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tv   Hart aber fair  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2020 12:00am-1:01am CET

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violence against children. this is the news live from berlin a medical 1st in the u.k. and the world is watching britain rolls out a nationwide vaccination program against the corona virus and not year old will never see the 1st shot today but the vaccine swift approval by british regulators has some people for his attempt also coming up calls are growing for a hot lockdown here in germany the country's top scientists say tighter
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restrictions on now urgently needed as coronavirus post numbers remain stubbornly high. and a lot down in india angry from the stage a nationwide strike is this standoff with the government intensified i feel a lot of corporations will cross the aisle to. a math anyhow and welcome medical history was made today the united kingdom began the enormous task of inoculating its population with a fully tested 19 vaccine the vaccine was fast tracked by a german company by intake in partnership with the us from the city hall giant pfizer the u.k. faces some public worry of a safety given how fast the treatment came to market but the government couldn't of asked for a better influence to get the 1st step. with one prick the largest
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vaccination campaign in the history of the u.k. was launched. 90 year old margaret chain was chosen to be the 1st recipient and she played the role with grace and gratitude. i say well for. the 1st since this friday is the best it's ever. been once you can go for it from london to edinburgh thousands of elderly patients were vaccinated on what the health secretary dubbed v. day the u.k. has secured 800000 doses to be administered in the coming weeks. around one in 3 britons however say they aren't likely to get immunized some cite the speed at which it was rolled out others cite false conspiracy theories. the british prime minister boris johnson visited a london hospital where he reiterated his faith in the backseat. what i would say
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is that there are those on the street who. feel that the back seat is something they need to. leave for ideological reasons for medical reasons i think that. i know that there are many people who call themselves anti god says that's taking the approach i could see it's the right thing to do it's good for you and it's good for the whole good. it wasn't just a big moment for the british that same vaccine developed by by on tech pfizer is set to be rolled out in europe and the u.s. pending approval there that could be a matter of weeks. but many other countries are pinning their immunization hopes on china chinese authorities are preparing a massive rollout of their own coronavirus vaccines beijing is already negotiating sales to countries in asia the middle east and latin america maybe even sent out the 1st shipments. we spoke earlier with paul hunter who specializes in infectious
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diseases and epidemics at britain's university of east anglia and i asked him whether the u.k. had as some have worried move forward too fast with the vaccinations. it has been fast but it's been fast for some very good reasons the 1st is that normally when we have a vaccine it takes years because you've finished one study to work out whether it's worth going to the next phase here those phases overlapped the other big reason is that not often you can wait for years in the vaccines that lead to get enough people who have the infection to be able to calculate the effectiveness. we have not been short sightedly of cases this year so we've been able to get those numbers much much more quickly than we would normally that was infectious disease expert paul hunter speaking to d w earlier or germany is not of the u.k. when it comes to rolling out
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a vaccine german chancellor angela merkel born this way that the 1st corona virus vaccine may not be available here until early next year that was one of 2 sobering messages today one of the country's leading health institutions is now recommending a 2 week hard lockdown nationwide starting on christmas eve december the 24th the current lockdown would allow for an easing of restrictions between christmas and the new year. with the christmas shopping season in full swing many people are probably thinking more about presents than hospitals but statistics say more than 4000 patients are being treated for cope with 19 and germany's intensive care units due to a tiny number of infections saxony has taken a decisive step. sensually schools and daycare centers will be closed from this monday december 14th. germany's influential national academy of sciences leopold diena recommended that the holiday season be used to impose
