in the world that did better for example taiwan or south korea that's true that's true but they have a much stricter follow up when it comes to quarantine as you say which we don't have here in germany are you finding political support then to take on measures that some people would consider to be a violation of personal privacy well personal privacy. and a secondary role with our infection control laws in germany because it's the public to the official public health institute if you are infected the problem is that the manpower is missing to control those people who are got infected or even here in berlin i heard about stories that people were sent to quarantine 14 days after they had their disease far too late and they probably had cause more infections that he set up i would be very much in favor of more control of those measures all right dr
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andrew allman as always dr although we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. thank you for having and. when the york city is seeing a surge in new coronavirus cases that prompted mayor bill de blasio to shut down public schools last month but he changed course and ordered some free kindergarten and elementary schools to reopen on monday the blasio saying that the decision was based on science and that it followed a fierce debate over health to keep kids learning and safe at the same town. school buses are back in the big apple some 190000 children are returning to the classroom this week as long as their parents give their ok. kids need to bring written consent allowing them to be given frequent coronavirus tests the plan is to test 20 percent of students each week. city officials think this and other measures
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will keep the kids and their families safe despite the city's high infection rates really don't want to come to school because of. the pandemic or whatever so yeah they just go it will just make the best situation like having a process to enter a school for everyone as a working parent it's very hard when my kids are not in school you know when he's not in school after work from home and he's home makes things very difficult so i you know i'd always err on the side of try to open school as much as possible but obviously you know considering all the safety and everything. the mayor bill de blasio had earlier announced that schools would remain closed if a threshold of 3 percent of positive coronavirus tests in the city is surpassed currently the rate is almost double that hovering above 5 percent. but the mayor
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scrapped this benchmark citing new research showing that few transmissions appear to occur among young children nonetheless reopening the nation's largest public school system in the midst of a sharp spike remains a gamble. the united states just saw the deadliest week of the kovac 1000 pandemic since april with 15000 death and health officials are warning that worse weeks may lie ahead. without substantial mitigation the middle of january can be a really dark time for us. most other big city districts are sticking to online teaching for now but they are watching to see how this reopening goes to decide if they'll follow the risky path laid by new york city. art here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the united nations says it is a warm day after ethiopian forces shot it and detained u.n.
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staff in the troubled region the un team was seeking access to refugees who have fled the region the government says the u.n. workers ignored instructions and drove through 2 checkpoints police in hong kong have arrested 8 pro-democracy activists including former wall maker leone called whom the arrests mark a widening of the crackdown on dissent in the semi autonomous region police said the men were suspected of inciting organizing and taking part in an authorised demonstrations in july. the world's highest peak mount everest has just gotten a little taller after china and the pole agreed on its height everest which straddles the border between both countries is now just over 8848 meters nearly a full neider taller than previously calculated that's because the mountain snow cap is now included in that calculation. the u.k.
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has agreed to withdraw all draft clauses in its brakes in legislation that would have violated international law and re neg on its earlier agreement with the european union. the move is being held in london as a sign of progress ireland has also welcomed the agreement but on the separate matter of reaching a trade deal post breaks it don't appears to be growing on all sides that it's an agreement will ever be reached. i want to go now to our brussels correspondent barbara vasovagal evening to you barbara so how is this decision by the british government how's it going down in brussels is it being treated as an important concession by the british. we really have to look at what's happening here the british government has agreed not to break international treaty it has
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signed 11 months ago so yes indeed that is very welcome because the people in the european union are quite incensed about this blackmail scenario that bar since and had built up there was those 2 laws in question in order to not implement the northern irish protocol that would have meant unending trouble there that would have meant the borders couldn't really been kept open against what had been agreed in general and so on and so forth and even joe biden the incoming u.s. president had warned boris johnson over that and said you know if you wouldn't take care of peace in northern ireland there would be punishment coming down from washington is so it was necessary to take this down because the e.u. had also said we want to rectify any deal as long as this stands so yes it's a good sign but an absolutely necessary one and this is a would it is remarkable that agreeing to abide by the wall is considered progress when you're talking about words that negotiations aside from this development
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barbara the overall appears to be pessimistic regarding opposed breaks a trade deal. the mood is the gloomy and. sort of doom like outlets fear because abortions themselves he said today. things are very very difficult and michel barnier the negotiator of the european union said chances are very slim how much worse can it get now what we have now is that the 2 sides have been doing sort of stuck taking over the last 2 days and defining the areas where that seem most intractable where they haven't yet come together and then tomorrow night or sort of on the line that you commission president and boris johnson will sit down together and somehow try to break the impasse it doesn't seem quite clear how that will come down but. many observers here is say we're at the
