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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2020 12:45am-1:00am CET

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but doubts through these strange times with 3 global live concerts. but 1st berlin's prestigious state by the way now admits it has a problem with structural racism that admission came after the 1st black woman to join the company chloe lopez gomez accuse the berlin of mistreatment in a letter signed by several colleagues the french dancer waiter went public with her story after she found out the ballet wasn't renewing her contract. the legend of the white swan for ballet dancer chloe lopez gomez swan lake is no longer just a fairy tale. for skin as white as swan's feathers some european companies have dancers powder their bodies no pascoe mess says the training director at berlin state ballet told her she would need extra powder. specially
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mistress come to me and she told me now you will have to quit your skin i feel very very sad that unfortunately no one was able to protect me inside this institution. lopez gomez says the company directors eventually told her she didn't have to powder herself white but did nothing to stop the racist remarks when love has gone has joined the shots ballot in 20 teen she became its 1st ever black female dancer soon she realized the ballet mistress had a problem with her skin color. sometimes i just come out like chloe you're not online and we can only see you because you're black or you're not musical and we can only see you because you are black and during the rehearsal of i got there she was giving some what bad thoughts we were supposed to put into our heads one can see much wrong she told me i cannot give it to you because it's a very white and you are black and she laughed in my face. the interim artistic
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director says the decision to not renew the dancers contract had nothing to do with lopez comesa skin color and that she preferred to handle the matter internally. supercomputers yet it's this week that's just very complicated so i don't want to comment on that i learned through the media that fear is apparently an issue here it's just too much. but i also know other voices from the ensemble who say they've never experienced such an open atmosphere as here in the state ballet starts by the way lopez gomez has now received support from the world's most famous black ballerina misty copeland the principal dancer at american ballet theater praised her courage on instagram copeland has long been vocal about racism and ballet last year she posted this image from russia's bolshoi calling them out for using blackface berlin state ballet is now planning
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a new code of conduct and says it must do more to fight racism chloe lopez gomez says it's not enough. for me she still bad she said to fire me but i have to regret she didn't take any action regarding this is barely mistress who discriminates me because she's here working at the stats like nothing happened . chloe lopez says she was fired on that ballet mistress's recommendation she's now hired a lawyer and plans to take legal action. well it may be the most technically ambitious live music event of the pandemic the british band gorillas is playing a concert like you've never seen before with special guests live streamed from different countries some of them as holograms over the last 2 decades gorillas has become the world's most successful virtual band virtual because the official band members to the murdoch russell and noodle are cartoon characters. 7th album
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song machine brings together styles ranging from bossanova to acid house. gorillas 3 concerts will blend real time performances from the basement of congress to dio's in london with animation by band co-creator cheney. being in a rude way where there is no wardens you can really. you can use the trickery and technology that we now have available which which was not available 20 years ago. the special guests who appear on song machine the band's new album will also perform. some of them of their in in the flesh but they're all day as holograms which is an amazing thing and the carriage has moved on to the rusty noodle there as well. interacting
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with us that is going to be live. one highlight will be a live performance from rock icon elton john performing gorillas to the pink phantom. this. century it's a whole new thing with no one's ever seen. so that's if you can see if that knowledge she works on on the day because it is. carlos put together the new album in a lockdown the band released tracks online as animated episodic media has. a really. great. guest artists such as cure front man robert smith saying their parts down the phone
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. despite being a technology's cutting edge band leader damon albarn wants to get back to live in person concerts as soon as possible. to top the last. week. of wise we are wise we stand perilously on the abyss of the did of the digital world where you know. we slowly become insignificant. gorilla special performances go out december 12th and 13th. and here to talk gorillas and this musical experiment my colleague scott roxboro scott how are these live performances actually going to work yeah it's seems incredible i mean what they're going to do is they're going to do 3 live performances from london
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from their studio there and they're going to stagger them so like one early the morning on saturday 1 in the evening saturday one afternoon sunday so that they can reach for the entire world the people be awake could watch them for around the world and they're going to be really a combination of all and and watch you'll have. 14 piece a grill as band lee led by damon albarn in the studio performing live i mean have those animated characters which are the official. bers of the band they'll be there visually being performing and then you have people who contributed to this new album there's a song machine who'll be piped in including john and bill to be piped in as holograms so they'll be you'll be able to see the image of them while they perform it sounds completely incredible i have no idea really whether it's super trippy but of course the guerrillas are known for mixing our brianna lady with not reality they are a virtual band after i think the most famous popular virtual band and history of course or even 2 other how many virtual bands are there i have no idea about it's.