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a heart lockdown across the country this would include lifting the otherwise compulsory school attendance from december 14th and banning all groups sporting and cultural events access to public spaces would also be more restricted from christmas until at least january 10th and in fact if we do not shut down and the infection numbers continue to climb then we will probably have to impose even stricter measures for an even longer period this lockdown as a kind of investment also in the economy so that we can ease restrictions again in january or february the chairman of the state premier conferences calling for new subsidies programs should businesses be forced to shut down again. to the programs we already have would certainly have to be more flexible so that businesses that are affected by further measures can also be covered by the support programs. a meeting between the federal and state governments concluded that the states can unilaterally impose stricter measures. let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s. supreme court has rejected an effort to overturn the results of the presidential election in the state of pennsylvania it signals that the nation's highest court which includes 3 judges appointed by president from may not go along with his efforts to overturn his defeat in last month's election. u.s. president elect joe biden meanwhile has pledged his administration will carry out 100000000 covered 19 vaccinations in his 1st 100 days in office he also committed to reopening the majority of the nation's schools even as he introduced his health care team biden want that things could get worse before they get better. government says its forces shot at and detained united nations stuff in the troubled to grab region and incident the un has called alarming the un team was seeking humanitarian access to refugees thousands of people fleeing fighting in the
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region if you obvious says the u.n. workers ignored instructions and drove through 2 checkpoints. police in hong kong have arrested pro-democracy activists including former law micah how the arrests mark and a widening of the crackdown on dissent in the semi autonomous region police said the man was suspected of inciting organizing and taking pot in on the authorised demonstrations in july when next we turn to india where angry farmers have blocked roads and roadway tracks across the country in protest at controversy all agricultural reforms in the empire minister narendra modi is intent on what he describes as modernizing of the country's agricultural sector his party insists this will benefit from us but the farmers are not buying it and they have responded in dramatic fashion with protests and now a struck this is all happening as the country slips into recession after years of
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economic growth. farmers in the 10s of thousands in a blockade of delhi. 6 for almost 2 weeks they protested the new farm laws on the outskirts of the indian capital. on tuesday they up the ante launching a one day national strike. across the country protesters blocked rail lines and roads and prevented projects from reaching markets. farmers organizations called for the shut down after the modi government refused to budge on plans to liberalize the agricultural sector. we have determined to win this fight this movement will go on until we defeat modi we will only go back after the laws are repealed gave up it done just until now india's farmers have been forced to sell through state run wholesalers that guarantee a minimum price the. laws will allow them to sell produce on the open market
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including to supermarket chain. the government insists the changes will benefit farmers and boost their profits. but on the streets protesters fear the industry will be taken over by the corporations who force prices down. to the projects we sold for $3000.00 indian rupees is now fishing is just $1600.00 and they say our incomes will be doubled these ministers have no idea about farming. for 72 years many governments of limited farmers independence is only for the ministers and bureaucrats 80 percent of farmers have not benefited in any way. by going to the only. other groups across india adding momentum to the protests agriculture supports more than half of the country's 1300000000 people any threat to their livelihood could be a major headache for modi's populace government. support
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now in power center man's champions league game with istanbul was abandoned after istanbul players left the field in protest having accused a match official of a racist slur incident happened in the 1st half of the game still a member of his temples coaching staff was sent off amid the chaos the game will now be played on wednesday with new match officials the turkish side were out of contention for the last 16 but p.s.g. can finish 1st or 2nd in the. well meanwhile last season semifinalist abhi leipsic have reached the champions league last 16 after beating manchester united 32 and a limit i think the english side leipzig top group h. at the moment pending result percy a dog where he threw up a top group if with a win at zenit as a 16 year old use of the kind the youngest in the champions league player let's you
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know also qualified well given to us 13 nil at barcelona to beat the cut lands to go top spot in group g. a member of the other debbie rowe a family has bought a 50 percent stake in israeli premier league side by jerusalem the investment comes from sheikh hamad bin khalifa gun comes despite the club being popular with is right the right wing groups who have often abused israel arab minority 3 months ago the united arab emirates and israel signed an agreement to establish diplomatic relations. and finally mount everest on the border between china and the pole is already the world's highest peak but now it's even taller officially at least up to now the 2 countries had differed on whether to include the snowcapped on top of the mountain in the measurements after both countries sent teams of surveyors that bridgestone agreement in the use of the boat. chum along. mount
