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tv   Beethovens Neunte  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2020 3:00am-3:46am CET

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something. even if you were ever takes. you. know that w. mark made for mines. this is d w news and these are out top stories british prime minister boris johnson has left a critical breaks it means saying in brussels with european commission president jose love on july and both sides have agreed to decide by sunday if the talks on the post breaks that trade agreement with continuing disagreements over fishing rights and business competition rules and policing blocking a deal at the brics a transition period ends on december the 31st. poland and
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hungary have reportedly come to a preliminary agreement with germany on future e.u. standing to eastern member states had long used a long term budget and coronavirus recovery fund with a total of 1.8 trillion euros they had opposed the provision that funding could be withheld these member states did not respect democratic standards something both nations have been accused of. german chancellor angela merkel has made an impassioned plea for tougher restrictions as coronavirus cases failed to drop germany's toll from cove at 19 has hit a record daily high of 519 state leaders i can see during his trip to lockdowns through the holiday season this is d w news from budding follow us on twitter and instagram d w news all visit our website w dot com. for months we reported on germany as a role model for how the. keep the pandemic under control tonight germany is in
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crisis the corona virus is spreading almost out of control 6 weeks of a partial lockdown and still covert 19 deaths are at an all time high today german chancellor angela merkel put it bluntly is up to us either we protect the ones we love or we don't either we ensure that our grandparents lived to see another christmas or this christmas may be their last golf in berlin this is the day. isn't and we had a decisive perhaps the decisive phase of fighting the pandemic and living side the number of people requiring intensive medical treatment and the number of people dying from the time reese is growing. that it. becomes in the conclusion is simply that the number of contacts is 2 hind. the 10 but if we have to keep the price at
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590 people dying every day that's just not acceptable in my eyes and we must take action. against it. also coming up the truth about turkey and the pandemic in a major switch the government is now reporting all positive coronavirus to us and the numbers there confirming the worst fears but now the authorities have stopped its states on the number of only one fights and every day and many are realizing turkey is one of the worst affected countries in the world. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all of our viewers around the world welcomes we begin the day with an emotional heartfelt appeal from a leader known more for her rant. cerebral state of mind today german chancellor
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angela merkel stood before parliament and made an impassioned plea to the nation to finally go all the way with the walk down a 6 week partial lockdown has not worked on tuesday germany's daily death toll from covert night scene hit a record high 598 there were 20000 new infections reported yesterday now there will most likely be no easing of restrictions over christmas as had been planned for the chancellor the aim can no longer partly be about saving christmas it is now all about saving lives and hoping that everyone will make it to the next christmas uncle americal has spoken in parliament on countless occasions but this time was different she framed the decisions now facing germany as a matter of life and death in one of the most impassioned speeches of her life. 14 days to go on to christmas 14 days we have to give
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a role to ensure that we don't end up back in exponential growth if we have too much contact with others before christmas and then it turns out to be the very last christmas without grandparents then d.s. will be a terrible failure. medical's message it's time to act shops is still open and even some traditional christmas stands a serving mulled wine out on the streets medical says this has to change. well how does how does deceive i know how much love gets poured into those christmas stands and i'm sorry from the bottom of my heart but if we have to pay the price of $590.00 people dying every day that's just not acceptable in my eyes and we must take rocks and accept our best player has decided this is a. magical also condemned the protest movements casting doubt on the science behind the so-called lockdown light currently in place she made an unusually personal
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reference to her background as a scientist and her earlier years living under a regime with no respect for the truth very good at university nice gemini i decided to study physics i probably would not have done that if i had lived in the west i did it because i realized that many things could be undermined but not gravity or to speed of light and other scientific thank you for medical the facts are clear a title lockdown is needed right now next challenge is to persuade not only parliament but also the german people and the all important leaders of each german state without their consent tougher actions won't be possible but if today's speech is anything to go by merkel is ready to put political power on the line. my 1st guest tonight is helga live a member of the german parliament he also sits on the committee for interior your
