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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2020 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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you know stimulate the soil the seed by the throat. we need to disrupt brucker. they were here as soon as they've completed their task the peaks have to leach a forest again if you just have pigs. and the different kind so you know one has a control so rewarding is is a great time but it's farming going to try and keep the balance right between different species trying to get the perfect sort of habitat to get the most biodiverse environment. but also laden and those who share his convictions try to win over their neighbors most nearby farm and ask him to. resist change at restaurants particular traditional farmers and especially nothing new in that respect as it's always stated that if you know i mean. that there's a lot there's a lot of people. but hopefully when the runt benchley hopelessly.
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don't assimilate and doesn't agree that only wealthy landowners can afford to conserve nature and sees himself as a pioneer venturing down ponce but he is convinced everyone will need to rethink things and has already found 200 associates thank you to a few new famines and neighborhood initiatives as well as the nearby warren school for children with disabilities such as autism the brits were incredibly good farmers and gardeners but that tends to mean tidying stuff up and managing everything to. be a great example of this with whether this is a school playing field or whether it's. a public park that kind of the typical management you know for the last 50 years and this is you know a pioneer which is it's a new form of management. meant to stimulate the senses. to.
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look at something nathan says finding a bone with nature is an experience as many people as possible should benefit from and he wishes to transform 100 square kilometers of neighboring marshland into a nature park attracting tourists i'm already in that space i'm already half way that kind of pins and stalks and what kind of walking up and down this river valley but still with cattle and we. saw the systems but that have to be gentle at. first he has to persuade his neighbors because pete's roaming free on the property really too much for most families. in montenegro journalists investigating corruption and organized crime often puts their lives at risk the balkan republic wants to join the e.u. but rights groups criticize frequent violations of reporters rights montenegro's press freedom has deteriorated in the previous years journalists had to fix soft
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it's from the town of bet and may soon be authorities for failing to protect him from being brutally attacked because of a story he had uncovered. i know this is the day in brown in ne in montenegro as always generous to a few softy each party in front of his house it was dark he didn't see too many lying in wait for him. but beyond their ability they repeatedly hit me in the head hard. i tried to protect my head filled to my knees they broke my hand. in america i have many head wounds. i was bleeding. could have no idea how long it lasted how many minutes. you know so i can't say anymore and i be laid back into it and he
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his daughter found him he was taken to hospital. those who beat him up to sociate 70 tory is a drug lord he had written about there are many indications of that but public prosecutors dropped the case years later soft teach things that the drug lords politicians and the judiciary to intertwine and. i'm totally convinced that there was no political will to resolve the case when this happened or that there were other support if our. it wasn't the 1st time that such a being attacked in 20 show team there was an explosion near his car. such as noise say the fact that the culprit still hadn't been found is intentional. or very smart that i told the lawyer. or the river i think that this is a message from certain groups to journalists the media. is to restrict press
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freedom. it's not a one off either intimidation of journalists and violence against them quite common in montenegro the country is ranked $105.00 in the room. press freedom index behind her sandbag. the e.u. and others repeatedly criticize the links between politics and rudeness crime and the lack of an independent judiciary in montenegro. we hear that that's interests and that's very problematic some of these does he have been already. investigated in clear out some of them not read further efforts to be invested in these kind of risk occasions. when it came to journalist yeovil much a new feature the judiciary was seemingly very efficient he was arrested in 2015 was researching drug trafficking and weapons smuggling. he shows us
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a video that should provide evidence of his research arms trade as had hidden machine guns pistols and hand grenades here loads of 100 years ago they took the nails essentials his. this cargo was banned from france some of the stuff ended up with terrorists. and it was confirmed officially that. the weapons from the former yugoslavia were used in. terrorist attacks. the court would not admit this evidence that i was on assignments. the court or was relevant marcion of each spent almost a year and a half in custody he was only released from international protests a court found him guilty of having a arranged a drug deal but he says that this was merely a means of silencing him. because refutes the allegations.
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are they all. he was found guilty of establishing the contract between the seller and buyer in a deal involving 20 chinos of marijuana but one or her body was involved in this is a crime that he was found guilty of bloody obvious that it's not the allies. and he has nothing to do and his profession. nationally which was found guilty on 2 counts of aiding and abetting but he has decided to appeal the ruling i think politics is behind my incarceration and my conviction by refused to cooperate with the secret service on police part the. on many times at least the almost only potent d.p.'s party was recently voted out after almost 30 years in power. of teach doubts the situation will
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change significantly with the new government. or the smalls' thought it was. the old government has left behind a difficult legacy of unsolved cases of attacks of july. this is a major problem for press freedom and for the future. the new government has said that it will respect press freedom. the city of segovia is a popular tourist destination located north of the spanish capital madrid and aqueducts and billed by the romans as one of the city's monuments and a unesco world heritage site now legend has it that one residents made a pact with the devil centuries ago after years and years the devil has returned to segovia and just like a regular tourist he couldn't resist the temptation of taking a selfie in front of the city's most famous monuments. little
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grinning bronze devil sits perched on a wall high above the city narcissistically taking selfies in front of the world famous aqueduct of soko which according to legend was built by the devil the statues created by sculpture until you have been almost 2 years ago. that my legs just were doctors 2000 years old different while mobile phones are only a few years old. a timeless being i imagine the devil coming to some of you proud of his work and nowadays of course he has a mobile phone with him and if they like everyone else it was worth looking at that if. in fact the statue refers to a legend in order to use a young girl's heavy burden when fetching water the devil offered to build a water line in just one night but it's again the to price her soul by sunrise however the aqueduct wasn't finished the diabolical deal was for the range to devil
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fled the city the roman aqueduct. is a unesco world heritage site and a popular photo motif but the devil's return is controversial. catholic associations are angry about the statue and sculptor. persist day building a statue depicting evil of all things which the devil represents is an insult so you see this case itself and see what others. which is why we have to defend ourselves but we must protest against this because we have to choose she not to remain silent others. have collected thousands of signatures and launched abuse into courts but so far in vain to determine to continue their fight against the devil in the city let's just let you still looks on from above seemingly you mean just by all the attention. and that's all we have time for today we have
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war stories from across europe on our home page d.w. dot com please don't forget to join us next week for another edition of focus on europe thanks for watching take care and goodbye the be. the be.
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into the conflict zone team sebastian joe biden will take the white house next month but with his party defeat divided other democrats really celebrating my guest this week from washington is democratic congresswoman debbie dingell is tied with a vision to the struggle simply for control his policy crises the little trump only
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for her conflicts. 30 minutes to. consciously. listen carefully. don't know who simply. needs to do a good. match. to discover who. subscribe to the documentary on you tube.
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in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world it's lonely. barren. and breathtakingly beautiful the arctic a powerful expanse of bitter cold. the sound of global warming. take a journey around the north pole. profiteers and talk with people experiencing the changing environment of the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating it's a here's the last years have been smoking rough. makes it hard which. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth. northern lights in the arctic circle
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starts december 21st on w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin germany's coronavirus numbers take a worrying turn for the worse the head of germany's disease control agency raises the alarm as new infections hit another record high and the death toll mounts what's the next step for decision makers leading the response also coming up the u.s. state of south dakota is in.


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