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everest the world's highest peak is known by several names and now it's reaching even greater heights. east to. china. to the world you are right. is 1848.86 feet. that's 86 centimeters higher than was previously recorded when the 7 natural wonders of the world ever straddles both nepal and china but the 2 countries have long disagreed on its height so each sent out teams of surveyors to scale the summit the multi-year effort to measure the legendary mountain wasn't easy teams endure it extreme weather conditions and a strenuous climb to come to calculations that both katmandu and beijing can now agree. that we have to respect anything that becomes bigger the
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encrease and height is a source of huge prize for nepal and her people so it's a big deal. pride comes from conquering the mountain but also from keeping the quest local. in the past measurement of the mountain all the instruments and equipment used by china were imported from abroad but this time china used its own equipment and withstood the test of the extremely harsh environment there were concerns of the 2015 earthquake that killed nearly 9000 people had also caused the mountain to shrink produce fears are gone at 8848.806 meters it stands even taller than previously imagined. a quick reminder before we go you can always get news on the go just download from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the news from around the world as well as push
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notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the. photos and videos of what's happening in the words. states in africa is coming up after the break we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour the website's there if you need more before then a d w dot com the finale mapping out for many and the team here in berlin many thanks. to. what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 316 get the map now. how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when we're. trying to just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the krona laroche or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at dot com slash science. the. best as did up in years africa coming up on the program it seems like a recipe for disaster affairs will be potential curren of virus outbreak us thousands of ethiopian the refugees in sudan comps are forced to share facilities also coming out to. be dentists believe it is the mean it's a malicious and for the do good as it was believe. muslims believe it's
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all find out why this wrought by an ox of his from sawed off a cop is on a mission to hand out the legacy of not b.b.n. independence fight off and that it's that book. the name is eddie michael jr you're welcome to the program after fleeing fighting at home if you're going to refugees now face the risk of a cone of virus outbreak in neighboring sudan nearly 50000 people from ethiopia steve groene region are crammed into refugee camps which have inadequate health care facilities. under the scorching sun they wait their turn at camps like home or cuba refugees have no option really they wait for food for cash to register with aid agencies and they also share shelter. health
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workers worry that raises the chances of corona virus spreading in the already strained conditions. i was going to get in the zone in between at least the problem becomes bigger because the person that comes here will go back to their camp or where they live surrounded by people so they could spread it very easily. they are people who are going through a difficult time while there are young people older people also people who have chronic illnesses and other diseases affecting their immune systems and add to that if cope with 19 is found here it could spread widely uncovered in the uk the uk there is also a lot of. health care facilities are limited. and there is no covert 19 testing or treatment available the refugees themselves also concerned if it would have are that if the matter is scary when you see people together they may be
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infected with corona virus people sit together and do not wear masks of course it is scary you see people always move collectively without masks of course it is scary. but. with more refugees expected to arrive the already strained humanitarian services might not cope putting this safe haven at risk of its own crisis. for more on this let's talk to john the. head of mission of m.s.f. in sudan he led the exploration mission in there. first tell us has there been any confirmed case of common 1000 in there come so far so. in the cases in the camp or a i mean we're in response in the east of sudan regarding the rift. that sounds
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like pretty straightforward and good news but there's thousands of people no masts no cubit tests a new social distancing and i'll break is more than likely isn't it indeed we are facing i said on the way peering through that we know that the incidence of 19 secret was also to some degree of concern when people are waiting it's ok so for sure. we are lacking some test. of sudan and. cases with the races in the response. or some terrible consequences it's very complicated to have any measures in place in the camps. yeah definitely seems like challenging and now in such a difficult situation how are you protecting people from touching the virus so far we're staffing the clinics that we put in place in the ring our has
