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they've completed their task. if you just have pigs. of the different gun so. one has to control so rewarding his is a great time. trying to balance right between different species to try to get the perfect . to get the most environment. his convictions try to win over their neighbors most nearby farm and. resist change particularly traditional farmers and. nothing new in that respect as . you know i mean so. there's a lot of people. but. i don't simulate who doesn't agree that he. can afford to conserve nature and sees
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himself as a pioneer venturing down parts but he is convinced everyone will need to rethink things and has already found $200.00. thank you to few new famines and neighborhood initiatives as well as a nearby warren school for children with disabilities such as. the brits were incredibly good farmers and gardeners but. tidying stuff up and managing everything to. be a great example of this or that whether this is a school playing field or whether it's. a public park that's kind of the typical management you know 50 years and this is you know a pioneer which is it's a new form of management. meant to stimulate the senses. to. look at some of latencies finding a bond with nature as an experience as many people as possible should benefit from and he wishes. the chance for 100 square kilometers of neighboring marsh land into
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a nature park attracting eternity roosts i'm already in that space i'm already halfway there at a mansion in kind of pins and stilts and white tailed it was kind of walking up and down this river valley but still with cattle and we. saw an existence but that had to be gentle. but 1st he has to persuade his natives because pete's roaming free on the property really is too much for most families. in montenegro journalists investigating corruption and organized crime often puts their lives at risk the balkan republic wants to join the e.u. but rights groups criticize frequent violations of reporters rights montenegro's press freedom has deteriorated in the previous years journalists had to fake soft it's from the town of bet and they sued the authorities for failing to protect him
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from being brutally attacked because of a story he had uncovered. i know this is the only day in verona in northeastern montenegro as always generous to a few softy each parked in front of his house it was dark he didn't see too many lying in wait for him. but are beyond their ability to repeatedly hit me in the head hard. i tried to protect my head filled to my knees they broke my hand. i have many head wounds. i was bleeding. could have no idea how long it lasted what i might have minutes. you know so i can't say anymore and i. am back in until his daughter found him he was taken to hospital fusions those who beat him up to sociate 70 toryism drug lord healed britain about there are many indications of that but public prosecutors
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dropped the case years later softish thinks the drug lords politicians and the judiciary too intertwined. i'm totally convinced that there was no political will to resolve the case when this happened it does have all their flaws. it wasn't the 1st time that stuff kitchen been tapped in 20 show team there was an explosion near his car. such as here you say the fact that the culprit still had to be found is intentional . or very smart but i told the lady. of the river i think that this is a message from certain groups to journalists the media. is to restrict press freedom. it's not a one off either intimidation of journalists and violence against them quite common
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in montenegro the country is ranked $105.00 in the room. press freedom index behind her san beda. the e.u. and others repeatedly criticize the links between politics and goodness crime and the lack of an independent judiciary in montenegro. could. be here that's interests and that's very problematic some of these dots here been already. investigated in clear out some of them not that we need further efforts to be invested in this kind of investigation is. not going to change a journalist yeovil much a new feature of the judiciary was seemingly very efficient he was arrested in 2015 while researching drug trafficking and weapon smuggling. he shows us a video that should provide evidence of his research arms trade as had hidden machine guns pistols and hand prevents hear the words of one years ago they took
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the nails each balls his. this cargo was banned from france some of the stuff found it up with terrorists. and it was confirmed officially that . the weapons from the former yugoslavia were used in. terrorist attacks. the court would not admit this servants that i was on assignments. the court or was relevant margin of each spent almost a year and a half in custody he was only released from international protests a court found him guilty of having of arranged a drug deal but he says that this was merely a means of silencing. the court refutes the allegations. are they all. he was found guilty of establishing the contract between the seller
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and buyer in a deal involving 20 kilos of marijuana one or her body was involved in this is a crime that he was found guilty of. going to the allies. and he has nothing to do and his profession. nationally which was found guilty on 2 counts of aiding and abetting but he has decided to appeal the ruling more than politics is behind my incarceration and my conviction by the refused to cooperate with the secret service and police in part the. on many times at least the almost only potent d.p.'s party was recently voted out after almost 30 years in power. of teach doubts the situation will change significantly with the new government. or the smalls' thought it was. the old government has left behind
