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tv   Zu Tisch  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites to. double your world heritage 36 to get there no. it's not but. it's yeah. i think you can't really be a musician. if you're not addicted to beethoven. fan page has been has been 250 years ago in for
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a musical genius who became one of the most famous classical composers who time the anniversary of his have been so good to celebrate it was this if i didn't tell him to patna of the beethoven and infinite string society. on this edition of cots 21 we ask why does a child still move his house accounts for his in june feel on 1st of all to find out who was hoping to meet. an eccentric genius beethoven as portrayed by ed harris. gary oldman beethoven was more dishevelled even confused. by barack obama toby a small readies beethoven as a successful respected musician but at times soul searching even racked by doubt.
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but who was beethoven really. beethoven is just he is the ultimate. expression of music humanism. politics forward thinking fighting against all odds big fun beethoven was born in bonn in december 17th 70. his father was quick to recognize his extraordinary talent live it was just 7 when he gave his 1st formal yano recital. but his moonlight sonata would come later in 1901. beethoven was a child of his age shaped by the values of the enlightenment and the political and intellectual ideals of the french revolution. it was a difficult time. every person in difficult time becomes
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a difficult person. beethoven a difficult person. many music experts would call that an understatement beethoven has been variously described as fierce self-indulgent irascible impatient and egocentric. and yet his music for example his 6th symphony is full of beauty. maybe oh all the stereotypes that we thought about beethoven and these famous. images of best are not true at all but the question remains who was beethoven really. was his genius so bast that he couldn't help but feel misunderstood. something that's often been described as the fate of child prodigies. suffers
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i'm good with all of this done and. to be in a roan's of the bunch of. i'm to lend to the rude people. now the rule the world. perhaps the answer lies in beethoven's personal tragedy by the age of 28 he was almost completely. a man who lived for music and the perfection of sound who could no longer hear. in 824 he conducted the work now regarded by many as his greatest achievement the 9th symphony. beethoven died 3 years later in vienna the city in whose concert halls and stages he wrote musical history but his legacy is immortal it. has and builds bridges stridency captivation people will fill it up including the
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middle east we turn to very special project in fact. the director of hostel and faced it has always been a fan of ludwig van beethoven's music she helped to perform a very special work to mark the anniversary but not in germany the performance was to take place in the iraqi capital baghdad with support from the good institute. there plans on good does it more to commemorate the base of the 2020 celebrations of the plan was to stage good as anybody notice that debate has been composed in baghdad with a rocky act as the new iraqi national symphony orchestra did you know something a fitting location for a fitting tribute the iraqi national symphony orchestra has long feature of the egmont overture and its repertoire good to wrote the play but it was beethoven who composed the music. alone and virus endemic almost spelled
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the end of the project. but also. front face dead had a plan b. . instead of staging a play she decided to make a film and including footage of the rehearsals and baghdad. beethoven's music was set to the arabic translation of curtis text. i tried to rehearse with the musicians on zoom and though we can't see in the connection. we somehow found a way to communicate. that's also how she stayed in touch with other members of the project come on this is our camera man in baghdad. 'd also directed the filming over the internet the play itself is about a battle for freedom that ends in failure the director divided it into separate see
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which were then filmed in various locations in baghdad. she's already spent months working on the project. much of the inspiration came from beethoven himself and his music. is for me. i mean the nature of it all has incredible clarity in his musical language. and it does was odd and also his sincerity in a way and it was when i listen to beethoven i feel gluten. i also feel free i'm moved by the music not carried away this is kind of new miles and i know from the money there's nothing manipulative about his music but it's brilliant suspicion of freedom. for the iraqi musicians and performers a long distance collaboration was also a new experience. but it gave them strength during a difficult time. hard being locked down for
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a few months doing nothing was really hard it was harder than working. so my energy. out and doing something. or. other video was shot so we go. ok on some points you've got to. make music more cohesive. so you're really good musicians i'm really happy about this. i mean it's vessels mohanan our national things that were in such a difficult situation there's almost nothing there. and to talk to people about literature and listen to music and also to come from somewhere else and say we won't get funded by we're with you we want to make this happen and it was. it was a big part of the motivations of us who were in. the filming is now done but the
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anticipation continues the film material was sent by post from baghdad some weeks ago but it still hasn't arrived. this up it was not also star i believe beethoven also had very strong. i would have liked and spoken to him to meet him and. he would seem to touch it like this through. constant faced and hopes she'll be able to make her film soon in the mean time chill fill her time waiting with beethoven's music. pages on a verse or he has for many challenges and many performances were cancelled due to the corona virus. but the maestro was still celebration. and creativity. the beethoven open air concert was one of berlin's summer highlights
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under the baton of danielle bottom boim the berlin staatskapelle a performance featured and also female time. after recovering from the coronavirus the star violinist was happy to be before a live audience streaming streaming is quite nice you can take passion something invented in peru for example but the life experience being there nothing beats that . beethoven elegy almost melancholy. but with a rousing conclusion the famous ode to joy i. to mark the beethoven anniversary d.w. has produced. 3 major documentaries the film beethoven's 9th symphony for the world shows how one of the most performed works of all time continues to move people the world over the whole world is vibrating to me this is fatal at
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that. filmed an 8 different countries the documentary features composers conductors and musicians. in spain it accompanies young people with hearing impairments as they feel their way toward beethoven one of the guys are. in osaka japan to talk assad who conducts 10000 amateur singers through beethoven's old joy and annual event. to see on beggars film garnered accolades around the world including the ai field work for international media excellence and the but i mean on the us one of spain's most prestigious awards in television broadcasting for some of these singers it was their 1st ever encounter with beethoven a project sponsored by the go to institute brought together women's choirs from 6 countries in south eastern europe to rehearse and old for all.