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captivities well protecting our. masks and washing points and or doing this is very measures that we all know by now and in the on the make it's much more complicated . to do the same for the thousands of people as you mentioned. garden that they are older. coming in boats then don't transfer been in the crowded buses and then go in crowded shelters that are not enough. they don't have enough water yet to drink or anything so it's over you see very complicated to us who i'm asking to washington to wash their hands when they even don't have the basics that are over. and know what do these like you need to help tako the situation. on our side we on now are trying to get more people on the ground and more drugs to see to school face the situation we are
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facing both of you heard that on from the treatment of t.v. n.h.l. which is a massive messy sure and then regarding could be 19 easy in case it arise what is going to be competitive these 2 find an appropriate isolation centers and and tyson he said a moment i said would be over in the cup best of the house care system so that ok now these and all that's happening in the number of people and possibly more people coming how much longer can you support the people in the comp. we are committed to respond as long as there will be people in the camp and that transit area has. been significant for some or their organization and the rest of the end of the year so for everybody the end of the financial year so it's obviously and the child resources and resources to find to mobilize. some
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so much resources on such a crisis in the media on the me it was like. ok we do hope that help is definitely received sooner rather than later john the. head of mission of a mess of in sudan thank you for your time thank you. let's not take a look at some other stories making news across the continent liberians are voted on a referendum which includes a plan to shorten 1st then short term presidents george reasons for it's fear he could use the change to cling to power using templates in the relative nobility for the region where agent presidents have used constitutional changes to who don't. from a south african president jacob zuma corruption trial has been postponed to february the ex-president faces multiple charges exuding throat and money laundering related
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to $3000000000.00 deal in $91000.00 i when he was deputy president zuma in ice in wrongdoing. first 2nd in a row there's been even wrong in the democratic republic of congo's parliament on tuesday police stepped in to calm the normally just angry about president believed to securities and to scrap the shaky winning coalition to secure his government is increasingly up for 2 of them to spoil to his powerful t.v. says i just have a few. so ever heard of this guy that and the like but boy you national hero in the media he's considered a great fighter against the german colonized in the early 20th century he also served as a unifying force in bringing together various nama communities celebrated in the media and beyond its borders this south africa right behind me wants to change that
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he's a descendant of the namibian independence fighter and it's advocating for taking pride in one's own heritage. rich boy the title of humility a sim's latest release the track is an ode to compton hendrik with boy unama chief . boy died fighting german colonial troops in present day namibia south african rapper humid because some is a direct descendant of it boys his goal inspiring people to take pride in their ancestry. we don't have that icons of people who are off. shore. or whatever and so it's so important for people to have that to to i think a beautiful way to put it is to say that rock from which we were cut you know to to know this is who we are we can strive for with his people here will be
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a some refers to the so-called colored community in post apartheid south africa the community faces economic challenges and prejudices their way of speaking the afrikaans language he says is often associated with gangsterism and poor education . they're making fun of that so that need 1st needed to be liberated and for me for about 10 years now then was all i focused on is to go into schools and say but how is your how do you speak it's not substandard of this or whatever this is so important this is one of the most important things that the big afrikaans picture needed right now is you look stain must i list the love because singles but then the lists of done to see this fun fun and just limited because it is kind of empowerment and education of one's cultural identity
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is human besoms mission it's something his friend and to 2 artist kind of sashi can attest to. and i remember there was a time we were to get the book of enoch would buoy and he wind through mountains to actually just get a copy and he actually looked to me look at it we actually made copies or single page. the search is reflected on the rapid skin kind of saw she cut to the face and seal of the now my chief on to here mobius sums arm the reason. is because there's no need to reach or you find inside africa and in that a good place said it in one of my songs i say you give me an elson. you know it's the equivalent but you'll find nothing and yet is born here in namibia hendrik of it boy is a national hero even appearing on the country's $10.00 notes but in south africa