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a difficult legacy of unsolved cases of attacks of july. it's this is a major problem for press freedom and for the future. the new government has said that it will respect press freedom. the city of citgo of the is a popular tourist destination located north of the spanish capital madrid and aqueducts and built by the romans as one of the city's monuments and a unesco world heritage site now legend has it that one residents made a pact with the devil centuries ago after years and years the devil has returned to segovia and just like a regular tourist he couldn't resist the temptation of taking a selfie in front of the city's most famous monuments. in fact little grinning bronze devil sits perched on a wall high above the city narcissistically taking selfies in front of the world
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famous aqueduct. which according to legend was built by the devil the statue was created by sculptor until you have been almost 2 years ago. when he led the us with doctors 2000 years old different while mobile phones are only a few years old. timeless being an imaginary devil coming to some of you proud of his work and nowadays of course he has a mobile phone with him and if they like everyone else it was worth looking into if . in fact the statue refers to a legend in order to use a young girl's heavy birds and when fetching water the devil offered to build a water line in just one night but it's came at a price. by sunrise however the aqueduct wasn't finished the diabolical. i'm team raged devil fled the city the roman aqueduct instead is a unicycle world heritage site and
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a popular photo motif. the devil's return is controversial. catholic associations are angry about the statue that scooter. persists a building a statue depicting evil of all things which the devil represents is an insult so you see this case itself and see what. which is why we have to defend ourselves but we must protest against this because we have to choose she not to remain silent. collected from reasons of signatures and launched appeals into courts but so far in vain for turning to continue their fight against the devil of their city to slaughter still looks on from above see me me me by a long view tension. and that's all we have time for today we have war stories from across europe on our home page d.w. dot com please don't forget to join us thank you for another edition of focus on
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europe thanks for watching take care and good but.
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ok let's talk about drugs. is a huge business worldwide. we need one of the 1st legal cannabis farmers in china. and pioneers in growing medical marijuana in denmark plus we want to find out is the east cigarette hype a lot of hot air. to me. and 30 minutes double. to the point during opinions clear
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positions international perspectives. following terrorist attacks this fall french president jacques rogge wants to crack down on radical islamists will they succeed in stopping the cycle of violence or further divide the country find out on to the point. to point. me in the audience on the d w. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the coalition special monday to friday on.
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children to come to terms. one giant problem and we're nearly in the limit to see a picture you. need of the change in the late fuel economy. how will climate change affect us and our children come. and be w dot com slash water. guys and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion land of them was killed worldwide sure so that we can do good but it's not just the animals of all suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the ignition if you want to know how old one cliff to the priest i'm conscious of changed as we think is listen to our podcast on the green.
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this is d w news live from berlin the us takes a major step towards a conquering the coronavirus an expert advisory panel endorsers the biome take pfizer vaccine as the country sings more than $3000.00 deaths in a single day also coming up the e.u. leaders result of bunch of blockade and pos a massive new spending plan that includes billions in coronavirus relief. and the head of germany's disease control agency ranks as the a law office daily covidien fiction's reached
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a new break or high is germany heading towards a tougher locked out. i'm jared raid thank you for joining me we begin the show in the united states which is now on the verge of authorizing the country's very 1st coronavirus vaccine an expert panel made up of. scientists and doctors has been scrutinizing the doctor from the bio and take the vaccine trials it is now issued an image and see recommendation to the food and drug administration which is a major step towards a mass vaccination campaign in the country regulators in britain and canada have already approved by own take have approved this vaccine for use in their countries . let's go straight to washington now where our correspondent all of a salad it is standing by hi there all of us so an expert panel has endorsed this
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vaccine is that it does that mean it's approved now well that was the last big hurdle at least jarrett so we're almost there it was a recommendation as you mentioned about the food and drug administration the f.d.a. who was then in charge of issuing that emergency authorization usually always follows those recommendations so that said we are also in a very grim situation in the united states as you know yesterday a new record was said 3000 people died of covert 19 so it's very clear that that panel would say yes to the buy and take pfizer vaccine also given that it's already approved in the united kingdom but what's missing now of course is the for the formal authorization of the f.d.a. and that could happen as soon as tonight or tomorrow and looks to be a formality as you say let's talk the next steps now how quickly could have vaccinated vaccination program start and what would this look like. well