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fears and homeland security mr linden's good to have you on the day with us this evening you are a key advocate of legislation designed to promote strengthen democracy here in germany why does the country need a law to do that well i think we are in a. intense crisis of democracy it's not a fundamental crisis but we have a lot of enemies strong anime's during the corona pandemic and also there's the structural problem of racism an extremism from the right wing partially from the left and islamism jettisoned so we have a multidimensional attack on democracy and we have not only to defend democracy but to promote democracy and to to strengthen the people fighting for democratic measures you see that democracy is under attack you
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germany what about the countries democratic institutions it's checks and balances do you think that there are too weak or can they not resist these attacks i think it's good that they are not too strong to be honest because it's the quality of our democracy that it's vulnerable it's its quality but we know that. we were not strong enough we were not a really well fortified state against extremism especially extremism from the right wing and so we have to find ways to reload to make up a load off democracy but not to lose our ground but to regain the democratic ground
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talk to me a little bit. of the effects of this endemic defect that they've had. on democracy in germany you have people watching us around the world they've all been through this pandemic what has happened here it's your body that has made democracy we. i think we have to accept that doubt many people not the majority maybe 20 percent of the german population who are critical about the corona covert 900 study g of our government and of all parliament and they have the right to be critical and they are not extremists they are not enemy of the democracy because of being critical and we have to defer them from the real enemies and from the people from the quick danke us from the people from right in parties who want to instrument tile these feel
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this. essential problems of our economy of people having fear being an angel to use them and they are free to weaken our democracies so we have to be smart and we have to be rational. is that your biggest fear that the groups are going to take the fear and the insecurity that people feel with this pandemic and use it to chip away their trust in democracy in the government and to tear it down. yeah i think it's exactly the problem we have we we defeat the people to rely on democracy and we need population supporting our government and having the feeling that we are willing to discuss about strategies and we see that some of the old school conspiracy theorists.
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thinkers of conspiracy myths they take this chance and they want to use this climate for their negative ideas for their extremist targets and what the build support for this legislation that you're backing to protect democracy how much support or are you sensing who are. well it's one method one measure is to explain explain even better our decisions about corona and our limitations even infringement of fundamental rights we have to see at the moment we are while ating fundamental rights and the people are allowed to be critical on the other hand we we need to support projects n.g.o.s fighting for democracy
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fighting against new nazis fighting against right wing populists and they need our support and they need legislation once the vaccine has been given to everyone in the country and that once the pandemic has subsided. what do you think will happen to all of these extremists you know these conspiracy theorists will they will they simply go away that. no i think they're there's a certain amount of additional conspiracy myth and they just kind of i would at state at the very moment and they will find new topics fold their targets. once upon a time it was the migration crisis now it's current on de ville find new topics so it's not corona it's just reinforcing these structural
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problem of racism and extremism in germany mr helgeland a member of the german parliament and those who sits on the committee for interior affairs and homeland security it's true that we preach it your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you. we're here in germany the coronavirus crisis has given fresh impetus to many groups who were already as we heard skeptical of the state and the role that it plays in their lives many of them have been turning out at protests like the one you see behind me with no mask no social distancing the umbrella movement which is called clear dinka attracts many from the far right so much so that it is now being observed by germany's domestic security agency. freedom instead of corona virus that's a wish that millions of people would probably sign up to in this pandemic but most
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don't share the rejection of politicians and firearm legist that germany's fandango movement does the word means someone who thinks outside of the box in this case the box they're protesting is germany's state ordered coronavirus restrictions. than dacres are a minority here but a very loud one a swiss study found that they were mostly supporters of the greens or the post communist left party or the far right alternative for germany. coronavirus deniers concerned middle class families followers of conspiracy theories anti vax or occultists peace activists they all demonstrate alongside the far right neo nazis and so-called citizens of the right to reject the modern germany and its constitution and it is from this corner analysts fear that the entire crowd danka movement is being radicalized more and more from the right. it began under the name fat dank and 711 in stuttgart in april founder michelle ball
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that never tires of distancing the movement from the far right saying this is all about defending important aspects of democracy like the right to demonstrate yet recently he met a leading light of the citizens of the movement paid to fit sank a man who has declared himself the king of germany the office for the protection of the constitution and the region where caddick and $711.00 began thinks the degree of radicalization is enough to put the group under observation so soon there may be some moles from the local secret service alongside the rest of the fandango. and now for the truth about turkey and the pandemic the country has reported more than $33000.00 cases in the past 24 hours the. it's the highest since the start of the pandemic after months of pressure by health experts and opposition politicians