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where he was born he's relatively unknown while preparing his music video here mobius some stumbled upon a feature on his ancestor by de w.'s african roots series. i like using what's out the order and why somebody didn't they i hope somebody will use it for something else so why do you want to compete with something and then i found this. which is and i contact them immediately and 2 days later she came back to. everything and there's this gleam of light so i'm so happy that all of them just said yes believe that the resulting video is a powerful tributes to him direct but boy i could just see a few mobius some is proud descendant. of. what but that. and i'll tell you up on the show so which african legend would you up about now while you're thinking about we leave you with
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more music celebrating the median independence fighter and they fit boy see you soon i swear not. to be done is to leave. the meaning. of this in for the. believe it. believe it. is much needed but the system is the deep. deliberately neither does this even though. the disciplines the need for the dome. let's talk about drugs. is a huge business worldwide. we need one of the 1st illegal count of responders in china. and pioneers in growing medical marijuana in denmark plus we want to find out is the east cigarette hype
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a lot of hot air. maybe. 60 minutes. i'm sure that it was. in support of. what's a bit. of a. degree of work. it's one of the trickiest trade issues but the u.k. i mean you say they've settled their dispute regarding the island of ireland however plenty of other issues stand in the way of aggressive trade deals with time almost. one of them is fishing right well look at how one french village stands to
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lose out its boats can no longer sail british waters also coming out. passports please although you won't actually be going anywhere for me to be fake the flight attendant who is taking people around the world without leaving his living with. chris's data we have business on robots in berlin welcome to the program u.k. you have set. to dispute over how trading can take place on the island of ireland the issue was the focus of british legislation legislation that would have breached parts of the brics it divorce deal signed last year following talks with the the u.k. will now remove the controversial clauses in its internal market bill the wider u.k. you trade talks however remains stalled on issues including business competition rules known as the level playing field the irish government says time is running out. the situation is very serious in terms of. where we are know its
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decision to bow choreography as some people might think. there's a very serious issue and respective level playing field. that will be difficult to resolve and unfortunately we are facing the prospect of an already existing to something doesn't break out over the next 2 or 2 while another major sticking point in the talks is fishing rights the industry itself represents a relatively small proportion of the u.k. and the u.s. economy's but it's essential to coastal communities on both sides of the channel. meter by meter these french fishermen slowly unfurled their nets into the water. on the bridge captain ma gourlay steers the sun jock do through the english channel . this is. good if we throw the nets out at 9 50 am at around
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1250 we haul them back in a. mug or lays on the waters near colorway there's a lot going on in the english channel not just fishing boats freighters are also crisscrossing the waters here this is the shortest stretch of sea between the u.k. and continental europe. the fishermen pull in the nets hauling in swarms of fresh catch. every few hours they repeat the procedure around the clock it's hard work. the fishermen catch around a ton a day all of which gets sorted below deck. this and that this is a herring and that's a squid this goes for $0.30 and that for 7 euro's so of course we want to catch those the newness of. the fishermen often find themselves in british waters because there are so many fish there almost half their catch comes from the english channel
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if the e.u. and the u.k. fail to secure a brig's a deal for fishing rights it will be all over fishing and british waters could become illegal the french fisherman's livelihoods would be on the line at the with the value of a terrible we go out regularly in fish and british waters that would be a disaster for us to be honest. at 2 am the ship returns to the harbor captain marvel a make several short trips a week to boulogne sumedha to offload his catch. today their 1st in line the fisherman. or unsure with the future will bring. the movie this is britain is an island this insame how much coastline they have compared to that france is hardly any at all on my side you know mongolia uses a crane to lift his catcher sure just as he does fishermen from blue long superman have been trolling the channel for generations. without a briggs
