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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2020 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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this is it every news line from berlin raising the alarm german chancellor angela merkel says people need to make sacrifices to slow a 2nd wave of covert 90 in a rare m. emotional appeal chancellor merkel mourns the country is at a bleak tipping point she's urging the public to accept limits that will save lives from the growing of ours also coming up coming clean after calls from more transparent reporting turkey reveals as for one of our situation is so much worse than previously thought also on the show a mysterious illness strikes
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a small town in india $500.00 people most children have become sick in what appears to be a mass poisoning or now investigators say they have pinpointed the possible source of accusations of racism sparked a walkout at the champions league match to be used pressed harrington as in the studio to explain to us. on why our thank you so much for your company everyone when we began this broadcast with german chancellor angela merkel's impassioned plea for tougher restrictions to bring down the country's high coronavirus numbers on germany's death toll from code 90 has hit a record daily high of 590 with more than 20000 new infections addressing the german parliament earlier today chancellor merkel revealed the depth of her concern
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for the nation. uncle americal has spoken in parliament on countless occasions but this time was different she framed the decisions now facing germany as a matter of life and death in one of the most impassioned speeches of her life there are 14 days to go until christmas 14 days we have to give our all to ensure that we don't and back in exponential growth if we have too much contact with others before christmas and then it turns out to be divinely last christmas with our grandparents bendis will be a terrible failure to. miracles message it's time to act shops are still open and even some traditional christmas stands are serving mulled wine out on the streets merkel says this has to change. so how does how does this is i know how much love gets poured into those christmas stands and i'm sorry from the bottom of my heart but if we have to pay the price of $590.00 people
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dying every day that's just not acceptable in my eyes and we must take action and accept was made of those who decide to receive. medical also condemned the protest movements casting doubt on the science behind the so-called lockdown light currently in place she made an unusually personal reference to her background as a scientist and her earlier years living under a regime with no respect for the truth to that university nice gemini i decided to study physics i probably would not have done that if i had lived in the west i did it because i realized that many things could be undermined but not gravity or to speed of light other scientific was for medical the facts are clear a tighter lockdown is needed right now her next challenge is to persuade not only parliament but also the german people and the only important leaders of each german
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state without their consent tougher actions won't be possible but if today's speech is anything to go by merkel is ready to put all her political power on the line. of use a chief political correspondent in a crane follow that speech in the german bundestag know just how unusual is it for the chancellor to make such an emotional appeal. it's unusual and i think it was prompted by her very real very urgent concern after all she is a scientist and she understands the data and secondly perhaps it was a response to a jab that had been made by the speaker before her the leader of the right wing 50 party who called on the chancellor to quote unquote get out of her ivory tower. and trust the citizens with the facts so in her appeal the chancellor. of listed a whole set of facts that show the very disturbing developments both in infection
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rates in the death rate and in the shrinking of intensive care capacity in this country and then she said i believe in the power of reason and of science and she cited the recommendations of germany's council of scientific experts the lay opal dina council which said yesterday that the country needs much stricter rules going up to perhaps even an extended christmas vacation where shops would be closed and social gatherings much more strictly limited so this was the mix the sober earnest real ism and almost maternal and courage meant and urging that we often saw from the chancellor during the 1st wave of the pandemic and that in fact makes her crisis communication when she doesn't gauge a net so effective as so much on the line for the chancellor chancellor merkel has many demands on her doesn't she. absolutely she will be heading
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from berlin to brussels to head what is perhaps one of the most important e.u. meetings of her entire time in office germany is currently the president of the e.u. council it's faced both with a still unsettled breck's it and the question of a trade agreement whether the e.u. and britain and britain can come to terms on a trade agreement plus the 7 year budget for the e.u. is being held up by poland and hungary which refused to accept a rule of law clause so that in turn both determines the amount of money the e.u. would have at its disposal next year and even to terms whether the e.u. can begin to meet its climate goals because these 2 countries are also holding up those all of that in america's hands over the next 2 days so she's got a lot of skin in the game germany is also considering taking on a sizable new debt to help aid the economy how is the chancellor justifying.
