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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2020 7:30am-8:00am CET

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what secrets lie behind us want to. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating birth parents or starts with. a w. world heritage 360. now. a warm welcome to this week's edition of focus on europe thanks for joining us today more and more migrants are hoping to reach the u.k. now because they fear at gregg's that deal may make it tougher to enter the country dreams of a better life are leaving them to embark on the risky journey from france across the british channel some are getting on tiny boats using shovels as paddles their
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goal is to reach the wide cliffs of the english coast the coast guard often has to help migrants in this press because the crossing is so dangerous most migrants are aware of how risky it is to cross the english channel they know they may drown in the icy water and yet hundreds still set out from the french port city of cully in hopes of reaching the british city of dover now authorities and friends are stepping up efforts to prevent my words from making the same tourist journey it's a daily cat and mouse game between the migrants and the french police. the. french police are on patrol in a june sneak kalai searching for items that migrants might have hidden during the day before crossing to britain and they struck lucky 3 backpacks with personal belongings. that up to you and an outboard motor for.
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for comfort you know a few metres further visiting the. property values of the function of this is the boat it's still very new that's courage together it's not heavy. the police beat to refugees to the scene if they wanted to leave the same night it's more than 40 kilometers across the icy cold sea to the english port of diver. who prevented a crossing that could have ended in a fatal disaster. the boat is much too small and the engine is not strong enough by far the most likely they would have capsized. 90 french policemen a financed by the british government to come on the coast their mission is to prevent refugees from reaching british soil. this is
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probably a gasoline canister. it must have been lying here for a long time we. are no grew up here he knows the beaches like the back of the santa. cruz dover is over there. i wouldn't venture a to see this weather. further out the waves are 3 to 4 metres high. it's a dangerous passage narrow with huge container ships and tankers. a few weeks ago an entire kurdish family drowned in the seine it wasn't an isolated incident nevertheless several 1000 refugees afoot to have made it to britain this year. many more refugees are prepared to risk their lives they come from example from eritrea if all round. most of them have enjoyed
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enormous hardships and paid smugglers a fortune to get this far they see the police as a threat. this young man abdullah is a refugee he tells us he comes from sudan he was persecuted and they had full fled to germany where he studied computer science but his asylum application was rejected they didn't believe his story of. studies in germany at the university in seguin and still i'm not allowed to work i'm not allowed to do anything and nothing makes sense anymore. after wants to apply for asylum in britain he's already tried to cross the english channel by boat but the police caught it it was a traumatic experience. yes they were very aggressive the french police were very aggressive. when you try crossing by boat exactly the police beat me twice.
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the refugees aren't allowed to leave but i am welcome to stay either several people tell us that the task force used tear gas and destroy their tents again and again pitch is a daily police arrest meant that a refugee posted online. now after wants to hide in a truck and reach britain via the channel tunnel a safer trip than by boat. but later the police find a refugee with sniffer dogs giving up is out of the question for abdo he will try again. so persecuted by the police the refugees a supported by aid organizations. works for utopia $56.00 which distributes clothes to refugees he's convinced that the controls lead to nothing but what it is all the controls only result in the refugees taking greater and greater risks and
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more of them and drowning are the more the refugees are afraid of the police so they get into an adequate boat night sometimes the weather is bad but they try their luck anyway no matter how many gendarmes they use the number of refugees who want to go to britain does not decrease. crossing in the eyes of the ritchie cheese a final chance for a better life for john downes we accompanied assured us that their unit behaves correctly. you're a job we do it with a tough hand but we remain humane our goal is to save lives. when we asked what's the solution for the refugees the police have no answer they say it's not their responsibility and so the game of hide and seek continues in the genes the caliphate. have you ever asked yourself where the material for the
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clothes you're wearing comes from well the cotton may be from turkey it's the leading cotton supplier in europe and it also has a booming textile industry but the demand for fast fashion i round the world may be forcing turkish children to work on cotton farms although the turkish government says it has officially banned child labor each harvest tens of thousands of miners have to toil away and the scorching heat of the sun was so hot stings. but 10 year old seville i picks the cotton tirelessly. while elsewhere other children her age play or go to school seville i understood leagues have to work in the field with their parents and relatives. civility whether she ever had any free time well after breakfast my father says come on let's go and work and in the afternoon my mother tells me to look up to my younger sister.