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a deal work for these fringe fishermen could very well dry up. and choose de has been labelled ve day by global trade as the start of coronavirus vaccinations in the u.k. is seen as a significant moment the 1st western nation beginning an inoculation program is considered by many to be step one in the journey towards a vaccine led recovery economies the us health regulators are expected to give their approval to the same japp developed by fi on tech and pfizer within a matter of days which come as america's own economic recovery shows signs of stalling. let's cross to our correspondent in new york. yes how are investors in the u.s. reacting to the day. well we reached new record
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highs sit at least during the trading session we set a new intraday high in the dow jones industrial average also the s. and p. $500.00 was the new record so obviously that was very well coming. so that now cervix the nation begins the 1st term as you mentioned in the u.k. and probably in the united states that was in the next couple of days especially there were stocks from their healthcare sector on fire pfizer beyond gaining quite some but also a biotech companies like engine other pharmaceutical firms like you know for instance all of those stocks are actually helped to push the markets to reach new records. so. there is quite some optimism was economists here in the united states goldman sachs for example now expects that we might reach
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a yearly gross next year of 5.3 percent that's higher than originally expected and it seems that the u.s. consumer is also feeling more times than the upbeat sorry i'm standing here in front of a shopping mall in brooklyn so consumers seem to be spending well and also the service industry seems to be better than feared and clearly when you look at restaurants boss and the like so i mean there is still quite some pain but overall yes the economy is themes to be picking up steam and it definitely helps the sentiment is so that you see the light at the end of the tunnel. financial correspondent in new york yes thanks for joining us. now hong kong has seen its biggest i.p.o. this year shares an online pharmaceutical j.d. health soared on its stock market debut surging 34 percent above the issue price
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the company is another chinese economist giant j.g. dot com with its success seen as an indicator of the future of health care. there have been few bright spots for businesses and 2020 but it has been a banner year for online services and now that includes online medical services among them china's biggest online healthcare platform and retail pharmacy. j.t. health executives say the struggle against covert 19 gave them an extra push to go public. to go to that's also the pandemic accelerated our listing there's no doubt about it the entire health care industry was forced to deal with the growing of virus so we had to speed up. the so much idea. at the beginning of 2020 j.d. health offered free online consultations attracting tens of thousands of patients
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a day and helping to redirect people who may have previously tried to seek care at overburdened hospitals j.d. health parent company j.d. dot com says it also saw a pandemic boost in demand for its online retail and delivery services. now some of the other business stories making the news tesla is planning to raise $5000000000.00 in a fresh sale of its shares news comes just a few weeks ahead of the car companies listing on the s. and p. $500.00 index which will drive up demand for its stock. new british car company in else has bought a french factory from diana the plants which currently make smart cars will produce in the us as flagship car meanwhile british politicians have expressed outrage that companies bricks supporting owner chose to build a car outside the u.k. . and germany's national rail company is planning new sleeper trains across europe and wants to connect paris and berlin along with 11 other cities represent
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a u.-turn for the company which had initially 100 mostly parades austria's national right. now flashy holidays to far flung destinations have basically been a nonstarter for most of us this year the pandemic has made flying around the world much harder and in many cases impossible but the trigger lifetime may not be beyond reach if you're willing to use your imagination. that see. that looks fine there have a nice flight. good now when sky is a border officer flight attendant and pilot all in one. piece 6 women have looked a flight to iceland have you ever been to iceland before they are taken there no i haven't it should be fine. on board there's everything you'd
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expect on a real flight when sky even bought used airplane seats for 400 euros. l.e.d. lamps simulate emergency lighting for overnight flights just at the sounds of engines played off a laptop and you have the real airplane atmosphere there's only one thing that's missing an announcement from the cockpit. welcome aboard this is your captain speaking. going i won't tell us exactly how much he's earning with his new business but the longer the pandemic lasts the more people that will pack their bags and head for his kitchen. over me in the business team for more to check out our website called slash business for us on facebook and twitter for me is goodbye take up.
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for an.