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that joined by beethoven a performance of choirs from bosnia turkey bulgaria serbia cyprus and romania what does joy mean to them the family and love and unity and sydney it was the quiet civil the luxury of time is for us amazing because we had just so busy. the premiere at berlin's this damn could only take place digitally but next year they hope to go on tour. in june d.w. streamed live the programme of the beethoven anniversary society from the beethoven house and vaughan. the centerpiece was the 6th symphony the pastoral which musically depicts the composer's love of nature then the premiere of the d.w. documentary about the pastoral the sound of nature a fitting tribute to the u.n.
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world environment day. beethoven turned on its head 2 years ago director of the hamburg ballet john noir but on his 1st beethoven project december 2020 was to feature the premiere of his new beethoven project but dance fans will have to wait a bit longer. there's also a brand new graphic novel out about beethoven the illustrations are a walk on the wild side a bit like the great musician and self of the hash tag beethoven was black slip social media. the belief goes back more than a century and evidence is standing but many in the black community still celebrate beethoven as one of their own. and as the anniversary draws to a close and italian man plowed a very special monument to beethoven next year and 2021 the celebrations will
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continue with fresh highlights including the beethoven fest bon. 2 month anniversary date of you has produced 3 nature documentaries a world without fighting toby explores how the great composer left his mom on 2 things musical world and rock music. sara willis is a french one client with the 1000000000 film money in this anniversary and she asks what i will sound like without beethoven and such is the world parent says. 3 g.'s followed by any 4 nights that's all it takes the opening motif of these homes 5th symphony is in crane in a collective memory be sure to the make friends is the mother of roofs off running
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to his base having really one of the godfathers of rock we did it all began with beethoven and chuck berry. sarah willis sort out some giants of rock to see if they learned their licks from later including in hanukkah i'm standing right in front of the very famous peppermint studios where inside the scorpions are rehearsing with the scorpions or jimmy's most successful hard rock band has sold over 100000000 albums and performed on stage for 50 years and then known for their timeless reduce.
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response yet it seemed we germans in particular are anyone to buy classical music music it's in our genes or stick classic so we've been so shaped by it that it's melody and rhythm have left their mark on us grades and. lessons and you have to find something that sends out a signal well that's a really important point to a comb and then you have to hold on to that tension. i'm going to have some infant when sam eats of broccoli. anderson from jethro tull he's a must drowsing rock tricks on the fruits of. beethoven's
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5th the opening statement as being typical of the the motif in music not just classical music rock music jazz pop whatever a motif an idea that is that is repeated very often as a repeating motif which then tends to be shortened to wrist did did use that idea and develops that idea of the thought that. a good rock or if i suppose is going to be simple direct it's going to repeat i love the one was easy to walk on that is this wonderful shuffle thing but a lot of back beat stuff that is called la grange because.