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the turkish government has finally changed the way the decals corona virus infections now that's brought to light a much worse situation than previously thought our correspondent julia this report leaked and it was actually either as a celebrating her birthday she turns a today or 2 biggest wishes harry potter cake and meeting her best friends. yes. the latter is more difficult to organize since stricter coronavirus measures have come into force in turkey young people under the age of 20 are only allowed to leave their homes for 3 hours a day. i know that but i used to be able to go outside whenever i wanted it that was much better i also miss school now everything is done why assume and it's so annoying they are ok let me look at the other says mothers trying to organize life
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as best as she can between work and curfew she's often surprised how quickly the children have adapted to the difficult situation. to declare must you know your name the kids wear their masks without complaining even when they are playing they got used to it only when we look at old photos of the do we notice that in the last war and always bad and figure making the video to go all the. curfews for children are not the only new anti coronavirus rule in turkey those older than 65 can also only go outside at certain times public transportation is forbidden for young and old people and on weekends everyone with few exceptions has to stay at home. it looks pretty bleak these days in istanbul's usually. very busy neighborhoods restaurants bars many shops closed. until recently the turkish government only
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publish the number of call that 19 patients showing clear symptoms and that's why many people here thought turkey was surviving the crisis relatively well but now the authorities have started to release data on the number of all new infections every day and many are realizing turkey is one of the worst affected countries in the world. the government now reports about $30000.00 new infections per day. many of us are angry about how the government is managing the crisis but there's nothing we can do. the government is concerned with its reputation they want to look good that is why there is no transparency of almost publishing the need to but they should have informed people much better right from the beginning then everyone would have known what to expect and how to act if you could read it. and are clearly deals with many covered 19 patients he's
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a family doctor and belongs to the turkish medical association he says the authorities are still hiding the true extent of the crisis. we still have a lot more cases than the government says according to our estimates we have about 50260000 new infections per day will our doctors and hospitals are at the absolute limit we have to urgently take radical countermeasures. illust things the current restrictions are already plenty tough parties over the kids have to go back inside next year she hopes for a birthday without the coronavirus. there. could be trouble between germany and the united states in the pipeline yet again the u.s. house of representatives on tuesday approved
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a pentagon budget bill that also expands sanctions against companies building the german russian nord stream to pipeline and the bill passed with an overwhelming majority of both democrats and republicans far exceeding the 2 thirds super majority they have would be needed to override a presidential veto the bill must now go to the u.s. senate where it is expected to easily paths. u.s. opposition to the pipeline it goes back to president obama's 2nd term president trump surprisingly agreed with this foreign policy position that he inherited from the obama administration now work on the pipeline stopped a year ago under pressure from the u.s. but it's due to restart any day now germany has rejected u.s. calls for a stop just as it has rejected any notion of sanctions yet is the this is can't you know what our position is on north stream 2 and possible sanctions that we reject
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them because we do not consider extraterritorial sanctions to be compatible with international law. and this is not changed and my next guest says that russia is trying to sell nord stream to you as a done deal which it is not i'm happy to welcome benjamin schmidt see the show benjamin served at the u.s. state department as a european energy security advisor he's now a research fellow at harvard university vigilant it's good to have you back on the program before we talk about what's happening in washington and in congress tell me what you mean about russia trying to convince the world that there is no stopping of nord stream to. hi brant it's always a pleasure to be on deutsche of l a great to be back let's start with the situation at hand right now today i just wrote a piece for the center for european policy analysis in washington this morning and
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i i'm i'm looking at this situation as gas problem reprising it's december 21000 disinfo playbook in order to make nordstrom to look unstoppable with the intent of dissuading passage of these targeted congressional sanctions after all if the project can't be stopped why even bother passing them well that's not true we've seen gas prominent allies over the past few weeks state in the media that the project is moving along a pace companies are fully committed in spite of sanctions but just 24 hours after some of those headlines came out the biggest certifier for the pipeline d.m.v. g.-l. a major. technical provider that would be needed for this project to be completed left the project and this was followed by an announcement last week that project construction would start in german waters on december 5th last saturday but there's a little detail there this is only 2.6 kilometers of the pipeline and it's at a shallow depth that's not even targeted by the n.b.a. sanctions so with all of that russian vessels including fortuna and academic chair ski which have been reported on have headed back to at least in terms of the