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odd. to see. the edge. secrets success starts december 25th. ave. that 77 percent. are younger than. me and me. and you know what time. the 77 percent issue. this is where you get. the 77 percent this weekend on d.w.i. . we know that this is very time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so please take care of yourself keep your
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distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we do w. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms are all in this to get on together to make it. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe please stay safe. and. i am the award winning entertainer julie gonzalez may not be of a guy you'd expect to put out a christmas album but a mere 2020 he could be just the right person for the job. i'll be talking with charlie about has a rather melancholy christmas album
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a very chilly christmas coming up on arts and culture and later on the show. some call it the comedy of the year another round the danish movie about danger inking and the male midlife crisis we'll hear from our film expert. first their canadian musician jason back aka chilly gonzales felt that this year christmas needed a different soundtrack west cheerful less commercial so we got to work putting together his own album for the holidays a record that sounds more like christmas 2020 most of the songs are familiar but the sound is more intimate at times dissonant even lonely. a very chilly christmas. the album opens with a dramatic rendition of silent night one thing is clear this isn't going to be your
12:46 am
usual christmas album. and why should you think it's not a normal christmas this year and chilly gonzales isn't a normal musician. from classical to jazz to hip hop for decades he's made them all his own. take the thought. we could. all take. that came to take us a face to face because the pace of change. now he's giving classic christmas carols such as jingle bells some minor key changes. the album also features collaboration's with the singer's jarvis cocker and leslie fice. here to tell us more chilli
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gonzales welcome to arts and culture one really fascinating thing about this album is actually your own relationship with christmas you grew up in a secular jewish family you've said that you actually don't even like christmas so how did you end up making a christmas album. well i don't like what christmas has become which is you know when it went to a secular jewish family celebrates christmas it's not to convert to christianity is to assimilate to you know as i say it's not jesus it's santa claus it's about gift giving it's about consumerism and about capitalism and you know my only way into christmas as a kid was at the piano to lead a sing along and then i could believe in it and that's why i made this album is a kind of get back to that very intimate way recorded here at home on my upright piano with my musical family jarvis cocker and feist because i feel that's missing
12:48 am
i feel those songs have become corrupted by their use and you know soundtracks for commercials and cynical entertainers cashing in year after year i want to try to provide a bit of an engine joke to that but i've always had mixed feelings at christmas because of the gap between a kind of dream that we're sold and what reality is so i made this christmas album for those like me i want to say i don't like christmas but i have very a cocktail complex emotions that say i want to my albums are ok so let's talk about the songs themselves a lot of christmas classics that people will recognize what what is special about these songs for you why did you want to record them. well the carrolls on one side which is the bulk of my album they're full cusick that means that it comes from a time before the culture of the individual it's when music really had a social role to play that's why the songs tend to be very easy for kids or you know drunk people to sing along with they usually are based on scales like the 1st no well.
12:49 am
you can hear it just like a staircase going up or joints of the world is famously just a descending scale. that's inclusive christmas music then fast forward so you know the eighty's and ninety's i want to make sure i had some modern christmas classics on there as well last christmas by wham and all i want for christmas is you by mariah carey and as you'll see physically how my handle is all over the keyboard this is a virtual 6 on and a drunk person just can't keep up with this even if they sing into their beer bottle as a fake microphone just watch how different is it. wants to jump. to geno's. time stuff to think that's not a thing about for most of us certainly not for me. well there you go so i needed to take those pop songs in a way turn them into carols and you take mariah's strident hairdryer of
12:50 am
a voice and sort of remove it all i want for christmas so that you can sort of get a clear shot of what the musical material is if you play last christmas from a piano very simply. you don't have the synthesizers drum machine or the app or a ski sweaters that they're wearing and if they do you know where they're having a snowball fight all of that is gone and you're left with just right hand melody left hand harmony and in a way i tried to take the individual out of those pop songs and turn them into those kind of selfless carols christmas carols don't have the word i and the and that's what i think is so fascinating we've lost a lot of that because our music now is much more about the glorification of the artist but by playing things on a piano you can sort of divorce or a sort of you know you know surgically remove the personality of george michael or the towering persona of mariah carey and the songs can maybe be you know considered
12:51 am
folk music modern day folk music in that setting right chilly gonzales you really turned mariah carey in syria almost a solemn christmas song that people can enjoy at home maybe by themselves this year it's a it's a very different christmas for a lot of people thanks so much for coming on arts and culture thanks for having me . and a few headlines now the mystery is growing around a series of unexplained metal monoliths that have appeared in several countries now with no explanation hikers found the latest one in a dutch nature reserve and park rangers don't know how it got there similar structures have already appeared in the u.k. and romania where this 4 meter monolith appeared and a few days later disappeared but phenomenon started late last month in the united states where the 1st of these sculptures appeared in the desert in utah before it was also mysteriously removed. how about
12:52 am
a date with the mona lisa the louvre museum in paris is auction off the chance to see her famous 500 year old smile up close during the paintings annual check up the museums trying to raise funds after shutting again due to the coronavirus the movie expects this year's revenue losses to total as much as $90000000.00 euros. while the front runner at this year's european film award is a midlife crisis comedy from denmark another round by director thomas vinterberg the movie starts with a potentially dangerous philosophical premise one that the characters a group of bored high school teachers decide to put into practice here's the scene he defeats in the last few days off a few gate. was a bit and i thought i had some fight scene at the apt for those giving. them a good night he says and not minced the food and hit the needle for the it's.