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she was upset when we asked if she ever had any free time to play. and that is 12 years old. he's been driving a tractor since he was 10. he says that he enjoys that the picking cotton is tough . every year he works in the fields for up to 2 months. that's how long the harvesting takes. injuring the time he and the children don't go to school. we pick cotton from 6 in the morning to 6 at night he when the sun the whole time it's always the same and the same for all of my friends. but your father shenouda with you tonight for the fun of. dreams of a better future. he wants to be a policeman. i want to have a steady income and i want my children to have
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a better life than me. civilities mother also works in the fields with the children. she told us that she is not happy that her daughters have to pick cotton. that is this is 1st class we want our children to go to school we want to offer them a good life. but we don't have any choice we have to make cotton what can we do if we don't word we don't have any money for what i believe them so they should insist that. the families who work here come from villages as far as 50 kilometers away during the harvest they live in tents. every fall tens of thousands of children work to help their families get through the winter even though child labor is officially banned in turkey. but there is no social welfare to. the owner of the land rama zone and
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knows the children are not supposed to work or families can leave their children anywhere they come from separate. or you. would have no alternative but to stay with their families they should go to school but who would take care of them so they're here to do in the harvest they have to fetch water for the lot. but the families are paid per kilo of cotton $0.08 per kilo seville i can pick about 20 kilos per day. that's one euro 60. jugful professor said that's bennett has been conducting research into seasonal workers for years. he was cautious when we asked who was responsible for the fact that up to $50000.00 children work in the fields for several months each year. everyone knows the situation because of the corona virus pandemic in your seville i
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should be in front of a computer receiving online lessons but she's doing something different and the economic situation doesn't allow her to do anything else even if you wanted to there's no computer those responsible are the key players in our society. does everyone know yes well anything be done you know. how you. know so surveillance 12 year old sister when she's finished picking cotton she helps to wash laundry she also works the whole day remember the mock them. getting i don't want to be here. i want to go to school. but it's hard to earn a living i think school lessons a much nicer. i'd rather go to school work here.
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for mother does not think that her children have very good future prospects i think children's future looks like their parents feature on that they're going to be working in the fields to. a long day in the cotton fields come to an end of eli and nurse i'll sit by the fire for a while. maybe nurse opon toure's over her fate before she can only dream of a better future. this wads of proper english garden looks like impeccably kept great design a feast for the eyes but now there is that in this it's of in eastern england which encourages landowners to let go of this perfect large leighton is one of the founders of the project called wild beasts he is returning 20 percent of his family
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estates to nature meaning wild animals and plants can grow and thrive as they want some of his neighbors are a bit skeptical of the idea but at least the animals love their new found freedom. from. these large black says they are called and learned to dig around in the ground almost anywhere on a summer like new state nice to be england team is a secret weapon of sorts for the station owner and family summer lake. have very efficient you can afford to have caught on the pigs for quite a short time to get the to censor to plant the ground to allow open space for new seeds built some a late stage spans over 20 square kilometers and she calls the mansion home. park provide space for all the animals to roam freely far from the stereotypical english moon the station is allowing nature to completely greek life on one 5th of his
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property. his father also ran a farm part of the conventional source where it would have been unthinkable for council pigs to want to rush up to the doorstep i'd always been very keen on. nature and wanting to do things better my dad particularly found a very frustrating he had a sort of always a victorian hangover of tardiness. and we clashed a bit on that. last summer lightens pigs are slaughtered but at the same time they also help conserve nature by lending crisis bio diversity to the forest a phone species had run rampant pay for centuries and the pigs it meant to keep it in cheek. in order to. you know stimulate the soil to the seed by the throat. we need to disrupt brucker. thank you as soon as they've completed their task peaks to lead to forest again if you just
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have pigs you'll only have this. disaster of a different guy and so you know one has to control so rewarding is is a great term but in that sense it's farming so we're trying to balance right between different spaces to try and get the perfect sort of habitat to get the most diverse environment. but also laden and those who share his convictions trying to win over their neighbors most nearby farm and ask him to. resist change at restaurants particular traditional farmers and rewarding certain i think maybe not in that perspective it's always seen as a fad you know i mean. it was not there's a lot of people are breaking on it but hopefully will win when we run benchley i politically. don't assimilate or doesn't agree that only wealthy landowners can afford to conserve nature and sees himself as
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a pioneer venturing down past rock he is convinced everyone will need to rethink things and has already found 200 or so suits thank you need a few new famines and neighborhood initiatives as well as a nearby warren school for children with disabilities such as. the brits were incredibly good and. tidying stuff up and managing everything to. be a great example of this or that whether this is a school playing field or whether it's. a public park that's kind of. typical management for the last 50 years and this is you know it's a new form of management. to. look at some of finding of its nature is an experience as many people as possible should benefit from and he wishes to. $100.00 square of neighboring marshland.