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charity to kaliningrad in russia so big are you saying then that that's all propaganda that it's not true that construction is restarting. well one of the biggest stories was that the charity the economic church he would be the main pipe player and that nestle never even made it to german waters it sat in the polish exclusive economic zone over the weekend well a lot of media reported on this and then it headed back to russia just just yesterday now the fortuna is making some motion this morning in the. outside of the port of the smart germany but it hasn't really started this this pipe playing that was supposed to start several days ago now and we ask about the u.s. opposition to this project we know we didn't back to the obama administration then vice president joe biden he was vocal with his opposition he is now about to become president congress stands with him do you think all of this this monolith of
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opposition is it going to be enough to ensure that this pipeline never goes online . i think it is i mean i think this project my colleague tom o'donnell spoke on your own news this week and said the project was that i think it's close to death to be honest if these pass and they look like they will but you know let's let's just step back for a 2nd look be thankful for the opportunity that the end of the trump administration has provided to improve trans-atlantic pi's especially with berlin i have no doubt that the biden team will be committed on this front and both biden and congress have been spoken i've spoken out against from spurious trade disputes and threats of pulling troops out of germany in particular but this is separate this is about energy influence projection from authoritarian nations we look at this from a transatlantic security standpoint that russia and china are using technology in large scale critical infrastructure to do things like elite capture we see gerhard schroeder working for this in germany we see
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a number of other nations working on you know there's this sort of front so we need to stop this for teacher corruptions what role does the change at the white house play here will it be easier or more difficult for german chancellor angela merkel to tell a president job i know she knows she's not running for reelection next year and she has nothing to lose here and you know you and i have talked about this before she has tried to separate nord stream to business from geopolitics. well unfortunately the russians haven't haven't separated their state owned enterprise projects like north rim from their own geopolitics when you and i last talked it was in the wake of the nerve only poisoning in the position of berlin of the government was to to back off of this project should russia not come through and actually help on that well they certainly didn't have it yet we're having this conversation just a few weeks later so i really think that it is possible that that merkel will make this sort of pitch but i think there are bigger things that need to be fixed in the
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transatlantic relationship that will be easier certainly under the biden inspiration. that a minute minute 15 of this pipeline we know that it bypasses ukraine. if you were to take ukraine out of the equation here european economies also are turning to renewable energies put if you put that together this pipeline that really doesn't seem to be that needed it's not as threatening as it may be if it would have seemed 5 or even 10 years ago do you do you agree with that. i think that it's not needed because it's not aimed at bringing new gas to germany or points west only 9900000000 cubic meters of that 55000000000 cubic meter project are built to do that so it's not about this energy vend transition to renewables that some project supporters are trying to say this is a massive hydrocarbon and it's something that. the. environmental n.g.o.s spoken
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out against at length it specially in the past few few weeks so this is something where we see upstream in the russian federation european space agency satellites seeing methane plumes from the the upstream in the midstream pipelines that feed. into so this is really not about you know climate change addressing climate change and it's going to. unfortunately we're out of time always good to talk with you. this story will have some longer legs on it than we thought originally and come back and talk with us again and seeing you sound good any time thanks so much. for the days almost on the conversation continues online every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the never.
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the funny thing. because let's talk about drugs. it's a huge business world one. we meet one of the 1st illegal cannabis farmers in china and pioneers in growing medical marijuana in denmark plus we want to find out is the east cigarette hif a lot of hot air. made in germany. on the bush. into the conflict zone with teams of mr joe biden who will take
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the white house next month but with his party feet divided other democrats really celebrating my guest this week from washington is democratic congresswoman debbie dingell is guiding them open with a vision really struggle some feet control visconti to crises. only for her conflicts so for 60 minutes. every day counts for us and for our planet. global minding your business when to bring you more conservation. how do we see the speaker how can we protect our rights what is it with our choices.