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physical well but you. know of course i mean this is sort of the what girls have always done i mean years ago 2006 i think they opened the grammys it with a duet with madonna where madonna was live on stage and they were performing as holograms i mean so this is nothing super new for them i mean even look at like older videos they also like to combine this sort of combination of the real and then the virtual and i mean it's interesting in some ways this is an art project i mean the whole idea was started as a comment a bit on the artificiality of pop music but what i find so interesting about gorillas is even though they are the world's most artificial band i mean they're literally created in a computer they have a huge dedication to live performance and always have them from the get go ok so these virtual performances may be they won't be sticking with virtual performances post pandemic no definitely not i mean damon albarn has said very clearly he must get back on stage as soon as possible and they've already are poor planning to kick
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off a world tour for this new album a song machine next summer you know safety permitting ok i want to switch gears for a 2nd let's talk about the coronavirus or rather not the coronavirus here in europe everything of course is shut down culturally for the most part ironically over in china where a year ago we heard about the 1st cases of the coronavirus they've got a big film festival up and running euro star film expert what's going on there. yeah fassel it's the international film festival happens every year it's a big big event in the southeast china it's usually also a big sort of international event you have big hollywood stars to come johnny depp is gone mad mickelson has gone nicolas cage this year of course it's a bit different but it is happening it's taking place in person a physical event of course because of safety conditions it's a bit different people have to wear face masks in the cinemas but there aren't these sort of big hollywood stars the real focus this year on on local and chinese
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films but i think it's interesting because. it shows the great difference between. countries now because last year china was sort of shutting down because of coronavirus now in china the cinemas are open again and in some cases a box office is booming while over here in europe almost all cinemas are shut down and you can't get into the movies aren't they the biggest economy or the biggest consumer of movies now yeah it is really really interesting because all the big blockbusters this year basically have been out of china you had a film of the $800.00 which is a big war movie which made $460000000.00 just in china and for the 1st time this year china will be the biggest cinema market in the world past the united states the 1st time in history that is absolutely trippy scroggs perhaps things are very much. a few headlines now a low key live streams were placed glitzy royal galahs the nobel prize ceremonies took place online with none of the winners present the swedish academy honored us
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poet louise glick this year's nobel laureate and literature greg actually accepted her award though last weekend at home in a private ceremony becoming the 16th woman to receive the prize now she's actually admitted to having conflicted feelings about receiving so much attention for her very intimate work with these great new collection of poems is set for publication next august. and meanwhile germany's a roaring twenty's t.v. series babylon berlin that won best drama at the. awards the prizes for international broadcasting were awarded during a virtual ceremony what else the documentary desperado about german filmmaker then ben does one the arts category british nature documentarian david attenborough won the lifetime achievement award and us late night host james corden took the special
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prize for innovation in the time of cove it. and in a war that's not taking place at all the bad sex in fiction prize normally handed out by britain's literary review has been canceled the judges said with so many bad things already going on this year they didn't want to subject the public to bad sex as well thanks for watching.
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dream. oh. to see. treasure. secrets go to. stores december 25th. was. this is news and these are out top stories a u.s. government advisory panel has endorsed widespread use of the bio and take pfizer coronavirus vaccine putting the country just one step away from launching a mass vaccination campaign the food and drug administration is expected to follow the recommendation and approve the vaccine meaning the rollout could begin within days. a year leaders have agreed a massive long term budget and.


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