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indeed today's debate here at the bundestag was a debate about to the next german federal budget which would see the country take on the socket 2nd highest level of debt ever $180000000000.00 euros now she said she realizes this is a massive sum and that it is a burden on future generations that it will be paid back and she said the government has a schedule for that repayment and she said she also had heard other parties appealing that that money needs to be wisely used for a future that will truly take this country further so she listed a whole area whole different number of areas where there will be significant investment ranging from artificial intelligence to the health care system to new renewable forms of energy and said that she intends to make absolutely sure that this debt is put to good use of news chief political correspondent linda crane
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reporting thank you and with calls growing for a hard log down in germany some states are taking matters into their own hands. is in the heart hit states of varya set the scene for us how are things where you are . yes i'm here in nurnberg that's a city i know very well because i grew up not far from here and i've never seen it this quiet usually the central market square you can see behind me is a very busy place at this time of the year with the enderle cliffs kindle smacked that's one of the oldest and most famous christmas markets in the world right now of course that's not taking place and with a disaster situation declared it's even more quiet varian's are asked to stay at home and only go outside if they have a real reason to do so for example for grocery shopping for going to the doctor or
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for going to work and since number is especially hard hit and infection numbers here are 6 times higher than with germany's aiming for there are some additional measures in place for example students from grade 8 on don't go to school anymore but learn at home there's a ban on alcohol like one public places like this one and there's also a nighttime curfew that kicks in at 9 pm every day so just how how can things got this bad in the very where did it all go wrong. yeah that's the big question here what's certain is that it's been like that from the very beginning even during the 1st wave of infections and spring the very i was hit especially hard back then infections might have come from austria one of the 1st hot spots in europe was just like northern italy the various a lot closer to that than some other states in germany and at the moment number x. hospital out hospitals are pretty full with covert patients more than 180 have
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being treated for covert 19 at the moment so emergency units are full capacity and during the past week and for the 1st time ever patients had to be moved from hospitals in the back city to surrounding areas to make sure they can get the care they need to survive and all over bavaria every 20 minutes one person dies from covert 19 so that's why the state government here had to act and i have very grim situation that you described there how has it been for people there well people in this part of the country are usually not prone to outbursts of emotions so there too taking this with composure police have told me that they don't have any problems and forcing the rules here and they're not expecting to change that to change with this tightening of the lockdown many people i spoke to told me they know very well and what kind of situation this city is in that the
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moment and that's why some of them even said they want even stricter restrictions to finally. help bring infection rates down which is something that germany's so-called soft lockdown so far has failed to achieve that top our reporting from now on the very end thank you so very much. and coronavirus the numbers are climbing in turkey the country has reported more than 33000 cases in just the past 24 hours that's the highest count since the start of the pandemic well after months of pressure by health experts and opposition politicians the government has changed the way that it kills cases and that's now brought to light a notch war situation that one spree views lee sought our correspondent julie hahn filed this report directly to the media only now that i am a celebrating her birthday she turns 80 days for 2 biggest wishes harry potter cake
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and meeting her best friends. the latter is more difficult to organize since trip to corona virus measures have come into force in turkey young people under the age of 20 are only allowed to leave their homes for 3 hours a day just so i know that like i used to be able to go outside whenever i wanted it that was much better i also miss school now everything is done why assume and it's so annoying. ok i mean you're going to be a this is mother is trying to organize life as best as she can between work and curfew she's often surprised how quickly the children have adapted to the difficult situation. to declare must you know your name the kids wear their masks without complaining even when they're playing they got used to it didn't look only when we look at old photos of the do we notice that the masts weren't always that if you're
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not revealing you're going to go all the. curfews for children are not the only new anti coronavirus rule in tokyo those older than 65 can also only go outside at certain times public transportation is forbidden for young and old people and on weekends everyone with. few exceptions has to stay at home. it looks pretty bleak these days in istanbul's usually very busy neighborhoods restaurants bars many shops closed. until recently the turkish government only published the number of call that 19 patients showing clear symptoms and that's why many people here thought turkey was surviving the crisis relatively well but now the authorities have started to release data on the number of all new infections every day and many are realizing turkey is one of the worst affected countries in the world. the
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government now reports about $30000.00 new infections per day. many of us are angry about how the government is managing the crisis but there's nothing we can do. the government is concerned with its reputation they want to look good that is why there is no transparency almost publishing the need to but they should have informed people much better right from the beginning then everyone would have known what to expect and how to act if you could read it. deals with many covered 19 patients he's a family doctor and belongs to the turkish medical association he says the authorities are still hiding the true extent of the crisis. we still have a lot more cases than the government says according to our estimates we have about 50260000 new infections per day our doctors and hospitals are at the absolute
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limit we have to urgently take radical countermeasures that almost all. the listings the current restrictions are already plenty tough parties over the kids have to go back inside next year she hopes for a birthday with out the coronavirus. chris. was. reporting there from turkey let's take a closer look now at some of the other stories making news around the world cornish talks over gregg's a deal are scheduled in brussels on wednesday u.k. prime minister boris johnson is to meet top officials for a last ditch trade talks both sides say there must be compromise but are still no closer to agreeing an exit plan. in future leninists was caught off guard by surprise flooding on choose day after sudden change in the weather parts of the city were.


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