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marie is sure to make friends is the mother of groups also wrong. displays have been really one of the godfathers of wrong they did it all began with beethoven and chuck berry. the to. sleep. sarah willis sort out some giants of rock to see if they learned their licks from a television including internet i'm standing right in front of the very famous peppermint studios where inside the scorpions are rehearsing lluvia the scorpions of germany's most successful hard rock band have sold over 100000000 albums and performed on stage for 50 years and they're known for their timeless riffs.
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god's response yet it seemed we germans in particular are influenced by classical music music it's in our genes or stick classic so we've been so shaped by it that it's melody and rhythm have left their mark on us plates and. some ways for us fiddle lessons and you have to find something that sends out a signal well that's a really important point to a comb and then you have to hold on to that tension but don't cut it. off in england where samara meets a rock legend. anderson from jethro tull he's a monster playing around. it's on the fringe of.
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beethoven's 5th the opening statement as being typical of the the motif in music not just classical music rock music jazz pop whatever a motif an idea that is that is repeated very often as a repeating motif which then tends to be shortened to refer to when did did you use that idea and develops that idea of the thought that. a good rock or if i suppose is going to be simple direct it's going to repeat i love the one it was easy to walk on that is this wonderful shuffle thing with a lot of back beat stuff that is called la grange because.
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just centuries it's really 3 notes and in many ways you know it's that same thing with the wonderful whole lot of love which is in the risky and. you know anderson it's clear. stuff. maybe beethoven you see and if he was born again today i don't really see him riding around in the stately family. with 2 screaming kids in the back i think of beethoven more like an off road motorcycle guy you know getting a bit down and dirty in the bud that's my idea of a beethoven. with some great beat still ringing in his sera willis continues on his quest to explore musical christmas. he did up
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a new documentary a world without beethoven. the deja vu documentary is dedicated to the pastoral a ted and 6 symphony in the sound of nature we meet up with composer the key cage. i'm pretty good imo musician i'm an environmentalist and for the last few years i've dedicated my life for to the sole purpose of creating environmental consciousness through my music i'm very much indian and i live in india. ricky kedge was born in the u.s. in 1901. a successful composer and music producer he's performed in over 30 countries around the world. in 2015 hedge won a grammy for his album the winds of some sorrow he's been named a unesco ambassador for kindness but he has another passion beethoven especially
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his symphony number 6 the pastoral symphony which pays homage to nature the pastoral is a composition which i absolutely admired somewhere in the back of my mind for many many years it's always been there tried to you know make my own worship of it are treasured of unit in my own way and everyone. simply because this would be like pretty much the mother of all compositions when it comes to nature you just in time for this anniversary year wrote his own version of beethoven's pastoral symphony for a traditional indian ensemble. i express myself through indian music so that's why when i had to express myself through the dylan's best in my new i do not make of abortions the songs are very often in fact it's extremely there but in this case it was very very natural for me to do it. my with his pastoral project
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he wants to take a stand for nature since india has huge environmental concerns starting with air pollution mitigating the effects of climate change we've got deforestation we've got species extinction we've got the plastics problem. but i would say that the biggest issue in india is the court that everybody has that somebody else will make a difference. ricky kedge is a man on a mission and one who inspires the masses. has gone to the front of them on the environment this guy on the phone said about names shows. along that journey of being humans we have forgotten that the odd not the only theses on this planet we're just one among millions and millions of species on the
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planet could be one of the top dogs. india is already being a 1st the affected by climate change that the country has been slow to switch to renewable energy sources still protest is growing and mines are being changed. i believe that we as indians need to go back to our roots we need to go back to our culture to understand you know where we come from and to understand that we need to live in absolute coexistence and in an absolute balance without n.y. meant because that is the key to asa why would. a child in his cap space known for his fame symphonies the 9th was to be followed by the 10th which was never finished perhaps he made one. he performed after all.
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there's musical genius and there's a guy. what happens when the 2 meet can artificial intelligence complete with the maestro didn't live long enough to beethoven's 10th symphony as a collection of fragmentary sketches now after 200 years the unfinished work is finally supposed to be completed using algorithms but is ai creative enough. the company is a little bit toefl and you can't tell it out of thin air compose like beethoven long because that doesn't work against what you can do is to train artificial intelligence like you would a person show it music and switch provide examples that train the ai then it will be in a position to generate new music in the style of beethoven. international team needs a machine with pieces of music and contemporary samples. they can then recognize structures and sequences of notes analyze them and then make its own suggestions.
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and it's not just beethoven's work that's to be completed with the help of algorithms francia but symphony number 8 was finished by ai and made its debut in london in 2019. in the same year to stuff mama is now complete not symphony was performed at the us electronica festival in linz austria. often it was impossible to tell who wrote what. or machine. now it's beethoven's turn he loved innovation and trying new things but what do you have been pleased by these 1st drafts produced by a guy it turned out up to 200 variations of individual bars but they all missed the point as. there's the same time as mission i'm kind of that it's a bit of
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a hodgepodge mainly because you don't sense there's any direction so i said this is how it needs to continue i think so if i took it. all through the machine couldn't figure that out because it doesn't think or feel a i offer is plenty of inspiration but hasn't made human superfluity at. noon. and many phases of this project man and machine work together and that's what we aim to show that the cooperation between creative technology and creative people can create special things being a shuffle can. here's a little preview there's no more to hear yet as the pandemic led to the postponement of the world premiere. so for now the project to complete beethoven's unfinished symphony remains ironically unfinished.
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that's all it is painted an anniversary edition that's $21.00 classical music and of course more beethoven. channel detail than classical music enjoying and sitting next week.
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how did moaners become the right wing extremists how do you outsiders become assassins. one thing is for certain they are not alone there are thousands of other right wing extremists just like the around the world how the insidious system a radicalization works mon wolf terrorism. in 15 minutes.
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with him how to be gun it goes on as well i as a spy you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip you know i would not have put myself and my parents in that danger of the bottoms again of the open a beautifully it would. love one funky little bit one little bit to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but once i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrified and reliable information from margaret's. in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world. it's lonely.
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berent. and breathtakingly beautiful the arctic powerful expanse of bitter cold. and the sound of global warming. we take a journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating take a fish the last years have been smelting roughly. makes it hard to shift. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth. northern lights within the arctic circle starts december 21st w. this
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is deja news live from berlin a new face in the united states is fighting against the cold but 19 pandemic the u.s. food and drug administration has approved a biotech pfizer vaccine that decision cares the way for an unprecedented vaccination campaign expected to begin in the coming days. growing numbers of covert 19 infections and fake thomas he's forced leaders here in germany to make hard decisions will all start.


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