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point where the legal side has been more or less put down on paper but what we need now is the political will to jump the divide will we will see if those legs are made for jumping when they meet as always thank you bob our next want to go to india were angry farmers have blocked roads and railways across the country to protest a controversial agricultural reform plan indian prime minister narendra modi is intent on what he describes as the modernization of the country's agricultural sector his party insists this will benefit farmers but the farmers they don't buy that they've responded in dramatic fashion with protests and now with the strike in this is all happening as the country slips into a recession after years of economic growth. farmers in the 10s of thousands in a blockade of delhi. 6 for almost 2 weeks they protested the
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new fumbles on the outskirts of the indian capital on tuesday they upped the ante launching a one day national strike. across the country protesters blocked rail lines and roads and prevented projects from reaching markets. was organization has called for the shut down after the modi government refused to budge on plans to liberalize the agricultural sector. initiative we have determined to win this fight this movement will go on until we defeat modi we will only go back after the laws are repealed gave up it done. until now india's farmers have been forced to sell through state run wholesalers that guarantee a minimum price. laws will allow them to sell produce on the open market including to supermarket chain. the government insists the changes will benefit farmers and boost their profits. but on the streets protesters fear the industry will be taken
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over by the corporations who force prices down. they're going to be exact in the projects we sold for $3800.00 rupees is now fishing is just $1600.00 and they say our incomes will be doubled these ministers have no idea about farming i have thought stocks it gets on it would be for 72 years many governments of limited follow. independence is only for the ministers and bureaucrats 80 percent of farmers have not benefited in any way. that my good have got by going to but at the end only. of the groups across india adding momentum to the protests agriculture supports more than half of the country's 1300000000 people and he threat to their livelihood could be a major headache for modi's populist government. breakdancing it will be included in the programme for the 2024 paris olympics breaking as many like to call it will make its debut at the games with international olympic committee president thomas
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keen for the games to appeal to a younger audience however some breakdancers are unhappy with this designation as a sport and think being. part of the olympics will make it overly commercial. welcome to the 1980 s. a member of the royal family has bought a 50 percent stake in israeli premier league football club by car jerusalem the investment by shaikh. now young comes despite the club being popular with israeli right wing groups who have often abused israel's arab minority 3 months ago the united arab emirates and israel signed an agreement was devilish diplomatic relations. might be rearmed ridge will crash out of the champions league in the group stage for the very 1st time on
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wednesday night if they lose to germany's brucia. it would be a huge fall from grace for coach xina deems it on while gladbach hope that it will rekindle memories of their glory days. zyna to dan coats real madrid to 3 straight champions league titles between 20162018 but now the record 13 times winners risk going out in the group stage for the 1st time the 3rd in group b. heading into the final round of matches captain said joe ramos is set to return from injury but they all know defeat at home to motion club back will dump them out and leaves it down clinging to his job no group. club will do what it has to do i'm just thinking about the game. said louis income is for the length of the club will do as it always does i'm not really thinking about it.
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but oh no no. no we're not in. class back warmed up for the game with a hard fought to 2 george freiburg in the bond as leader at the weekend. some players scored a cracker and will hope to shine again against reality having been directly involved in 8 goals in 5 champions league games this term. cut back need just a draw to reach the knockout stages for the 1st time since their heyday in the 1970s. to this myself and we know what to expect and that we need to defend with real passion and diligence at the same time we know that without quality we will certainly have chances to score and we want to make use of that. it is one of the most exciting ends to a champions league group stage in years. you're watching the news
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after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day but 1st remembering the music legend john lennon 40 years ago today the beatles co-founder was murdered outside his luxury apartment in new york city will go into the break now with the song hear today a tribute by his band mate paul mccartney written just a few years after lennon's death. and if. i really. want to read the. few relieve the day. from. the same. bob.
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good day the end. of last month. must be. the hour comes to florida. love. boy. oh boy.
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oh boy oh boy oh. god. what's the secret behind this classic. music the sound. as soon as you hear beethoven lose your mind. or the story behind the music
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was a hit for the ages reducing. cost last beethoven's 9th symphony for the more it starts to simmer down on w. . world 6 to go beyond the obvious. the marine live. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you and really what ever is. running up. the face. alcohol d.w. made for mines. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. good measures are being taken.
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what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the code of special monday to friday on t.w. . above them. medical history was made today it happened at 631 this morning in coventry england 90 year old margaret keenan who you see right there she rolled up the sleeve of her merry christmas' t. shirt she looked at the nurse holding the syringe as you said go for it it was the 1st shot in the 1st mass vaccination program using a clinically tested vaccine against the.


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