12:53 am
ok didn't i sent. in and. they had to leave intro class for me as it comes across that hard data put it ahead of the only link over at me as this comes up like the leads in the other yeah. and paphitis pull at nomen happened and it headed in the lethal side a little from p.s. need me i'll slap in the. hot to see kate school. sydney. did over his phone experts got rock springs here with me now ok so we just watched the set up of the film for teachers trying to start decide to try day drinking in order to revitalize their lives kind of how does that go yeah initially it works out great they start they start oh well you keep your day. and they're
12:54 am
using breathalyzers to check to see what they were blood alcohol level is so they can keep it at a constant level and so initially as i say they start start doing this they have rules that only drinking during the day and it goes great there they come better teachers become more engaged they start to really enjoy life. again and they think well this is working out really well so being a little bit drunk feels good what used to drive a lot drunk and and then the movie progresses from there wow ok so am i to understand that this is a pro alcoholism film no definitely not i mean this stems from thomas he's known for socially critical dramas this is a comedy but he knows how to go dark and so we do see as they start to drink to excess we do see things start to get ugly we see how excessive alcohol can you know ruin relationships can can ruin lives so we see all that and in the film but really
12:55 am
despite the premise of the movie this isn't really a movie about alcohol it's actually more boat i don't philosophy of life i talk to thomas than to the director and he said that. he feels that everything that's worth experiencing in life whether it's with great art or even falling in love is all about giving up control and embracing the good and the bad in life and he himself is a father of 3 kids and he said he worries that young people today are like the school kids in this film they're there too worried about not giving up control they're there they're there they have they have great anxiety or they have to get good grades they can get jobs if they don't get a good job to fall behind and so forth and so on so they say that they're really worried about taking the risk of giving up control as in their missing out so much in life by not giving up control and so being drunk in this film is more a metaphor for for giving up control and embracing the good in the bad the sort of the risky business of life itself where it's really notable. this film is coming
12:56 am
out now when we're all trying to control ourselves so much with the pandemic and doing things right yeah it's actually i think it's really really interesting is right now we are so cold we have to be you know we can't can barely go out if we go you have to wear a mask we have to keep distance we're under so much control right now and so i seen this movie really shows us what we're missing and i think all of us you know when this pandemic ends we just want to be able to do this again to you know embrace life or get it and give up control with with or without alcohol but until then we do have this movie ok so this movie had time for losing control when we can't lose control scott rocks for thanks so much and that's almost it for this edition of arts and culture scott and i will leave you now there with the latest work by italian artist and former farmer daddio gone bad even used his tractor to plow a portrait of composer need to open for 250 years ago this month thanks for watching.
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ok let's talk about drugs. is a huge business worldwide. we need one of the 1st legal cannabis farmers in china and pioneers in growing medical marijuana in denmark plus we want to find out is the east cigarette hype a lot of hot air. maybe. 30 minutes on t w. was the secret of this classic. music the sound. or the story behind the music ahead before the age of british.
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