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tv   Lesenswert  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2020 5:30am-6:01am CET

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monarch. fantasy. was. the same one the treasure. secrets. searched december 25th. was. music plays a big role in the city music has brought you here today. i'm
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in vienna the capital of austria historic old town is a unesco world heritage site. it's highlights include st stephen's cathedral and the imperial palace. i'm in vienna today for a very special reason and 2020 music lovers around the world are celebrating the 250th anniversary of the from beatle vince birth. was born and born but spent most of his life in vienna. he lived here for over 3 decades and wrote his masterpieces today i want to see how visible loopy from beethoven still is in vienna what makes this city so attractive to musicians and why was beethoven so restless i mean during his time here he moved on average
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once a year as you can see have a lot of questions that need answering one day in vienna following the footsteps of the great beethoven. of course we will give you an overview of the sights to see in vienna. and the killing there is special t c for which the city is famous. in addition we will show you how big this being honored in his native. one of the top addresses for music lovers in vienna it's the sound museum how still music it's all about the sounds and noises and the exhibition starts in the stairwell. was a clunk there but our sound staircase which we call stair play can do more than
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make music. but i follow you. come on you play a song you hear you can play one of the vienna philharmonic museum is also located here the famous august was founded in these rooms. here in the instrument we look at groups of instruments and for areas of course we show people real instruments and want to visitors to learn something about the groups they belong to. they can beat the big drum to. face on its own so you hear something now and then give it a try with only. you can feel the sound waves which produce warmth to this is the world's largest animal high drama by the way. here's a really great interactive installations of the walt dice game was also developed
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here in house. the concern is that when create their own waltz melody by rolling virtual dice that's something you don't see every day. so let's see how well you do play too fast and you grab it like this right and then you roll the dice. you'll see or rather hear that the waltz melody is nice. we did that just. an entire floor of the sound easy and it's dedicated to the famous composers who worked in vienna. now we're coming to the floor of the grand masters that is the masters of viennese classical music and here we have holograms of the composers yosef haydn full of comedy as mozart beethoven and france to bat. many important
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composers came to vienna over the centuries. and also moved here when he was 22. involved why was he here in vienna why were so many musicians and composers attracted to vienna. for beethoven composers like haydn and mozart were role models. because after realizing just how great they were you purposely chose to come to vienna. of course much more than just the metropolis for music so it's time for a brief overview of austria's capital. some $1900000.00 people live in vienna and each year the city welcomes around
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$7500000.00 visitors that makes the austrian capital one of the most popular destinations in europe. you get. to experience what vienna has to offer just follow that. it's famous ring road that's the recommendation from. yes at the hotel imperial he knows what visitors want to see. just over 5 kilometers long and 60 meters wide. is divided into 9 sections each with its own name. the ring road in circles the city has historical center. it also runs past the vienna state opera one of the world's most prestigious opera houses. just because that is probably the most famous building on the. evening you can see the audience coming here not just in cars but also on foot it's nice to watch that
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even if you're not going to the opera it's a kind of theater in itself. for the. many buildings here speak of the glamorous past that have split monarchy once rule book palace today it's the official residence of the austrian president. the art history museum is another important monument. built with austria was part of an empire it contains treasures from 7 different millennia. ascending the staircase and the art history museum is a great experience every time the magnificence to the left and right of the stairs yobbish over here but the real treasure is up above when you turn on. around and taken these wonderful paintings by. their unique works of art. the original ring road was built. in 57.
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the. biggest construction project. has changed a lot over the centuries aristocrats and the middle classes used to stroll about here then it became accessible to everyone. now there's lots of traffic but nice bike paths too and it's still a great place to walk. the vienna city park was the 1st of many public parks to be built along the things more than 150 years ago. but the city park is my favorite part of the thing. you can observe all kinds of people here. in the theater when you can see everyone from top managers to punks to japanese tourists. everyone comes here.
