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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2020 7:15am-7:31am CET

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contention for the last 16 but he as jake can finish 1st or 2nd in the group. you're watching news day chain now business with michael. i'll be back with more news headlines for you at the top of the out in the meantime as always our web site data com i'm rebecca reaches in thanks very much. and this is climate change. happiness increased book. for your. smarter for free.
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it was the sunshine for the trick monarch. this. sequence. starts to see. is it really 5 minutes before 12 for a trade deal both sides say near days are left to secure an agreement but they remain far apart now the u.k. has wrapped up a disagreement with ireland over trade could that help unlock a deal in brussels. and other crypto currencies are surging as investors seek safe haven from inflation but is that stable and what does it mean for crypto as a payment method. and does vaccinate. it's began against coburn $1000.00 we need
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the german companies keeping the doses safe at all to low temperatures. blood welcome to the show m c beardsley in berlin. u.k. and the e.u. have settled a dispute over how trading can take place on the island of ireland issue was the focus of british led it legislation that would have breached parts of the brics divorce deal signed last year following talks with the e.u. u.k. will now remove the controversial clauses in its internal market bill the wider u.k. e.u. trade talks however remain stalled on issues including business competition rules known as a level playing field and the irish government says time is running out. the situation is very serious in terms of. where we are now it's this isn't the bow choreography as some people might think. there's a very serious issue and respective level playing field. that will be difficult to resolve and unfortunately we are facing the prospect of
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a military break that if something doesn't break out over the next day or 2. meanwhile on the other side of the atlantic another deal is coming down to the wire the white house has unveiled a $916000000000.00 stimulus proposal on tuesday it's an attempt to break a months long logjam over a new aid for the coronavirus stricken u.s. economy the plan being discussed in congress includes money for state and local governments it also features liability protections for businesses and universities time is running out as the cares act expires on december 26th some 12000000 people could then lose jobless benefits but democrats opposed the design of the white house package to mending more money for local government instead. and let's bring in our financial correspondent in frankfort chelsea delaney chelsea good morning we keep hearing let's start with greg that we keep hearing that now it's make or break that we only have days left do the markets reflect that kind of urgency.
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they really don't i think investors have heard this so many times over the past couple of years that that both sides are ready to walk away there's been a lot of a lot of threats to blow up these banks in negotiations and repeatedly we've seen both sides come back to the table so i think investors are still very hopeful is still very optimistic that we will see a deal at the end of the day. at the end of this year more likely but today we will see some very crucial negotiations happening between u.k. prime minister boris johnson and the head of the e.u. commissioner so evangelion and brussels they are expected to have dinner they have both the really both sides have really indicated that they still remain very far apart on these issues but investors hope that there will be a deal and even if they don't reach one today that perhaps by the end of the or the old will really come back to the table. let's go over to the u.s.
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now this krone virus stimulus plan relief package whatever you call it this is been looked at for weeks as a necessity no it seems like it's coming closer together how important is this for the u.s. and also just for the global economy. it's obviously crucial and as you mentioned before there are about 12000000 people who are relying right now on unemployment benefits that would expire the day after christmas so for those people in that's a lot of people they really need a new stimulus package both republicans and democrats have said they really are committed to getting a stimulus package passed before they adjourn for the rest of the year that's expected next week so there's not a lot of time to come together and this is a package that they have been negotiating really since the summer this new white house offer does try to really bridge the gaps between the 2 but it does have some elements that republicans and democrats are quite opposed to so it's hard to see if
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they actually will come together and be able to pass this package but we have seen some optimists optimism in the markets the stimulus package could be coming originals delaney in frankfurt thank you. well we just talked about the stimulus package being debated in the u.s. right now we know that the pandemic has seen a flood of money hit the markets as governments try to hold businesses afloat and support recovery and that money surge has raised fears over inflation and it sent more investors into cryptocurrency bitcoin recently reached a record high scraping just under the 20000 dollar mark now we've seen this before you might remember bitcoin values surged in december of 2017 before dropping quickly in the following months you should see a graph behind me it's not there right now now it's only since the start of this year that the value of the cryptocurrency has come back strong a perhaps one difference between now and then bitcoins are changing hands faster
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than ever going from just under 200000000 transactions in early 2017 compared to nearly 600000000 in october just in october this year a part of the difference is that more institutional investors are piling into crypto currency is now versus then many betting on big coin price swings rather than of course buying products with a crypto currency and for that reason some say it resembles more of a commodity than a currency at the moment it's now for more on this i'm joined by jeff gallus he's founding director of the german association jeff good morning. i want to ask you is this surge that we're seeing right now is it more sustainable than the one that we saw in 2017. i would say yes absolutely 2017 just saw a little spike for a couple days and as you rightfully already said now we're seeing larger amounts flowing in institutions companies are using that conason asset to use to
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reshift their cash reserves we're seeing several larger companies that are buying big amounts of bitcoin so they don't have to be exposed to traditional cash namely the u.s. dollars but are exposed to the upside that does offer them as a sort of safe haven in the genitive s. what do you expect the value of because for example to correct in the coming weeks are you expected to continue to go up well as some wiseman's up before it's really hard to predict the future so it will go up nor will it go down it has been volatile over the past couple years because it's only 12 years old and for 12 years of age it has. been a wild ride historically speaking if you ever bought bitcoin in this time us really low chance of being in the minus 0 right now as we're nearing an all time high.