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i'm already in that space i'm already halfway there. and. it was kind of walking up and down this river valley but still with cattle and. systems but that had to be gentle. he has to persuade his neighbor. because pete's roaming free on the property really is too much. in montenegro journalists investigating corruption and organized crime often puts their lives at risk the balkan republic wants to join the e.u. but rights groups criticize frequent violations of reporters rights montenegro's press freedom has deteriorated in the previous years journalists had to fake soft it's from the town of bet and may soon be authorities for failing to protect him from being brutally attacked because of
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a story he had uncovered. i know this is the day in the run in ne in montenegro as always generous to a few softy each party in front of his house it was dark he didn't see too many lying in wait for him. but to be on your bill they repeatedly hit me in the head hard. i tried to protect my head filled to my knees they broke my hand one in america have many head wounds . i was bleeding. could have no idea how long it lasted what i meant minutes. i can't say anymore i feel a day back you get into his daughter found him he was taken to hospital his shoes those who beat him up to sociate 70 tory is a drug lord he had written about there are many indications of that but public
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prosecutors dropped the case years later soft which thinks that the drug lords politicians and the judiciary too intertwined. i'm totally convinced that there was no political will to resolve the case when this happened to all of us of all their flaws. it wasn't the 1st time that such a being attacked in 20 show team there was an explosion near his car. such as lawyers say the fact that the culprit still had to be found is intentional . or very smart but i told the lawyer. or the river i think that this is a message from certain groups to journalists the media. is to restrict press freedom. it's not a one off either intimidation of journalists and violence against them quite common in montenegro the country is ranked 105 in the. and press freedom indicates behind
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mozambique. the e.u. and others repeatedly criticize the links between politics and goodness crime and the lack of an independent judiciary in montenegro. could. be here that's interests and that's very problematic for some of these does he have been already. investigated in clear out some of them not be further efforts to be invested in these kind of risk occasions. when it came to journalist yeovil not a new feature the judiciary was seemingly very efficient he was arrested in 2015 while researching drug trafficking and weapons smuggling. he shows us a video that should provide evidence of his research arms trade as had hidden machine guns pistols and hand grenades hear the words of one years ago they took
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the nails emerged rolls in. face cargo was banned for france some of the stuff found it up with terrorists. and it was confirmed officially that . the weapons from the former yugoslavia were used in. terrorist attacks. the court would not admit this servants that i was on assignments. the court or was the relevant motion of each spent almost a year and a half in custody he was only released from international protests a court found him guilty of having a arranged a drug deal but he says that this was merely a means of silence in. the court refutes the allegations. they own. he was found guilty of establishing the contract between the seller and
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buyer in a deal involving 20 kilos of marijuana one or heard that. this is a crime that he was found guilty of. that it's not the allies. and he has nothing to do and his profession. nationally which was found guilty on 2 counts of aiding and abetting but he has decided to appeal the ruling of the importances behind my incarceration and my conviction by refused to cooperate with the secret service and police were in part the and on many times at least the almost only potent d.p.'s party was recently voted out after almost 30 years in power. doubts the situation will change significantly with the new government. or the smalls' thought it was. the old government has left behind
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a difficult legacy of unsolved cases of attacks and join. lists and this is a major problem for press freedom and for the future. the new government has said that it will respect press freedom. the city of segovia is a popular tourist destination located north of the spanish capital madrid and aqueducts and built by the romans as one of the city's monuments and a unesco world heritage site now legend has it that one residents made a pact with the devil centuries ago after years and years the devil has returned to segovia and just like a regular tourist he couldn't resist the temptation of taking a selfie in front of the city's most famous monuments. but little grinning bronzed devil sits perched on a wall high above the city narcissistically taking selfies in front of the world
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famous acquittal. which according to legend was built by the devil the statues created by schools are unto you and bill are almost 2 years ago. that there were doctors 2000 years old different while mobile phones are only a few years old. timeless being an imagineer devil coming to see if you are proud of his work and nowadays of course he has a mobile phone with him and if they like everyone else it will work but think that if. in fact the statue refers to a legend in order to use a young girl's heavy burden when fetching water the devil offered her to build a water line in just one night but it's came at a price or so by sunrise however the aqueduct wasn't finished the diabolical deal was for each one team rage to devil fled the city for roman aqueduct. is a unicycle world heritage site and a popular photo motif but the devil's return is controversial. catholic
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associations are angry about the statue on the sculptor. persist a building a statue depicting evil of all things which the devil represents is an insult so yeah it's case itself and see what others. which is why we have to defend ourselves but we must protest against this because we have to choose to remain silent. collected from thousands of signatures and launched appeals into courts but so far in vain to determine to continue their fight against the devil in the city blocks to start you still looks on from above see me me me by a long view tension. and that's all we have time for today we have war stories from across europe on our home page d.w. dot com please don't forget to join us next week for another edition of full on europe thanks for watching take care and going back.
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to the point of drawing opinions clear positions international perspectives. following terrorist attacks this fall french president jacques rogge wants to crack down on radical islamism will he succeed in stopping the cycle of violence or further divide the country find out onto the point. 2 point. 3 minutes on t w. did
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. not nothing to do the job well i guess sometimes i am but most end up in which the piece of german thinks deep into the german culture of looking into the stereotype of quechua and hears thinks he's a country guy not. even seen the picture his grandma j m d u s it's all that. new i'm rachel join me for me the gem from d.w. post. in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world. it's lonely. barren. and breathtakingly beautiful. the arctic a powerful expanse of bitter cold. and the sound of global warming.
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take a journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment. for the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on a. northern lights. arctic circle starts december 21st g.w. .
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this is news of life and germany's cases of covert 1000 soared to another record high the country's disease control agency today reports new daily infections of nearly 30000 kids warning jervis to reduce their social contacts dramatically or face tougher restrictions also coming up the u.s. takes a major step toward conquering the career.


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