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some say the things that has made vienna what it is today. following luther's from beethoven's footsteps in vienna as i've already mentioned the 2 of them was a rather restless guy he often moved in vienna and he even moved in and out of the apartment in the merc of us twice several times the house belonged to one of be talking patrons baron past. his landlord remained loyal to him even when b. to have moved elsewhere the baron that not rent out the apartment but kept it so that the musician could return. since the 2 of them suffered from gastric complaints as well as from hearing loss he visited the spot town of heiling start on the outskirts of vienna in hope of a cure he often went for a walk in this park. the
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building in the nearby. houses vienna speed of museum. shows me around the rooms to be talking lived in in the summer of 18 all too. it was quite unsettled he often moved why was that one bomb. he wasn't an easy tenant as his deafness progressed he composed louder and louder slamming the piano with his hand but he banged on the walls to beat time and sang loudly. and if he got to composing he had a funny habit of taking a pail of water and dumping it over his head. even with today's flooring that would be problematic back then the floor had even more cracks for the water to run down so his neighbors got moldy walls he. didn't word get around among landlords here in
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vienna. absolutely he always had problems finding lodgings. that's how he used to live in the composer forder. it's an attempt to show what his apartment could have looked like when the harder of hearing he grew the more chaotic his life became. this valuable string instrument from a princely nowicki is lying around. here or scraps of food and sheet music. for instance while working on the mrs sullivan is he couldn't find the kiddie i believe and for days later he discovered that his cook had wrapped the butter with the sheet music for the kid off course that was awful for him he needed those by contrast his teacher and role model haydn was very orderly so his music lies neatly on the piano beethoven was slovenly when it came to how he dressed and how he kept
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his house all listening to house on. testament became famous in it the composer describes his desperate situation his fears about becoming deaf and his isolation. that is the maze highly constat a testament is also a justification he writes about the incurable state of his ears. made worse by misguided doctors he came here hoping to be healed. he was also suffering from a broken heart. but in 1802 he came to highly can start to be cured. you know this letter is a justification of why he's so withdrawn doesn't socialize much anymore and has become such a loner it's because he's uncomfortable saying speak up i can't hear you as a musician he finds this unbearable he must also deal with jealous folks and enemies he's made due to his difficult temperament so this letter attempts to
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correct his image a bit so later we. by the way beethoven wasn't born here in vienna but born in germany that's where he lived 23 years betts where he took his 1st steps as a musician and composer and of course the people of are also very proud of their behavior. in december 17th 73rd base heaven was born into a musical family. his grandfather was the court music director his father was a singer and music teacher. said mark the 250th anniversary of his birth a new permanent exhibition has opened in the house where little fan base heaven was born. just a few years before the french revolution the spirit of change was in the air. his
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family supported young beethoven's musical talent he lived various instruments and worked as an organist and piano teacher and he took an interest in the ideas of the enlightenment. of the chairs already apparent how the french revolution impacts on beethoven's life hey we have this view of the french marching in and occupying the rhineland. here in liberty polish. top of the market square in bonn so beethoven was caught up in these changing times from that in the past with the beethoven house in this it is can see the instruments the composer played. portraits testified to the fact that bass heaven was already an icon in his lifetime yet the differing portrayals underlined the composer's multifaceted nature . import this is a portrait of a young beethoven circa 1900 he was around 30 years old and gets
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a completely different image than the one we normally have of we think of beethoven as an old deaf misanthrope who withdrew from society. but here he looks at us quite openly and at night composers who came before him he doesn't wear a wig at some of his republican has down signals a new era in this portrayed by horniman is well suited to helping us find a new understanding a new approach to beethoven. and. what really in the base have in-house is devoted to the composer this everyday life and work. permanent exhibition relies on a few i suppose that speak volumes. it was important for us to show off there is historic house which is mainly in its original condition to its best advantage in a small selection of everyday objects though important ones like the desk he worked at. or his walking stick or i would these images staged in such
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a way that you realise how vital they are to beethoven's life. you can really see that in this vitrine which only contains a goose quill and. it helps us realise that all the music the beethoven wrote went through a goose quill and is now preserved for all of eternity. and so for the. you can also follow him based heavens footsteps and by taking a walking tour organized by the citizens for bass heaven's association. has many buildings from beethoven's day no longer exist they've set up in 5. times. doesn't this appeal or shows where the sack often once stood it was beethoven's favorite and a center for discussion about the enlightenment. this was before the french revolution