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the u.s. government hopes to get some $20000000.00 people vaccinated until the end of the year and that could even start as soon as the f.d.a. issues its final approval the city of washington d.c. will relocate is currently preparing for 1st vaccinations to take place next week so senior citizens will be 1st as well as front line workers those who are really exposed or at risk and of course there are also some challenges ahead as you know the the vaccine has to be stored at minus 70 degrees celsius so there are some transportation issues resulting out of that you need special equipment special freezers unnecessary and that is a problem in particular for the rural areas of the united states which does not have access to such equipment all of it there is a lot of people in the united states who will be needing a vaccination what is the general attitude among the american public to to
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a vaccine how do they feel about it well it's hard to map out a general attitude jared is it's very it's very different in the coasts and along the coasts and in rural areas but latest poll suggests that some 60 percent of americans are now willing to get vaccinated that's up and it was a little bit less a bit earlier there's a lot of misinformation and conspiracy theories circulating also on the topic of the vaccination and of course at 19 in general of course and therefore 3 former presidents have come out and they want to get vaccinated in front of the cameras to raise awareness also to make people to raise the credibility in fact and those are george w. bush bill clinton barack obama so it's a bipartisan a bipartisan effort here and the hope of course is that as time goes by and more people get vaccinated also the acceptance grows within the american population and
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that's our correspondent in washington d. w's all of a salad thank you very much olivia. involved here in europe leaders in brussels say they've come to an agreement on the e.u. use 1.8 trillion you or i botch it which includes hundreds of billions in coronavirus relief funds member states poland and hungary had blocked approval of the budget of a plans to tie the money to respecting the rule of law bought a compromise brokered by germany which commonly holds the u. presidency ended the deadlock after a tense few weeks the jovial atmosphere at today's e.u. summit suggested e.u. leaders knew what was to come. oh i swear on these 2 men the prime ministers of poland and hungary had threatened to veto the entire e.u. budget over plans to link funds to rule of law conditions today we feared that we might be. attacked in an unjustified 3 year fighting for the victory of the
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of the common sense both felt a lot was at stake and for the e.u. 1.8 trillion euros roughly one trillion for the next 7 year budget and a 750000000000 euro rescue fund to help breathe life into the e.u.'s virus had to con him. but just in time for dinner a compromise table by german chancellor angela merkel seemed to do the trick council president shell announced on twitter that all 27 member states had reached a landmark agreement the deal was done. but not without controversy the changes could see rule of law proceedings delayed by years in viktor orban case until after the next election but it seems this was a concession that had to be made to him block desperately needed funds before christmas. michael let's bring in our correspondent matus in brussels good to see you they go so a year leaders have managed to save this budget the standoff is over what exactly
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were the concessions that got everyone to agree in the end. right so you can boil it down to 2 key can concessions are 2 offers that were made one is that something that will simply delay things because the european court of justice will now have to look at this mechanism and basically confirm that this is fully legally functional and secondly there will be a declaration signed by a member states that everyone agreed to tonight and that is that this rule of law mechanism will only be applied in a fair manner so it will not be you misused for political pop party political gains if you want and that was a concern that hungary and poland at least that's what they said that was a concern they brought forward so now that that this is out of the way the money can flow and if you want it's been a bit of a political thought but at the end of the day quite
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a historical day that this huge amount of money of this rescue fund is now being put on the table and it's the 1st time the e.u. is taking up debt something that germany for many many years has avoided and that is now taking place the 1st time and the money does will now flow as you say and we know that a big chunk of this package was made up of is made up of coronavirus relief fund so what happens to this money now. exactly this money when we're talking the loans and grounds about the same size of this money will 1st go to those states that are most in need those states the hardest hit by the pandemic for instance italy and spain now before they can unlock their share of that money from that fund you have mentioned they will have to come up with a financial plan and. a suggestion how to restructure their economies before they can actually get their hands on that money but basically the money is