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we can make a difference by choosing smart solutions overstrain said you know. the idea. of a series of little towns and. society has a complicated relationship with drugs cocaine or heroin use generally frowned upon by caffeine and alcohol are deemed mostly acceptable clearly the standard shifts depending on what we're talking about but there is one almost universal truth when it comes to drugs that there's money to be made from the business of drugs that's
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our topic on today's edition of made. let's start with one drug whose image has undergone a major make over in the last years cannabis in fact just recently the united nations commission on narcotic drugs removed marijuana from its most dangerous drugs category now it took them just 59 years to make that move but it's one that could trigger more research into cannabis is medicinal properties for this next story we take you to denmark where our reporter max sanda managed a rare visit to a cannabis production facility. and they have colorful names like. pink kush or delaying things but what's grown in these greenhouses near the danish town of wooden won't end up in amsterdam coffee shops this is an additional cannabis for an up and coming to europe in market. it all started here just
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a few greenhouses down the road much speed as a family business is scandinavians largest producer of tomatoes and cucumbers now he's branched out into cannabis what drives him creating a product that can help people. for me personally it was a personal story for live and your boy who had seizures and simply no miss him didn't help him and out of this race and his parents bought illegal cannabis and and he tried that and after 20 minutes she just ups. and that was really what triggered me to look into this because i knew we could do some of the some of the notice we had in this climate we can transfer to a mill that is full of cannabis as well as it has decades of experience planting tomatoes in denmark's harsh climate he's channeling all this expertise into his new product on the climate on the way you meet it's here for those who control all
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these things we really really good at controlling that's the same we can use both in the tomatoes and just look at this in partnership with the canadian business aurora incorporated peasant found at the joint venture or rural nordic since then the mother company has acquired 100 percent of the shares. we're about to see what it's really like to grow medicine ill cannabis here in denmark medical director marianna news and takes us with her into the facility. the plants growing and processed here are not ready for market just hit the deal need to undergo a series of tests before they reach pharmacy shelves or hospital patients. to show that you are in control and you are able to control every single step in your productions so you are able to control your whole process and also trace back what you have done in your process if something goes wrong after roughly 2 and
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a half years of preparation aurora is just a few steps away from being certified nielsen tells us. that makes aurora one of the 1st movers in this markets denmark offers fertile ground for this budding business a danish government trial program is making it possible for companies to grow sell and export medicinal cannabis but reservations remain and that's something dr tina hawse of knows all too well she uses cannabis products to treat chronic pain sufferers and terminally ill patients it's because doctors not only don't mock but each and all the records. and we are trained. in it in the basements in. canada pieces that slide it in space like clinical beast this means there is little knowledge from studies on medicinal cannabis most comes from one in one experience with patients like yannick to linda he's been suffering from severe headaches since a car accident now he travels here from sweden once
3:35 am
a month. so 3 years ago. and it was from. my micro wind tunnel that exploded on it's. but it's going to work to get to systems like these are invaluable to aurora and other businesses that hope denmark's trial program will be expanded or inspire similar schemes elsewhere in europe since market entry comes at a high price and laws differ across the continent competition is rare but not speak as a believes this is about to change. the pious so we set up offices in most european capitals to make sure that we also try to push. the market in the right direction it's still a long struggle about we see in france and u.k. the trial shame is starting now and actually the number of patients coming in a top team is waiting quite fast. and this is what they've been preparing for all
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along production capacities at this site are far from exhausted and then additional facility nearby is under construction ready to take on the european market. the dose makes the poison that's a saying attributed to paracelsus a 16th century physicians noone as the father of toxicology but with cannabis it's the active ingredient that counts are we talking about t.h.c. or c.b.d. in china not knowing the difference can land you behind bars our correspondent mathias burning out as this report. we're getting the scent is comforting and fresh but you know you go once you smell it you feel energized and when the wind blows from over there the air is just full of the scent of cannabis it's a very special fragrance. he
3:37 am
lives in a small village in you know on china's southwestern border province he's one of china's 1st cannabis farmers. the world market for a can of the dial products is estimated at $1700000000.00 euros a year analysts expected to grow almost 20 fold over the next 10 years. the 1st year i planted 20 had tears but we've gradually increased the area for cannabis now i'm already planning 40 hectares of my land with cannabis it's much more profitable than other crops. but were in china were being caught smoking marijuana can get you a lifetime entry into a drug offenders database and possession of large amounts of hard drugs can get you executed. should be free to. our country as