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just centuries it's really 3 notes and in many ways you know it's that same thing was the wonderful whole lot of love which is in the this key and that. ian anderson it's cleo. stop. maybe beethoven you see and if he was born again today i don't really see him riding around in the stately family mercedes with 2 screaming kids in the back i think of beethoven more like an off road motorcycle guy you know getting a bit down and. dirty in the mud that's my idea of a beethoven. with some great bits still ringing in her ears sara willis continues on her quest to explore more musical questions in
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heat up a new documentary a world without beethoven. out of the deja vu documentary is dedicated to the pastoral beethoven 6 symphony in the sound of nature we meet up with composer the key cage. i'm pretty good imo musician i mean and why mentalist and for the last few years of dedicated my life through to the sole purpose of creating environmental consciousness through my music i'm very much indian and i live in india. ricky kedge was born in the u.s. in 1901. a successful composer and music producer he's performed in over 30 countries around the world. in 2015 hedge won a grammy for his album of winds of some sorrow he's been named a unesco ambassador for kindness but he has another passion beethoven especially
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his symphony number 6 the pastoral symphony which pays homage to nature the pastoral is a composition which i absolutely admired somewhere in the back of my mind for many many years it's always been there to try to you know make my own word of it are trying to viewed it in my own way and everyone. simply because this would be like pretty much the mother of all compositions when it comes to nature you just in time for this anniversary year wrote his own version of beethoven's pastoral symphony for a traditional indian ensemble. expressed . myself through indian music so that's why when i had to express myself through be dylan's pastoral and mind you i do not make of aversions of songs very often in fact it's extremely there but in this case it was very very natural for me to do it . was with his pastoral project he
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wants to take a stand for nature since india has huge environmental concerns starting with the air pollution mitigating the effects of climate change we've got deforestation we've got species extinction we've got the plastics problem. but i would say that the biggest issue in india is the part that everybody has that somebody else will make a difference. ricky kedge is a man on a mission and one who inspires the masses. 6 is gone beyond the body and while i'm in this song for the concert about me i'm still. on that journey of being humans we have forgotten that to be odd not the only 3 she's on this planet we're just one among millions and millions of species on the
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planet to be one of the top dogs. india is already being adversely affected by climate change yet the country has been slow to switch to renewable energy sources still protest is growing and minds are being changed. i believe that we as indians need to go back to our roots we need to go back to our culture to understand you know where we come from and to understand that we need to live in absolute coexistence and in an absolute balance without n.y. meant because that is the key to asa way with. it was in his cap space 9 for his famous symphonies the 9th was to be followed by the 10th which was never finished perhaps he may 1 day be performed after all.
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there's musical genius and there's a guy. what happens when the 2 meet can artificial intelligence complete with the maestro didn't live long enough to beethoven's 10th symphony as a collection of fragmentary sketches now after 200 years the unfinished work is finally supposed to be completed using algorithms but is ai creative enough. company is a little bit off i do you can't tell it out of thin air compose like beethoven on the code that doesn't work against what you can do is to train artificial intelligence like you would a person show it music once we provide examples that train the ai that's in the law then it will be in a position to generate new music in the style of beethoven. international team feeds the machine with pieces of music and contemporary samples. it can then recognize structures and sequences of notes analyze them and then make its own
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suggestions. and it's not just beethoven's work that's to be completed with the help of algorithms from schubert's symphony number 8 was finished by ai and made its debut in london in 2019. in the same here new stuff mamma is now complete not symphony was performed at the us electronica festival in linz austria. often it was impossible to tell who wrote what model or machine. now it's beethoven's turn he loved innovation and trying new things but what do you have been pleased by these 1st drafts produced by ai it churned out up to 200 variations of individual bars but they all missed the point as well is this the
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same time as mission i'm caught of that it's a bit of a hodgepodge mainly because you don't sense there's any direction so i said this is how it needs to continue i think so if i took it. all through the machine couldn't figure that out because it doesn't think or feel a i offer is plenty of inspiration but hasn't made human superfluity at. this point in many phases of this project man and machine work together that's what we aim to show that the cooperation between creative technology and creative people can create special things shuffle can. hear is a little preview there's no more to hear yet as the pandemic led to the postponement of the world premiere. so for now the project to complete beethoven's unfinished symphony remains ironically unfinished.
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that's all it is painted an end of history that's $21.00 classical music and of course move beethoven. channel detail to classical music and choice and see you next week.
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played . this is d w news why berlet a christmas lockdown clisby on the horizon here in germany tired rates of covert 19 infections and debts are forcing leaders to make some tough choices chancer on the american prepares for emergency talks with fervent childhood mirrors. also coming up a scandinavian comedy featuring teachers who take to daytime drinking with his accolades at least european filled words for the latest from our culture correspondent.


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