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everybody who ever bought because at least doesn't have a loss so the something and i would say yes most people most market coming to us are expecting bitcoin to go up because it's unprecedented you do not have another asset that performs just like it or has this tremendous. has similar attributes like that can so it's digital gold but also payments rails and it's basically money reinvented money reinvented at the base layer so everybody can use a gel whatever they want it's a tool we talk about the payment aspect of it has that gotten any better and other transactions have been sort of a weak point in the past pay pal however is big and situational back are now what we see. it has gotten better there have been tremendous efforts by the thousands of bitcoin developers to make it faster both on the protocol layout but also scaling it on. the off sort of 2nd layer there is
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a big effort on the way it's called the lightning network which makes it faster more scalable cheaper and as you said already bigger companies traditional companies like paypal are looking into because not only as an s a also to offer it to them merchants as a way of payments so people already announced that all of their hundreds of thousands of merchants are going to be able to accept crypto currency namely bitcoin are giving up next year so that this is this is big news or i will have to leave it there jeff gallus founding director of the german decline spoke so c.h. and thank you very much thank you right now the new coven 1000 vaccines have been greenlighted for use distributors are going to have to move fast producers have stockpiled millions of doses and delivery could begin within hours after approval has been given but some vaccines as we know must be transported and stored at extremely low temperatures well 2 german companies are at the forefront
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of keeping them at those temperatures safe and effective. with clothes like the if you could survive at the north pole but the man bracing himself for freezing temperatures is here in germany still it's as cold as the north pole here. the temperature in this container is an arctic minus 70 degree celsius. low temperatures like that are the specialty of the german company vaculik. founder and c.e.o. joachim kuhn builds thermal containers in boxes thanks to their special insulation these containers developed to preserve the newly developed covert 19 ranks scenes can't keep the maksim viable for $5.00 to $10.00 days when smaller containers in boxes work like giant thermos bottle we have vacuum super insulation in the walls then we'll use either a cold storage or a warm storage material inside with 5 to 10 days' time we can land anywhere in the
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world even at difficult destinations like in africa or latin america. guarantees that it will remain cold enough inside even if the container is sweltering outside under the african sun. the container like this one from the vaccine is definitely worth millions but if i transport the vaccine in its pure form yet all the value of one of these containers can go up to 100000000 all contained on. just the 90 minute drive away shot glass in my hands is working at high speed aiming to get the vaccines around the world as fast as possible these glass vials can handle the extreme cold without a problem but years of experience are needed to produce them. this is a so-called borosilicate glass the glass has the special property that none of it defuses into the drug simply put the drug doesn't get contaminated by
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a comment. like it shuts has $600.00 active production lines around the world the company is not expecting any production bottlenecks construction continues at the vacuum factory additional machinery will be arriving in a few weeks it's needed to produce smaller cooling boxes according to a recent study some 15000000 of them will be needed worldwide. and that's it for me and the business team here in berlin to check us out a lot of dot com slash business also facebook and twitter i'm seeing there's a it's watching.
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