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and american independence. here there was a circle of musicians who were very involved in these political discussions and that sag often was their meeting place. that the form. of it was run by a widow widow called who also had a very attractive daughter called bet that back then all the men in bonn were attracted to her like moths to a flame. they go into. there are 16 stops on the base have into it in and around done 1st stefan eyes are honoring the composers memory is a neighbor of. those people to avoid today there's almost no music that doesn't draw on beethoven that even includes rock music when you listen to someone like the great punk icon patti smith whenever she's and gone she always goes to the beethoven house because she says my music would be inconceivable without beethoven
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much so beethoven's really contemporary. back in vienna here be 2 of them so. liberated his 1st great success as a composer for example in the. 3rd symphony. was heard for the 1st time. the prince of luck of its was an important patron for beatles and for other composers today his palace houses the theatre museum. i think what's so special about this whole. it's simply part of musical history she . took place here so did debuts dress rehearsals in the presence of beethoven
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and operas. the prince of luck of it's was crazy about music and theater so he knew what kind of people to bring here and just what needed to be done. with. sort would become why did b 2 of them perform the avoid here for the 1st time. after $180.00 for an opera by sally area was performed here and afterwards to rehearsals took place. and the triple concerto the bills prove that. they show that in addition to the musicians for the sound the area opera a 3rd french horn player was needed. and only one beethoven symphony features a 3rd french horn so that's the indication. from the people. went by do you know how the people reacted to the are there any records from the time. there's evidence that the it was considered
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a revolutionary work. people must have been pretty astonished because in the symphony was something completely new in terms of its instrumentation power and vitality. for music theater art and cuisine travel program about the city without it curtains. defeated villa restaurant is one of the city's best known addresses for. head chef marcus the secret. lies in the preparation. of the 1st you can't the meat and then tenderize it carefully. extremely delicate and holds a lot of water because it is so young calf. you have to be extremely careful not to
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destroy the fibers because otherwise the water will run out and then the schnitzel can't cook properly and that's what friends are for your. farm fresh eggs and finally breadcrumbs are also key ingredients for wienerschnitzel. the veal is likely salted coated in flour. next it's dipped in decent egg covered with bread crumbs. to the mixture lightly on to the meat not too hard. they fry the veal in melted clarified butter keep it moving around the pearl so the meat will brown evenly. once the deal is golden brown carefully remove it let the fact trade away and serve promptly. that's how they've been baking here for over a century the family run this is now in its 4th generation.
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whites what is the perfect accompaniment to feeder schnitzel. those who still have room for dessert should head to their hotels are. famous. the originals are taught it was created in 832 by. the father of hotel. many because of says try to the cake secrets but the handwritten recipe remains a closely guarded secret. the cakes trade is the thick layer of dark chocolate icing. the. greedy and sweet use for the softer torture i'm a tour own specifications so you can buy the chocolate or apricots jam we use anywhere they are made just for us that's the big difference between ours and other sofitel. chocolate cake with chocolate icing and 2 layers of apricot jam sells like hotcakes. every tourist who visits vienna
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tries 100 takes one home the hotel sells some 360000 cakes each year. check out some of our favorite travel perks on instagram followers on d.w. travel. my next stop is central symmetry it is one of the largest cemeteries in europe. i have arranged to meet up with. she knows her way around. even at night. this is an egg on their. knees have a really unique relationship today if i'm to say i'm a trace. singer from. that day must be nice.
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to have had his reasons you'll notice that the don't just visit the central cemetery during the day but i'd like to. bust a new one it's the classic here what do visitors want to see. this is. where. people come from and which v.i.p.'s they know the nuts and clearly international guests are all familiar with. if. they get austria and the german speaking world but also internationally. the grave of all it is also popular with german speaking visiting his. golf course i want to know where do fish from beatle fans greets you died at the age of 56 and 1827. to. become what it would be to have this funeral have been like and i let you read it to be pompous some 20000 people have come to his funeral he was much
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loved at the time so 20000 people accompanied him on his final journey. at the end of my journey and be told his footsteps and i want to combine something that is typical of you and that's associated with beatles here in coffee home one of us oldest coffee houses both beatles at mozart gave small concerts there's no music today but i have a typical austrian suite ditch the kaiser. been talking certainly left his mark on piano you can follow his footsteps from his numerous apartments to the great concert halls where he was celebrated as a composer if you do so he will get an intimate look at who this man was as an artist but also as a person and of course you get
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a good impression of his adopted hometown again bye bye see you soon. the i'm going. to.
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thankful. good player. this is do w. news live from berlin the us hit 16000000 coronavirus cases as the country gets set to roll out the close at 19 vaccine a massive logistical operation is underway after regulators give the green light to the drug will this be a turning point in the fight against a disease that's killed nearly 300000 americans we'll hear from an emergency doctor in just a moment also coming up with covert 19 cases fucking top level crisis talks are being held in germany on sunday.


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