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now there lots of it and it will start from january next year onwards ok stay with this it's been some busy days in brussels because there's another of course unresolved issues the post breaks a trade deal british prime minister boris johnson as we know met we've seen live on the line the e.u. commission president to discuss this issue let's listen to how boris johnson described parts of the meeting on thursday it was put to me that this was kind of a bit like twin. view case one when the e.u. is another and if the e.u. decides to have a haircut then the u.k. is going to have a haircut or else face punishment of the e.u. decides to buy expensive handbags the. expensive happens in the u.k. has to buy expensive hand back to or else face terrorists and clearly that's not a sensible way to proceed unlike any other free trade deal. haircuts and handbags new york talk history the issues that that stand in the way
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of this deal. well 2 key issues are still sticking points i want to fishery which i think can be resolved because you have interests on both sides you have you fishermen shipping fishing in british waters and on the other hand you have pretty fisherman who are trying you're selling 70 percent of their catch in the e.u. now the more difficult thing is the internal market the so-called technical term of level playing field and was hiding behind that technicality is the idea that you need to have the same standards if you throw away barriers and tariffs you need to have fair conditions so if one country has a standards they it cannot be that the other country simply dumb stare cheaper products cheaper early produced in a less of a quality on the other market i think what the british prime minister here on the other hand is referring to is the norwegian model which is the idea that the other country is forced to follow the standards what the e.u. in this case of the u.k.
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is looking for is some sort of a mechanism where you can agree that there need to be tariffs to be introduced a once one country deviates from a certain standard and from what i've been told from diplomats here that's a completely fair and logical consequence of any trade deal that was to be made ok that's a corresponding matters they in brussels thank you very much. stic look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has welcomed the rocco's decision to normalize relations in a deal brokered by the you with donald trump broke the news on twitter calling it an historic breakthrough under the deal the u.s. will recognize morocco's climb over the disputed western sahara morocco is the 4th arab nation to recognize israel in recent months. and celebrations have been held here in berlin to mock the start of the jewish hanukkah festival thing clue
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did lighting a lighting a lighting ceremony i should say for the 1st branch of a giant menorah on display at the city's brandenburg gate german health minister against attended the event along with leaders of the jewish community. was saying here in germany they've been too grim developments in the coronavirus pandemic here thursday sora new record number of daily infections and more than 20000 people have now died from covered 19 in germany that's despite weeks of a partial lockdown which hasn't had the effect that authorities have been hoping for the head of the country's disease control center is warry he's now urging germans to stay at harm of a christmas political momentum is also building for a tough a lockdown over the holidays with some regions already introducing new restrictions . with only 2 weeks to go until christmas the looming question is will the
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hard lock down come before or after the holidays the president of germany's will but call institute is concerned that curve might have been flattened but efforts to reduce infection rates have yet to show effect. our calculations show that the plateau we're on is extremely fragile the situation could easily go sideways again leading to a quick exponential growth of case numbers explode into the arms. especially in assisted living facilities the situation is problematic according to german authorities residents of nursing homes are more at risk than ever. currently we're seeing double the amount of outbreaks in assisted living facilities than in spring and every outbreak affects a lot of people are tough and several states are now considering tightening the measures already in place berlin's government is considering closing all non-essential retail schools may switch back to distance learning and extend the
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winter break. i believe these 2 and a half 3 weeks will give us plenty of opportunities regarding disease control. state leaders are hoping to set out a coordinated road map in a meeting with chancellor anglo-american. if you get a moment of fun also if you miss the gathering looks likely to take place on sunday . we were very interested in getting together as quickly as possible in order to rapidly gain clarity about the path our country will follow you to open door at one point a cute. in light of recent developments religious services over the christmas holidays are also in the balance. then i mean if there is a possibility of a religious gathering endangering lives i'll be the 1st to call things off. the so-called most wonderful time of the year now marked by fear
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a new lockdown in germany isn't a matter of if but rather when. there's more on this coming up right now into w.'s coronavirus special is more on the developing news after w dot com and also twitter instagram to a directory thanks for watching. the phone against the coronavirus tend to have a. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context around a virus update 19. w. . how does a virus spread. why do we parent and when will. we just threw the tag.


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