3:38 am
a very strict drug prohibition policy. which. the police and the n.t. narcotics agency closely monitor and license the whole process of growing and processing cameras which. china wants to be a major player in the global cannabis market without producing a single gram of marijuana here is how the female cannabis flowers contain 2 main substances one this can of a dial or c.b.d. c.b.d. is what china wants it's believed to have medicinal benefits but it's not intoxicating the other is tetrahydrocannabinol or t.h.c. that's the one that gets you high and that china does not want and. business is entirely legal as long as the only plants in government approved low
3:39 am
t.h.c. scenes and he can. only sell his crop to a licensed company. michael huang is an investor in cannabis products he's one of china's 1st cannabis entrepreneurs. p posts to you can see that kind of this is some truck industry so you know the my family friends and even those legal in here and they told me some priest do not get involved business. china has a long and painful history with narcotic drugs in the 19th century britain forced china to open its borders to opium imports and here a new non people still remember how heroin from the golden triangle flooded the province the region is still one of the world's major heroin suppliers and you non shares a long border with it. are running glee but not without reason you none is now the 1st province in china to allow cannabis production. is
3:40 am
a former narcotics detective and now a top advisor to the government on drug policy. since you none is on the drug border with the golden triangle the province was the frontline where drugs came into the country so when all the decades of fighting against drugs the authorities and you know have gained a lot of experience and built up a powerful anti-narcotics agency. michael huang's business is entirely under the control of that agency he distributes the seeds to the farmers and buys the harvest then his company extracts the c.b.d. from the crop we're on our way to his factory but he gets a message from the police telling him he's not allowed to bring a foreigner to his own factory so far that china and our government steal one to want this industry to grow slowly and don't get too much attention from around the world. so that is the one.
3:41 am
outside the factory the authorities have built the police station. the officers monitor all wrong materials coming in and process goods going out the extraction of c.b.d. is the most sensitive step because it also yields a small amount of the forbidden something since t.h.c. . police have installed surveillance cameras at the production line so they can make sure the t.h.c. is destroyed. regulate your body on the scent that i mean this then the function that kind of peace and we also want to support the industry so actually even though we get this story procedure i mean why we have a really quick relationship. most of michael wants output goes abroad but chinese customers are also slowly discovering c.v.t. products. cosmetics is one of the newly emerging companies in the market they make
3:42 am
lotions creams and face masks containing the soothing and anti inflammatory substance. but if you look for the term c.b.d. on their packaging you won't find it because officially c.b.d. does not exist in china. that the government has not fully open the market to these products so many companies don't dare to go into this business but we've discovered that there's a workaround in the official list of pharmaceutical substances there is something called hemp leaf extract and that is legal many businesses haven't realized that yet but we decided to go ahead with it now i'm going to try that it will. it's a gray area and many c.b.d. products are still to blue in china the only permitted use for c.b.d. or hampel effects tracked is in cosmetics its use in food products and pharmaceuticals is strictly prohibited but as c.b.d.
3:43 am
blooms in other countries. chinese customers are also slowly catching on. long sea balance calculation is simple there's plenty of potential for growth in a country of 1400000000 even a small share of the market represents a large number of customers. while mary wanna grow is in social acceptability and even legality that change hasn't come for cocaine anyone who's seen popular television shows like norco's and el chapo is familiar with blood soaked tales of drug cartels made powerful by corruption and violence and by billions of dollars in profits here's a look at the anatomy of narco capitalism. how does the global cocaine trade work. prescott bar was once the world's most famous drug lord. until his death in 1903
3:44 am
the head of the notorious made a young drug cartel. it was a huge supplier of cocaine to the u.s. but that was almost a modest operation compared to today's global complex of criminal gangs which supply $90000000.00 users worldwide. they produce more than $700.00 tons of cocaine a year with total estimated sales of 1000000000 euros. trade methods barely differ from the global trade in legal goods. they require manufacturing facilities for logistical network for distribution and or sales network to supply the drug to end consumers. the coca plant is cultivated in colombia bolivia and peru the raw material for cocaine in. its leaves are softened in kerosene than filtered resulting in coca paste. as many as 40 different chemicals are used to refine the substance into pure cocaine. cocaine the estimated value. in
3:45 am
the producer countries is $2500.00 euros a kilo that's 2 year old 50 grams. the finished product is transferred via brazil or mexico as well as southern and western africa and then smuggled primarily to north america and europe. it's carried in vehicles as varied as many subs aircraft containers on cargo ships. and couriers who smuggle smaller amounts across borders. logistical effort and the high risk factor drive the price up on top of that the price also has to cover losses for confiscations bribes for politicians and authorities as well as outlay for hit men. by the time it's reached its destination market the cocaine now cost up to $60000.00.


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